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January 2013



Prayer , Fello wsh ip, Tes timon

at Cornersto

ne Assembly of God 2035 Old Le xington Rd. Danville, KY 40422

ies, Al tar tim e

Host Pastor:

Tom Lane


Joe Girdler

Start your year by joining with the Network Prayer Conference! (See page 5 for details)

January 7-8, 2013

The Kentucky Challenge A monthly publication of the Kentucky Ministry Network of the Assemblies of God

Office: 502.241.7111

Superintendent Email:

Joseph S. Girdler

Renee with Indiana & Michigan Superintendent wives, Marilynn Leach & Diane Gifford at the 2012 Executive Leader's Conference

Renee & Ida with the Ohio Superintendents wife, Brigette Wooton

Dr George Wood, General Superintendent, addressing EUCBCAGTS leaders in Springfield, MO

Salem Assembly of God

A visit with pastors Dan Collard & Kevin S.

Renee & Becky Neugent praying with ladies at Salem AG, PeeWee Valley

Sad! AC units stolen at the Camp Cafeteria

Presbyter's Meeting

Dinner meeting with KY Missionary Associates, Jamie & Ellen Urquhart

Department Heads Calendar Planning


Youth Convention in Frankfort KY

January 2013

The Kentucky Challenge A monthly publication of the Kentucky Ministry Network of the Assemblies of God

Office: 502.241.7111

Secretary/Treasurer Email:

Stanley E. Holder

Dear Friends, I am thrilled to share exciting news about KSOM! Since 2004, 607 students have prepared themselves for ministry by completing course work through KSOM. Those students were from throughout Kentucky; from Paducah to Raceland; from erlanger to Corbin, and all places in between. We also had students from Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee and West Virginia. Most of these students are serving the Lord in their local church in positions such as: Childrens Pastor/Worker, Youth Pastor/Leader/Sponsor, Associate Pastor, Womens Ministry Director, Mens Ministry Director, Teacher, Board Member, Worship Team Leader/Member, Connect Team Minister, and in many other ways. Our KSOM students are having a great impact throughout Kentucky. Of the 380 credentialed ministers in the Kentucky, 70 are current or former KSOM students. Of those 70 KSOM students who are credentialed ministers; 29 are now, or have been the pastor of a church in Kentucky, three are successful church planters, two are the pastors of a church outside of Kentucky, two are missionary associates, one is a Sectional Presbyter, and one is an Assistant Presbyter. We are so grateful that the Lord has made our mission statement our reality; KSOM, we prepare people for ministry, its not just for preachers anymore; its for everyone. KSOM serves the local church by helping Christians better equip themselves to serve the Lord in their local church. I encourage you to review our list of class offerings and see how KSOM can help you prepare for the ministry for which God has called you. We offer courses for those who are preparing for every level of Assembly of God ministry credential; Certified, Licensed, and Ordained. We also offer classes for those who are Childrens Pastors and Youth Pastors. The Diploma in Biblical Studies track is for lay people who, while they dont feel called into fulltime vocational ministry, do want to deepen their understanding of the Bible and ministry principles. I encourage pastors to send their board members, teachers and church leaders to some of our classes that will particularly benefit their congregations, such as; Life of Christ, Conflict Resolution, and Church & Law. Any pastor who sends five (5) or more non-credential studies students to one of our classes can contact us for a significantly discounted rate for that group.

. You can learn more about KSOM, particularly how to enroll, register for classes and order textbooks online at, . You can also email us at, or call us at 502-241-7111.
I look forward to seeing you at a KSOM class this year! Why not start in January? God bless,
2013 ement for for e Reimburs ed the following rates 2013: Mileag approv uary 1, n s The IRS ha nt for mileage as of Ja imburseme re ses iness purpo mile for bus ff) per 56.5 cents hurch office sta storal or c (pa urposes or moving p for medical r mile 24 cents pe aritable ervice of ch er mile in s rs) 14 cents p e ns (volunte organizatio

Stanley E. Holder
KSOM DIReCTOR, His Servants Servant

January 2013

The Kentucky Challenge A monthly publication of the Kentucky Ministry Network of the Assemblies of God

Jerry Parritt

Assistant Superintendent Office: 502.382.8377 Email:

We have been given the opportunity to make this year, one filled with victory or defeat, joyful or miserable, filled with praise or complaining. We decide what we are going to do in every situation, good or bad. Standing strong in the Lord throughout the ups and downs, we will leave a testimony of Gods provision and unending love. The world doesnt really care about our talk, they care more about how we walk. Jesus walked it before He talked it. If you could ask for three things from God to help you be all you want to be, what would you choose? My first thought would be to be like Jesus. What about the whipping part? The ridiculing part? The cross thing? Can we skip those parts? Being like Jesus encompasses more than the good things in His life. It requires being a living sacrifice, willing to stay on the altar without crawling off when things get tough. Did you know. 1. You are blessed when you reach the end of your rope. Because when there is less of you, there is more room for God and His rule. 2. You are blessed when you feel you have lost what is most dear to you. Because only then can you be embraced by the One most dear to you. 3. You are blessed when you are content with just who you areno more, no less. Thats the moment you find yourselves proud owners of everything that cant be bought. 4. You are blessed when you have worked up a good appetite for God. His food and drink is the best meal you will ever eat.

HAPPY 2013!
5. You are blessed when you care. At the moment of being care-full, you will find yourselves being cared for. 6. You are blessed when you get your inside world, your mind and heart, put right. Then you can see God in the outside world. 7. You are blessed when you can get people to cooperate instead of compare, judge and fight. Thats when you discover who you really are and your place in Gods family. 8. You are blessed when your commitment to God provokes persecution. The persecution drives you even deeper into Gods kingdom. 9. You are blessed every time you get put down, ignored, rejected or treated badly or when others speak lies about you to discredit you because of your commitment. This usually is the result of the truth getting too close to them and they are uncomfortable around you. You can be glad when this happens. Even though they dont like it, or you, I do. All heaven applauds you. You are in good company. Many prophets and witnesses have always gotten into this kind of trouble. 10.You are here to be salt-seasoners-- to bring out the God-flavor to the earth. You are also to be lightgivers-- to bring out the God-colors that can only be seen through the light that comes from you.

Blessings a bunch. Hey, is that Jesus I see? Yep, there He is! Love ya, JP<><


District Missions Directors Phone 417-337-0695 l E-mail:


Paul & Betty Brannan

All of our missionaries experience times of danger, but those countries that offer extreme danger to our missionaries and Christian workers are designated as sensitive countries. An innocent, but careless action on our part could mean death or injury to them. As we send out more and more missionaries to sensitive countries, we must be increasingly cautious about our communications with them and about them. Below are guidelines that will offer our missionaries needed anonymity. 1. Do not list any workers from sensitive countries on your websites. Please mention them generically so people are aware. For example: Because of security, we have missionaries in sensitive locations that are not listed. 2. Do not post sermons or stream services when workers from sensitive countries are speaking. 3. Do not forward e-letters from workers in sensitive countries without the permission of the worker. 4. Do not print/post newsletters from workers in sensitive countries on the Internet without the permission of the worker. 5. Avoid troublesome words in communications with workers in sensitive countries. Suggestions:
Normal term Missionaries Witnessing Missions Conversion Generic term Workers, servants Sharing Work Acceptance Normal term Salvation AGWM Missions Board Evangelism Generic term Change of heart Company The Board EV-work, sharing

Skype meetings and broadcasts are good, but should be guarded; since we have no guarantee Skype is secure. This should only be done if the worker is using a virtual private network (VPN). A TROUBLING TREND: It has come to our attention that in recent months our Kentucky missionaries are finding it necessary to go outside our district to secure their needed support. In fact, one Kentucky missionary told me that of the support raised, only 40% has come from Kentucky churches! Before a candidate missionary meets the World Missions Executive Committee, district leadership must give assurance that the district will become responsible for the greater part of their financial requirements. When Betty and I began our first itineration in Kentucky in 1963, we found it impossible to raise all of our support from the 60 churches that formed our district. It was absolutely necessary for us to go outside our district in order to complete our budget. But, beginning with our second itineration, our Kentucky churches met the challenge of faithfully supporting the Brannan family. Sixty years have now passed and our district has increased to 140 churches. Dont you believe that the churches of Kentucky can step forward, once again, to accept their responsibility to reach the whole world through our Kentucky representatives? I do! Contact the Following Missionaries for a Service Dawn Amsler 502.905.5917 Martin & Charlotte Jacobson 859.230.1760 Kent & Paige Parrish 502.507.1268 There are also another missionary and two missionary associates who are available for servicesplease call the District Office for more information. 9.

6. 7.

Do not record services with workers from sensitive countries without express permission from the workers for either archiving or distribution. Please remember workers in sensitive countries cannot share everything in their newsletters.

January 2013

The Kentucky Challenge A monthly publication of the Kentucky Ministry Network of the Assemblies of God

January 7 - 8, 2013


Prayer , Fello w ship, T estim

Start your year by joining with the Network Prayer Conference!

Hotel Information*
Comfort Suites 864 Ben-Ali Drive, Danville, KY, US, 40422 859-936-9300 $85.44 + tax Hampton Inn 100 Montgomery Way Danville, KY 40422 859-236-6200 $84.00 + tax Best Western 210 Brenda Ave. Danville, KY 40422 859-236-5525 $69.99 + tax

at Cornersonies, Altar time tone Assem b 2035 Old Le ly of God xington Danville, KY Rd., 40422
Monday, January 7th

Host Pastor:

Tom Lane

Super 8 3663 HWY 150-127 Bypass Danville, KY 40422 859-236-8881 $59.99 + tax *All hotels include breakfast

Opening Session - 2:00 to 4:30pm Evening Session - 7:00pm

Morning Session - 9:00am Dismissal - 11:30am

Tuesday, January 8


Joe Girdler


2013 Ministers Orientation & Leadership Conference

Camp Crestwood August 20, 2013 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

John and Debbie Lindell live life full-on with a passionate love for God and a desire to see His purpose unleashed in the lives of people. For the past 21 years they have served together as Lead Pastors of James River Assembly, a dynamic and life-filled church in Ozark, MO that has grown to over 12,000 people in weekly attendance. John and Debbie love to see the church flourish and lives transformed by the power of God. They have 2 married sons, David and Brandon, and a daughter, Savannah.

L i n d e l l

J o h n

Keynote Speaker:

January 2013

The Kentucky Challenge A monthly publication of the Kentucky Ministry Network of the Assemblies of God

If you have not yet received your 2013 children's events package in the mail...please contact me.
Childrens Pastor Jeremy White hamming it up

2013 calendar
March 1-2: Funarts (Campbellsville) April 5-6: JBQ State Tourney

Caroline & Jay Wells

Children's Pastor Chris Wilkes

(Somerset) April 13: (Crestwood) May 17-18: (to be announced) November 15-16: Children's Pastors Retreat (Crestwood)

Pinewood derby Josh

Things are Different this Year for Robert

Last year, at this time, I was getting drunk every day. I had lost my job and really didnt care what happened next. If it were not for a very caring family that I hadnt even had much contact with, I would not be writing this. They went well beyond what I deserved by seeking out and providing the help I needed by Ainding a Teen Challenge facility. Chads Hope TC is helping me to live life again. Through their loving support and by Gods grace, I do care what happens next and I know God has big plans for me. Chads Hope Teen Challenge had a good year in 2012. In just the past two weeks, four students have entered the Pre-Graduate transitional phase and three men have successfully completed the year long residential program. On December 9 six students were water baptized. We celebrate all that God is doing through Chads Hope and in all of our Teen Challenge of Kentucky programs. Thank you for your support!

January 2013

The Kentucky Challenge A monthly publication of the Kentucky Ministry Network of the Assemblies of God

y Netw cky Womens Ministr Kentu

Sharon Fridge
District Womens Ministries Director 502.545.1980
Its the beginning of a new year! Fresh starts, fresh vision and fresh ideas. What a wonderful ;me to incorporate this freshness into your ministry to women. As women change and their roles in life change, we must change our ministry to meet their needs. As Kerry Clarensau stated in the new training manual, Crea;ng Eec;ve, Inten;onal Ministry to Women, Women must become a target audience for receiving ministry, not simply being viewed as a service arm of the church. As women come into our churches and receive healing and form healthy rela;onships, they will in turn be able to reach out to others with greater inuence. The physical, emo;onal, mental, and spiritual needs of women may be greater than at any previous ;me in the history of the United States. There may have been more trauma;c circumstances in the lives of American women, but there probably has not been a ;me when women have had fewer helpful connec;ons and less eec;ve shepherding. I will be oering this training session several ;mes throughout the year in dierent areas of the state. The rst training date is March 22 at Frankfort First, 6:00 9:00 p.m. Other dates and loca;ons to be announced. I encourage you all to par;cipate in these training opportuni;es; we all want to be equipped to minister eec;vely to women.


UPCOMING DATES January 3 End of Year Quarterly Reports Due (Download report @ January 31 New Charters & Charter Renewals Due (Download report @ March 22 CreaBng EecBve, IntenBonal Ministry to Women Training at Frankfort First 6:00 9:00 p.m. April 16 Womens Luncheon at District Council, Good Shepherd, Owensboro. Guest Speaker Rev. Kim Sharp April 23 May 1 Womens Missions Trip to Brussels, Belgium July 11-13 (NoBce NEW DATE) District Womens Retreat, Frankfort First. Guest Speaker Carol Kent

Pastors & Mens Ministries Directors; Happy New Year! I believe with this New Year, we our going to see phenomenal growth in the discipleship and empowering of our men for ministry throughout the District. We are currently working on this year's Men's Conference that is scheduled for May 17 &18 at Cave City. Our Web site will soon be updated with all the latest information concerning the conference to keep you up to speed on what is developing. National Men's Ministries Day is January 27th. This is a great opportunity for you to highlight this vital ministry and present a message of vision, leadership and encouragement to the men in your church. If the 27th is not available set an alternate date. Pastor, I believe that this Men's Day is a special day for you and your men.

Listed below are some resources that are available to download for National Men's Day. *Sermons *Art Work Gift idea: Men's Ministries: The Magazine is produced by National Mens Ministries of the Assemblies of God and is geared toward men of all ages. This is a great resource that is available for local churches. Article titles include: Most Valuable - Bringing Your Family Along for the Journey, Lifelong Coach - A Dad's Mandate, Personal Growth Plan - Preparing Your Children to Leave the Nest plus more. Call GPH at 1-800-641-4310and ask for the Magazine for Men #728164. *Complimentary copies available only while supplies last. Pay only shipping. Happy New Year to you and your family! May God give you and your Church the best yet!

January 2013

The Kentucky Challenge A monthly publication of the Kentucky Ministry Network of the Assemblies of God

SPEED THE LIGHT TOP 25 GIVING CHURCHES JANUARY- NOVEMBER 2012 2. Frankfort, First Assembly 3. Lexington, First Assembly 4. Martin, First Assembly 5. Owensboro, Calvary Temple 6. Louisville, Hillview Assembly 7. Louisville, Trinity Chapel 8. Owensboro, Good Shepherd 9. Mayfield, First Assembly 10. Louisville, Calvary Christian Center 11. Frankfort, New Harvest Assembly 12. Bowling Green, New Life Church 13. Clinton, First Assembly of God 14. Erlanger, Christs Chapel 15. Dawson Springs, Dayspring AG 16. Paducah, Victory Assembly 17. Madisonville, First Assembly 18. Earlington, Assembly of God 19. London, Faith Assembly 20. Danville, Cornerstone Assembly 21. Elizabethtown, Calvary Assembly 22. Cynthiana, Living Hope Assembly 23. Versailles, Kingsway Assembly 24. Elizabethtown, Lakeside Worship Ctr 25. Nicholasville, First Assembly
1. Henderson, First Assembly $21,701.80 $7,765.00 $5,943.82 $5,373.00 $5,118.30 $5,078.80 $4,980.73 $4,435.84 $4,294.88 $4,021.90 $3,137.00 $3,033.64 $2,974.02 $2,857.29 $2,780.13 $2,740.05 $2,573.43 $2,568.07 $2,546.19 $2,468.00 $2,440.43 $2,381.70 $2,285.18 $2,029.29 $2,004.97

Thank you to these students for giving $100 or more to Speed the Light in 2012!
Lindsey Hooper-Dawson Springs, Dayspring AG Steve Bearden-Dawson Springs, Dayspring AG Nathan Bearden-Dawson Springs, Dayspring AG Dylan Woodruff-Dawson Springs, Dayspring AG Emily Garrett-Dawson Springs, Dayspring AG Luke Yantz-Bedford, New Life AG Logan Hurd-Earlington, Assembly of God Jonathan Harvey-Earlington, Assembly of God Mackenzie Cotton-Earlington, Assembly of God Savannah Bean-Earlington, Assembly of God Jake Alatraca-Louisville, Calvary Christian Center Nick Reimer-Louisville, Calvary Christian Center James Gladin-Louisville, Calvary Christian Center Jessica Bone-Fulton, New Life Worship Center Kayelee Caudill-Fulton, New Life Worship Center Robby Cox-Fulton, New Life Worship Center Will Cox-Fulton, New Life Worship Center Corey Jenson-Martin, First Assembly Joseph Johnson-Martin, First Assembly Jammy Johnson-Martin, First Assembly Linda Johnson-Martin, First Assembly Phyllis Conley-Martin, First Assembly Donald Yates-Martin, First Assembly Ryan Coleman-Martin, First Assembly Abigail Coleman-Martin, First Assembly Sherri Coleman-Martin, First Assembly Ashley Arnett- Salyersville, Bethel Assembly Lindsey Arnett- Salyersville, Bethel Assembly Rachel Girdler-Louisville, Trinity Chapel David Gauze-Cynthiana, Calvary Assembly Nathan Gauze-Cynthiana, Calvary Assembly Cameron Blankenship-Cynthiana, Calvary Assembly Sarah Nichols-Cynthiana, Calvary Assembly Anna Nichols-Cynthiana, Calvary Assembly Kyla Sowder-Cynthiana, Calvary Assembly Elijah Mullins-Flemingsburg, Assembly of God Seth Fawns-Flemingsburg, Assembly of God Allie Hill-Flemingsburg, Assembly of God Kaela Redden-Frankfort, New Harvest Ezra Harrison-Frankfort, New Harvest Jonah Harrison-Frankfort, New Harvest Clara Shawver-Frankfort, New Harvest Laci Davis-Henderson, First Assembly Maddie Mitchell-Henderson, First Assembly Katie Mitchell-Henderson, First Assembly Gabe McGovern-Paducah, Concord Christian Center Elisha Wilcox-Shelbyville, Grace Assembly
Note: Leaders, if you have students who have given $100 or more in 2012, please e-mail the names with your church name to Thank you!

January 2013

The Kentucky Challenge A monthly publication of the Kentucky Ministry Network of the Assemblies of God

Gilbert Kerby

Royal Rangers District Commander Phone: 888.776.8324 Email:

Greetings to All, We are embarking on a new year. Great and exciting adventures are ahead for the Kentucky District Royal Rangers. Be sure to check out our 2013 calendar of events at: http:// The New Year brings the opportunity to sow seeds. We all know seeds must die to grow. We must water and tend to them to bring forth fruit. We must make sure they get plenty of sun light. Boys are no different. We must plant

the seed of salvation and when a boy accepts, the old dies away and he is reborn new. We must give him nourishment by teaching him scriptures, and guiding his path. We must give him plenty of SON light. He will then grow into a young man following God. Pastors, Commanders, dont forget our boys.
(Joh 12:24) Verily, verily, I say unto you, except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.

District Childrens Director Phone: 859.553.5437

Patsy Dennis

g Flemin m at Baptis


2013 Calendar March 22-23: Teen Girls Retreat (tba) August 23-24: Celebration (Crestwood) September27-29: Powette (tba) November 1-3: Sponsors Retreat (Crestwood)
Girls fr Christianom Victory -Somerse t

Sydney Goodrich

eived et rec ents y ev e not u hav children's please yo If ail... 2013 your e in the m e. g m packa contact

January 2013

The Kentucky Challenge A monthly publication of the Kentucky Ministry Network of the Assemblies of God

At the Kentucky School of Ministry we prepare people for ministry.

February 15-16, 2013
at Camp Crestwood
Textbook(s) Registration Deadline is February 1, 2013. Class Acts of the Holy Spirit Eschatology

Registration begins at 5:30 pm on Friday in the Cafeteria. Chapel and Student Orientation begins at 7:00 pm
Credential Level Certified or Diploma in Biblical Studies Licensed

Class registration cost is $55 + the cost of textbook(s). An additional $5 will be needed for breakfast, if desired. The registration fee includes overnight lodging at Camp Crestwood and student study guide. Textbooks are required to complete the study guide. Students must acquire a copy of the textbooks to complete the course Please note: Books with no prices listed are not available through KSOM. Textbooks are available through our website at then click on the Order textbooks here line. We also have a new agreement with Christian Book Distributors for books. If you order through the Order Textbooks Here link on the KSOM Enrollment and Registration webpage, KSOM gets 8% of any books and 5% of any e-books you purchase through this link (even non KSOM items ordered through CBD using this link gives money back to the School of Ministry). The study guide will be mailed to the student upon registration. Completed Study Guide must be handed in upon arrival. Students must copy their completed Study Guide PRIOR to arriving and use the copy during class for further study. Registration information is available at or call or email Debbie Brown for details or information 502-241-7111 Ext. 22, or

Acts: A Logion Press Commentary Author: Stanley M. Horton

Our Destiny: Biblical Teachings on the Last Things Author: Stanley M. Horton The Pentecostal Pastor Edited by: Thomas Trask & Escape from Church, Inc. by: E. Glenn Wagner

Ordained or Continuing Education

Pastoral Ministry

[Price thru KSOM: $35 (Pentecostal Pastor) + $17 (Wagner bk) + $5 shipping fee (if needed)]

Childrens Ministries

Introduction to Childrens Ministry

Building Childrens Minsitry By: Tina Houser & Making Childrens Ministry the Best Hour of Every Kids Week. by: David Staal and Sue Miller


January 2013

The Kentucky Challenge A monthly publication of the Kentucky Ministry Network of the Assemblies of God

Do you have a good marriage? Would you like to make it better? Do you need to reconnect? ...with no distractions? A Marriage Encounter Weekend could be your answer! In other marriage conferences, couples come away impressed with the speakers, but at a Marriage Encounter Weekend, couples come away impressed with their spouse. Learn a new and powerful tool for better communication. It will change you! Dont today!
January 2013

Marriage Encounter Weekend February 22-24, 2013 in Georgetown, KY Registration is $75 for this ALL INCLUSIVE weekend Register online at or Contact: Pat & Barb Farley PH: 859.494.7529

Believe in a Better Marriage



The Kentucky Challenge A monthly publication of the Kentucky Ministry Network of the Assemblies of God

Office: 502.241.7111

Kentucky Youth Alive Email:

Rodney Goodlett

Since 2007, Youth Alive has registered and resourced over 27,000 students as Campus Missionaries with the goal of presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every student before they graduate high school. This year consider giving through LFTL to Firepack 71:18 in order to continue to supply the Student Firepacks to our students here in Kentucky. Check it out at

Church Planting & Revitalization

Church Planting & Revitalization Director Ofce: 859.371.3787



The Battle Within: A Personal Devotion

Im both a pastor and an evangelist at heart. And as much as I know both callings are to coexist peacefully together, thats not what often happens, especially when it comes to church planting. Let me explain. As a pastor I am called to shepherd the people of God under my care. Its a responsibility I give my whole heart to fulfill. It requires my time and energy, as well as my devotion. Long days and frequent interruptions into an already busy schedule is the norm. All pastors know the routine and we give ourselves fully to it. Why? Because we love Gods people and embrace caring for them as a high priority for our lives. I also love the lost and the evangelist in me makes that an equally important part of my calling. I love lost folks visiting and attending my church, hanging out with the saints and hopefully making a decision of faith. We are blessed to have unsaved people in our congregation all the time. But heres the rub I know the statistics. I know that new churches are statistically some of the best soil for the lost to find Jesus.

And, new church plants in my community will essentially be a large part of how God answers my prayer to save the lost in my Jerusalem. The evangelist in me rejoices when new church plants come into my community. But the pastor in me doesnt get nearly as excited. Why? Because new church plants always bring about a transition in my own congregation. Folks I have invested in and loved and cared about for years occasionally have a desire to help in the establishment of new church plants and I dont easily let go of those I have been called to pastor. Thus the battle within me rages. Its happened before and its happening in me again, right now. So today I pray

Lord, give me grace and calm the storm within me. Help me to remember that my calling and my control of things are not the same thing. Help me to discover once again that the church, even my church, belongs to you more than it does to me. The pastor and evangelist in me seem to constantly be at war with one another. Today, I confess the struggle and ask for a truce. I am so grateful that you use these moments to remind me once again that your kingdom is so much bigger than me. Make the pastor and evangelist inside of me drop their individual swords to become lifetime friends and ministry partners. Jesus, give me peace. In your name I pray, Amen.
January 2013

The Kentucky Challenge A monthly publication of the Kentucky Ministry Network of the Assemblies of God


July 12, 1961December 14, 2012
Cards of comfort may be sent to Gary, Maleaha and Noah Stommel, 60 Townhouse Ln. #60, West Liberty, KY 41472 A CelebraDon of Life service will be held at New Life Church, 1423 ScoYsville Rd, Bowling Green, KY 42104 on Saturday, December 29, 2012 at 6:00 pm Central Standard Time. VisitaDon will be at the church from 2-4pm CST Gary requests that, in lieu of owers, contribuDons may be given to the Vicky Stommel Memorial Missions Fund. ContribuDons may be sent to this fund at the Kentucky Ministry Network, PO Box 98, Crestwood, KY 40014 or go to online giving and designate your gia.

At the Kentucky School of Ministry we prepare people for ministry.


February 15 - 16 Class one: Introduc)on to Childrens Ministry March 15 - 16 Class two: Discovering Your Leadership Style May 10 - 11 Class three: Teaching Kids Authen)c Worship June 7 - 8 Class four: Nurturing Children in Their Faith
Please contact Debbie Brown at or 502-241-7111 Ext 22 for registraDon informaDon and for prices of required textbooks.
January 2013 13






The Kentucky Challenge A monthly publication of the Kentucky Ministry Network of the Assemblies of God

2013-2014 Kentucky Acts 2 Journey: Healthy Church Network

Pastors, dont miss this opportunity for your church to be a part of this.
Weve had a dozen or more churches and between 100-150 leaders form KYAG churches take this journey to build health and growth in 2012. We are offering it again to give YOUR church and opportunity to see God do amazing things. Put it on your calendar--Discovery Weekend July 19-20, 2013 at Camp Crestwood. Life provides an abundant array of illustrations! In the words of Mickey Mantle, If I had known I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself. Have I ever found that to be true in my life! The parallel applies to the local church. The older and established church body requires a longer transition period when facing the future. Regretfully, a history of greatness offers increased resentment to the inevitable demand for change. Yet, the only thing certain in life is change! We have chosen to partner with our local churches and pastors who are interested in becoming the church that God intends for this hour. Yesterdays victories will not conquer the challenges of tomorrow! We will change! The only real question is, How will we manage change? The Healthy Church Network HCN offers a step-by-step approach that I would like to make available to EVERY KENTUCKY CHURCH. During the coming year, every church that is willing to seriously consider the future will be able to participate in an amazing journey of transformation, however, letters, brochures, and promotion fail to adequately explain the process. It requires a personal experience! Therefore, we have reserved July 19-20, 2013 for a Discovery Weekend. This event is free and made possible by your Kentucky Ministry Network. At the Discovery Weekend, pastors and spouses will bring key leaders and board members, etc. to be introduced to the ACTS 2 Journey. They will assess their churchs need(s) and readiness and will receive an invitation to join the 2013-2014 Kentucky Acts 2 Journey. Pastor, you cannot take the journey alone! Your leadership must buy-in or frustration will be the result! Share this opportunity with your board and significant leaders. Do not attempt the trip alone. Do not attempt the trip with only those who think out-of-the-box. Present leadership must participate and buy-in if success results. Register for Discovery Weekend today by calling the DistrictOffice 502-241-7111 or e-mailing Make it a priority on your calendar. At the close of the Friday and Saturday sessions of the Discovery Weekend you will be given the opportunity to join a transformational journey that will be one year in length, including four subsequent weekend retreats in 2013-2014 and local church commitments to work toward church health in all areas. (Only those who participate in the Discovery Weekend will be able to take the trip. Sorry, no exceptions are possible.) For questions or additional information, contact Superintendent Girdler and the Kentucky Ministry Network 502-241-7111. Reserve your place at the table!
14 January 2013

The Kentucky Challenge A monthly publication of the Kentucky Ministry Network of the Assemblies of God

Pastors Reports
Pikeville, Jubilee Chris6an2 people received salva/on and 2 people were bap/zed in water Raceland, First AG2 people were bap/zed in water Brandenburg, Glad Tidings AG8 people received salva/on, one person was bap/zed in water and 6 people joined the church Greenville, Landmark AGTwo baby dedica/ons and 310 Christmas shoe boxes sent to Eastern Kentucky Missions! Leitcheld, New Life AGOne person was saved Lexington, Bread of Life AG4 people received salva/on and 2 people were bap/zed in water Louisville, Shively Worship Center4 people were saved Louisville, Southwest AG3 people were saved and one person was bap/zed in the Holy Spirit Morehead, Grace AGone person received salva/on Middlesboro, New Beginnings AG2 people rededicated their lives to Christ Jesus Paris, River of Life6 people were saved and 15 people were bap/zed in the Holy Spirit Radcli, Lifeline AG4 adults and 3 children received salva/ons giP MINISTeRS CHANGe OF ADDReSS Rev. Ronnie & Robin Boggs 5407 Adkins Rd. Louisville, KY 40219



Roy Bennett ________________270.232.4941 Woodrow Berry _____________606.620.5449 Doris Bunch ________________270.212.1422 Gary Churchman_____________502.222.8141 Harold Clayborn _____________859.792.1252 Nathan Cockrill______________ 417.350.2790 Benjamin Dock ______________859.737.5674 Mary Dorgan ________________859.653.0694 Linda Fambrough ____________270.826.9179 Joseph Hardt_______________ 502.241.6030 Larry Hill ___________________606.849.8115 Gerald Hogan _______________270.791.7212 Sean Kelly__________________859.432.4742 Robert Lawrence, Jr. _________615.720.5678 Peg Lackore ________________606-348-6173 Rachel Leonard______________859.802.7261 Ryan Lewis ________________ 859.608.2215 Jerry Parritt ________________502.382-8377 Philip Reed ________________ 270.999.6236 Marlene Reynolds ___________270.272.1401 Terry Rigsby ________________270.265.5016 Bill Robinson _______________ 859.322.8989 Ottis Rose _________________ 859.771.8208 LaVern Snyder ______________502.241.4082 Lana Tilley _________________ 502.229.5446 Joe Timberlake ______________270.799.8974 James Turner ______________ 812-621-7026 C. Leigh Wiles ______________502.485.9955 Mark Wilhoite _______________502.424.1909 Robert Young _______________ 859.473.0484



ROYAL RANGERS GILBERT KERBY..............................888.776.8324 XPERT_EXTERIORS@YAHOO.COM WWW.KYROYALRANGERS.ORG SPECIAL TOUCH KUSUM NEAL..................................502.867.7097 KUSUMNEAL@ATT.NET TEEN CHALLENGE OFFICE.......................................502.544.3288 TEENCHALLENGEKY@JUNO.COM WOMENS MINISTRIES SHARON FRIDGE.........................502.545.1980 SHARONFRIDGE@AOL.COM YOUTH DIRECTOR BRIAN NEUGENT.................................502.241.7111 KYM@KYAG.ORG YOUTH ALIVE RODNEY GOODLETT............................502.241.7111 YA@KYAG.ORG ACCOUNT # 2602076



Rev. Ronnie & Robin Boggs 5407 Adkins Rd. Louisville, KY 40219

January 2013



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