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Rajesh Punjabi 03812304 GR616 - Influences Jerry Uelsmann In June of 1937 Jerry Uelsmann was born in Detroit, Michigan.

He attended public schools in Detroit, where he discovered a passion for photography at age 14, until going to the Rochester Institute of Technology in 1955. Uelsmann graduated in 1960 and got a few jobs photographing models before accepting a teaching job at the University of Florida, as an instructor of art, that same year. Uelsmann began to develop a new form of photomontage by creating an image from several different negatives. Time spent in the darkroom combining the negatives allowed Uelsmann to produce images that were difficult to create before the use of computers and Adobe Photoshop. By using black and white photos of real identifiable objects and placing them in implausible settings Uelsmanns work had surreal tendencies. It wasnt until 1967 that Uelsmann had his first solo exhibit, at The Museum of Modern Art in New York City, and was established as an artist. His work received attention from critics for his unique compositions and ability to have multiple focal points in an image. Uelsmann also received the Guggenheim fellowship, was recognized by the American Society of Magazine Photographers, and made a Fellow of Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain. Uelsmann was appointed as a graduate research professor at the University of Florida in 1974. He also received a Certificate of Merit from the Society of Publication Designers and Certificate of Excellence from the American Institute of Graphic Arts for his contributions to The New York Times. In 1982, Jerry N. Uelsmann: Twenty-Five Years: a Retrospective was published. In 1985, Uelsmann published another book entitled, Process and Perception, in which he reveals details of his creative process from negatives to print. Uelsmann was also inducted into the Florida Artist Hall of Fame in 1994. Today he is retired from teaching and currently lives in Gainesville, Florida with his third wife, Maggie Taylor. Uelsmann still produces photos, and dhs photographs can be seen in the opening credits of the television series The Outer Limits (1995), and the illustrated edition of Stephen Kings Salems Lot.

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[Top Left] Untitled. 1969. Jerry Uelsmann. [Top Right] Untitled (rowboat in water, cloud sphere). 1982. Jerry Uelsmann. [Bottom Left] Untitled (floating rock, rippling lake, Colorado). 1991. Jerry Uelsmann. [Bottom Center] Untitled (rowboat, ocean and clouds in cupped hands). 1996. Jerry Uelsmann. [Bottom Right] Feel The Light. 2001. Jerry Uelsmann.