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NEED FOR THE PROGRAM: Cecil County Public Library provides lifelong educational opportunities and resources to encourage individual and community success. With our mission in mind, we strive to provide quality programming that corresponds and enhances the educational content of Cecil County Public Schools. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education is an important part of the current curriculum and therefore we are dedicated to encourage our younger patrons to get excited about the various disciplines within STEM. By attending the Got Guts? program, participants will gain a full understanding of how the digestive system works in their own bodies through a hands-on simulation of the digestive system, interactive video presentations, and diagrams. GOAL: Students will learn the parts and function of the digestive system. Students will learn the vocabulary: saliva, enzyme, nutrients, chyme, bile, stomach, esophagus, small intestine, and large intestine. Students will be able to describe the path of food through the digestive system through the use of a simulation experiment using food and household objects to take digestion from start to finish in the human body. Students will be able to label a life size model of the digestive system. Program supports MD Common Core Curriculum-Biology Goal 1: Skills and Processes The student will demonstrate ways of thinking and acting inherent in the practice of science. The student will use the language and instruments of science to collect, organize, interpret, calculate, and communicate information. Goal 3: Concepts Of Biology The student will demonstrate the ability to use scientific skills and processes and major biological concepts to explain the uniqueness and interdependence of living organisms, their interactions with the environment, and the continuation of life on earth. POTENTIAL COMMUNITY PARTNERS: Cecil County Public Schools Homeschool Parents STEPS NECESSARY FOR SETTING UP THE EVENT: Complete Program Planner and receive supervisors approval Gather materials needed for experiments/simulations Prepare Power Point for vocabulary and learning discussion points Create and distribute promotional fliers Advertise program on website, in schools, Link, and branch bulletin boards EVALUATION OF PROGRAM: Participant evaluation form
*Program was implemented on Wednesday, November 14, 2012. Program was successful and attendance was to capacity.

301 Newark Avenue, Elkton, MD 21921 Phone: 410-996-1055 Fax: 410-996-5604

Date: 1 November 2012 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Cindy Huntley Rising Sun Branch Library Associate, Childrens Services 410-658-4025-

Discover Science: Got Guts?

Ever wonder how your body gets rid of all those cheeseburgers? Discover the mysteries of the human digestion system through a hands-on simulation of digestion from beginning to end. Things could get messy, so old clothes or a smock is a must. This program is geared toward children in grades 3-5. Rising Sun Branch Library, 111 Colonial Way, Rising Sun. This program is free and open to the public. Registration is required, please call 410-658-4025 or register online at

ABOUT THE LIBRARY The Cecil County Public Library operates seven branches located throughout Cecil County, MD. The library serves over 50,000 registered borrowers. The mission of the Cecil County Public Library is to provide access to educational and cultural resources for all and to promote individual and community success.

*I promote school age programs through the schools by distributing fliers at each of my elementary schools a month before the program. I also advertise the program through our website and print brochure as well as library fliers. I would advertise on Facebook a month before the program to kick-off registration and again a few days prior to the program as a reminder.