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Intelligence Genes gone missing December 17th, 2012

It is has been established that over the past few decades, after sneaking a snippet of DNA from a handshake, water class or a martini tumbler from a politician, that albeit science has been able to perform a detailed analysis on the evidence there is one piece of the mystery of the genetic make up of 99.99% of some of those elected to public office that remains elusive. The intelligent gene, whereas in the past the people who elected their representatives used to believe that if the voters were lucky they get a least a 50% return on their efforts to elect a semi-intelligent representative. Today the odds are the electorate is considering themselves lucky if by some miracle get around 0.75%, if that? Up until a few years ago our scientists had figured that there was around 1,000 genes associated with intelligence, enough they state to have some effect on a persons ability to develop some sort of warning system that would allow a person to get off the track when their heard a train whistle or felt the track shaking they have since learned that these 1,000 or so genes play a much greater role than they figured but unfortunately in the samples lifted from this politician or that one, they cant seem to pinpoint any one gene that has surfaced allowing that person to get off the track. One commented, Its been kind of a shock to our analysis that we havent been able to locate any specific genes associated with even a minimal amount of intelligence, albeit through extensive analysis have identified over 5000 genes associated with staying on the track and getting hit by a 300 ton locomotive, and another set of genes associated with greed which seems they both work in concert the stay on the track gene to hide the intelligence gene. All interviewed requested their identity to be kept in the shadows in fear of loosing their multi-million dollar grants from the very same system they were evaluating to be understood! It was also released that over the past few months, students and other members of our society were tasked with interviewing some of the participants of the failed study most when asked of

their steadfast goal of staying on the track replied they had been elected with one goal in mind, to somehow derail the locomotive headed their way at breakneck speeds when asked if theyd consider negotiating with the engineer with his hand on the throttle said, No way, why should we? They then gave each interviewer a smirk, accompanied with check to see if their wallet was still in their back pocket and walked away singing a song copied from the old Sonny and Cher tune I got you babe, substituting mine for you babego figure! The researches buried their heads in mountains of information on each individual, studying their family tree and childhood upbringing they did determine that somewhere in their younger lives the intelligence gene took a back seat to a narrow minded view of the world around them, whereas most admitted to seeing things in black and white in certified medical examines over the years those whose parents were still alive, when interviewed, were astounded that their offspring had bent the natural laws of nature in achieving their success in the political world, yet were not adverse to receiving their yearly stipend from them. The interviews with the parents revealed that albeit they had given their children every opportunity to develop their IQ threw up their hands in despair when they realized early on their efforts were running on the side of I give up! The study also showed that the difference between twins and adopted children that the genes reflected a mark-able change, albeit the adopted children entered into a normal family on an even footing, over the years despite the influence of their adoptive parents soon went off into the world of black and white, never to recover. Scientists have come to realize that, as with height, differences in intelligence come not from a few genes, but rather the overall effect of many genes, each contributing a tiny influence, what is amazing is that in politicians the many seem to have dropped back in some cave leaving the developed mind to pursue a life of not only black and white, but have created an inability to look ahead to the future, in other words the mind of a Neanderthal. Now whether or not the rest of the Homo sapiens can wait around until these sub-humans strolling about from cave to cave whistling I got mine is a question that the electorate will have to consider, 35,000 to 100,000 years is a long time to wander aimlessly through life. In my humble opinion. It is to be noted that this study was commissioned soon after the last election in other words before the last squalling match in Congress in commissioning the study experts wanted to learn the relationship between genes and intelligence, why? We all know and understand that as we age collectively our reasoning skills and thinking abilities tend to decline and the goal was to learn why it seemed to effect politicians more than the rest of the general population whereas understanding the genetics of intelligence in our esteemed leaders might someday prevent the general population of electing a black and white individual who would lead us down the path of

self-destruction the study seems to be a couple of weeks behind times as we now have more than just a toe-hold on that path. It should be noted that to verify their results that the scientific team commissioned some random tests of the general population, in doing so they learned that 40 to 50% who took an IQ test scored across the board with dramatic differences and given various other IQ test shined in one area or the other the numbers involved over 3,500 adults who were tested on their knowledge and problem solving skills. Politicians to a one, refused to take the test, stating that normal intelligence didnt apply to them, and if they were to even consider such a test, would write the test in their intelligence committee figures. I read today that the latest WAPost/ABC News poll demonstrates that our nation has more of a societal problem than a strict gun-control problem, as reflected in the events surrounding Sandy Hook well gee really? Since Reagan was the governor of California and our President we have shoveled our mentally-disturbed out onto the street and in doing so made the regulations so difficult for them to receive medical help, other than a bucket full of pills, that when they apply for medical assistance they hang their head and leave, consequently not ever receiving the help they cry forcouple this with the last few decades of mass murder and mayhem dripping out the sound-stages of Hollywood, and the rush to create video games where the player can shoot to their hearts content at imaginary bad guys ducking behind doors killing is now a pastime of the young, just as drive by shooting have become a sport. We know pay, and the upcoming changes are going to be needed, although some may seem as they are infringing on someones rights. What choice do we have? It can be safely assumed that now that the female of the species is getting more of a toehold in that crowd back along the Potomac our society might have a better outcome, albeit some of them have hitched a ride on the back of the predominant elephant in the House, we can only pray. As for the preeminent few in both houses who are knuckleheads to the extreme, we hope beyond hope that the recent events and the re-election of the 44th that well experience a change in direction. Some fight this and will only push for more stay on the track knuckleheads until the United States of America slowly slides from the history books of the world. Can you hear the train whistle?