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Support Collection Unit Sucking Fathers Blood to the Last Drop « Fearless Fathers

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Support Collection Unit Sucking Fathers Blood to the Last Drop

July 10, 2008 by fearlessfathers


are the

dark executioners of New York State 's family justice court orders about child support. Official name: the New York City Office of Child Support Enforcement. If you fall behind in your child support payments, or in your due unreimbursed health expenses because sicko ex-wife does not let you use your insurance, support magistrates might issue an income order. Then you will have to deal with them. Fathers who have this misfortune know them better as the Support Collection Unit.


Apparently, they are human. These self-called "Partners to

Children" ( custodial parent services.html) seek to educate

non-custodial parents with a one-hour cheesy movie for retarded on their website. The slow-learner non-custodial parent can even check his progress in assimilating his obligations with yes-no questions which season the movie. At the end of the year, non-custodial parents like me, whose child support payments are directly withdrawn from their paycheck, receive a thank-you letter from Frances Pardus -Abbadessa, Deputy Commissioner, for their "commitment and dedication;" After the educative dimension, this is the participative dimension of the Support Collection Unit's relation with its victims: the hangman tries to make them feel good and involved in their execution.

Now try to understand why you are left with $900 a month to live with or why an insane 31 percent of your gross income has been sucked up from your paycheck, and go to the Office of Child Support Enforcement Customer Service Office located on 151 West Broadway. You get the kick-in-the-ass version of "customer service". When the nasty fellow that answers you understands that you will trash him on the evaluation form, you get to talk to the director. She might apologize and hint that they are only the sorry executioners of insensitive support magistrate decisions.

. 11/23/2012

Support Collection Unit Sucking Fathers Blood to the Last Drop « Fearless Fathers

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Are they that sorry tough? Sometimes in February 2008, I heard on PBS some New York State official bragging about dramatic improvements in child support collection compared to last year in New York. Thanks to these improvements, what fathers need in this state is a serious economic stimulus payment!

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on June 17, 2009 at 4:29 pm I Reply




If men paid their obligations to their children voluntarily then they wouldn't have a problem. But

because the majority of non-custodial parents want to obsolve themselves of their parental responsibility Child Support Enforcement is neccessary.

From a child whose father never lived up to his obligations ; now a custodial mother fighting for the money necessary to raise my child in a decent environment, take care of your responsiblities and stop crying.

I Reply y

on October 19, 2011 at 8:12 pm


The MAJORITY of employed MEN do pay up, check your stats, many while being forced to live on $900.00mo while the Custodial parent keeps the $2000.00mo house and earns a nice

$5g's a month, Children deserve BOTH parents! period

CASH driven not KID DRIVEN thats the issue. What sense does it make to turn a dad

whos struggling with CS, IN THIS ECONOMY, into a FELON!!!! it's insanity!


current family court system is

• vy y • •

o.)0( A

on October 20, 2011 at 5:05 vm

0-tA, lamont

. 11/23/2012

Support Collection Unit Sucking Fathers Blood to the Last Drop « Fearless Fathers

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well said Tango. Based on USA's current economic status, uh a depression not a recession, I believe the Chief Administrative Judge Ann T. Pfau on down to hearing officers should all be removed if they can not modify there court orders to reflect the financial hardship struggling custodial parents have to experience. — Lamont


IrYid •





on October 20, 2011 at 5:51 pm I Reply P.tA • lamont

Rio689, you seem not to get it. not all custodial parents are deadbeats. Just struggling to make ends meet and/or attempting to secure employment. We are in a recession-depression, if you have not noticed. And a lot of custodial parents are not married to the mother of their shared child or children. Some like myself were whisked into the 'non-custodial parent' role after being in a relation for less then 4 months. Peace.


Ap o>


on February 9, 2012 at 9:36 pmI Reply N.A.< 1 r:14 bart

You are so off-base with your comments it is not funny. I am a non-custodial parent and have fallen behind a few times on my payments but have never disregarded the payments, or my child for that matter. I have no problem paying the mother of my child to help with the costs incurred from that child. The problem arises when you look at a great number of cases where the custodial parent decides that they are receiving "free" money (non taxable, non reportable, etc) so they decide they do not have to work as hard as they used to because of this "free" income. Why don't you take some of your own advice and take care of your responsibilities?

2. on June 17, 2009 at 6:10 pm I Reply WM

Pierre Lacour

Nobody is trying to avoid responsibilities here. What is at stake — and what family courts don't do properly — is sharing responsibilities properly.



3. on March 19, 2010 at 2:20 am I Reply ;4"X Fedup

For Rio689,

Sorry you have a deadbeat, but guess what, they take it out on the ones like me who are easily accessible without regard for anything. They do not care if they have made mistakes, they are right you are wrong. They should be spending their time and money collecting from your ex rather than killing the honest ones!!!!

Majority of times same story, the man is wrecked financially and morally, the woman still lives on

in same lifestyle if not better.


o. 1,


4. on November 1, 2010 at 3:22 pm I Reply • Pill • lamont

. 11/23/2012

Support Collection Unit Sucking Fathers Blood to the Last Drop « Fearless Fathers

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I can't speak to much about support/custody issues between divorced couples. But, my heart goes out to you Mr. Lacour. More lawyers should work on a sliding scale in these politically charged wall-street induced economic hard times. Try Tribeca attorney Phil Seigel at (212) 297-0503.

There should be a Federal and State Law that

'No one shall be enforced or impelled to pay child support or child care for a child who they did not intend on or had no plans or prior intentions on having with the mother who chooses to have the child 'on her own'. Provided that the mother's sole income is below $45,000.00 for that year and there is no man (father) in the picture or involved, or the relationship is uncertain, or the relationship in question is less then 6 months old, and the couple has no intention on marriage then she (mother) can not seek financial support from the individual who she chose to have a child with. Or the child will be a burden to the state.'

This will make women think twice about who they want or seek to be intimate with, cut down on un-wed mothers. This law would also give relief to the already exhausted and severely dysfunctional social service system, family court system, and child enforsement system.

on another issue, The Judges and Magistrates on 60 Lafayette NYC seem to be reluctant to rule fairly to non custodial parents. They protect the custodial parent by unjust and/or criminal rendering. I believe entrenched judge Karen D Kolomechuk may deny my request for a standard DNA test to confirm biological fatherhood, while continuing the order to pay child support/care.

Do you think writing a complaint letter to the Chief Support Magistrate Robert Mulroy would do any good or harm?

5. on November 11, 2010 at 4:53 am I Reply

, M

Juniors farther

Lamont, there is a lot of information available now on the Internet that can help you. I too am currently a victim of Karen Kolomechuk. Fortunately, I have the ability to take her ridiculous decisions to the 1st Department Appellate Division.

Do your own research. NYS unified courts. Research 1st dept cases. It free. It may help you.

Until the courts realize the terror they have in Kolomechuk. I wish you luck and good research. Her whack decisions can be overturned.

'F 11, 'F


on November 11, 2010 at 4:42 pm I Reply

Juniors farther Details are important. I do not have the luxury of time to do research. What is the administrative process to file with the 1st Department Appellate Division? Refer me your attorney info or the paper-work required. I reviewed the site but new efficient results.

N.tA • lamont


6. on November 18, 2011 at 9:21 am I Reply


. 11/23/2012

Support Collection Unit Sucking Fathers Blood to the Last Drop « Fearless Fathers

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And heres a good

I was away in a place not known to many except veterans

one day coming home to my wife and child

she was already having an affair with my sons pediatrician

sitting in my living room watching football in his underwears

who the hell am hell breaks loose

the process,tries to run when I opened the front door grab and intentionaly broke his arm and



left the scene,called her and explained that acheck will be sent to her from wherever I


.After meeting my ex-monster we had some goodtimes.

Little did I know

While on tour all I worried about was

gets up and asks


come home and there he goes





threw him out the window and and he breaks his leg in



.home now after 7 years and many checks sent I recieve a notice from child support

demanded I pay up to 900 a month for morgage and child support

woman I married?unfortunately yes. Divorce proceedings took place,all was finalized now what?

Is that fair?is that the kind of

As •fr:

7. on February 8, 2012 at 1:52 pm I Reply *or Dudley Disgruntleddad

I have paid almost $45,000 in child support for my 7 year old. In that amount of time I have paid

more than $2600 over the 17 percent. This is in additon to taking him to Disney World, Sea World, and buying him numerous presents, etc. When I ask the support collections unit if this extra money is in an account someplace or if it was paid to the custodial parent they tell me they can't advise me of this and I need to speak to an attorney. It seems this should be illegal to me. Does anyone think the press should know about this? Should I file a freedom of information act request to find out where this extra money is? I am also considering writing to the: NYS Comptroller, NYS

Attorney General, Lieutenant Governor, Governor, Better Business Bureau, and the IRS. Is there anybody else that I should write to?

I am not a deadbeat dad. I love my son, but this is a woman who went off birth control without

informing me, and has had 4 abortions from 4 different men. Why is it that the parent that makes more money has to pay the majority of the support? Why can't there be more parity and it be 50/50? How is it fair that the parent working overtime has to pay more in child support?

• V.ui

I, )001

8. on February 14, 2012 at 1:06 am I Reply

0.A • lamont


Judge Richardson-Mendelson-Administrative judge of the NYC Family Courts

Judge Richardson-Mendelson chief judge

and especially

good luck, and I mean it.



• Pr

9. on July 7, 2012 at 6:31 pm I Reply 1 Sean Nesbit The problem I am having is, I pay my child support, but my ex keeps increasing my support payments to the point that it is now causing hardship. She files, gives bad info to courts and they just take the info she gives and sets amounts higher and higher. I currently make $2200 a month before taxes and pay $1250 a month n child support! I have now been increased to the point of paying more than 56% of my income. I had my taxes taken (because of an error in their system) in

. 11/23/2012

Support Collection Unit Sucking Fathers Blood to the Last Drop « Fearless Fathers

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the amount of $4700 and now have a lean placed on my bank account. I have tried time and time again to get help from the courts, or SCU. It has cost me a job with clearance (because this kind of debt "looks bad") which has put me in a spot of making WAY less money. So my checks are cleaned out, my account with bank is closed and NO tax return (which is for tax credits for current wife and child) All of this has put so much strain financially we have been homeless, my current wife and I have gone days without eating. We could get NO help from the homeless system because you can't deduct child support from income, and we "make too much money!" Now my wife (current) has filled for divorce because it is too much for her to handle, due to us having to scrap to buy diapers and food for our child. No food stamps, see above problem with PATH, and I am days away from getting evicted, with no end or help in sight. I don't know what to do!

• Vi •


10. on July 8, 2012 at 8:06 pm I Reply A • lamont The court systems are acting unlawful. But thet will never admit it. They may have violated your 'due process' right under Federal, State and City laws by proceedial errors, withholding vital information and or your adminstrative remedies.

Try a good lawyer or file for a 'downward modification' by yourself in family court petition room or support room. Make sure you state in your petitiion that you are self-represented (not pro se) and that you want the NYS 17% guide line be respected and honored, not your current 56%. then when you appear in court speak up and request an 18B attorney be assigned to you due to financial hardship. Be on top of everything even the wording of court orders!

The reasons you and us non-custodial parents (mostly men) are losing is because the mothers know and count on the bias craven cruelty of the family court system to work in their favor, nealy all the time, just on hear-say or misleading information. You most always, always verbally object, oppose, dismiss and correct any false remarks, claims or alligations that the petitioner (mostly mothers) lawyers say during court. If not the judge or magistrate will accept their remarks in court as true if not rebuffed.

If you have some money (thru family or friends with money) call Attorney Phil Seigal Esq. for advice 212-970-0503. Legal Aid Society 212-613-5000. Don't give up and call for help!-Lamont support calculator. shtml



11. on September 13, 2012 at 2:50 pm I Reply A john I'm a COOPERATIVE non-custodial father who has paid every cent due, and the laws do not protect our bank accounts (California comes in a does whatever they please). As a matter of fact,

child support was figured on my/my wife's income, but the fact that the child's mother has a domestic partner making $90K a year didn't quite figure into that equation. The inequity is sadly

apparent. So when I read "get over your issues and get to your responsibilities"

offense to that. I've been treated like a deadbeat when I've been nothing but supportive. Thanks

for this website. It's a nice change.

I really take

L-400:7. 9 95

12. on September 25, 2012 at 9:52 pm I Reply


. 11/23/2012

Support Collection Unit Sucking Fathers Blood to the Last Drop « Fearless Fathers

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I first researched for information about this topic when I was first dragged into NYC Family Court

almost 4 years ago. (The particulars are long, complex, and too twisted to mention in this post.) I couldn't find much info then. As I have revisted my search for help in the past week I can definately say there is much more info out here. Unfortunately not much of it is promising to our plight

It is said that "Misery loves company" and I am afraid I now fall into this cliche'. Don't get me wrong dads, I am not happy with my (and your) situation and genuinely feel your pain every day. But until recently I thought I was the only man on earth that went through the pain and heartache of family court. I had my balls and pride handed to me at every court appearance and than asked to return in a month for more. I felt I had totally screwed up by listening to my court appointed attourney and not challenging him on his "style" which alot of times seemed like was helping the other side.

Then the child support hearing. Like another poster stated, bringing all pertinant documents that weren't even looked at. The bottom line was that tax return. Alot of the money earned was through overtime and meal reimbursements. Although this was stated it was not accounted for. I also mentioned that alot more employees were hired and that overtime would cease. This too fell on deaf ears. Apparently Manhattan rent is not considered, nor food, nor phone. In case you were wondering whodunnit?, That would be your friend Magistrate Gray.

Fast forward and I now struggle on a $12 a day budget at 41 years old. My mother helps with food but it tears me apart because I should be helping her instead of her helping her grown son.

Mentally it DESTROYS me. Whenever I have quiet time to think I can't help but get extremely upset because my ex more or less said she was going to do this to me. She of course is on welfare, food stamps section 8, WIC, and my child support. All these things she could not get without a child. Without the child she would have been required work. In the past when she jumped on welfare, she would collect up until the work training came up at which point she would just not show and they would close her case.

In the meantime I can now not afford to pay my rent while she pays next to none. I can not afford to eat without help because even though I have no money I do not qualify for food stamps because

I work. I WORK!! WTF!!


What am I supposed to save for the child's college? What about allowing me to further my

education so I can do better? What about maintaing the apartment so I could have the child visit with me? What about feeding her when she is with me? Gifts? Entertainment? I CANT AFFORD


Through this blog I have gotten the initiative to start my own website. I will link to this site and the other sites I have found thruout the web.

What do we do? I wish I knew. But maybe if we link all these sites together, arrange meetings, setup protests outside family court, pool money for legal representation, and get at these politicians we can do something.

. 11/23/2012

Support Collection Unit Sucking Fathers Blood to the Last Drop « Fearless Fathers

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Its s000 hard because I am just trying to make ends meet and it seems impossible outside of crime. But then I dont't have that in me and thats probably what Im expected to do. $12 a day. This is no joke gentlemen.

13. on September 29, 2012 at 7:50 pm I Reply Mil! Ginger Pett Rosenberg

I read this and feel horribly for you non deadbeat dads. After I filed for divorce, and we then went to mediation, my ex started hiding assets with his father, shredding cash receipts, stole my engagement ring, and stopped paying any household expenses. My fault apparently for letting

him watch the kids 1 and 4 at the time, in the marital residence

more then he had ever let on, and was involved in businesses I wasn't even privy to.

Fast forward almost 4 years

the kids and tells them I block his phone. Lies. Non stop. 8 days of supreme court trial, I was awarded sole custody. But not before ever cent and more was spent paying so called court appointed experts who did nothing but side with HIM, the charming pathological Liar. House is in default now, he doesn't care. He blocked the HELOC, no one cares. Let water and electricity get turned off but won't tell me he isnT paying and won't switch them int0 my name. I never wanted

anything out of the ordinary. Just for him to be a dad who at least TRIED to pay for his kids. But instead his credit cards show him going to dinner with his gf weekly, and taking out HER son with them. He wears new shoes while my sons toes are poking out of his. My credit cards are maxed out. Credit ruined. If that's not bad enough, he lies and has me sent to jail THREE times this summer, every time being a holiday weekend. Says I pointed a giant him. Police in riot gear were in my front yard pointing a machine gun at me. I didn't know what the eff was going on !! my now 8 yr old son gets turned down for playdates due to that incident.

Too late to make a long story short

here in Long Island. Don't marry a psychopath if you can help it I guess. Karma

Found he was making waaayyyy


contested everything and has been a deadbeat dad, doesn't call


But I am relieved there is a support enforcement unit

0(x_A rxx

14. on October 25, 2012 at 3:24 pm I Reply hilk AZ

Dave,Well I can relate to all of these stories



always paid child support and never fell behind.My

ex was at court once a month to get modified.(I really think someone was modifying the Judge) because it seemed like every month it went up. My son turned 16,moved out,worked,and him and his mother got arrested for drug possession.Oh and quit school. When he turned 18 I tried to get support dropped(after all he was making more than me.That was denied and I lost my job and the judge saying I was just being defiant suspended my liscence. Finally when he turned 22 they suspended child support.I had a court appointed lawer who worked for te courts. Now I am 51 years old,cant get a liscence and therefor no job,cant get to drs,and my son and her sister says she is really addicted to crack

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Support Collection Unit Sucking Fathers Blood to the Last Drop « Fearless Fathers

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