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Bab XII Network Security

: #12 - MTI GCIO 2012/2013 : 7 (tujuh) : SetiadiYazidPh.D Anggota Andayani Dewi S. Arthania R. P. Atina D. P. BayuAmbang R. Fheradian P.

A. Review Questions 7. 14. 21. Q: A: Q: A: Q: A: 28. Q: A: How can surveillance be used to improve network security? Digunakan untuk mencegah penjahat dan digunakan untuk mengidentifikasi penjahat dalam hal vandalism atau pencurian setelahkejadian [Page 392] How can public key cryptography make systems safer? Kita tidak perlu memberikan decryption key untuk orang lain dapat mengirimkan data terenkripsi kepada kita. List the basic elements of public key infrastructure Kombinasiteknikenkripsi Software Service-service terkait yang mendukung : digital certificates, certificate authorities, public key generation, storage, danmanagement [Page 406] What are the different techniques used to locate and stop viruses? Signature based scanner, terminate-and-stay-resident antivirus software, multi-level generic software

B. Exercises 4. 11. Q: A: Q: A: Create (on paper) a simple example of a transposition-based cipher Transposition-based cipher mengatur ulang susunan huruf dalam pesan.[Page : 420] One feature of a firewall is its ability to stop an outgoing IP packet, remove the realIP address, insert a fake IP address, and send the packet on its way. How does thisfeature work? Do you think it would be effective? Firewall menyimpan table alamat IP palsu, menarikkeluaralamatnyatadanmenyisipkansatupalsu. Inibiasanyamerupakanteknik yang efektif. [Page 314]

C. Thinking Outside The Box 2. Q: Create a hypothetical business with approximately 50 to 100 employees. Place the employees in two or three different departments. Assign to each department a title and basic job duties. All employees in all departments use personal computers for numerous activities. Identify the computer activities for the employees of each department. Then create a security policy for the employees of each depart-ment. Be sure to address when and where the employees have access to computer resources, and if any types of transactions should be restricted. - Bagian Sales & Marketing : 70 Pegawai - Bagian Keuangan : 15 Pegawai - Bagian Kepegawaian : 15 Pegawai Security Policy : Pembatasan akses terhadap situs situs jejaring social seperti FB, Twitter, dsb pada saat jam kerja (pukul 09.00 12.00 dan pukul 13.00 16.00) Penggunaan firewall dan antivirus untuk seluruh PC yang digunakan pegawai. Bagian keuangan dapat mengakses ke system informasi keuangan dari perusahaan tersebut. Bagian kepegawaian dapat mengakses ke system informasi kepegawaian dari perusahaan tersebut. Bagian marketing dapat mengkases ke dalam system informasi data penjualan perusahaan.


D. Hands-On Projects 3. Q: What are the allowable access rights for protecting files and other objects on the computer system at your school or place of employment? List the options for who and how. Salah satu contoh yaitu pemberian hak akses dalam penggunaan FTP, user dibagi kedalam : Admin group : full akses Kabid (eselon 3) group : R-W semua folder Satker group : R folder tertentu


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