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A CALL FOR: A DAY OF PRAYER FOR LIFE on December 3, 2012 As our legislators proceed to vote on the RH Bill, possibly

tomorrow, December 3,2012, let us PRAY and implore our Father in heaven for the graces needed by our legislators to REJECT THE RH BILL once and for all and to VOTE NO TO THE RH BILL. Let us consider December 3, 2012 a DAY OF PRAYER FOR LIFE. Reliable sources indicate that the RH Bill will be voted on at the House of Representatives tomorrow, December 3, soon after the congressmens Lunch meeting with President Aquino. Pro-lifers have sought to present the truths about the RH Bill over the years. It seems that our efforts have been to little avail, for there still persist members of the House and the Senate who insist that they can validly pass legislation whereby Government will be mandated to provide access to oral contraceptives, all of which are abortifacient, i.e., have an abortive effect. At this stage, just focusing on two points will show the absurdity of the RH Bill: 1. The RH Bill, if enacted, will transform Government into an institution, which by law and as a matter of routine and program, will put at risk the most defenseless and innocent Filipinos and will annually cause the death of hundreds of thousands of the youngest Filipinos in their mothers womb. This is surely contrary to the purpose, nature, and role of Government. We write thus, not even considering this from a Catholic point of view. 2. The RH Bill, if enacted, will forever alter the moral standards in our nation, particularly with regard to sexual behavior, as the Bill guarantees to every Filipino the right to a safe and satisfying sex life (yes, that terrible phrase still exists in the November 19, 2012 version of the Senate RH Bill; in the House version, this is referred to as sexual health). Such a provision is thoroughly absurd as a matter for legislation; its absurdity is even more apparent when one considers that, if the RH Bill is enacted, every single Filipino will be guaranteed by Government to receive from Government using Government funds, as a matter of right, all the help he/she needs to have safe and satisfying sex, and without regard for age or marital status at that. How can such a Government guarantee be seen as making sense at all? Particularly, considering the fact that no law guarantees any Filipino the right to cardiac health, to pulmonary health, etc or to health free from any of the top ten leading causes of death in our land. Again, we write thus, not even considering this from a Catholic point of view. Absurd as the two above statements may seem, they are true. These two points are, at heart, what the RH Bill is all about. But as we write this and email this to you, we recognize that the fate of the close to 95 million Filipinos with regard to the two above points (the role of Government as a death-dealer and as guaranteeing to every Filipino 1

a so-called right to a safe and satisfying sex life/sexual health) rests on the vote of 287 congressmen/congresswomen and 23 senators: 310 Filipinos. We write knowing that to vote on the RH Bill, to cause its rejection, is not within the capability of even the biggest and strongest lobby efforts of all the pro-lifers in the land put together, and on our own. Ultimately, the fate of the RH Bill and the future of our nation, in terms of societal regard for life and morality, depends on the vote of 310 of our brother and sister Filipinos, a number of whom have publicly and persistently pushed for the approval of the RH Bill. What can we, who count among the ordinary seemingly voice-less and truly RH voteless Filipinos, do to TRY TO STOP THE ENACTMENT OF THE RH BILL? We can pray; our prayers are the gifts we can give to ourselves, to our loved ones, and to all our countrymen who are not in a position to STOP THE ENACTMENT OF THE RH BILL through a vote cast in the House or the Senate. We can implore Our Father in heaven in the name of Jesus to enlighten the 310 of our brothers and sisters who will vote on the RH Bill, so that the majority of them may publicly and definitively reject the RH Bill once and for all. May we suggest, through this simple e-mail appeal which we hope will go far and wide as the internet can take it between now and tomorrow, that we consider December 3 as a DAY OF PRAYER FOR LIFE. Let us offer our attendance at the Eucharistic Celebration, and our reception of Holy Communion, for this special intention: that despite all the frailties of those who have the privilege to vote on the RH Bill and of those of us who have sought to help our legislators, to the best of our abilities, to listen to truth and reason, that a NO VOTE ON THE RH BILL PREVAIL. Let us say the Rosary, if possible many times, over during this special day of prayer, invoking the powerful intercession of our Blessed Mother Mary, mindful of her love for our nation. Let us pray the 3 Oclock Prayer, and the Chaplet of Mercy, invoking the Passion and Death of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Let us say short prayers, such as Jesus, mercy! Mary, help. and others which may come to our hearts. Let us pray the Our Father over and over again and ask Our Father to let his will be done. Let us offer little sacrifices, as we are able, for this special intention. We share here below the words of two prayers: the first is prayed daily after the Rosary and before Mass at the Blessed John Paul II Parish in Eastwood; the other, is prayed every Sunday after Mass by a Kawan of the Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Parish. Both have been given the Imprimatur by Most Rev. Bishop Honesto F. Ongtioco, D. D., Diocese of Cubao.

SHORT PRAYER FOR LIFE Almighty God and Father, King of the Universe, Creator of Life, we implore you to enlighten our countrys leaders and legislators to reject the RH Bill and all anti-life legislation. We pray in Jesus name. Mama Mary, our beloved Mother, pray for us. Blessed John Paul II, Defender of Life, pray for us.

PRAYER FOR UPHOLDING THE SANCTITY OF LIFE Almighty God and Father, we thank you for your gift of life, and for all your blessings. We ask you to give us and all Filipinos, particularly those in positions of authority, the graces needed to respect every human life from the moment of conception to natural death. Enable each one of us to do our part to uphold the sanctity of life, family and marriage, and witness to Church teachings on these. We implore you to enlighten all our legislators to realize the serious bad effects that the RH Bill and any anti-life legislation, if enacted, will have on Philippine society. Fill them with your Holy Spirit so they may realize that this bill seeks to establish as norms in our land erroneous views on life, human sexuality and freedom, and will give rise to many occasions for grievous sin. Inspire our countrys leaders to always use your gifts in fulfillment of your most holy will. Grant to us all the zeal and courage to stand up for what is true, loving and just, and to help sustain a culture of life. We ask you these in the name of your Son Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us. Immaculate Heart of Mary, intercede for us. San. Lorenzo Ruiz, pray for us. San Pedro Calungsod, pray for us. Blessed John Paul II, Defender of Life, pray for us.

Let us pray with our own words, straight from our hearts, like a child to his/her beloved Father. Let us pray always in the name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Let us trust that with God nothing is impossible. Let us remember that without Jesus, we can do nothing.

And if the voting does not take place, on December 3, let us continue praying for the enlightenment of our legislators; keeping watch with them in our hearts over the fate of the RH Bill until Congress adjourns for the Christmas break. And after celebrating the birth of Our Savior, let us return to our prayer-posts and to continue to pray as best we can for the future of our nation: that we may continue to be a country with a Catholic majority, where the Catholic Faith is lived with fervor and fidelity, and is a major influence in shaping our nations daily life and future; where despite all efforts to the country, a culture of life shall for all time prevail. Let us pray with loving, hope-filled, trusting and grateful hearts. As we pray, we will find that we, ourselves, will have grown in cherishing life and in our commitment to life!