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BER HELLIGENR Visions When we say someone has visions, we mean this person has an image of something that

is coming. Even though it is not there yet, it is already foreseen by someone, often even clearly. This vision lends wings to its seer, inspiring the determination to see it through into reality. This vision is a creative cognition. It effects what it cognizes. Where does such a vision come from? Does it co me from inside us? Or is it brought to our inner eye from the outside? It attracts us because it comes to us from the outside. It is an image that captures us and recruits us into its service. Our creative cognition responds to this vision by looking for steps, that will lead to this future. These steps are also new steps, and the insight into these future oriented steps are also new. They are creative as well. But they are in a subordinate position in relation to something of larger import that preceded them, which gave rise to all these other steps in its trail. These visions point to the future. They differ from retrospect vision, as in: What could have been different? What could have been done differently? and especially: What would have happened if...? The future-directed visions want to overcome something. They move towards the greater whole, space itself widens for them. This also shows us their creative nature. What holds these visions back? Fear, more than anything else. How does this fear show itself? In the objections raised against them, our own as well as those of others. What gives wings to these visions? Confidence. Confidence also leads to consonance with the powers that gave us the visions. Wings are also given to those inspired to share the same vision with us to those who are inspired into doing something about it. Something else inspires us to follow these visions. Our gratitude for being given them. And together with this gratitude there is also the confidence that our effort towards their realizations will be guided and supported by the same powers that made the visions appear before us. What are the great visions? Those visions that bring people and nations together, those visions that overcome boundaries and separation. These visions are visions of love. There is also other kind of visions, those that sweep many people along with them, into disaster for many more. They are also visions of love, but of a love only for some, and not for others. How do we overcome these visions ? How do we brace ourselves against them? With our visions of one love for all, together at the same time. These visions of love are pure.