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On one hand, we are not able to cope with the increasing selfication (that is, increasing ego or claim of a number of channels including Linda, David and Celest, etc) whom we find to be claiming to be God or sort of equal to God. This we dismiss as pure pride. Linda claims to be Mother Mary in the flesh and the woman of Revelation 12. And she states in her writings that the Man Child is being birthed in her, and in fact must now be born already. And she claims that through her and this Man Child, the spiritual DNA is being created which can be reproduced to give birth to the rest of us, that is, give us spiritual body. This we perceive as going far beyond what is acceptable to us. Pride, we see it. But on the other hand Franky, there is a growing claim that (as I see it) TO SOME HIGHER DEGREE THAN I CAN PERCEIVE, WE ARE GODS because we are more than what we perceive to be sons of God but even (I am led to the point of thinking that) WE ARE ALL GODS INCARNATIONS OR MULTIPLE INCARNATING SELVES this boggles my mind and makes it feels groggy like a drunk man because it seems to much for me and because I cannot see how each of us could be independent with all his weaknesses and still be God in the flesh, each of us! Can you please help make the detailed delineation and differentiation for me? I am losing out; only one or three things I hold to be the specific differences between us/me and the Original God/Prime Creator/Eternal Father, namely: That He started us, and that there is second, He surely must be more powerful than us, and there is third, more perfect than us. The New Age books are elevating us to what the serpent in Eden was seemingly or subtly (mis-)leading man to think or act, namely: as gods. There is the danger of usurping Gods powers. The same danger was there with Lucifer when he tried to put himself equal with God or ambitioned to become higher than Him. What is the difference? Are both obedient angels and disobedient angels correct to aim to become like God, their Father, but does the difference lies in the fact that the first would live obedient

and loving God, honoring Him, serving Him, while the other group would want to dethrone or even destroy Him? This is quite new thinking to me, Franky, although, this truth, I realize, has been there all the time, with me refusing to recognize. I mean, I thought it was blasphemy to think of HOW WE ARE EQUAL TO GOD. There is much to mean with the word equal, after all. Steven Frayne (Dynamo) is forcing me to think that WE CAN AND WILL DO THE THINGS JESUS DID, or as what He Himself said, will do even greater things than I did. I did not mind when He said that. I never give thought to that, nor did I believe He meant it! But with the presence of Steven Frayne as well as the increasing (even repeated) revelation and explanation of the reconnection of the DNA strands, transformation of the cells from carbon-based to crystalline, re-activation of the chakras, reactivation of the unused side of the brain (I miss to note which side), which also related to the reconnection to the Higher Self or Oversoul --- THIS, FRANKY, IS MAKING ME TO REALIZE THAT INDEED WE DO NOT NEED TO BE SAVED BY JESUS CHRIST in the manner of understanding taught by the churches where we were told to be as helpless as dead carcass or as worms or as slaves and prisoners when Jesus returns. We are told that because of our helplessness, Jesus has to return in all power and splendor and to do it all for us, while we lie or stand helpless. What the New Age concept of advent is different. The New Age books talk of WE ARE THE ONES THAT WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR. It depicts a scenario where all formerly helpless sons of God come to sudden awakening and with great powers to the point that WE DO NOT NEED JESUS TO SAVE US, because HE HAS ALREADY EMPOWERED US TO amazing, OVERCOME AND DEFEAT OUR ENEMIES AND THUS, SAVE OURSELVES. Jesus is saving us indeed but in totally different way! The Churches told us we would be helpless at the end time so that we need Him in His all His powers. On the other hand, the New Age scenario is telling us that No, we will be awakened to our Great Self so that we all together will arise or rise up to overcome all enemies.. and that Jesus would not do everything for us anymore save the little that remains to be done, because much of the victory is contributed by each of us during and after our individual and collective awakening. Can you expound more on this Franky? Thanks again. The Father blesses you and Thierry.

In brotherly love and gratitude, Savante

Hi dear Savante, I give you here some short answers (in red). It is good to question things. But I believe that everything will become clearer. I think one of the best explanations you can find in CA newsletter of 2010-12 (December 2010). You can find it in the folder Cosmos, page 2 and 3. On We are Gods or We are God-pieces. Franky, if the meaning of this is we His children and He reproduced Himself via the known or told process of spiritual-material reproduction and so we become His images sons, that is not so difficult to accept. But if you say, He is practicing the multidimensional principle and He is actually us, that is, we are actually God, doing many different roles deployed in many different places in order to affect salvation or make salvation more effective in this end time, that Franky that indeed is a frightening revelation! Oh, this should not be frightening at all. When the messages talk about a specific higher self or an Oversoul (not God but a creation of His) doing a multidimensional existence or multiple reincarnations in this endtime for the purpose of learning and helping others, that too is easy to accept. But to think about me or you or a few of us who are here on earth being God the Father Himself or God Himself doing a multidimensional existence or simultaneous reincarnations, that indeed is new to me and indeed so difficult to accept. That borders blasphemy! If it is blasphemy, then we are blaspheming ourselves Well, I am not saying God or the Primary Creator is not capable of doing that. He can do it, of course. But what I am saying is this: it cant be me! It is all of us. OK, it can be you! As I know you are very righteous and loving. I can begin to entertain the idea that I can be one of Gods angels. But I would like to think I must be one of the fallen ones who underwent remorse and took the path back to the Father as one of the prodigal sons. In this your comments, you seem to be saying Franky that the second coming or the descent of God/Christ is in the form of multi-dimensional form, or multi-person form or in multiple simultaneous reincarnations. Is this what you mean Franky? Do you mean that God is now here on earth in many persons or forms, not as mere 'guest' in some persons, such as when He uses certain prophets as His mouthpieces, but that He really is in person, or more precisely, in persons, because when His personalities were born, there was no other individual soul who entered but He Himself those human babies

and that, as grown up persons, nobody else reside them, no angel, no other evolved spirit beings, but Himself alone?! What a news! And that can be acceptable with others. But to think I am one of His persons... that is very blasphemous Franky! I still have to have more knowing to do, or I still need more explaining before I can accept that. I understand, but I can not easily accept that. Sorry. Yes, it is quite different than thinking that we are like worm. But calling ourselves worms seems more blasphemous to me It also will become more clear when you read the book about the 12 DNA strands. Concerning the questions I asked C.A., I will give you part of the transcript in my next mail Franky