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THE TUFTS DAILY Friday, October 24, 2008
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Bergstrom funds Tufts Republicans and Dems debate ’08 policies

new professorship by Caroline Melhado
Contributing Writer

by Carter Rogers Representatives from the Tufts

Contributing Writer Democrats and the Tufts Republicans
squared off in a lively debate last night
Joan Bergstrom ( J ’62) has endowed in Sophia Gordon Hall.
a new professorship at Tufts’ nutri- “I recognized that this is a lot of peo-
tion school focusing on issues of ple’s first election so we wanted to give
global nutrition and children. them a comprehensive view from politi-
The professorship, called the cally active people on campus,” said
Bergstrom Foundation Professorship freshman Dan Halpert, vice president of
in Global Nutrition, came as part academic programming for the Class of
of Tufts’ ongoing capital campaign, 2012.
Beyond Boundaries. The debate went through three
“I am deeply grateful to Joan and rounds. The first focused on foreign
Gary Bergstrom for this wonderful policy, the second on domestic issues
gift, as it will give us the resources and the third of which involved a town
to bring an exceptional new faculty hall-style question session. The Dems,
member to Tufts,” Eileen Kennedy, the Republicans and the Freshman Class
the dean of the Friedman School of Council organized the debate.
Nutrition Science and Policy, said in The first question concerned the
an e-mail. world’s point of view and opinion of the
The Bergstrom Foundation, a United States.
“small family foundation,” provid- Freshman Taylor Bates of the
ed the gift, according to Bergstrom, Democrats was the first to respond. “The
a former Tufts trustee and current fact is that for the past eight years of
professor at Wheelock College. “I’m Bush politics we haven’t been the most
particularly interested in the well- positive authority in the world, but peo-
being of children and youth and ple are being energized by the [Barack]
families,” she told the Daily. Alison Mehlsak/tufts daily Obama campaign,” he said.
Tufts’ political groups gathered in the Sophia Gordon multipurpose room to debate the
see BERGSTROM, page 2 policies of the 2008 presidential candidates. see DEBATE, page 2

Guac & Rock is sucessful Dorm residents Do it in the Dark

by Katherine Sawyer that are actually fixable. You just by Jason Rosenbaum Outreach (ECO) officer Sarah she said jokingly.
Contributing Writer have to have the money.” Contributing Writer Yoss, a junior. ECO and the The rules are simple. The
The proceeds of the event Office of Sustainability spon- dorm that reduces its energy
Sophomore Meghan Lueders are going to fund the Women’s Students living in dormi- sor the competition. use the most earns a free pizza
raked in $1,202 for the Health Empowerment Equality Project tories might have had a bit “We look at which hall made party and extra raffle tick-
Education Africa Resource Team (WEEP), a part of HEART. WEEP more trouble walking down the greatest reduction in spent ets for eco-friendly prizes at
(HEART) in Hotung Café on Oct. focuses on Nairobi, Kenya and the halls at night this month, energy, taking into account ClimateFest, an environmen-
16. Her Guac and Rock fundraiser specifically the city’s slum, Kibera, but it was all in the name of hall size,” Yoss said. tal-awareness event marking
brought students together over which is home to one-third of the environment. Do it in the Dark began in the end of Do it in the Dark.
burritos, guacamole and music. Nairobi’s population. It is the sec- On-campus residences have 2000 as an initiative to pro- Student organizations such
Haselden Construction, a ond-largest slum in Africa and one been switching off their lights mote environmental aware- as the a capella group sQ! and
Colorado-based company, of the largest in the world. and making other energy- ness and energy conservation. B.E.A.T.S., Tufts’ percussion
matched the profit, bringing the To maximize the amount of saving efforts as part of Tufts’ ECO members promote the ensemble, have been invited to
night’s total proceeds to $2,404. money raised, Lueders used both annual Do it in the Dark com- event by passing out stick- perform at ClimateFest, which
Small donations from sepa- donations and a raffle. Students petition. ers, handing out fliers with will be held on Oct. 29 at 7 p.m.
rate fundraising should increase at the event received burritos in The dorm that lowers its tips on how to save energy in Hotung Café. Guest speak-
Lueders’ total amount raised for exchange for a three-dollar dona- energy consumption the most and giving away glow-in- ers such as William Moomaw,
HEART to around $2,600. tion. For one dollar students could over the month of October the-dark condoms. “People a professor of international
Lueders was pleased with the purchase a raffle ticket for Burrito relative to its usage during ask why we have them,” ECO environmental policy at the
result. “A small amount of money Bucks, a gift certificate for Chipotle September will win a pizza member Lizzie DeWan said Fletcher School, have also been
can actually change a life,” Lueders party, according to Tufts of the condoms. “[ They are]
said. “There are so many problems see GUAC, page 2 Environmental Consciousness so we can do it in the dark,” see DARK, page 2

Frat steps up for autism

by Giovanni Russonello entire event … We didn’t think
Daily Editorial Board that we'd get as much as we
did,” said sophomore Zander
A group of brothers from the Moore, a brother in Theta Delta
Theta Delta Chi fraternity raised Chi, which is commonly known
$2,250 for Sunday’s “Walk Now as “123.”
for Autism” at the Suffolk Downs Each brother in the fraternity
Racetrack in east Boston. set up an individual Web site to
The event was organized by raise money for the walk, and
Autism Speaks, a part of North nine 123 representatives actu-
America’s largest autism benefit ally did the walk, Gray said in an
walk program. interview.
In preparation for the walk, “I think 123 has a history of
the brothers tabled in the cam- doing really unique philanthro-
pus center, sent out e-mails and py, which I think is really cool,”
set up a Web site to collect dona- said Jessica Snow, vice president
tions, Philanthropy Chair Max of marketing and public relations
Gray said in an e-mail. for the Inter-Greek Council.
All of the money raised went Snow added that she thinks
directly toward autism research, Theta Delta Chi is particularly
according to Gray, a sophomore. good at organizing service proj-
“It was actually really a lot ects that incorporate people
of fun, it went really well, the courtesy max gray
turnout was pretty great for the see 123, page 2 Brothers from Theta Delta Chi participated in “Walk Now for Austism” on Sunday, raising $2,250.

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The field hockey team
The Daily profiles Jumbo puts its undefeated News 1 Comics 8
songwriter, sophomore record on the line again Features 3 Classifieds 9
Justin Mitchell. this weekend. Arts | Living 5 Sports Back

see ARTS, page 5 see SPORTS, back page

2 The Tufts Daily News Friday, October 24, 2008

THE TUFTS DAILY Vote on professorship Debate turns to environment

Robert S. Silverblatt will not occur until 2010 debate
continued from page 1
cuss campaign financing and
nuclear proliferation, on which
Editor-in-Chief bergstrom really interested in state- Bates cited foreign polling that both sides vehemently dis-
Editorial continued from page 1 of-the-art research,” she definitively supported Obama agreed.
Cindy Briggs Tobin, the said. “I think that by for the presidency. One of the last town hall-style
Rachel Dolin Managing Editors Friedman School’s direc- watching them over the Chas Morrison, a sophomore questions asked the debaters to
Kristin Gorman
tor of development and years, [I’ve seen] they’re debating for the Republicans, point out three weaknesses in
Jacob Maccoby Editorial Page Editors alumni relations, did not a very talented group.” responded, “An election is not an the opposing candidate.
Jason Richards disclose the amount of Briggs Tobin also international popularity contest. McCain’s erratic response to
Giovanni Russonello Executive News Editor the gift but said the posi- believes the professor- [John] McCain understands that the financial plan, his continu-
tion was a junior profes- ship is fitting, consider- it’s not all about hard power but ing of the economic policies of
Sarah Butrymowicz News Editors sorship. Junior profes- ing Tufts’ focus on global about soft power.” President George W. Bush and
Pranai Cheroo
Nina Ford sors are on the tenure citizenship. She added The discourse shifted to his energy plan were all down-
Ben Gittleson track but have not yet that it reflects several of domestic policy and the impor- sides pointed out by Matthew
Gillian Javetski attained the distinction. Bergstrom’s values. “She tance of middle class voters on McGowen, a freshman for the
Jeremy White
“The concept is that has made a career of the campaign trail. Democrats.
Alexandra Bogus Assistant News Editors this person will be work- helping children in vari- Debaters from both parties “Obama is too liberal, he is
Michael Del Moro ing on issues of hunger, ous capacities,” Briggs made references to the increas- too liberal and he is too liberal,”
Carrie Battan Executive Features Editor malnutrition and famine Tobin said. “She’s an edu- ingly famous folkisms of Joe the Hawley responded. He contin-
around the world, par- cator, entrepreneur and Plumber and Joe Sixpack, draw- ued to explain how Obama’s
Jessica Bidgood Features Editors ticularly how it affects has done so many things ing laughs from the audience. voting patterns are closely tied
Robin Carol children,” she said. and felt this chair would Sophomore Brian Agler of the to the Democratic Party.
Kerianne Okie
Charlotte Steinway The nutrition school is be a wonderful way for Democrats said, “Joe Plumber Responding to the
hoping that the profes- a faculty member to be and Joe Sixpack are the largest Democrats’ environmental
Sarah Bliss Assistant Features Editors sorship will round out its able to get out into the percent of the economy. We need concerns, Morrison explained
Meghan Pesch
Food Policy and Applied community.” to have tax cuts for 95 percent, the importance of off-shore
Mike Adams Executive Arts Editor Nutrition program. Most This is not the first for the middle and lower class. drilling as a key component of
of the faculty in the pro- Tufts professorship that They are clearly suffering right any energy plan. “Oil is a secu-
Jessica Bal Arts Editors
Grant Beighley gram are economists, the Bergstroms have now.” rity matter, and we need to
Sarah Cowan and Kennedy hopes to fill endowed. In 1997, along The hot-button terms of drill for the sake of our nation-
Catherine Scott the spot with a professor with their son, they creat- socialism and wealth redistri- al security,” he said.
Emma Bushnell Assistant Arts Editors who has a background in ed the Bergstrom Chair in bution employed to explain Off-shore drilling led the
Matthew DiGirolamo nutrition research. Applied Developmental Obama’s tax plan incited accusa- discussion to environmental
Having already deter- Science at the Eliot- tory tones from both sides. issues, in which the Democrats
Jyll Saskin Executive Op-Ed Editor mined the desired back- Pearson Department Sophomore Michael Hawley were quick to point out that,
Thomas Eager Executive Sports Editor ground of the professor of Child Development. of the Republicans criticized contrary to statements made
who will fill the posi- Richard Lerner currently Obama’s tax plan. “It is just the by the Republicans’ side,
Sapna Bansil Sports Editors tion, it will be some time holds the position. Democrats’ way of a wealth redis- McCain was not intune with
Evans Clinchy
Philip Dear before the professorship The new professor- tribution program. Americans environmental issues.
David Heck becomes a reality. The ship is just one of the don’t like socialism,” he said. “It is absolutely ridiculous
Carly Helfand trustees must vote on ways the Friedman Transitioning from one heated to think that McCain is a friend
Noah Schumer
the professorship once School plans to expand topic to another, the moderator of the environment when he
Scott Janes Assistant Sports Editor the full gift is on hand. in the near future. The turned the conversation to the votes against alternative fuels
According to Briggs Friedman School also war in Iraq. The debaters con- and environmental protec-
Jo Duara Executive Photo Editor
Tobin, that vote “won’t hopes to raise funds for centrated on the United States’ tion,” Agler said.
Alex Schmieder Photo Editors occur until at least until more endowed profes- responsibility to handle the Throughout the night, both
Laura Schultz 2010.” sorships and student humanitarian aspect of the war. Republicans and Democrats
Rebekah Sokol Bergstrom, who was financial aid through “They want us to play a larger had difficulty distinguishing
Annie Wermiel
once head of the Board Beyond Boundaries. role in the development of their their candidates from their
James Choca Assistant Photo Editors of Overseers for the According to Kennedy, country. The key to any counter- political parties.
Emily Eisenberg Friedman School, said the campaign is critical- insurgency campaign is to pro- Hawley said, “John McCain
Aalok Kanani
Meredith Klein her time on the board ly important. “Achieving vide security to the Iraqi people,” isn’t George Bush, which our
Danai Macridi influenced her decision these goals will create an Morrison said. opponents have seemed to
Tim Straub to endow the professor- even stronger Friedman Bates defended Obama’s plan confuse.”
ship. School that can fulfill its for withdrawal. “I think it is time The Democratic side con-
“I think the Friedman mission of improving the for the American army to stand tinuously called attention to
PRODUCTION School is very involved in nutritional well-being of down and the Iraqi army to stand Obama’s leadership and inde-
Marianna Bender Production Director applied work, and I hap- people worldwide,” she down,” he said. pendence from extreme left-
pen to think that they’re said. The debate moved on to dis- wing Democrats.
Emily Neger Executive Layout Editor
Kelsey Anderson Layout Editors
Leanne Brotsky
Jennifer Iassogna
Julia Izumi
Lueders rocks the guac for charity Dorms go dark
Amanda Nenzen GUAC participation and attract additional sup-

to get greener
Andrew Petrone continued from page 1 port, meet an identified need in the com-
Muhammad Qadri
Daniel Simon burritos, which were given away every five munity, and creatively promote positive
Amani Smathers minutes. change.”
Steven Smith Chipotle donated 200 Burrito Bucks, 100 WEEP serves widows in Kibera who
Katie Tausanovitch burritos and all of the chips and guaca- have children and are HIV-positive or have Dark
Adam Raczkowski Executive Technical Manager mole. AIDS. The program “provides medication continued from page 1
The Jackson Jills and the Amalgamates, and food so the women are nursed back invited to lecture on environmental
Michael Vastola Technical Manager two student a capella groups, performed at to health so they can function in the world issues.
Hena Kapadia Online Editors the event along with a DJ. Combined with again,” Lueders said. DeWan, a senior, explained that
Minah Kim the food, the performances gave the event The organization works toward three reducing energy consumption can be
a good vibe and created a night that “was specific goals: to prevent children from easy.
Matt Skibinski New Media Editor
just really fun,” Lueders said. becoming orphans; to help women with “The simplest advice I can give is
Kelly Moran Webmaster Lueders, who interned with HEART last HIV and AIDS become healthy, self-suf- turn off everything you can,” she said.
year in Kenya, used the fundraiser as a way ficient members of society; and to give “Flip off your lights and shut off your
Caryn Horowitz Executive Copy Editor to continue the work the group did despite children access to education, according computer.”
Grace Lamb-Atkinson Copy Editors being back in the United States. to Lueders. The Office of Sustainability,
Michelle Hochberg She thought up ideas for fundraising To do this, WEEP teaches widows to along with the Tufts Institute of the
Ben Smith over the summer and went to Chipotle sew so they can make uniforms for chil- Environment (TIE), promotes energy
Christopher Snyder
Elisha Sum at the beginning of the year to ask them dren. In Kenya, education is free, but chil- conservation by allowing students
Ricky Zimmerman for any donations they could provide. dren must wear uniforms that they often to exchange their energy-inefficient
“Chipotle was extremely willing and help- cannot afford. After the widows learn to incandescent bulbs for fluorescent
Brianna Beehler Assistant Copy Editors
Casey Burrows ful in the process of creating the fund- sew and make uniforms for three to four bulbs that last up to 10 times lon-
Alison Lisnow raiser,” she said. years in the program, they can graduate ger. “Students can bring incandes-
Rachel Oldfield According to Chipotle’s Web site, it sup- and go on to use their trade to support cent bulbs to the Tufts Institute of
Mary Jo Pham
Lily Zahn ports causes that “encourage community their families. the Environment office in the base-
ment of Miller Hall next to Oxfam Café

Fundraising for autism is as easy as 123 in exchange for fluorescent bulbs,”

TIE Program Coordinator Heather
Angstrom said.
BUSINESS 123 a set national philanthropy organiza- Junior Talya Peltzman had only good
Malcolm Charles Executive Business Director continued from page 1 tion to support, it picks and chooses things to say about Do it in the Dark.
both within the Tufts community and which charitable events and organiza- “I love doing it and I love darkness.
Dwijo Goswami Receivables Manager elsewhere. tions it participates in. And [those things] together makes it
Brenna Duncan Head Ad Manager
Among its more eccentric cam- This could change, according the best month of my life,” she said.
paigns, Theta Delta Chi organized to Gray. “Several Theta Delta Chi's Yoss, of ECO, echoed Peltzman’s sen-
The Tufts Daily is a nonprofit, independent newspaper, pub- “Mustachio Bashio” last fall, a chari- around the country help donate to timents about the contest.
lished Monday through Friday during the academic year, and table event in which brothers grew this charity yearly and [Autism Speaks] “I think it’s important because it
distributed free to the Tufts community.
mustaches to raise money for cancer may become [the fraternity’s national shows people that you can make little
P.O. Box 53018, Medford, MA 02155 research. philanthropy] in the future,” he said in changes and have a big impact,” she
617 627 3090 FAX 617 627 3910 Since the fraternity does not have his e-mail. said.

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Charlotte Steinway | S0S


ear SOS,
When I still lived at home, the only
sort of Halloween festivities I chose to
partake in involved rebellious acts of
toilet-papering and post trick-or-treating sac-
charine binges. Now, as a freshman, I am sort
of clueless as to how Halloween works here.
What sorts of things go on, and what sorts of
costumes are appropriate?


Dear Hallowhat,
I feel your pain. In my youth, I assumed
college would mark the time when I could
finally consider myself over the (trick-or-
treating) hill, and thus I would reluctantly
consider myself too old to partake in the
festivities. Unfortunately, that day came a bit
more prematurely than had been expected:
At age 15, I was finally deemed too old for
But the critical moment didn’t occur
through the standard, “How old are you girls?”
question. Rather, my four friends and I were
thrown a curveball when the door-greeter
looked at us, assessed our status as teen-
age girls and said, “You guys are still trick-
or-treating? Shouldn’t you be out dieting or
something?” It was then that I realized that
Many young voters tuned in to watch the 2008 presidential debates held Sept. 26, Oct. 7 and Oct. 15. many seasonal holidays don’t really have a

Presidential debates only serve to solidify

place in my home city of Los Angeles: There’s
not enough snow for Christmas and far too
much health-consciousness for Halloween.
But when I got to college, I was ready to

students’ feelings about two candidates celebrate the holiday in a slightly more adult
manner. And though I expected “adult” to
be a synonym for “mature,” there are many
Younger voters tuned in to watch 2008 debates in record numbers people who chose to celebrate Halloween in
an “adult” aka “sexy” manner as well. In case
by Julia Zinberg the debates than what they already said that those watching with a can- you were not aware, “adult” as a suffix added
Contributing Writer knew,” sophomore Robbie Gottlieb didate preference only had their opin- to virtually any commonplace costume will
said. ions strengthened, as neither candi- automatically renHOvate any standard guise,
The 2008 primary season wit- Political Science Professor and Dean date made any significant blunder. thus doubling all of your costume options. Just
nessed an eight-percentage point of Undergraduate Education James “Even though many cable news net- think of the possibilities: a sexy Tetris block
spike in youth-voter turnout from Glaser said that people at Tufts are works and blogs reported wins for (the yellow one is most phallic), an “adult”
2000, according to the Center for more involved in the world news than [Barack] Obama every time, I don’t porcupine (such a tease!) or even a slutty
Information and Research on Civic most citizens and thus, had already think we converted anyone at Tufts Oompa Loompa (which could dually be a cast
Learning and Engagement. Although made their decisions before watching [who wasn’t already voting for Obama] member of E!’s “Sunset Tan” … your pick).
youth-voter numbers for the general the debates. to come to the Obama camp,” he This fact brings me to another point: Be
election will not be officially tallied “Most Tufts students are more said. “And in the country, I think the prepared to leave your costume up to the
until polls close Nov. 5, interest in the engaged than the average American opinions of most people were just interpretation of your fellow partygoers.
three presidential debates certainly citizen, so they have more settled strengthened because they didn’t see Oftentimes, despite tedious attempts to cre-
indicates that younger voters will political preferences,” Glaser said. their candidate have a noticeably bad ate an intricate costume — like a James Bond
show up in unprecedented numbers. Since many had already made up performance.” Girl — the inebriated masses will ultimately
Tufts is no exception, as students their minds, the debates only solidi- Freshman Alan Yee said that the deem you to be something either a) extremely
across campus made it a priority to fied their convictions. But Glaser said candidates’ debating skills were the basic or b) wholly perverted (e.g. a slut dressed
fit all three weeknight debates into that having a chosen preference will only notable aspects of the debates. in black with a gun).
their schedules. But students weren’t force the viewer to see the debate in a “The debates have not changed my And although it wasn’t on Halloween, I
necessarily tuning in to decide on a different light. opinion. I am still voting for Obama, remember a certain Disney Debauchery party
candidate: Most had already made up “Beliefs affect perceptions,” he based on his superior debate perfor- where my best friend and I decided to go as
their minds well before the debate. said. “People with a strong preference mance,” Yee said. “I think that the the White Rabbit and Alice in Wonderland.
“I love watching the debates, but for one candidate or another will view debates might have persuaded some While most people understood my intentions,
they did not change my opinion,” the debate through eyes that will rein- students who were on the fence about everyone at the party was convinced that my
freshman Vivian Mbawuike said. force the opinions that they started choosing Obama based on his superior friend had dressed up as “the Playboy bunny.”
“I don’t think that anyone on cam- with.” I mean, I know there are some conspiracies
pus heard anything differently during Gottlieb agreed with Glaser, and see DEBATES, page 4 about subliminal sexuality in Disney movies
but come on!
In terms of the actual holiday, aside from
a couple of fun, campus-sponsored events,

Nerd Girls design solar powered car for your celebratory festivities will probably cen-
ter around the evening’s activities. Because
the holiday falls on a Friday this year, there will

seven-day race across Australia in 2009 be tons of weekend revelry. Last year, when it
fell on a Wednesday, it elicited some crazy
prolonged celebration I called ‘Halloweek,’
This summer, team made large strides in car design for World Solar Challenge leaving most of the campus out-spooked by
the time the actual holiday rolled around.
This year, the days for feasible celebration
by Ellen Kan projects and interdisciplin- really gave us the oppor- ier ventilation system, a may be numbered (I’m banking on the no-
Contributing Writer ary research. tunity to get a better sense dual braking system and a brainer triple threat of Thursday, Friday and
The solar car construc- of the car as a whole,” said Kevlar-lined cockpit to pro- Saturday nights), it doesn’t mean that the
Nerd Girls, a group of tion project was start- senior Courtney Mario, one tect the driver. amount of celebration has to be truncated as
female engineers at Tufts, ed two years ago, but its of the project leaders. One of the main goals well. Go crazy: Carve a pumpkin, stock your
made progress over the development really picked The team made many of Nerd Girls is to provide mini fridge with candy corn and if you’re
summer in designing and up speed over the summer. improvements to the solar girls with access to indus- anxious about finding a costume, just leave
building a solar car that they Corporate sponsors like car, the most significant try professionals with real the creativity up to your fellow party-goers.
will race across Australia Textron Inc., MathWorks being a shift to lithium world experience. Tufts Wear a solid color scheme, throw on some
next October in the 2009 and Verizon provided the ion batteries in response alumnus Matthew Heller (E funky accessories and just see what people
World Solar Challenge. team with summer scholar- to changes in the weight ’97), an engineer at Aastra will think you’ve dressed up as. The results
Karen Panetta, associ- ships to work on the car. regulations of the compe- Technologies Ltd., and could get interesting.
ate professor of electrical “One of the things about tition. The car now uses Richard Colombo, an engi-
and computer engineering, this summer is that we were more efficient solar cells neer at IMPACT Science &
started Nerd Girls 10 years able to work on [the car] and has additional safety Technology, volunteer as Charlotte Steinway is a junior majoring in
ago to expose young female full-time and not on top features, including camer- sociology. She can be reached at Charlotte.
engineers to large-scale of other schoolwork. That as for backing up, a health- see RACE, page 4
4 The Tufts Daily Features Friday, October 24, 2008


Students gathered in the campus center to watch the third presidential debate on Oct. 15.

Debates allow politically aware students to refine views on candidates’ policies

DEBATES ers, or voters whose attachment to a about the candidates and their pro- If nothing else, the debates may have
continued from page 3 particular candidate is tenuous,” he posed policies. drawn more people into the political
performance.” said. “My decision hasn’t changed but I process, piqued their interest in the
The only people affected by the While Tufts boasts a large popula- have learned more about the candi- upcoming election and further edu-
debates were those who were unde- tion of politically active students, for dates through the debates,” freshman cated them about the candidates and
cided, Glaser said. those who do not generally pay much Caroline Wilkes said. “They are useful the issues.
“The course the debates take have attention to politics, the debates gave for people who aren’t educated about “Maybe the debates got more people
the largest impact on undecided vot- them an opportunity to learn more the candidates.” to register to vote,” Gottlieb said.

Lack of funds poses the biggest problem

to Nerd Girls’ Australia endeavor
RACE that’s a very valuable experience,”
continued from page 3 Panetta said. “You’re going to have to
mentors and help the group break be much smarter and more efficient
down the project into manageable about your design.”
pieces. The team is currently working on a
Industry professionals have evalu- wooden frame prototype and hopes to
ated the car design to ensure that complete it by April. While the team is
it meets real design criteria and is happy with the design, its main con-
feasible. “They know a lot of hands- cern is financial. “There’s a tradeoff
on stuff and help to bridge the gap between money going towards build-
between what we know and [the actual ing the car, shipping it, registration
designing],” said senior Perry Ross, fees and spending seven days there.
the second project leader. So now we’re in a massive fundrais-
“We can get a very good under- ing process hoping we can get all the
standing of the general electrical con- money needed,” Panetta said.
cepts but not really understand the According to Heller, although Nerd
little details, and they can really help Girls would like to win the competi-
explain those,” Mario added. tion, they are limited by budget and
Nerd Girls’ work on the solar car experience. The main goals are to be
earned them an invitation to the competitive, complete the race and
Australia challenge. The seven-day- learn from the experience.
long race will begin in Darwin and end “We’re not hoping to win, since the
in Adelaide. top teams have millions in funding.
The race poses particular challeng- We’re hoping to get there and finish,”
es for the car’s design. “Vehicles have Ross said.
to be built to face wind storms and Mario reiterated her sentiments.
very rugged terrain. Also, you have to “One of the great things about actu-
be aware of climate changes,” Panetta ally being able to do the race is that
said. you’re racing for seven to 10 days. You
While the Nerd Girls face financial can actually see the design and why
constraints and lack the budgets that it goes wrong rather than building a
other professional teams have, they car and driving it around for five min-
remain confident that they will be utes where you showcase it but don’t
competitive with a design that makes really understand what you design,”
the most out of available resources. she said.
“The design is thoroughly researched, While the emphasis is still on
applying lessons learned in the class- research, Nerd Girls has gained prom-
room. It is very good for their level. inence on the public stage for chal-
The project is a multi-disciplinary lenging stereotypes about women in
effort that is very real world. I think engineering and were recently fea-
10% off for dinner for students with their chances are quite good,” Heller
told the Daily.
tured in Newsweek and on “The Today
“The Nerd Girls have a very small “A by-product is that we are dispel-
Tufts ID budget and we go slower because we
don’t have the financial resources. But
ling myths about engineers and scien-
tists as these creatures that sit in dark
at the same time, we’re showing how basements with lots of pizza boxes
part of engineering is being able to just playing video games,” Panetta
design with limited resources, and said.
Arts & Living

Musician Profile

Soulful Jumbo is eager to share his music

Sophomore songwriter Justin Mitchell releases his first album, ‘One Day’
by Jessica Bal ing kept Mitchell constantly busy,
Daily Editorial Board but he is used to multitasking while
remaining engaged in his musical
While some Tufts students pass their pursuits. At Tufts, Mitchell juggles a
summers at the beach, clocking hours potential history major, hockey and
in an office or lounging by the lake in his continuing vocal and songwriting
Talloires, sophomore Justin Mitchell work. He’s been writing music since
spent much of his time in a recording age 15 and has been playing the piano
studio. The budding singer-songwriter for even longer.
is self-releasing his first album, “One Mitchell is no stranger to live per-
Day,” this coming week, after three formance either; he has played at a
months of hard work and preparation. variety of indie-rock venues from New
When Mitchell stumbled upon an York City to Boston as part of a rock
unexpected and fortuitous connec- quartet. With the help of a booking
tion through his summer vocal teach- agent, Mitchell made his way to some
er, he jumped at the opportunity to sought-after stages in Manhattan and
record his work. “Most of how I find learned how to publicize effectively
and meet musicians is through online since, as he said, “It’s definitely a com-
sources,” he said. “Over the summer I petitive market trying to draw people
was searching for a vocal teacher and I into your show when the Yankees are
found [Beth Burrows] through her Web playing!”
site. She’s fantastic and has a great It’s this combination of persistence
résumé … and she wanted to give me and an audience-conscious outlook
a push in the right direction.” that allows Mitchell to bring focus to
Mitchell was drawn to Burrows his independent work as well. With so
before even knowing that she ran her much already on his plate, Mitchell
own recording label in Manhattan, won’t be performing until spring
Pillar Records. He signed on and began semester at the earliest, instead con-
crafting his debut album with the help centrating on his solo album and on
of Burrows and several collaborators, writing more songs.
including Mitchell’s close friend Alex Citing his biggest influences as pop-
Cohen on drums. Mitchell funded ular bands The Fray and OneRepublic,
his recording time and the weekend Mitchell described his favorite style
drives to Manhattan by hauling golf Tufts sophomore brings his songwriting abilities into focus with his self-released album. as “commercial … with a more piano-
clubs as a caddy in his home state of based sound.”
Connecticut. “I guess I should give because they pretty much paid for this The exhausting combination of
credit to the country club members, album,” he said with a laugh. caddy work, recording and songwrit- see MITCHELL, page 7

Theater Review Movie Review

‘What Just Happened?’ exploits America’s fascination

with Hollywood celebrities and their epic downfalls
by Lauren Gluck
Daily Staff Writer

Whether it’s because deep down

everyone wants to be a movie star,
or because people get sick sat-

What Just Happened?

Starring Robert De Niro,

Sean Penn, Bruce Willis,
Stanley Tucci
Directed by Barry Levinson

isfaction out of seeing people in the upper echelons fall back down
It isn’t advisable to pick fights with an Indian with a poison dart. to earth, celebrity gossip is one
of America’s guiltiest guilty plea-
‘November’ offers nothing but sures.
“What Just Happened?” is sure-
old-hat political humor ly an exploitation of society’s love
of the Hollywood industry. The
story centers on Ben (played by
by Emma Bushnell This president is Charles Robert De Niro), a movie producer
Daily Editorial Board H. P. Smith, leader of the free going through a rather rough two
world in David Mamet’s play weeks. Ben has to put up with a
America has a president it “November,” playing through drug-addicted director (Michael
cannot stand — a Republican Nov. 15 at the Lyric Stage Wincott) and the gratuitously vio-
president who is corrupt, self- Company. lent (to a dog) scene he refuses to
President Smith (played edit out of his film, his ambigu-
by Richard Snee), a woefully ous relationship with his second
November unpopular incumbent, is des- ex-wife (Robin Wright Penn), an
perately trying to gain money overweight, hairy Bruce Willis
for his campaign, his presiden- (himself) who refuses to shave
Written by David Mamet tial library and himself just days his beard despite impending legal
before the election. With him in action, and a multitude of other Robert DeNiro asks this same question about his natural hair color.
Directed by Daniel the Oval Office are his top aide, dilemmas poised to wreak havoc
Gidron Archer Brown, a stiff played on the Hollywood set. symbols. While the film is by no the events of the film are fictional,
At the Lyric Stage comically by Will McGarrahan, This is a movie that isn’t intend- means strictly structured, it does Linson’s experience in the industry
Company through Nov. 15 his liberal, lesbian speechwrit- ed for a specific demographic, have conflicts and resolutions that allows “What Just Happened?” to
Tickets $25 to $54 er Clarice Bernstein (Adrianne and most would find it at least make the audience care about the be much more tangible than many
Krstansky), a representative mildly enjoyable. It is surely a story and not feel taken advantage other movies of the industry insid-
of the National Association comedy of outrageous situations of in the process. er subgenre. For one, characters
serving, has an affinity for tor- of Turkey By-Products Manu- and even more ludicrous charac- The film is loosely based on vet- are three-dimensional no matter
ture and is fostering poll num- facturers (Neil A. Casey) and ters. It revolves around a man, but eran producer Art Linson’s best- how brief their screen time. They
bers “lower than Gandhi’s cho- an angry Native American chief the women in his world are fully selling memoir of the same name are also not perpetually on pro-
lesterol.” fleshed-out workplace superiors (2002), and it was Linson himself
Sound familiar? see NOVEMBER, page 7 and family members, not just sex who penned the screenplay. While see HAPPENED, page 6
6 The Tufts Daily Arts & Living Friday, October 24, 2008

Willis, Penn star as themselves in ‘What Just TV Review

Happened?’, a look inside the film industry

HAPPENED cruelty. The appearance of these like this demonstrates that even
continued from page 5 two blockbuster actors proves Hollywood recognizes the ridicu-
duction sets or surrounded by that Ben really is as big time as lousness of the whole industry
flocks of recognizable celebrities, he acts — and as the audience scene. When it’s not titillating the
and instead lead real lives like wants him to be. audience’s fixation on celebrity,
normal people. If the Willis-Penn duo isn’t “What Just Happened?” is com-
enough to sate one’s appetite pellingly self-deprecating. Even
for behind-the-scenes action, when Ben answers his cell phone
When it’s not titil- “What Just Happened?” offers pre-coitus, the audience can tell
lating the audi- strong supporting actors that that the production staff is rolling
round out a quite dysfunctional their eyes at the absurdity — yet
ence’s fixation on picture of Hollywood. Stanley plausibility — of the situation.
Tucci plays Scott Soloman, a At the end of the two weeks,
celebrity, “What Just screenwriter who is constantly almost everything in Ben’s life
Happened?” is compel- trying to sell Ben a script — even has fallen apart. He goes from
at a funeral. John Turturro is the top of his game to standing
lingly self-deprecating. Dick Bell, a talent agent afraid of in a lonely corner for a photo
his clients, including Willis, and shoot about producers with
is heavily medicated for multi- power. He knows that this is
To combat the audience’s ple neuroses. Catherine Keener’s not the first time the industry
inevitable frustration with these Lou Tarnow is the androgynous- has gotten him down, and it
latter points, two of Ben’s prob- ly named studio head whose certainly won’t be the last. Yet
lems involve the aforementioned word is law. it does not keep the audience What? This isn’t an episode of ‘Lost?’
Willis as well as Sean Penn, who Seeing all of these high- from indulging themselves in

New ‘Crusoe’ adaptation

stars in the movie-within-a-mov- quality, if not necessarily high- the simple delightful fact that
ie that features glorified animal profile, actors involved in a film another one has bitten the dust.

provides nothing novel

by Catherine Scott She is ruthless, tough, beauti-
Daily Editorial Board ful and intimidating, yet she
seems to have some softness
How does a classic like underneath.
“Robinson Crusoe” (1719) With the help of his island
translate to the screen? Well friend Friday ( Tongai Arnold
Chirisa), the supposed “sav-
Crusoe age,” Crusoe tries to thwart the
pirates, and later the Spanish
navy, from finding the trea-
sure that happens to be buried
Starring Philip Winchester, beneath their tree house. Along
Anna Walton, Tongai the way, Crusoe leads the trea-
Arnold Chirisa sure seekers through his traps,
Airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on NBC into a piranha-filled river and
finally into a battle for his life
— all to secure the treasure’s
according to NBC, the way to location.
do it is a 13-part mini-series The plot and action of the
on a paradise island with a show is enjoyable (after all, it
tree house out of an eight-year- is based on a solid founda-
old’s dream. Of course, the tion), but that’s about the only
story is exciting since it’s based compliment the show deserves.
on a text that is still popu- What little acting the cast does
lar after almost 300 years, and is mediocre and not engag-
there isn’t anything necessarily ing. The show relies too heav-
wrong with the show. It simply ily on its special effects that
relies too much on TV clichés look like something out of a
and bad special effects, turning cheap video game. The scene
it into a cheap, after-school- in which Crusoe tricks one of
There is no way in hell that anyone is going to get in the way of Robert De Niro digging up his first grave. special adaptation of a beloved the pirates into the river shows
novel. a piranha that looks like one of
The show opens with the those wind-up toys found at a
image of a shipwreck. Crusoe gas station.
(played by Philip Winchester) The show tries too hard to
ONLINE @ discovers he is the only human
left alive, and, along with a dog
be “Pirates of the Caribbean”
(2003) with a little bit of “Lost”
named Dundee, is stranded on thrown in the mix, but through-

THE SCENE | Freida Lee Mock

an island. Fast-forward to the out displays an ironic lack of
present-day: He sees a ship imagination. Considering that
both of the above entertain-

screens “Maya
in the distance and uses one
of his many contraptions to ment phenomena came way
start a fire. Clearly, he’s been after “Robinson Crusoe,” one

Lin” on the Hill

planning his rescue for a very would expect a unique vision
long time, and all of his spare of Crusoe’s world. The only
time has inspired inventions ounce of originality comes
that won’t exist for another 200 from some of the gadgets
years. Crusoe has cooked up to get
The newcomers to the island around the island, such as the
turn out to be pirates search- hamster wheel he uses to cross
Filmmaker Freida Lee Mock ing for a hidden treasure fol- the river or the interconnected
visited the Hill yesterday for a lowing a map drawn on an old system of bridges and pul-
discussion with students and man’s back by his cellmate in leys which created pathways
to screen her Academy Award- prison. The man who knew the all across the island. All in
winning film, “Maya Lin: A location of the treasure had all, while “Robinson Crusoe” is
a daughter, Judy (Georgina considered one of the greatest
Strong Clear Vision” (1994), a Rylance), who is now one of English novels of all time, this
documentary about the artist the pirates. Besides Crusoe, her adaptation will never live up
known for her work on the character has the most depth: to that kind of hype.
Vietnam Memorial Wall and the
Civil Rights Fountain Memorial
in Washington D.C. To read Eating Disorder Treatment
about these events and for your
weekly roundup of Artsy activi- Treatment of Adults
ties to fill up your weekend, visit Suffering from Anorexia and
the Arts section’s blog, “The
Scene,” at
Bulimia Nervosa
For the most effective treatment and highest staff-to-client ratio in New
England, informed clinicians refer their clients to Laurel Hill Inn. We
provide extensive programming in a highly structured and supervised
non-institutional therapeutic setting. Evening, day, residential, and aftercare
Tien Tien/Tufts Daily programs in West Medford and West Somerville. Call Linda at
781 396-1116 or visit our web site at
Friday, October 24, 2008 The Tufts Daily Arts & Living 7
Solid acting cannot make up for poor script and awkward blocking in ‘November’
continued from page 5
with a poison dart (Dennis Trainor, Jr.).
The characters for a political farce are
all in attendance. Quirky details — such
as Bernstein’s recent trip to China with
her partner to adopt a baby — are appro-
priately placed and exploited to their full-
est capacity for humor.
Even so, the production falls short of its
potential. The bulk of the blame cannot
be placed on the cast, because the small
ensemble works smoothly and believably
together. The problem actually rests pri-
marily with the playwright.
Many of Mamet’s hallmarks are alive in
“November” — rampant swearing, fast-
paced, short lines — yet the cheap shots
are too plentiful for the show to be as
complex as many of Mamet’s other plays.
Most of the one-liners or punch lines are
nothing new:
“We can’t build a wall to keep out the
illegal immigrants, sir.”
“Why not?”
“Because we need the illegal immi-
grants to build the wall!”
This was once a funny joke, but it
stopped being funny when Carlos Mencia
repeated it for the 500th time.
The cast has a difficult time carrying the
show through the spotty script. While the
first scene started out with strong, comic
energy, the pace lags as the act wore on,
bogged down by awkward entrances and
extreme plot contrivances.
Contrived twists are excusable some-
He might not like her liberal agenda, but she doesn’t care much for his dorky suspenders.
times in a farce, provided that they
are backed up with quality humor.
Unfortunately, this usually was not the to marry her and her partner (one of the minutes off to the side of the stage, sick tion is that it is a farce with the ultimate
case in “November.” There were some best moments of the production), made and wanting to go home for the day. Why goal of taking shots at a George W.
genuinely funny moments, however, that while she was sitting behind the presi- does she stand so quietly for so long while Bush-like president — but these shots
were well served by the cast and their dent’s desk with him, lends appropriate Smith and Arch hash out serious financial aren’t original enough to justify the
director Daniel Gidron. gravity to the scene. issues? If she’s that delirious, why doesn’t play. Lyric Stage’s talented cast puts in
The characters in the Oval Office are There are a few nagging problems with she plead more earnestly to be relieved a solid effort to make the show enjoy-
constantly abuzz with activity and very on-stage traffic, however, that couldn’t be from her duties, instead of standing awk- able, giving it some genuine, interesting
rarely stagnant. The contrast made by saved by good direction. For example, in wardly in a corner for so long? parts, but the script ultimately leaves
Bernstein’s inspired plea to the president the first act Bernstein spends about 15 The worst problem with the produc- much to be desired.

Mitchell will hand out free

copies of his CD next week United
continued from page 5
Ultimately, Mitchell aims to
create music that can reach a
track. The intensity of “Desert
Playground,” in a way, echoes
the entire recording expe-
rience as a whole: a lot of
Nations Day
broad audience. “The songs work within a limited time
I usually enjoy playing [are] frame, but with some wonder-
more emotionally laden rela- ful discoveries along the way.
tionship songs,” he explained. “I learned through doing. I
“I think those are the things learned all the different things
that get me and an audience that go into the final product;
going.” and I learned just as much
The tracks on his debut about how to sell myself and
album often explore memories my music as I did about the
of past relationships and are recording process.”
neatly sandwiched between
two versions of the title song
“One Day.” It was this particu- The tracks on his
lar song, Mitchell explained,
that sparked the creation of debut album often
the album. “I wrote the lead explore memories of
song over the summer … [It]
was actually why Beth took past relationships and
such an interest in me, more
than anything. She took a real
are sandwiched neatly
interest in this song, and in between two versions
producing and arranging it.
That was kind of where we got of the title song “One
off the ground,” he said. Day.”
The main version of the
song kicks off the album,
while the concluding coun-
terpart includes more lyrical What’s next for Justin Mitchell?
depth and a lengthy guitar
solo by one of Mitchell’s col-
“The sky’s the limit, just go as
far as you can,” he said. “I defi- October 24th, 2008
laborators, Jason Jagentenfl. nitely have goals and hopes but

Goddard Chapel 12-2pm

The extended version is “more try to keep it in check and stay
personal,” and the added lyr- grounded in that respect.” One
ics give the ending a more thing that seems certain is that
specific context. Mitchell is Mitchell’s sense of determina-
particularly excited to hear
reactions to this song, as it
tion and self-assurance will take
him, as it did last summer with CO-Sponsored by
is at the crux of the whole a little luck and caddy cash, to
Another song on the album,
new challenges and musical
PANGEA & International Center
entitled “Desert Playground,” Check out the new album
was done completely in one “One Day” on iTunes, or keep (will include speakers, Flag raising
take. “It was the last day your eyes peeled in the com- and refreshments!)
and we literally only had an ing week for Mitchell, who
hour or so left, so I just did will be distributing free cop-
it in one shot,” Mitchell said. ies. For more information, contact:
Under pressure but exhilarat- visit
ed, Mitchell pulled it off and or
was happy with the resulting ellmusik.
8 The Tufts Daily Comics Friday, October 17, 2008

Doonesbury by Garry Trudeau

Non Sequitur by Wiley


Married to the Sea

Level: Explaining NQR to your parents

Late Night at the Daily

Solution to Thursday's puzzle

Kristin: “Anal sex...”

Grace: “’s a sucker punch to your heart.”

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Friday, October 24, 2008 The Tufts Daily Sports 9
Housing - - - Wanted -
House for Rent hot water. Available 9-1-09. $460 Available June 2009 - May 2010 2010. Three brs - four brs - six California Cryobank f08
4 Bedroom Apt. for Rent. Available month. Call John 781-299-1677 June 2009 - May 2010. 215 brms - seven brs and one eight Sperm Donors Needed. Earn up to
June 1st 2009, located on Ossipee College Ave 4 Bedroom. 5 bed, bedroom. Shop early and get the $1,200/month. California Cryobank
Rd. Call Maria for more informa- 2 full bath, full modern kitchen, best apartments now. Call 617- is seeking males for its sperm
tion: 781-942-7625. Available Immediately! Ossipee Road and Packard. 3 Bed, 448-6233 for appt. donor program. Office located
$3000/4 Bed rm. apt. Entire 2nd full modern kitchen, Ossipee Road in Cambridge, MA. Apply online:
Across from Professors Row and 3rd floor in owner-occuped and Packard. 4 Bed, 5 Bed, Teele
6 bed 2 bath apt. Includes hard- 2-family. New kitchen with dish- Ave and Packard. Call Bob: 508-
wood floors, living rm, ceramic washer. Washer/dryer, Dining 887-1010 classifieds policy All Tufts students must submit classifieds in person, prepaid with check, money order, or exact cash
tile eat-in kitchen, refrigerator, Room, Living Room. New bath, only. All classifieds submitted by mail must be accompanied by a check. Classifieds are $10 per week with Tufts ID or $20 per
dishwasher, washer and dryer, restored hardwood floors. 10 min. week without. The Tufts Daily is not liable for any damages due to typographical errors or misprintings except the cost of the
front-rear porches and 4 car off- walk to Davis. Call 617-501-8114 or Apartments Available insertion, which is fully refundable. We reserve the right to refuse to print any classifieds which contain obscenity, are of an
street parking. Includes heat and email For June 1st 2009 to May 30th overly sexual nature, or are used expressly to denigrate a person or group. Questions? Email

Returns of Miller, Homma will boost squad in spring competition Tallon’s moves
WOMEN’S Tennis
continued from page 12 questionable
the duo achieved — Browne
also won the ITA New England
this season
singles crown in September — NHL
gives the team a bonafide one- continued from page 11
two punch it can lean on in the this problem. If Tallon was just
spring. trying to challenge Khabibulin
“I think that what both of in an effort to get him to play
them in the doubles and Julia better, then there were a num-
in the singles proved was that ber of other NHL keepers avail-
in a one-on-one matchup, we’re able on the cheap end of the
capable of beating anyone,” cost spectrum to provide com-
coach Kate Bayard said. “On an petition. Marc Denis, Andrew
everyday basis, when everyone Raycroft, Alex Auld and Ray
on the team is practicing with Emery may all be mediocre,
two of the top players in the but they would have caused a
country, to have that as a con- little more consternation than
stant measure will give the team Patrick Lalime did.
a lot of confidence.” If Tallon had wanted to get
While leaving Browne and rid of Khabibulin and was in
McCooey together for the major- favor of Huet as the Hawks’ No.
ity of the fall, Bayard did a con- 1 guy of the future, he should
siderable amount of mixing and have waived, traded, released
matching with the remainder of or torn down the Bulin Wall.
her doubles lineups. Freshman Instead, Tallon essentially sat
Jen Lavet, for example, played on his hands and refused to
with four different partners this recognize Khabibulin’s contract
fall, while classmate Nat Schils as a sunk cost. The double-No.
and sophomore Edwina Stewart 1 goaltenders situation persist-
were each part of three different ed throughout training camp
doubles combinations. and into the start of the season,
Bayard hasn’t yet configured leaving players, the goalies and
the doubles lineup for Tufts’ Savard full of uncertainty.
heavy dual-match schedule in Uncertainty in camp is
the spring, and she may even always expected, but unnec-
be open to splitting up her title- essary uncertainty is a dis-
winning tandem of Browne and Steven Smith/Tufts Daily traction from the real work at
McCooey. Freshman Nat Schils lunges for a backhand during Tufts’ match against NYU Oct. 11. Schils is part of a four- hand. Tallon’s refusal to fish or
“There are no set combina- member freshman class that developed markedly throughout the fall portion of the tennis season. cut bait with the mess that he
tions, even with Meghan and made did not make the situa-
Julia,” she said. “I very well also had a chance to acclimate there trying to execute what “I’m really looking forward tion any easier for his coach.
might keep them together as a their four freshmen — Lavet, we’re working on in practice,” to the spring because Mari The season is long and Savard
team, but I might not. I want Schils, Jenn LaCara and Katie Bayard said. “It was kind of nice and Erica will make us even had a real chance to turn it
to come up with the teams Pritchard — to the college game and simple. The freshmen did stronger,” Bayard said. “At the around and win with a young
that give us the strongest over- this fall. The first-years were up a great job of working hard and same time, I feel all the new team that he had coached
all combinations. I really like to the task, combining to sweep also just staying focused and in people this fall are going to through the good and the bad,
Meghan and Julia as a team, but the bottom half of the singles the moment.” continue to make their mark except that Tallon had already
at the same time, we’ll have to lineup in both of the team’s two The freshmen’s quick matura- on the team, too … If Mari and decided to cut the cord.
reassess which doubles combi- dual matches. tion will give Tufts a consider- Erica were here in the fall, it’s The team he has assembled
nations make us the strongest “In some ways, I think it’s able amount of depth in the hard to say where everyone is a good one and should make
as a whole.” helpful to have such a young spring, when Miller and Homma would have fit. But the fresh- the postseason. But it would
With junior Erica Miller team because they don’t know are expected to return and con- men got a good amount of have done so with either
and senior Mari Homma both the history of the teams we’re tribute to both the singles and experience, and that will only Quenneville or Savard behind
abroad for the fall, the Jumbos playing, and they just go out doubles lineups. help us in the spring.” the bench.

Editors' Challenge | Week 8

After a year and seven weeks of clawing at first place, she’s finally there. five-letter words but can pick a hell of a football game. Rachel “Mediocre Melinda” Dolin
Sapna “Battering Ram” Bansil pushed away the competition harder than a base- lost a game on Helfand, going 7-7 (how is she actually 20 over .500?) to just barely stay
ment door, forcefully taking control of the top of the Eds’ Challenge standings. Well, in fourth. Right behind her, Evans “Wrong Already” Clinchy has quit his day job of base-
sort of forcefully. ball picks, but at least he one-upped nemesis David “Hamels-Worshipper” Heck in one
For perhaps the first time in Daily history (perhaps — let’s face it, it’s a Thursday respect — that would be football picks. 5-9, Heck. Weak.
night and we were pretty lazy historians to begin with), the top of the standings con- For another dose of Daily history, Tom “Trendsetter” Eager has earned a unique dis-
sists of five editors each separated by one game. No ties: After Bansil’s 64 wins, it goes tinction — he’s the first editor to make two uniquely correct picks in one week. By out-
63-62-61-60. smarting everyone with his Carolina and St. Louis picks, Eager went 9-5, moving into a
The 63 belongs to Phil “MY PICKS WERE SOUND!” Dear, whose gradual descent tie with Heck for sixth. Still chasing them are Noah “Nicknames Left” Schumer and Scott
from an early lead finally leaves him out of the top spot. (Sorry, Phil, it was bound to “Dick and” Janes.
happen.) Dear now sits one game ahead of Carly “The Glove” Helfand, who can’t spell Caryn “Grammar Guru” Horowitz offers her guest picks.

Sapna Phil Carly Rachel Evans Dave Tom Noah Scott GUEST
OVERALL RECORD 64-38 63-39 62-40 61-41 60-42 55-47 55-47 52-50 52-50 Caryn
LAST WEEK 8-6 7-7 8-6 7-7 8-6 5-9 9-5 7-7 8-6 Horowitz

Oakland at Baltimore Baltimore Baltimore Baltimore Baltimore Baltimore Baltimore Baltimore Baltimore Baltimore Baltimore
Arizona at Carolina Carolina Carolina Carolina Carolina Carolina Arizona Carolina Carolina Arizona Carolina
Tampa Bay at Dallas Dallas Tampa Bay Tampa Bay Tampa Bay Tampa Bay Tampa Bay Dallas Tampa Bay Tampa Bay Tampa Bay
Washington at Detroit Washington Washington Washington Washington Washington Washington Washington Washington Washington Washington
Buffalo at Miami Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Miami Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo
St. Louis at New England New England New England New England New England New England New England St. Louis New England New England New England
San Diego at New Orleans San Diego New Orleans San Diego San Diego San Diego New Orleans San Diego New Orleans San Diego San Diego
Kansas City at NY Jets NY Jets NY Jets NY Jets NY Jets NY Jets NY Jets NY Jets Ny Jets NY Jets NY Jets
Atlanta at Philadelphia Philadelphia Philadelphia Philadelphia Philadelphia Philadelphia Philadelphia Philadelphia Atlanta Atlanta Philadelphia
Cleveland at Jacksonville Jacksonville Jacksonville Jacksonville Jacksonville Jacksonville Jacksonville Jacksonville Jacksonville Cleveland Jacksonville
Cincinnati at Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston
NY Giants at Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Pittsburgh NY Giants Pittsburgh Pittsburgh NY Giants NY Giants NY Giants Pittsburgh Pittsburgh
Seattle at San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco Seattle San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco
Indianapolis at Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Indianapolis Tennessee Tennessee Indianapolis Tennessee

BYES: Bears, Broncos, Packers

10 The Tufts Daily Sports Friday, October 24, 2008

Forde to square
off with Amherst’s
stellar defense
continued from page 12
junior defensive back Tom Tassinari said.
“We don’t want to get overconfident, but
we’re going to definitely try and use the
momentum to make sure our defense
gets up again.”
While the pressure was on Tufts’ defense
in Saturday’s game against the Ephs, the
offense will have to turn in an impressive
performance if Tufts wishes to come out
on top tomorrow. Amherst boasts the No.
1 scoring defense in the NESCAC, allowing
just 14.6 points-per-game. But perhaps
the most impressive attribute of the Lord
Jeff defense is its ability to stop the run;
Amherst has yet to give up 100 yards on the
ground in a single game.
“Their front seven is very physical and
athletic, more so than any I’ve seen thus
far,” Forde said.
If anyone is up to the task of break-
ing Amherst’s strong-run defense, it’s
Forde, who won the New England Football
Writers’ Association Gold Helmet Award
earlier this week for his efforts against the
Ephs. Through the first five games of the
season, he leads the NESCAC with 655
total yards on the ground and is second
with six rushing touchdowns.
While he would love to keep the streak
alive, Forde is more concerned with nailing
down a win this weekend on the road.
“I’m not really worried about that Laura Schultz/Tufts Daily
streak,” Forde said. “I’m more concerned Senior wide receiver David Halas stretches for one of his five receptions during the Jumbos’ 17-7 victory over Williams Saturday. Tufts expects good
about running well and making sure that things from Halas against an Amherst defense that has allowed over 200 passing yards per game in four out of five contests this season.
our offense executes the game plan.”
If Forde can’t get things going on the
ground, Fucillo and the offense will have to SCHEDULE | Oct. 24 - Oct. 30
hunt for success through the air. Amherst’s
defense has allowed over 200 yards passing
fri sat sun moN tue wed thu
in four of their five games, so tomorrow
could be a big day for Fucillo and wide
Football at Amherst
receivers Halas and senior Steve Black. 1 p.m.
Defensively, Tufts will have to be wary
of sophomore Lord Jeff quarterback Alex
Vetras, who has thrown for over 1,000 Field Hockey at Trinity vs. Endicott
yards and eight scores this fall. With a 12 p.m. 4 p.m
64.6 completion percentage, Vetras is an
extremely accurate quarterback who likes
Women’s at Trinity vs. Endicott
to get all of his receivers involved in the Soccer 12 p.m. 3 p.m.
passing game.
Amherst does not have a true No. 1
receiver, but its top three threats, junior Men’s at Trinity
Brendan Bullock and sophomores Brian Soccer 12 p.m.
Murphy and Ben Kettering, have 25, 22 and
20 receptions, respectively. As a result, the
players on Tufts’ secondary will have their Cross
work cut out for them as they try to keep Country
track of Amherst’s deep receiving corps.
Both Forde and Tassinari believe this Hall of Fame Hall of Fame
weekend is a must-win game in terms of Volleyball Tournament Tournament vs. Worcester St.
postseason implications. at Northampton at Northampton 7 p.m.
Mass. Mass.
“I think there is a sense of urgency,”
Forde said. “If we want to be as success- Women’s
Crew Head of the
ful as we planned at the beginning of the Fish Regatta
year, we realize that we have to get a win
against Amherst.”
“We know that if we do lose we are out JumboCast Volleyball
of contention,” Tassinari said. “Right now
everyone is focused on Amherst.”

StatISTICS | Standings
Field Hockey Women's Soccer Men's Soccer Volleyball Football NCAA Div. III Field Hockey
(11-0, 7-0 NESCAC) (7-4-0, 4-3-0 NESCAC) (7-4-1, 3-4-0 NESCAC) (22-1, 8-0 NESCAC) (3-2, 3-2 NESCAC) (Oct. 21, 2008)
W L PF PA Points (First-place votes)
Trinity 5 0 125 82 1. TCNJ, 581 (11)
Tufts 7 0 11 0 0 Williams 7 0 0 12 0 0 Middlebury 5 1 1 9 1 1 Tufts 8 0 22 1
Amherst 4 1 115 73 2. Bowdoin, 561 (5)
Bowdoin 6 1 11 1 0 Amherst 6 0 1 8 1 2 Williams 4 2 1 7 3 2 Wesleyan 7 1 18 5
Colby 3 1 55 90 3. Ursinus, 543 (8)
Trinity 6 1 11 1 0 2 0 6 4 2 Bowdoin 4 3 0 6 4 0 Amherst 6 1 17 4
Middlebury 5 Middlebury 3 2 175 130 4. Messiah, 535 (1)
3 0 Conn. Coll. 6 3 15 10
Middlebury 5 2 9 2 0 Bowdoin 3 2 2 6 2 3 Trinity 4 3 0 9 Tufts 3 2 124 84 5. Tufts, 509 (5)
Middlebury 3 3 9 9
Amherst 4 3 8 4 0 Tufts 4 3 0 7 4 0 Amherst 3 3 1 7 3 1 Williams 3 2 129 96
Williams 3 3 16 11 6. Middlebury, 424
Williams 3 4 6 6 0 Trinity 3 4 0 8 4 0 Conn. Coll. 3 4 0 5 6 0 Hamilton 2 3 79 90
Bowdoin 3 4 14 12 7. Lebanon Valley, 403
Colby 2 5 5 7 0 Wesleyan 2 4 1 6 4 1 Tufts 3 4 0 7 4 1 Bowdoin 1 4 113 167
Trinity 2 6 11 10 8. Johns Hopkins, 378
Bates 1 6 5 7 0 3 2 6 2 Wesleyan 1 4 73 75
Colby 1 5 1 4 7 1 Wesleyan 2 4 Bates 1 5 12 15 9. Trinity (Conn.), 364 (1)
5 1 Bates 0 5 50 151
Conn. Coll. 1 6 4 7 0 Bates 1 6 0 5 7 0 Colby 2 4 1 5 Colby 0 6 10 12 10. Salisbury, 353
Wesleyan 0 7 2 9 0 Conn. Coll. 0 6 1 4 6 1 Bates 2 5 0 7 5 0 Hamilton 0 7 8 18
NCAA Div. III New England
G A Pts G A Pts G A Pts Offensive Kills SA Rushing Att. Yds. Avg. TD Women's Soccer
T. Brown 15 2 32 J. Love-Nichols 4 1 9 D. Schoening 6 1 13 S. Filocco 183 23 W. Forde 132 655 5.0 6 (Oct. 21, 2008)
R. Coleman 3 1 7 D. Joyce-Mendive 169 0 K. Anderson 27 108 4.0 1
A. Russo 9 8 26 S. Nolet 3 3 9 1. Williams
B. Helgeson 134 1 D. Ferguson 8 66 8.2 0
M. Kelly 9 2 20 C. Cadigan 3 1 7 P. DeGregorio 2 3 7
C. Updike 122 5 2. Amherst
B. Holiday 4 3 11 F. Gamal 2 3 7 A. Lach 1 4 6 K. Denniston 107 14 Passing Pct. Yds TD INT
A. Maxwell M. Fitzgerald 2 1 5 3. Springfield
M. Burke 4 1 9 3 0 6 L. Nicholas 105 3 A. Fucillo 60.4 923 9 3
M. Scholtes 2 4 8 B. Morgan 2 0 4 P. Doherty 2 0 4 4. Bowdoin
C. Spieler 57 17
I. Lewnard 3 0 6 W. Hardy 1 1 3 M. Blumenthal 1 1 3 Receiving No. Yds Avg. TD 4. Middlebury
T. Guttadauro 2 1 5 A. Michael 0 3 3 B. Green 1 0 2 Defensive B Digs D. Halas 20 248 12.4 6 6. Wheaton
L. Griffith 2 0 4 A. Puttkammer 1 0 2 N. Muakkassa 0 1 1 N. Goldstein 0 358 S. Black 13 295 22.7 1 7. Western Conn. St
D. Feiger 23 238 8. Tufts
M. Ripecky 0 237 Defense Tack INT Sack
Goalkeeping GA S S% Goalkeeping GA S S% Goalkeeping GA S S% T. Reynoso 34.0 0 0 9. Eastern Conn. St
S. Filocco 20 220
M. Zak 5 21 .808 K. Minnehan 3 15 .833 P. Tonelli 2 16 .889 C. Spieler 3 196 T. Tassinari 31.0 2 0 10. Brandeis
K. Hyder 3 5 .625 H. Jacobs 4 23 .852 D. McKeon 11 54 .831 A. Kuan 0 92 R. Crisco 31.0 0 2 10. Keene St.
Friday, October 24, 2008 The Tufts Daily Sports 11
Inside NHL gideon jacobs | Baseball, Football
and Poop Jokes
Blackhawks say welcome to new coach
Quenneville following Savard’s exit Digging

’m not a religious man. I was raised
culturally Jewish, but I thought syn-
agogue was pronounced synaGOD
until I reached high school (an under-
standable mistake). The most spiritual
I’ve ever gotten was that one time I lis-
tened to Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the
Moon” (1973) while watching the Wizard
of Oz (1939). I don’t believe in fate or
karma. I scoff at superstition and laugh
at the idea of divine intervention. I am
a man of reason and science. The only
person I pray to is his Holiness, Bill Nye.
But, strangely enough, the one thing
that can make me believe, the one
thing that allows me to suspend rea-
son, is sports.
I’m not saying I believe there is any-
thing supernatural happening on the
fields and courts of the world. I’m not
saying that the universe’s supposed
“God” spends “His” Sundays burning
through a six-pack and checking to see
if his fantasy team is beating his buddy
Shiva’s. But that which religion does
for many people, sports does for me. It
allows me to believe.
And I believe in the Rays. I believe that
the magic of a bunch of kids going worst
to first isn’t just going to happen but, at
this point, is supposed to.
I started to feel this as the season
was winding down, and I wrote about
it in my column three weeks ago. Don’t
look at their lineup, their rotation or
MCT the matchups. Don’t even look at their
Chicago Blackhawks’ Cristobal Huet will likely take over the starting goaltender position from veteran Nikolai Khabibulin. Huet’s acquisi- OPSs, ERAs or runs created. In doing so
tion from the Capitals is one of several recent moves made by Hawks’ GM Dale Tallon that is currently under scrutiny. you are applying a man’s science to a
boy’s game.
by Korin Hasegawa-John was unreceptive to his desires. player, Savard was known for his small Look at the Rays’ faces. Look at their
Senior Staff Writer Additionally, the Hawks hired leg- stature, excellent hands and phenom- combination of swagger, confidence and
endary former coach Scotty Bowman enal skating, though he was not much youth. Look at the player’s love and
Denis Savard had to know his days to be their senior advisor for hockey of a two-way forward. Quenneville, respect for Joe Maddon or the look they
as coach of the Chicago Blackhawks operations. Bowman was recently in on the other hand, was regarded as a get on their faces every time a reporter
were numbered. line to get the rebuilding job of the defensive coach, though nobody who asks them about what Evan Longoria
Still, five games into the season century as the president of Maple saw his recent Avalanche teams would means to them.
seemed a bit abrupt. The Hall of Fame Leaf Sports & Entertainment Ltd., but be too quick to label him as such. Look at Carl Crawford, who has been
ex-center had led the young Hawks instead he landed in the Blackhawks In the press conference announc- on this team for seven years and had
to their first taste of success, as they organization with a nebulously defined ing Savard’s replacement — at which experienced six straight years of 91-plus
racked up 88 points last season and position. Bowman was clearly hired to Bowman was conspicuously present loss seasons. He’s never asked for sym-
were in contention for a postseason clean house and reform the Hawks — Blackhawks general manager Dale pathy, never asked to be traded and
berth until the last week of the sea- management after years of misuse, Tallon expressed his desire to go with never took a play off. Then, after an
son. disuse and abuse under former owner a veteran coach now that the Hawks injury was supposed to keep him from
Despite the bright future in Chicago, William Wordsworth Wirtz. appear to have entered their post- participating in the playoffs, he tied an
Savard was handed his walking papers The main question is timing when rebuilding phase. ALCS record by going five-for-five in
and replaced by former Colorado considering the Savard firing. Stakes This is not the first questionable Game 4 against the Red Sox.
Avalanche coach Joel Quenneville, were much higher this season for the decision Tallon has made this season. Look at Carlos Peña, first round draft
who had been hired in the offseason Hawks, with a pair of high-profile His choice to open the owner’s pock- pick in 1998 who never seemed to live
as a scout. Quenneville was let go fol- free-agent signings in goaltender etbook and throw $5.6 million at Huet up to the hype. He bounced around the
lowing Colorado’s early postseason Cristobal Huet and defenseman Brian over the next four years also deserves majors and minors for a couple years,
exit in 2008. It’s a big step down from Campbell. But high stakes don’t trans- scrutiny. Tallon already had a goalten- and then in 2007 he came off the Rays’
a coach to a scout, and that, coupled form a trigger-happy finger into a der in Nikolai Khabibulin, who was bench and hit 46 home runs. Now he’s
with Savard’s non-extension, was the good business decision. It seems silly still a reasonable No. 1 goaltender coming off a huge ALCS, jacking balls
biggest indicator that a shakeup was to allow Savard to run the entire train- despite his older years. Khabibulin over the Green Monster and acting like
on the way. ing camp and the first several games also commands the princely sum of this is where he belongs.
The writing was on the wall for of the season, only to fire him within $6.25 million per season under his It doesn’t matter that they went into
Savard for a number of reasons. Even the first two weeks of regular season current contract, which is set to expire the postseason with no closer and Gabe
though he had expressed a desire to play. at the end of 2008-09. Gross in right field. It doesn’t matter that
stay with the Blackhawks beyond his The knock on Savard from the There were two obvious solutions to they have literally no playoff experience.
current contract, which was to expire Blackhawks front office was his lack Like I said in my column three weeks
at the end of the season, management of emphasis on team defense. As a see NHL, page 9 ago, “The Rays are a force that has been
gaining steam for six months and are

Away game on AstroTurf plays into Jumbos’ favor

now on the verge of climaxing. There is
no stopping this team.”
The Red Sox and the ghosts of Fenway
FIELD HOCKEY going to need to slow down their for- faster.” almost did it. I admit that when the Sox
continued from page 12 wards and keep any chance at them While Trinity presents a real chal- came back from seven runs down with
were able to convert. Trinity’s defense gaining momentum to a minimum. lenge to preserving their perfect record, seven outs left in their season I was wor-
played really well because Bowdoin They have a really strong midfielder the Jumbos lead the conference in ried about my Rays prediction. The Sox
had a lot more opportunities, but — [Mwatarura] is really athletic and assists-per-game and goals-per-game played those first four games like they
didn’t convert. I think this shows that we need to be aware of her to shut her and will be a formidable opponent to knew they were just a supporting actor
in field hockey, unlike in most other down.” the streaking Bantam squad. in this year’s playoff picture. Then the
sports, a team can play really well for Last year, the Bantams made it into After a season of setting records, Big Papi home run made Boston snap
the majority of the game and even the conference tournament semifinals Tufts may break yet another tomor- out of it and they looked like the Sox that
outplay their opponent and still lose. before losing to Middlebury, the team row, as the team remains just one goal a lot of people picked to repeat.
That is probably what happened to that knocked out Tufts in the first shy of beating the school record of 52 But the Rays beat the ghosts (ghosts
Bowdoin.” round. The Panthers went on to lose to goals in a season. Even with a possible don’t even exist!). Not even the magic
Trinity’s upset marked the program’s Bowdoin in the championship game. trip to the conference championship of a fired up Red Sox Nation could take
first win against Bowdoin since 1997 Tomorrow’s contest will be played in sight, the Jumbos have tabled their out this team; the same magic that had
and simultaneously ended the 2007 on Trinity’s AstroTurf field, and the record-breaking accomplishments shaken off the “curse of the Bambino”
NESCAC champion’s 31-game win- Jumbos expect to benefit from the in favor of a “one-game-at-a-time” in 2004 and won another championship
ning streak. Both of Trinity’s goals smoother surface, which contributes approach. less than year ago. This is why I know
were scored by midfielder Christine to a quicker game pace. “We haven’t even started thinking that even though the series is tied 1-1,
Mwatarura, the current NESCAC Player “I’m looking forward to this away about the Bowdoin game yet or the the Phillies don’t have a prayer. Not a
of the Week. game,” senior tri-captain Brittany NESCAC Championship,” Holiday shot in hell.
Needless to say, the Bantam’s offen- Holiday said. “Playing on AstroTurf said. “Right now we just need to work
sive potency is something that Tufts is generally a lot faster than what we on our fundamentals and focus on
will need to quell. play on at home. That will be great [Bowdoin] after playing Trinity. At this Gideon Jacobs is a sophomore who has not
“[Trinity] is a really fast and very for our team because its faster surface point, we just need to stay confident in yet declared a major. He can be reached at
skilled team,” McDavitt said. “We’re will make our passing patterns even what our team is capable of.”
Inside the NHL 11
Baseball, Football and
Poop Jokes 11

Field Hockey Preview Women’s tennis

Tufts preps for a high noon Strong doubles play,

success of freshmen
shootout with Trinity tomorrow highlight fall season
by Sapna Bansil
Daily Editorial Board
by Michael Spera
Daily Staff Writer
Now that its abbreviated fall season has
With the undefeated field hockey come to an end, the women’s tennis team
squad going against a one loss Trinity heads into the winter hopeful that it can
team, it’s obvious that the stakes are build off the success it has achieved over
high in this conference showdown. the last month.
Posting an 11-0 record overall, 7-0 The Jumbos participated in six events
NESCAC, the nationally-ranked No. 5 this season, winning their lone pair of
Jumbos have just three regular season dual matches against MIT and NYU and
games remaining and look poised to posting strong performances in four
make a run at both the NESCAC and individual tournaments. The success has
NCAA Championships. Tomorrow the given the team incentive to work hard
squad will face one of its toughest preparing for the competitive spring cam-
challenges of the season when it takes paign.
on Trinity (10-1 overall) in Hartford, “In the offseason, a big focus is definite-
Conn. ly going to be to get in a lot better shape,
Sitting atop the conference stand- get faster and get stronger,” sophomore
ings, Tufts set a new record for the lon- Julia Browne said. “It’s going to be about
gest winning streak in a season with spending a lot of hours in the gym, play-
11, eclipsing its previous record of 10 ing a little extra, staying focused on our
wins set in 1981. The Bantams and the games and getting ready for the spring.”
Bowdoin Polar Bears (11-1 overall) are A Jumbos squad seeking to improve
the only remaining NESCAC oppo- on its doubles skills posted impressive
nents Tufts has left to face before the results across the board this fall. Among
conference tourney. the team’s most successful pairings was
More importantly, both are ranked the tandem of sophomore Julia Browne
nationally in the top 10 — Bowdoin and junior captain Meghan McCooey,
is No. 2 nationally and Trinity is ninth who dropped only two of the 14 matches
— and currently sit second and third they played in their first season together.
behind Tufts in the league standings. Along the way, the duo reached the finals
Despite Tufts’ apparent domination Laura Schultz/Tufts Daily of the ITA New England Championships
of the conference, the Bantams and Senior tri-captain Brittany Holiday defends a Williams player Saturday during the field before taking third place at the Gail Smith
the Polar Bears represent the greatest hockey team’s 3-1 victory, the squad’s 11th straight this season. The NESCAC-leading Doubles Classic at Middlebury.
obstacle on the Jumbos’ road to the Jumbos will face a stiff test tomorrow against 10-1 Trinity. The highlight of Browne and McCooey’s
NESCAC title. season came on Oct. 17, when they cap-
Trinity’s 2-0 shutout of Bowdoin last have to further lift their level of play “The Trinity coach said that [Trinity] tured the ITA Small College National
Saturday dethroned the Polar Bears in order to emerge as a true contender. was able to capitalize on their oppor- Championship, taking down the fourth-,
from the top of the NESCAC, allow- Bowdoin outshot Trinity 15-4 and had tunities,” coach Tina McDavitt said. fifth- and 21st-ranked doubles teams in
ing Tufts’ ascent to the top. Despite 13 penalty corner opportunities to the “They only had a few shots on net and the nation along the way. The success
Trinity’s rise to a No. 9 standing in the Bantams’ five but couldn’t convert on
national rankings, the Bantams will their possessions. see FIELD HOCKEY, page 11 see WOMEN’S TENNIS, page 9

Football Preview
Football Breakdown
Jumbos need upset over Lord Jeffs WEEK 6
in order to keep title hopes alive The 3-2 defending champ Panthers
need to take down the undefeat-
by Zach Groen at ed Bantams if they hope to have
Daily Staff Writer a chance at a repeat. Both have
strong offenses, but Trinity allows
The football team will certainly MIDDLEBURY TRINITY almost 10 fewer points per game.
have a hard act to follow when it
travels to Amherst to take on the The Ephs have only lost to Tufts and
4-1 Lord Jeffs tomorrow. Trinity, which have a combined eight
The Jumbos recorded their first
at wins. The Continentals have only
win over the Williams Ephs in 21
years on Saturday, as the defense beaten Bowdoin and Wesleyan,
turned in one of its best perfor- which have a combined two wins.
WILLIAMS HAMILTON This one shouldn’t be suspenseful.
mances of the season, holding a
Williams team that had scored
50 points against Middlebury Both 1-4 squads, the cellar dwellers
the week before to a mere seven of the NESCAC will battle it out to
points. Senior Will Forde broke determine once and for all which
the 100-yard mark for the fifth at team is second worst to Bates. Wes-
consecutive time this season, leyan’s combo of a top defense and
junior Anthony Fucillo threw for BOWDOIN WESLEYAN weak offensive promise to make it
a score and protected the foot- a low-scoring affair.
ball, and senior David Halas con-
tinued to smash Tufts’ receiving
records, this time tying the record The winless Bobcats look to steal one
for most receiving touchdowns in against the 3-2 Mules, who have al-
a season with his sixth. at ready surpassed last year’s wins total.
With Trinity sitting atop the It would seem a good opportunity,
NESCAC at 5-0, a Jumbo loss this COLBY BATES as Colby boasts the second-to-last
weekend would all but knock scoring offense in the league.
the team out of the running for
the NESCAC Championship. The Jumbos look to record another
Currently, Tufts (3-2) is tied for win after a momentum-building up-
third in the conference with Colby, set against Williams. Amherst sits at
Middlebury and Williams, and if at second in the NESCAC with a 4-1 re-
there’s a time to break away from cord, but the only challenge the Lord
the pack, it’s this weekend. The
TUFTS AMHERST Jeffs have faced this year was the
Jumbos are hoping the defense
can carry the momentum from Panthers, whom they lost to 31-14.
last week’s contest into tomor-
row’s duel with Amherst.
“It seems like guys have a little Laura Schultz/Tufts Daily
extra pep in their step this week,” Junior safety Tom Tassinari hits Williams quarterback Pat Moffitt in Tufts’ — by David Heck
17-7 win Saturday. The Jumbos hope to pressure QB Alex Vetras of Amherst
see FOOTBALL, page 10 in the same manner tomorrow.