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Staff Development Workshop

Title of Unit

Curriculu m Area

Technology in the Classroom: Promoting Student Engagement and Parental Involvement Technology Across the Curriculum

Grade Level

Educators Administrators Resource Teachers

Time Fram e

60 minutes

Stage 1 Identify Desired Results

NETS Educational Technology Standards: NETS-T1: Facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity NETS-T2: Design and develop digital age learning experiences and assessments NETS-T5: Engage in professional growth and leadership

Participants will understand that: Using digital resources can increase student creativity in projects Technology resources can meet all students learning styles Showcasing students work on the web will give the students a sense of ownership over their work. Technology resources increase student motivation Students are more engaged in learning when using technology resources

Essential Questions
Overarching Questions: How can technology promote parental involvement? How does incorporating technology in the classroom promote student engagement and motivation in their learning? How does showcasing student work over the web create a Topical Questions: How can a class wiki page be used to bridge the gap between home and school? What is a Web 2.0 tool? What Web 2.0 tols can be used to embed student work? What does it mean to embed a document or presentation?

sense of ownership over their work? How can incorporating technology into our curriculum change the way our students view learning?

What is the difference between a link and an embed code?

Knowledge and Skills Knowledge

Participants will know: How to create a class wiki page to communicate with parents and to display student work How to embed documents into class wiki page (using How to embed student work or teacher presentations using a web 2.0 tool (

Participants will be able to: Create a class wiki page Embed documents into a wiki page Upload presentations and projects on to a web 2.0 tools Embed presentations on web 2.0 tools onto class wiki page

Stage 2-Evidence
Performance Tasks
Goal: to learn how to create a technological classroom environment that promotes student motivation and engagement while also bridging the gap between home and school. Role: to teach students and parents how to effectively navigate through the class wiki page and to teach students how to upload their work onto the class wiki page. Audience: The target audience will be the students in the participants classroom. Situation: Participants will create a class wiki page. They will navigate through the wiki page, setting up their files and pages. They will learn how to rename and organize their pages. They will upload a document to the web 2.0 tool, then embed the document onto their wiki page. The participants will then upload one of their students photo story projects on the web 2.0 tool, then embed the presentation onto their wiki page. Product Performance and Purpose: class wiki page that conveys important information for parents as well as displaying students work and projects. Standards and Criteria for Success: the class wiki must meet the following standards: Category Excellent Good Needs Improvement Understanding Participant has Participant has a Participant needs of Material exceptional good to improve their understanding understanding of understanding of of the learning the learning the learning objectives objectives objectives covered covered in the covered in the in the workshop. workshop. workshop. Embedding Participant Participant Participant did not successfully successfully embed a embedded a embedded a document or a document and document OR a presentation on a presentation presentation on their class wiki on their class their class wiki page. wiki page. page. Creation of Participant Participant Participant created Class Wiki successfully created a class a wiki that is not Page created a class wiki page that is organized. wiki page that well organized. is well organized, conveys important

Stage 3- Plan Learning Experiences

W- How can technology promote student engagement and motivation H-Participants will observe an example of a class wiki page to understand and generate ideas of how a class wiki page can be utilized in the classroom to meet the needs of students and parents. E- Participants will complete and pre-test to establish a level of understanding for each participant prior to the workshop. R- Participants will reflect on their understandings of the questions asked in the pretest. E- Participants will be able to explore to create their own class wiki page. They will then be able to utilize web 2.0 tools such as and to upload documents and presentations. The participants will then be able to embed those documents and presentations onto their class wiki page. T- the participants will participate in the following activities: Visual: viewing the class wiki example Kinesthetic: group work, peer sharing Interpersonal: group discussion Intrapersonal: individual work on class wiki page creations Linguistic: creation of class wiki page Musical: audio of presentations to be uploaded on web 2.0 tools O-Participants will be exposed to the content in the following sequence: 1) Pre-test 2) Introduction of class wiki example with ideas on how class wikis can be used in the classroom by teachers, students, and at home with parents. The presenter will walk through the different functions of a wiki page. 3) Participants will create a login and password on 4) Participants will edit pages, files, and folders to organize their class wiki page based on the needs of their students and parents. 5) Participants will edit the side bar information. 6) Presenter will demonstrate how to use the web 2.0 tool to upload documents, and then how to embed them onto a wiki page. Discussion of the difference between a link code and an embed code. 7) Participants will create a login/password for and upload a document of their own. They will then embed the document onto their class wiki page. 8) Demonstrate how to use the web 2.0 tool to upload student presentations. Then show participants how to embed the presentation onto the class wiki once it is uploaded. 9) Allow the participants time to create a login/password for Participants will upload one of their students photo story presentations onto the web 2.0 tool and then embed the presentation onto their class wiki. 10) Show participants how to share their pbworks url with parents and students.