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Super Smash Bros.

Brawl Strategy Guide


With his familiar red cap, blue overalls and bushy mustache, the worldfamous "Mr. Video Game" is about to set foot on the Smash Bros. stage for the third time. An easy-to-use character, Mario sets the standard for balance. He overwhelms opponents with magnificent jumping action!

Standard Special Move: Fireball Side Special Move: Cape Up Special Move: Mario Super Jump Down Special Move: F.L.U.D.D. Final Smash: Mario Finale <Down Special Move: F.L.U.D.D.>

It appears Mario has a new special move! Its F.L.U.D.D.

He really is carrying F.L.U.D.D. on his back!

Tilt the Control Stick down and press the special-move button to charge up...

Hose em down! Blast those enemies away. It does absolutely no damageits just for sending opponents great distances. You can even charge it up while shielding. Its best used in critical moments.

Huh? What happened to the down special move hes had up until nowthe Mario Tornado?

He still seems to have this move, though. Eh? Is it a normal attack?! <Mario Finale> So just what was that massive storm of flame Mario unleashed in the movie? That was Mario's Final Smash, the Mario Finale!

He got a Smash Ball! Mario is standing by!


Bam! Bam! BambambambamBAM! The explosion launches out and expands vertically as it travels, so in order to inflict the most damage possible on enemies, it's best to release this from a slight floating or midair position on either the left or right side of the screen. If Mario launches this at you, you'd better flee!


Luigi is the dreamy, comical poster boy of the Smash series, and everywhere he goes his slightly awkward presence is felt. This time around Id like to present him as less of the eternal second fiddle and maybe give him a new title like, "everyones favorite man in green"!

Standard Special Move: Fireball Side Special Move: Luigi Cannon Up Special Move: Super Jump Punch

Down Special Move: Luigi Tornado Final Smash: Negative Zone <Up Special Move: Super Jump Punch> The Super Jump Punch is Luigis calling card.

If you hit the opponent with it midmove, Luigi merely taps the opponent, knocking out a single coin.

BUT! When you get in close and connect with the beginning of the move...

PING! Luigi sends em rocketing skyward! This is the Fire Jump Punch. Its more potent on the ground than in the air, so try catching the enemy off guard with it after a quick dash or evasive roll.

Sadly, Luigis a sitting duck when he whiffs this attack.

<Side Special Move: Green Missile> Boost the damage and distance the Green Missile can fly by holding down the special-move button! Occasionally, regardless of whether you charge the move or not, the Green Missile will launch explosively! This happens about 1/8th of the time and dramatically boosts the power of the attack!

Remember to aim carefully before blasting off. <Final Smash: Negative Zone> When you trigger Luigis Final Smash, funky world music fades in and the immediate area gets wrapped up in the Negative Zone.

Youre on Luigis turf now! Opponents who set foot in the Negative Zone are plagued by a random assortment of effects including:

Drastically reduced attack power Greater launch distance when hit Increased likelihood of slipping Steady increase in damage percentage Flower growth on head Dizziness Uncontrollable taunting Sudden sleepiness Decreased movement speed

...And so on. If you fall asleep or get dizzy here, youll have no way to avoid the inevitable Fire Jump Punch that will seal your fate!!

Easy pickings. Mmm mmm. If your opponent unleashes the Negative Zone, at least try to stay in the air. While aloft you wont suddenly sleep, slip, or start taunting.


Yoshis back and bursting with personality! He can launch consecutive attacks and even smack around enemies below him mid-flight. Among other things, he can now use his up special move, the Egg Toss, to increase the distance of his jump. Thats enough to earn him a hearty welcome, isnt it?

Standard Special Move: Egg Lay Side Special Move: Egg Roll

Up Special Move: Egg Throw Down Special Move: Yoshi Bomb Final Smash: Super Dragon

Using Yoshis special moves obviously calls for becoming an expert at throwing eggs.
<Up Special Move: Egg Throw>

This is what happens if you just do a normal throw.

If you hold the button down, both speed and distance increase.

If you tilt the Control Stick forward when you throw, the angle of the throw will be more horizontal.

If you tilt the Control Stick backward when you throw, the angle of the throw will be more vertical. The length you hold the button and the direction you move the stick make all sorts of combinations. If you can master them all, your range of attack will be really huge!

Thiiiiis huge!

<Standard Special Move: Egg Lay> This move captures your opponent in an egg. Yoshi is pretty scary when he uses his tongue attack.



And off into the abyss... If you get trapped in an egg, you can move left and right to try to avoid falling off edges. Also, you can break out of the egg by tilting the Control Stick back and forth. However, if youve taken a lot of damage, it will be harder to break free. So if youre taking a beating, youve got to be careful of surprise attacks!

<Super Dragon> Yoshi soars through the air spouting bursts of flame, behavior reminiscent of the legendary tricolor Yoshi.

Hes gotten the oft-mentioned Smash Ball!


He starts spewing out a jet of fire...

But you can also press the button to spit out fireballs! It feels like, and elegance...mixed with clumsiness. Certainly, no ones ever seen Yoshi like this! Being able to fly around is nice, as is giving undivided attention to his attacks. Yoshi can live as he likes, for a brief period of time.


This is Kirby, Warp Starriding citizen of Dream Land who can suck up anything. His copy abilities allow him to steal the powers of other characters! Yeah... Hes the only character who really hasnt changed much from his appearance in Super Smash Bros. Melee. Hes round, pink, and soft.

Standard Special: Inhale Side Special: Hammer Up Special: Final Cutter Down Special: Stone Final Smash: Cook Kirby The move that symbolizes Kirby is none other than his standard special move, Inhale! Hes able to copy an enemys ability (by which I mean, their standard special move) and use it as his own.

When he inhales a foe and swallows...

He copies his opponents ability! <Cook Kirby> Kirby is quite the glutton. He apparently even does his own cooking. Welcome to Kirbys cooking class!

The cook puts on his hat!

He takes out a giant pot!

Dinners ready! He rings his bell.

He tosses his enemies into the pot...

Simmers them gently and deliberately...

OK! Order up!

Once you take out the stock, your enemy gets blasted off. But is that a real dish? Something like stone soup, maybe? Can you put just anything in there? Are you sure?

King Dedede

The self-proclaimed king of Dream Land formally joins the brawl!

Mechanizing his wooden mallet, he delivers a mighty, earth-shaking blow! He joins as a member of the heavyweight class alongside Bowser and Donkey Kong. Can he defeat Kirby?!

Standard Special: Inhale Side Special: Waddle Dee Throw Up Special: Super Dedede Jump Down Special: Jet Hammer Final Smash: Waddle Dee Army
<Up Special Move: Super Dedede Jump>

Look! Thats a serious jump!

And he lands HARD! King Dededes great jump is his specialty! But he doesnt have much freedom while jumping, and his vulnerability when he lands is pretty significant. That said, if things look bad, just tap down on the Control Stick.

You can flip over and cancel it in midair. However, if you try to cancel just before landing, youll make a fool of yourself, and youll be vulnerable for even longer, so watch out.

<Side Special Move: Waddle Dee Throw>

Just toss them out there. He pulls out Waddle Dees from who knows where and throws them. The Waddle Dees then waddle around afterward.

Occasionally a Waddle Doo appears...

And Gordo, too.

<Down Special Move: Jet Hammer> This time, King Dededes hammer is actually mechanized. The heads rotation is powered by a motor. And it can do this.

Whoa! What is this?!? If you hold down the Control Stick and the special-move button simultaneously, you can charge up his hammer. And you can unleash it in one blow!

The power of the jet multiplies the destructive force! You can even walk around with it charged up, but you cant save the charge by pressing the shield button. Also, if you charge it up too much, it will increase your own damage, so be careful. <Waddle Dee Army> King Dededes Final Smash is a mountain of Waddle Dees called the Waddle Dee Army! Hmm. I guess its in his character to leave the work to someone else.

Everyone in formation!


Hup! Hup! Hey! Ho! You cant tell from a picture, but the speed of these Waddle Dees is quite a bit faster than the ones he normally calls. You need to watch out to make sure you dont suddenly get swept off the screen. But the most dangerous thing of all is that the spike-headed Gordos are also mixed into the crowd.

Meta Knight

It's Meta Knight, whose introduction was delayed for some reason. He's Kirby's...rival? Despite being almost all head, his mask and cape exude coolness. He overwhelms enemies with his mach-speed sword!

Standard Special: Mach Tornado

Side Special: Drill Rush Up Special: Shuttle Loop Down Special: Dimensional Cape Final Smash: Galaxia Darkness <Standard Special Move: Mach Tornado>

Suck them up! Your inertia carries you left and right. Tap the button to rise up off the ground a bit.

<Side Special Move: Drill Rush>

Rush!!! You spin like a drill, plowing into people. You can also change your direction slightly.

Push your enemies up into the air!

Of course, you can push them down, too.

<Up Special Move: Shuttle Loop>

Rise up while launching your sword up...

You can also flutter through the air and glide. This is a move you use to glide. Its kind of like Kirbys wing ability.

<Down Special Move: Dimensional Cape>

The familiar move from the trailer. He wraps himself in his cape, disappears, and reappears with this move.

If youre pressing the attack button, youll unleash a surprise attack as you reappear! Use the Dimensional Cape as a precursor to an attack. If you just cant get the opportunity, then forget about attacking.

<Galaxia Darkness> Heh heh heh. I got it. Meta Knight has gotten the Smash Ball. Behold!

He swirls his cape out in a wide sweep, but if he swings and misses, nothing happens. Its a waste of the Smash Ball. Be sure to hit with that swing of the cape.


The field is gradually engulfed in darkness.


The field is swallowed by darkness, and Meta Knight slices strongly through it. Enemies get launched helplessly. Talk about cool. But there is even more coolness to this move.

If there are others besides the enemy you hit with the cape...

They get cut in the darkness, too! So, while this moves initial attack range is relatively narrow, if you hit with it, most everyone suffers. Aim well and sally forth.


The hero of The Legend of Zelda series. The design of this particular Link comes from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Link wields the Master Sword and a diverse arsenal of equipment. Use all of his weapons to adapt to the ebb and flow of battle.

Standard Special: Heros Bow

Side Special: Gale Boomerang Up Special: Spin Attack Down Special: Bomb Final Smash: Triforce Slash The design for Link is taken from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, so his special moves have also been designed a bit differently.

<Side Special Move: Gale Boomerang>

Gale Boomerang! The Gale Boomerang deals damage when thrown at an enemy, but when it comes back, it also lightly pulls the foes body.

<Standard Special Move: Heros Bow>

The Heros Bow! Its fast.

<Down Special Move: Bomb>

Are these bombs made by Barnes?

<Up Special Move: Spin Attack>

You can charge up the Spin Attack!

<Grab: Clawshot>

All this and the Clawshot, too! You can use the Clawshot to perform life-saving tether recoveries by aiming at available ledges.

<Triforce Slash> Is he using the Triforce to slash enemies? Or is it the Triforce doing the slashing? You dont have time to ponder such questions, as Link has just grabbed a Smash Ball.

Light shoots out from the Triforce on the back of Links hand, striking his opponents!

Link dashes into the fray! Enemies are trapped by the Triforce.

He strikes repeatedly with lightning speed!

And then comes the finishing strike! SKRAAAAH! If you suffer this fate, there is little hope for you. But remember: damage alone will not finish you in Smash. If youre lucky enough to strike solid ground, you just might be saved.


Just like Link, Zeldas design has also changed. She has a slightly more subdued color scheme. Her movement capabilities are not that good, but her magic adds power to her physical attacks. Theres a reason why her hands and feet glow, after all.

Standard Special: Nayrus Love Side Special: Dins Fire

Up Special: Farores Wind Down Special: Transform Final Smash: Light Arrow