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1. NEW: Mandatory Online Training Program for Municipal Employees

December 10, 2012 - State Ethics Commission will release new online training program on conflict of interest law for all municipal employees. The Program will be available on the Commission’s website (, and the Commission also will send a link to access the new program to municipalities’ designated liaisons to the Ethics Commission.

Municipal Employers must notify all their employees who did not complete the online program in 2012 that they must do so by April 5, 2013. Employees who completed the online training in 2012 will not be required to complete the program again until April 2015.

Municipal employees and officials (both elected and appointed) must provide evidence to the Employer upon completion of the online training program (e.g., print the completion certificate at the end on the online program). Employees and officials should also retain a copy of their completion certificate for their own files.

See Ethics Commission’s e-mail Notice to All Municipalities about availability of new online program after December 10, 2012 (copy attached).

2. REMINDER: DECEMBER 31 DEADLINE to Distribute Summaries of the Conflict of Interest Law for Municipal Employees

Before December 31, 2012 - Employers must distribute to all current employees/officials a copy of the Commission’s Summary of the Conflict of

Interest Law for Municipal Employees available on the Commission’s website at

procedures/municipal-employee-summary.html.) Copies also are available in Spanish ( resources/implementation-procedures/municipales-empleados-resumen.html) and in Portuguese ( resources/implementation-procedures/municipal-funcionarios-resumo.html).

Municipal employees/officials must provide the Employer with a written acknowledgement of receipt within 10 business days of receiving the Summary.


A quick reference BHPK Summary of Ethics Law

Requirements Regarding Mandatory Education and Training, which outlines

both municipal employers’ and employees’/officials’ responsibilities, is attached for your convenience.

Questions? Contact attorney Judy Levenson at or 617/880-7100, or contact your Municipal/School Counsel. Specific facts and circumstances require individualized legal analysis. Feel free to contact us about possible legal assistance with particular issues.


This e-mail Ethics Alert has been prepared by Brody, Hardoon, Perkins & Kesten, LLP to provide information about developments in the law. It is not intended to provide legal advice for any particular matter or situation and shall not be considered to create an attorney- client relationship.


1. Ethics Commission Notice to All Municipalities Regarding New Conflict of Interest Law Online Training Program

2. BHPK Quick Reference Summary of Ethics Law Requirements Regarding Mandatory Education and Training