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an SCE Engineering Program

School of Continuing Education

Register: 800-222-3623 | 414-227-3200 Mon.-Fri., 8am-5pm CST


Cancellations and Transfers:

A full refund is issued to program participants if the School of Continuing Education cancels a program for any reason. Unless otherwise stated, the School also issues a full refund when a program cancellation notice is received from a participant at least ve business days before the start of the program. The full program fee is charged when enrollment has not been cancelled five business days prior to the first session, however this fee may be applied to another enrollment within the next 12 months. Liability of cancellation is specifically limited to the amount of the pre-paid class fee and excludes any incidental or consequential damages. To transfer, substitute or cancel a registration contact Murali Vedula at 414-227-3121 or

Seminar Location:
Programs will be held at the UWM School of Continuing Education, 161 W. Wisconsin Avenue. SCE is conveniently located in downtown Milwaukee. For the latest information on getting to and from SCE, visit The webpage includes access to printable color PDFs of current maps, information about parking, public transportation information and other details relevant to our location.

161 W. Wisconsin Ave., Ste. 6000 Milwaukee, WI 53203-2602

Skill Enhancement Opportunities:



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Electrical Engineering
FALL 2012


You have the option to bring any of our quality electrical courses to your organization, in formats that are customized for your specific needs.

Contact Erica Gumieny, 414-227-3226 or, for details!

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Instructor was outstanding, facility was excellent and the location was great.
Program Participant

Understanding Power System Design & Operation
Learn to communicate effectively with electrical engineers and system designers. For managers, project coordinators, engineers, designers and technicians with limited formal training in electrical power system design and operation. Learning Outcomes
Learn key electrical parameters and fundamental operation of power systems Understand scenarios that lead to localized customer interruptions, widespread power outages and regional blackouts Examine case studies that include a list of modi cations designed to minimize outages
Wed.-Fri., Oct. 3-5, 8am-4:30pm Instructor: Anthony F. Sleva Fee: $1175 CEUs: 2 Program No. 4830-8401

Quality Courses. Qualified Instructors.

Fall Electrical Engineering courses will help you maximize productivity, efficiency and innovation throughout your organization. Youll use your new skills to make an immediate impact at your job. How do we know? Because our instructors use them, too! SCE instructors are real-life engineers seasoned with real-world experience in the field they teach. See full course descriptions on the web at or contact:

Electrical Substation Equipment Aging

For craftsmen, engineers, supervisors and managers responsible for performing, supervising and scheduling maintenance activities; determining periodic maintenance needs, or end of life for substation components. Learning Outcomes
Become acquainted with aging mechanisms Recognize failure modes and aging indicators Gain insight into periodic and in-service testing Save money by being proactive and avoiding repair/replacement costs
Thu.-Fri., Oct. 25-26, 8am-4:30pm Instructor: Anthony F. Sleva Fee: $890 CEUs: 1.4 Program No. 4830-8407

Dan Chaply has been lead substation design engineer for substation projects for more than 25 years. He has developed designs for a wide variety of voltages, capacities, and end-user categories, including dedicated single-use industrial substations, large transmission substations, bulk power/intertie substations and switchyards, IPP interconnects, and power system distribution substations. He received his BSEE and MSEE from Lehigh University, and is a member of the IEEE. Doug Proctor, president of D. Proctor Engineering, Inc. has over 40 years of engineering, project management, and construction management experience on transmission, substation, and distribution projects throughout the United States and overseas. Doug has been responsible for initial project planning and layout, preliminary design, routing alignment, substation site selection, right-of-way acquisition, project evaluation and development, environmental coordination, transmission/substation design, microwave and fiber optic communication systems, and construction management services. Anthony F. Sleva is President of Sleva Associates, an electrical consulting and training company founded in 1995. He is a registered Professional Engineer with a BSEE degree from Pennsylvania State University. During his career, he has designed electrical systems for nuclear generating stations; designed 500-230 KV, 230-69 KV, 138-12 KV and 69-12 KV substations; provided technical support to power dispatchers, system operators and plant operators; and developed technical training programs for technicians, drafters, designers and technical clerks.

Murali Vedula Program Director 414-227-3121

Marcia Gabriel Program Manager 414-227-3378

Protective Relaying Principles & Applications

Learn the fundamental concepts of protective relaying beginning with basic concepts and ending with a discussion of fault and disturbance analysis. Upon completing this course, you will be able to recognize key protective relaying considerations for distribution lines, transmission lines, substations, transformers, buses and circuit breakers. Learning Outcomes
Learn criteria used to select protective relay settings Understand key design considerations and operations Examine case studies that include examples of correct and incorrect operation of protective relaying schemes
Mon.-Wed., Oct. 22-24, 8am-4:30pm Instructor: Anthony F. Sleva Fee: $1190 CEUs: 2 Program No. 4830-8406

All programs held in Milwaukee, WI. Earn Your Electrical Engineering Certificate
Completing a professional certificate fuels a more successful future. Through the Electrical Engineering Certificate, you gain focused skills and earn critical credentials that improve your current position and make you a more valuable asset to any organization Earn the Electrical Engineering Certificate by attending nine or more days of related courses within three years. Visit to get started today!

Electrical Substation Design Fundamentals

Get an introduction to technical requirements, con guration philosophies and design practices of electrical substations.Topics cover safety, standards, site development, grounding practices, bus configurations, AC and DC ancillary systems, and major equipment.

Transmission Line Design

Learn design subjects at a level appropriate to those relatively new to the area of transmission line design. Explore the fundamentals for the electrical, civil and structural design components of electric transmission lines. Learning Outcomes
Examine technical requirements, con guration philosophies, design practices, information resources and work procedures Understand mechanical loads on structures and foundation design Learn about conductor types, sag and tension calculations, insulation and hardware, structure loading, codes and standards, clearances, foundations, ice and wind loading, and environmental coordination
Mon.-Wed., Nov. 12-14, 8am-4:30pm Instructor: Doug Proctor Fee: $1195 CEUs: 2 Program No. 4830-8403

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Learning Outcomes
Learn about substation project chronology, scope and constraints Understand costs and schedules Explore site grading design, foundations, insulation and insulation protection and structures
Mon.-Wed., Oct. 8-10, 8am-5pm Instructor: Dan Chaply Fee: $1295 CEUs: 2.1 Program No. 4830-8404


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