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Captains Report Nov 2012

Nov Game The Track @ Meydan Golf Club - Friday 09 November 2012
Our November and 11th game of the year was held at The Track @ Meydan Golf Club on Friday 09 November 2012. This was the first time Jiggers played this course and, in spite of it only being 9holes played twice, the course was enjoyed by most and we received a well organised welcome from the team at The Track. In hindsight we should have played one of the 9s off the back tees to make the 2nd 9 a bit different. The course was in good condition especially the greens although the pathetic scoring by the Captain and his partner would hardly bear testament to this! For those who remember the old Nad Al Sheba course, a couple of the holes have been retained in The Track. The general feeling was that it will be worthwhile retaining this venue in the annual Jiggers Games Roster. A big thank you to Declan Clements for his great organisation and especially in dealing with all the late withdrawals! On this subject we cannot expect the organiser to run around at the 11 th hour and fill late withdrawals. It has always been a Jiggers principle that if you or your invited guest are forced to withdraw from a game within a week of it taking place you need to find a suitable replacement. Lets get back into that habit please guys. Declan even managed to arrange for us to have the course to ourselves for the morning. Word must have got out about Jiggers pace of play which prevented other players participating! We had a full field of 32 players including 23 Jiggers and 9 Guests great effort thanks Declan. Welcome to our 9 Guests (in no particular order): Steven Rodwell John Sillifant Scott Hanna Alastair Currie James Everson (past Jigger) Graham Walker Paul Sillifant Jonathan Everleigh Dennis Hubble

Declan Clements took on a dual responsibility and wore the Fines Master cap for the day as well. Some well thought out fines certainly swelled the year end quaffing fund. (A first for Jiggers the Captain was fined for one of his wifes indiscretions!) Again a number of the guys kept the unsuspecting waitrons on the hop with a few extra cold ones after the game, and after a lot of good humour, managed to weave their way out of Meydan like 3 legged nags. This is part of Jiggers fun and I would encourage more of you to try and get the occasional pink ticket and enjoy! After a lot of threatening behaviour from our esteemed Handicapper, he was pleased to report a marked improvement in the standard of the score cards this month. Keep it up guys as I have it on good authority that this warmth from our Handicapper is only temporary and he will be wielding his axe on those guilty of ineligible and error ridden score cards in the future.
Committee Rob Edgecombe Ernest Hosking Kelvin Tayfield Brian Schofield David Green Ant Milne Captains Assistant Zia Hosking Society Chairman Society Captain Vice Captain & Social Organiser Scorer & Society Handicapper Away Game Organiser Sponsorship Organiser +971 (56) 6034759 +971 (50) 5503160 +971 (56) 6503454 +971 (50) 4659375 +971 (50) 5508746 +971 (50) 5581379

+971 (50) 8753033

Prize Winners for the day

Individual Stableford (open to Jiggers members only) Dave Green Erik Dekker Betterball Stableford Brian McKerchar and Erik Dekker Dave McKerchar and Wally Robinson Paul Webb-Jones and Alastair Currie Individual Shotmakers Nearest the Pin 0 14 handicaps Nearest the Pin 15 28 handicaps Longest Drive 0 14 handicaps Longest Drive 15 28 handicaps Brian Schofield Wally Robinson Graham Walker Ernest Hosking 44 points 43 points o.c.o. from 43 points o.c.o. from Pete Hedley and Jean van Loggerenberg 37 points (some consistency from the Big Banana) o.c.o. from 37 points o.c.o. from Dalton Taylor (good to see you up with the leaders Dalton)

A number of games were played:Player 1 Pete Hedley Paul Webb-Jones Jean van Loggerenberg beat beat beat Player 2 Mike Berry Brian Schofield Corey Spring Score 3&2 1 up 2&1

Mike Berry kindly awarded Pete Hedley a T-shirt for his winning exploits which he was made to don. Problem for Pete was the wording Aussie Grandad!! We also had the unusual occurrence of a mid-month (mid-week!!) 4-ball where 2 Jiggers matchplays unfolded prior to this months game. Player 1 Mike Berry Bill Collins beat beat Player 2 Rob Edgecombe Kevin Hudson Score 4&2 2 up

This means in the main matchplay trophy, Pete Hedley will play the winner of Bruce Penn vs. Bill Collins in the final. Bruce and Bill need to get this game played in advance of the year end game on 7th December. In the matchplay plate, Paul Webb-Jones will play Jean van Loggerenberg in the final. Updated matchplay sheet attached

Annual Competitions
Please also take note of the latest handicaps and scoring sheets sent out by the Handicapper two of the annual competitions are coming down to the wire and will no doubt unfold during the last game of the year. In the player of the year the current standings are: 1. 2. 2. 2. 5 Pete Hedley Mike Berry Rob Edgecombe Kevin Hudson Corey Spring 35.4 35.2 35.2 35.2 34.4 points points points points points

Pete will be challenging both the top spot and the matchplay final come the 7 th December. I am sure the little black dog is nestled in his kennel and being well fed! In the eclectic competition the current standings are: 1. 1. 2. 2. 2. 5 Dave Green Corey Spring Mike Berry Ant Milne Jean van Loggerenberg Erik Dekker 57 57 56 56 56 56 points points points points points points

With 3 others on 55 points! I am sure the guys have earmarked which holes they need to target to improve their eclectic scores.

Next Game
Friday 7th December at The Els Club Confirmed tee times for 32 players Green Fee: AED535 which includes a lunch and 2 soft drinks before we tee off from 12:00. This is a really good deal for such a great course on a Friday in Winter. Tee Times: 12:00 onwards Organizer: The Committee Fines Master: Peter Hedley This will be followed by our Annual Dinner and Prize Giving evening at the new Els Clubhouse which should be a great venue. Note for your hand brakes we will be outside (under cover) so they may need a jumper or jacket if you are unable to provide any warmth! Dinner Cost: AED185 per head. It is sure to be a great evening as usual. This year we have a considerable fines kitty for drinks and some decent prizes arranged by Ant.

Games Roster
We have secured our first three games for next year. The first game is at Jumeirah Golf Estates Earth Course on 11th January so we hope to catch it still in good condition after the Race to Dubai.

The roster will be circulated early in the New Year. We may well be adding Al Ain to our roster for next year after 4 of us did a bit of a reconnoitre there a while back and were suitably impressed.

Movers and Shakers

No news on the movers and shakers this month. A point of order however, I have had some concerns raised at the Jiggers mailing list being used for non-Jiggers matters. Can we please ensure that this is not abused. If there is anything of interest please send it to me and I can include it in the news letter.

No changes at this point. However, we have had notice of some Jiggers leaving and also some guys who have not managed to play the minimum 6 games. Please note for those guys that they are welcome to play as guests in the future if their time permits and also if they feel their circumstances have changed and they can commit to playing enough games to maintain their Jiggers membership, they can advise the committee to put their names forward again.

Golfing Quotes and Trivia

Golf is like making love. One day you think you are too old and the next day you want to do it again. Roberto de Vicenzo Golf is not, and never has been, a fair game. Jack Nicklaus When you play the game for fun, its fun. When you play it for a living, its a game of sorrows. Gary Player. (Not sure Rory McIlroy would second that, or most of us Jiggers for that matter!) Golf is a funny game. Its done much for health, and at the same time has ruined people by robbing them of their peace of mind. Look at me; I am the healthiest idiot in the world. Bob Hope As far as swing and techniques are concerned, I dont know diddly squat. When I am playing well I dont even take aim. Fred Couples

Race to December
The race results after 11 games are as follows:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32

Hudson Green Berry Hedley Tayfield Hosking Milne Robinson van Loggerenberg Dekker Strydom French Bayly Drury Schofield Edgecombe Penn Allan Arnestad McKerchar Taylor Jones McKerchar van der Bijl Webb-Jones Naude Stanton Clements Spring Collins Geldenhuys Smyth Kevin David Mike Peter Kelvin Ernest Ant Wally Jean Erik Craig Wayne Martin Sean Brian Rob Bruce Bryce Charles Brian Dalton Dave Dave Vince Paul Andre Allan Declan Corey Bill Tony Kevin

85.75 74.75 71.88 70.63 69.88 69.00 68.63 67.25 67.25 67.13 66.13 65.75 64.63 64.63 64.63 63.00 62.75 62.63 61.75 61.38 60.50 59.00 58.38 57.75 57.50 57.25 57.13 54.25 54.25 53.88 53.13 42.50

The gap has widened this month 1 game to go it seems Kevin Hudsons steeds have first place wrapped up pending any stewards enquiries. However, 2 nd and 3rd are still too close to call so those jockeys need to put the whip in to their respective steeds. Remember the winner will take 50% of the pool, 2nd place 30% and 3rd place 20% and the pool is worth AED1600. See you next game final game of the year and our annual prize giving opskop knees up for those of you from that little wet island. Happy golfing, head up and force! Captain Nest