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Appendix C:

Adapters & Accessories

Cables and Adapters

Figure 53. MT2500-5000 Data Cable MT2500-300 8-foot Extension Cable

Figure 54. MT2500-301 OBD-II Data Cable Extension

Figure 55. MT2500-302 OBD-II Ribbon (flat) Data Cable Extension


Appendix C: Adapters & Accessories

Figure 56. MT2500-100 Lighter Power Cable

Figure 57. MT2500-200 Battery Power Cable

Figure 58. MT2500-400 Printer Cable (male) MT2500-410 Printer Cable (for MT3010) MT2500-500 Display Cable, VT100 (female)

Figure 59. MT2500-41 Ground Adapter

Figure 60. MT2500-43 Terminal Converters (Asian Imports)


Cables and Adapters

Figure 61. MT2500-10 GM-1 Adapter (12-pin)

Figure 62. MT2500-20A FORD-1A Adapter (EEC-IV, ABS, Ride Control)

Figure 63. MT2500-20B FORD-1B Adapter (EEC-IV, ABS, Ride Control without pigtail)


Appendix C: Adapters & Accessories

Figure 64. MT2500-30 Chrysler-1 Engine Adapter

Figure 65. MT2500-31 Chrysler-2 CCD Adapter

Figure 66. MT2500-40 NISSAN-1 Adapter (12-pin)


Cables and Adapters




Figure 67. MT2500-42 MULTI-2 Asian Adapter

AGround BMazda & Ford (2E)

DSubaru (2C) E Mazda & Ford (2B)

CIsuzu & Geo with GM F Special applications (2A) system (2D)

Figure 68. MT2500-46 OBD-II Adapter with Personality Keys


Appendix C: Adapters & Accessories

Figure 69. MT2500-49 JEEP-1 Adapter

Figure 70. MT2500-50 TOYOTA-1 Adapter

Figure 71. MT2500-51 HYUNDAI-2 Adapter


Cables and Adapters

Figure 72. MT2500-52 TOYOTA-2 Adapter MT2500-53 MAZDA-1 Adapter

Figure 73. MT2500-55 MITSU-1 Adapter

Figure 74. MT2500-56 VW-1 Adapter


Appendix C: Adapters & Accessories

Figure 75. MT2500-58 NISSAN-2 Adapter (16-pin)

Figure 76. MT2500-62 Mercedes-Benz MB-1 Adapter with Personality Key

Figure 77. MT2500-68 DL-16 OBD-II Adapter with Personality Key


Cables and Adapters

Figure 78. MT2500-70 Ford FRD-4 Adapter

Figure 79. MT2500-74 BM-1B BMW adapter

Figure 80. MT2500-75 Mercedes-Benz MB-2A Adapter


Appendix C: Adapters & Accessories

Figure 81. MT2500-77 HON-1 adapter

Figure 82. MT2500-90 MULTI-1 Adapter (Some GM, Ford, and Asian Imports)

Super Power Pac (External Battery) Kit

The optional MT2500-600A-1 Super Power Pac kit provides external battery power to the Scanner independently of the vehicle. Unlike the internal Scanner battery, the external Super Power Pac provides full Scanner power for all available menu choices. The rechargeable Power Pac attaches to the data cable receptacle on the top left of the Scanner. The standard data cable then attaches to the Power Pac and is held in place with two captive screws. The Power Pac and data cable may be left attached at all times or removed for storage. When fully charged, the nicad batteries inside the Super Power Pac provide a minimum of two hours of continuous


Super Power Pac (External Battery) Kit

use. A slide switch on the Power Pac turns off battery power to the Scanner and enables Scanner power from the vehicle. Turn off the Power Pac between vehicle testing by switching the Power Pac slide switch to the vehicle (VEH) position. This allows you to use the Scanner during the entire workday. The Power Pac may then be recharged at night using the Power Pac Charger. When fully discharged, the Super Power Pac takes approximately 14 hours to fully recharge. To recharge the Super Power Pac: 1. Disconnect the Scanner from the vehicle. 2. If you are charging the Super Power Pac with it attached to the Scanner, make sure the Super Power Pac slide switch is in the vehicle (VEH) position. This electrically disconnects the Power Pac from the Scanner and prevents battery discharge during charging. 3. Connect the Super Power Pac charger output to the CHARGER INPUT on the side of the Super Power Pac. 4. Plug the charger power cord into a standard ac electrical outlet. The CHARGE MODE lamp on the charger remains on during charger operation.