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Channeled by Andrea Chisara Baginski Manual by Andrea Chisara Baginski & Lisa Center Layout by Andrea Chisara Baginski & Jens Seborg

Dragon -

Dragons are very old, very proud, very wise and high magical creatures. If you are able to find a friend under this race, he will always help and be there for you. But a dragon has always to be treated with caution because he is very independent. According to the culture, Dragons either embody the Dark or bad one, or they are viewed as the bearer of glad tidings. In Europe and the Middle East he is seen as the enemy of God and humans. He must be killed by the hero who generally receives a special ability or the hand of a royal daughter in marriage. It is believed that invulnerability can be acquired through bathing in Dragon blood. East Asia: Here the Dragons represent luck (Chinese:


Dragons have been known in Germanic lore since very early times. The Germanic/German language space introduced a word that means the winged dragon to J. GRIMM. These monsters are imagined in the Germanic and/or German saga world as winged snakes (lat. serpens alatus). Examples are the monster flying away at night, which Beowulf suited opposite (uhtsceada) or the dragon that detained the Krimhild on the dragon stone (Lyftsceada) and the lintworm (an unwinged Dragon) from the Edda (Fafnir) or the Song of Siegfried.

Countless names of dragons are handed down: The Hittite Illujanka, the Jewish Leviathan, the Greek Delphyne, the Python, the Typhon, the Ladon or the Germanic Fafnir are a few from the list. The Bible mentions, as a variation of the creation story handed down in the genesis, God had to overcomes Dragons in a primeval chaos-dragonfight and carries out the creation from their bodies (Ps. 74,12ff. and 89,9.ff).

Egyptian mythology After the death of the Osiris, Nephtys and Isis floated in dragons changes about the embalmed dead man. This brought about proper burial for mankind. Greek mythology The dragon Ladon, a monster with 100 heads, guards the golden apples in the garden of the Hesperides. The Typhon, father of the Ladon, has also 100 heads. He lies under Etna. The female dragon Delphyne and/or the Python dragon Apollon took over the oracle to Delphi. Demeter gives the Triptolemus a car pulled by two dragons. Iason encounters several dragons. Iason sewed the dragon teeth together with King Aietes in Kolchis sows dragon teeth. The opening dragon seeding are sharp giants which kill themselves after the birth mutually or are massacred by Iason

The Golden Fleece, objective of the journey, is guarded by a dragon which winds itself around the oak in which the Golden Fleece hangs. Also the founder of Thebes, Kadmos, sows dragon teeth and gathers warrior. Medea flees on a car to Media which is pulled by two winged dragons. Christian legend The holy Martha overcame the dragon Tarasconus in South of France. St. Georg tamed and killed a dragon. Germans mythology The dragon Niddhgg lives at the foot of the ash tree Yggdrasil. A squirrel carries her too the words of the eagle sitting in the treetop. An eagle sits in the treetop and a squirrell carries messages from the eagle to the Dragon. The eagle can see things from his place on high that Dragon can not. Fafner is the Dragon that Siegfried killed.

Dragons are celestial in nature as well. The diagram above is the constellation Draco.

Magical Correspondences
Fire with Air Astrologically associated with Sagittarius and the Ninth House

The bright side: Dragon types are charismatic leaders. They exude confidence and optimism. They are progressive and expansive, socially oriented, and eager to achieve something for the greater good. They are moving restlessly from project to project. They are led often from strong moral and religious feeling. Their plans support them with faultless logic. Dragon types must have control and will delegate tasks. They work and play hard. They are popular and social. They have a talent for the dramatic one, are unconventional, and hate red tape. The dark side: The dark side is unreasonable, inconsistent, suitable, imagined, snobbish, arrogant, and opportunistic. Pseudologic and confused references are consulted to justify current behaviour. They boast about famous acquaintances. They want to be successful but they lack the necessary drive.

For our work, we want to use the bright energies of the Dragon, but we also need the knowledge of the dark side otherwise we couldn't recognize the bright side. Take a moment for yourself, sit down and relax. Take some deep breaths and think about these Qualities. Look deep inside yourself. Are there some of these qualities in yourself? Make a list with two columns and name them: Bright Side Dark Side

Write down everything that occurs to you. It isn't important how long the list becomes. It is important you become acquainted with yourself. Be honest with yourself, otherwise this whole exercise doesn't make sense. Work on the qualities consciously on the Dark Side and after that, you can work with the qualities on the Bright Side. You will then begin to develop the charisma that lies within you. You will find the strength to see projects though and make your contribution to humanity like the Dragon.

The Attunement Procedure

The attunement works by intention. You only have to say: I ask my Higher Self to attune (name) at (time) on (date) in his/her time zone for the energy of the Dragon.