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Russia wants to destroy the unique projects in the field of radiation technology and intelligence.

Irradia Couple from Russia REAL STORY

1. About Us (short intro)

We - a couple (husband and wife) Husband (Radium) - Russian citizen, I (we further call me Teodelit name, it's my real name here on Earth) is a citizen of Ukraine, Russia has a residence permit to the registration of residence. The marriage on August 18, 2009. Temporarily living in Moscow, against his will. Met in 2008 in internet, but knew each other long before the birth of the bodies. We are to each other as brother and sister, it lasts from yet another life (outside of these bodies). The relationship between us, like a brother and sister (kinship). Now, we were forced to get along with one person (landlord), who is the mother of radium. The relationship I have with his mother - a very violent, conflict and problem. It always has been (up of the incident), as soon as I moved to live with her husband in 2009. After the incident, the incident - the criticality of my relationship with his mother, exacerbated by a million times. We have achieved significant results in the home in the study of issues of ionizing radiation in various industries, as well as intelligence (non-standard methods of intelligence - it is my work), professional education in these areas, we do not, we know all their own.

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If we talk about ionizing radiation, one of the industries that may be interested in all of humanity - are issues of radiobiology. Our bodies are constructed from birth not as a normal person. This is confirmed by many medical data that have accumulated since childhood. In view of the unusual device of our body, we intersect with this topic for a long time. We have from birth as a vital need in the domestic and external radiation exposure. Under the internal exposure is assumed - the use of radioisotopes into the world (as well as a person eats food), which in the body are analogous to the basic elements, without which any man cannot live. They give us energy (as food gives a person) by which we can live, these chemicals are actively involved in all biochemical processes in our bodies. For example, radioisotopes such as uranium, plutonium, radium, thorium is so important to our operation, as a person, for example, - nitrogen, oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, etc. That is, if the energy of the average person makes ordinary food (eg, fruits, meat, fish, vegetables, etc.), it gives us the energy use of radioisotopes inside. Unlike everyone else, our body can not get energy from the "human food" That's the way our bodies ... An external investment of means, exposure to each other to strong flows Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Neutron, X-rays. Radiation does not affect us negatively. Radiation effect is always positive for us. Our health at the same time directly proportional to the dose rate irradiation. The higher the dose of radiation - the better we feel. And - on the contrary: The lower the dose, the worse we feel. We have repeatedly contacted "bare hands" without protection from radiation sources, the specific activity of 60000 Curie (Cobalt 60), 3840 Curie (Iridium 192), 400 Curie (Tuliy170), 300 Curie (Tseziy137). A normal person, such sources of radiation can cause radiation burns within a few hours of exposure, further imminent death or necrosis and amputation of the local "places" on the body, have been in contact with the source of radiation. We have these sources do not cause radiation burns, and in principle, there are no negative consequences. For a long time (for a total of 23-27 years), we hid their particular way of life, the existence, in every way, as soon as they could. However, the physiological needs of the body due to constant exposure to stress (which drains our resources in the body) caused us to constantly look for food - the source of radiation. Other food (they eat all the people), in view of our features, we do not think at all. We have a serious intolerance of vitamins, hormones, amino acids, proteins, and lipids. There are organic food, which we frankly hurts (and the food very much). And so, basically, I just cannot get the vital energy of the organic food. My body does not digest it, and displays almost unchanged. Always a lot of stress in our life. Our childhood was a very brutal and difficult. My fate is very complicated. I was born in Chernobyl (I distinctly remember), but then I "stole" from their homes and placed in a totally alien and hostile city, where I was "adopted a" so-called "foster parents." About 18 years, they hid from me that I am not their own child. Later, I found out this information on their own ...

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My fate is very complicated. I was born in Chernobyl (I distinctly remember), but then I "stole" from their homes and placed in a totally alien and hostile city, where I was "adopted a" so-called "foster parents." About 18 years, they hid from me that I am not their own child. Later, I found out this information on their own ... When I lived in Ukraine, among the enemy in the enemy city, then for 23 years (!), I was subjected to physical and moral violence by "foster parents" (not relatives) who abuse me every day. These were constant beatings and injuries, I have grown to learn what the "real hell." You can imagine when you are a very young child, do not know how to walk, and you are already at this age begin they to be strangled me, just for the fact. that i just cry, or did something that they did not like ... these monsters, constantly seeking I do not like the others. They wanted me to do the things that they tell me. But, I always resisted it. For this, I paid personal injuries, beatings, and constant moral violence. Just a very "gay" life was in school, on the street ... were all against me .. Everybody hated me for what I do not like all the people. In school I always had to "fight" (in the literal sense of the word) with all students. Live under the motto "if you do not defend themselves - you will be killed ..." The physical and mental pressure on me was on all sides - at home and on the street and at school ... I was in a constant state of "shock" ... As a result, my health has suffered . I often end up in hospital ... Once, in 2003, the "adoptive parents" traumatized me so much that I was in the intensive care unit with severe bleeding. I lost 80% of the blood. The doctors said that with this the loss of blood no one survives. But, I received a blood transfusion and I survived ... It was unbelievable, no one could believe that I was able to survive with such a severe loss of blood ... You do need to understand what relationship I have had these "foster parents" after all, I had to endure from them for 23 years, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! I've always struggled with them, I suffered them, because I know (and knew exactly seen the future) that I will soon leave the territory of that enemy city forever. I knew that I needed to wait for then it was all good ... I finally happened a long-awaited event - I met my husband on the internet. And we just decided to live together. I developed a plan of escape (secretly) and me managed to escape to Russia (Moscow), May 9, 2009. Everything was fine, we will resume contact with radiation, began to return his true consciousness for what it should be, we began to feel life! Real life! Which was so long ago did not feel on this planet ... But not all is as well ... in Moscow ... As it turned out, now that we are not future in Russia. In particular, we are talking about me, because I have seen my fate during clinical death and out- of-body experience. Was formed strong mental connection and I saw the future ... Of Radiy situation was no better. For 22 years, he was subjected to physical and mental abuse by adoptive "family," in particular from his grandfather (on a former martial arts instructor, working for the KGB.) The reasons for this "violence" against us were quite different: The main argument - is that we are not like other people. We are so different from people physiologically, mentally, psychologically and emotionally.

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Our worldview is fundamentally different from the standard norms. Our "religious beliefs" are contrary to much with the whole religion of the world, because we do not recognize the concept of "faith" and rely on a life only on facts and evidence. As a child, we had no friends, could not find a common language with their peers, because we were very different from all the people. We carefully hidden our desire for radiation after the few that know about it, as children, we were severely beaten for it. Both of us (being in different countries) were subjected to physical violence and emotional abuse. Not hard to guess that stress levels have been very high and it lasted all the time, constantly dwindling resources of our body. Therefore, the need of a radioactive isotope, we have very high, too much energy is spent on stress. Radiation calms the nervous system and fills with energy. Since childhood, our bodies were very different from all the people we cannot have a normal "human" food and energy to get out of it (our body does not get the energy out of it, and outputs unchanged), so we are often ill as a child. My body is working on a "live nuclear reactor" (in the truest sense of the word). He is able to get the nutritional energy due to radioactive decay of radioactive elements, as well as by biochemical processes involving radioactive isotopes in them. In this regard, from childhood we have to wonder - if we hurt some substances, then, there are some substances that are useful to us! And we began to look for answers to the question: what is this stuff? Answers found in our sensations. We feel the places with high levels of radiation from all the senses, we are instinctively drawn to such places. On the palate, we can determine all radioisotope composition of any substance. By touch, we feel each quantum collapse in his hands all over his body, which is directly proportional to the dose rate and the distance from the radiation source. The smell, we feel the slightest sign of ionization and identify the slightest excess of radon in the air. Due to the nature of the human organism, oxygen our lungs barely perceive. We cannot breathe oxygen, as they can breathe, many living beings on this planet. We can breathe perfectly any inert gas. Vision gives us the opportunity to see both the corpuscular and wave radiation, not visible to the ordinary human eye. Over the last 4 years, we have had extensive contact with the source of radiation is very high power, constantly bombarded worn on the body of the source of radiation, dose rate of about 80 Roentgen per hour (beta + gamma rays). If we talk about intelligence matters, everything is much simpler. MY ability to explore and get information appeared in me from birth. We have a long time could not identify it and understand what it is. Only with time, already, being together, I began to develop this issue in a professional way. All developments in the field of intelligence - it's my job. (Ziria). I systematized our abilities and to understand what they may be applicable. It's simple - I get information from virtually any source. My brain can perceive ciphers and codes, interpret and decipher. I can hear people's thoughts, so to obtain information from their heads. I can remotely work on any object or if I see the need. For these abilities, we began to avoid people, people began to hate us even more for the fact that we are not like the others. For the fact that we can hear and see what people do not want to show.

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2. About our unusual lifestyle. How it all began.

It all began with a moment of our birth. Instinctively, with the first moments of life unknowingly dragged to any sources of ionizing radiation, when they began to understand the world around us, began to notice what we have seen traction and began to wonder why? It awakened a greater interest and our cravings. In the beginning it started with an elementary function of electromagnetic fields (socket, electrical, transformer booths, high set, to stay near them and touch the wires and etc). Both as a child were on Soviet television cathode ray tubes. They generate the soft X ray emission. These TVs were particularly strong passion naked body leaning to the monitor and hug him, irradiating every cell of the body X rays. Just remember well the early years, when the hoist for a walk on the street still young, we are strongly attracted by power lines (power lines, especially the pyramidal structure). In the center of the pyramid, just below the power lines focused MAXIMUM electromagnetic flux, that is so powerful that it ionizes the air directly inside the pyramid power lines. The kindergarten was eating with the precedents we have the land, and we did it quite consciously. We thought it very tasty, different. As it turned out, we felt the earth in some unknowingly missing chemical elements that have sought with it to absorb into our bodies and feed. Where are you up to the age of five, we were pretty open and not hide their desires, not understanding the reaction of the surrounding. But since 5 years, we still completely closed to all. By the end of this chain of events led precedents on which we learned the true attitude of people towards our non- standard attachments. They tried all means to crush it, crush, to hurt, in response to the fact that we are drawn to it and seek. All this was strictly suppressed, controlled, getting worse and we realized that it was necessary GATES all around, not otherwise survive. So we finally closed, locked in myself and tried not to continue to give a single hint of something that pulls us. Since then we have continued to secretly go under power lines and in the evening or early morning, were irradiated under them, in a storm out on the street to breathe ozonized air (we are very much attracted to it) And also, from birth we have been very sensitive to the localization of foci of thrust with a high (high) content of the Radon. This inert radioactive gas, we react very sensitively on the smallest of its excess. This is due to the immediate necessity of life of our lungs in the Radon. Normal air contains oxygen, has always evoked from childhood we have asthma, with whom we have become accustomed over the years as a part of life. Constant shortness of breath, as if to inhale, and there is no filling. Only in places with excess of Radon, we began to notice that we are becoming easier to breathe! The more we need to Radon, the more susceptible we are to the slightest excess in the air, it is vitally important for us, the inert gas. One of us (radium) in childhood has also been a chronic runny nose, the nose was not breathing, the doctors could not understand the cause and had nothing to do with it. Operation is no such condition does not require. As it turned out, the condition of the nose was not so incurable, and, as acknowledged by the doctors. As it turns out, nasal congestion, held in place with a high content of Radon and Radon concentration is higher, the easier it is to breathe and the more delays nose. At a concentration of 3,000 becquerels per cubic meter of air at the Radium completely cured a chronic runny nose, which is plagued for many years. However, if this concentration again to remove the old symptoms may return soon to its former condition. As a child, loved to collect the granite stones, however, not all the ones that have attracted the most. When we rinsed them in water, we noticed that when with them, evaporates moisture, thus it smells odor, from which we can breathe easier (from the wet granite stands out as a natural child of radon decay product of radium contained in the feldspar granites). We began to collect these stones, put in a bowl, moisten with water and breathe these inhalations, from this, we feel better. When we got to the first source Radium226 (phosphor continuous), we felt the full saturation of the Radon inhaled fumes from the clock face, and later used the inside of the paint. Many sources of Radium226, we kept as a source of Radon, our room is always kept sealed it allowed us to breathe easier, our lungs felt that they breathe is not 0.5% as usual, but at 100% of the possible 100%. Light seemed to straighten out at the moment of inspiration, the breath is deep, strong and pure Dyspnea disappeared, which would not let us in childhood, especially in urban areas where there is no normal output of natural land and Radon222.

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Saturation of Radon in the process of respiration, we directly proportional to the concentration of radon in the air. Then, at the age of 10, we noticed that in addition to Radon able to breathe (and at the same time feel the saturation) other inert gases. The first gas, which we tried to breathe it was a ball of Helium. We noticed that he too is capable of saturating light, in contrast to oxygen, bad experiences with which we have also been inhaled oxygen in the chamber, after which they were on the brink of death just the first 20 seconds. Oxygen, we do not carry over, he begins to burn the lungs from the inside, we feel the whole body oxidation, and as a consequence, this leads to loss of consciousness and respiratory arrest, or bronchospasm. Another very interesting fact was, we loved from childhood to collect the winter snow packs, to bring home to heat it, pour water into the bottle, cake stand and drink a kind of water. She had fed us very much and it was not a weak admixture of the hydrogen isotope deuterium. But not all the snow was delicious. Most good was away from the road, deep in the park as near the road in the snow a lot of lead, which for us as a chemical element is very toxic. Later, when we started living together in Moscow, Kolomenskoye, we found the water flow from the second loop reactor MEPI, which often came to drink the water type (radiolysis, Deuterium Tritium water is our favorite) This water is now saturated with us, quench your thirst. It is very important prerequisite for our non-standard MAIN thrust of ionizing radiation sources (both internal and external) was our biological (genetic) feature. We have a child organisms are very different from the usual food of all people, all of which feed on, we are seriously hurting. As it turned out, we have an acute intolerance to vitamins, hormones, amino acids, lipids, proteins. All products that contain these or other substances, for us to potentially toxic. And the more of those if other substances contained in the product, the stronger the symptoms of poisoning have manifested, the more severe the consequences of poisoning for us. The most vivid and sharp reaction to the poisoning of our vitamins (all that it contains vitamins), hormones, amino acids are rapidly neutralized by the high alkaline blood. It is easier and without adverse effects on the body we have always perceived purely chemical origin of the food does not contain the vitamins and the like poison to us. That is, in fact, those foods that people think is very harmful for health. Such foods have not poisoned, temporarily quench the hunger of saturation, however, even a meal we did not feel had only a temporary effect of placebo. That is, any energy we do not give, only temporarily killed the stomach and came out almost intact. In normal sunlight, we get energy from food but not. For this reason, we had a strong craving for some sweets (only some, because not all of them safe for us), usually just eat sugar (glucose) in large quantities. This gave us a bit more crowded than the rest of the food. So it is with salt, lots of salt sometimes want to consume Although we are all only temporarily saturated, and energy did not give itself at all, this food is, at least, we were not carrying harmful. Frank poison to us are fruits, vegetables, fruit, milk and dairy products, meat, fish. However, later we found out a secret, by which even in these toxic products sometimes can be identified for the benefit of a. But it is very rare. It is a product (usually berries) with a high content of radionuclides. These berries have attracted. Consumption of two side effects was. On the one hand, it caused the poisoning, on the other hand, the more radioactive isotopes in the berry, the better are the symptoms of poisoning and such food appears unchanged, after the body of it squeezes the most out. ALL Radioisotopes and displays everything that does not emit. That is, Indeed, the risk is worth it to torment, it was worth it because the body is removed the inward Radioisotopes, but they have not printed at all, only to have the potential to accumulate in unlimited quantities. Given all this, we began to think of childhood in all seriousness (as we had to survive, no matter what). We began to think that if we hurt so much and do not fit all the food that they eat all the people it is likely, there is food, and such substances are consuming, they will be as we nourish and replenish as human products that are harmful to us. From childhood, we are often forced to vitamin baited with food, which we are actively resisted, constantly thrown, no one has yet seen, but as yet had to make some, this led to very unfortunate consequences, we are very ill, feeling worse, no one could understand why emergence of such symptoms. In the end, just shoved it in a bad immune system, infections, viruses, on anything, just not on vitamins, fruit and other such stuff, which they regard as a panacea for all ills.

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We, of course, this all means avoid. We had to constantly lie and pretend. When we became very ill after being poisoned, we are saved only drink plenty of water and starvation, your body cleans itself in a quick manner on toxic substances and gradually recovered until the next precedent etching. This has been the usual way of life To live permanently in the lie to all the people, because we never felt safe, the whole environment in childhood has been hostile to us. As a child our bodies very different from everyone, we could not tolerate regular food, ill, a child began to wonder if we hurt one substance, then there are those who are useful to us! And they look for answers. The answers were found in our sensations. We feel the places with high levels of radiation without the aid of special devices, we are instinctively drawn to such places We can define the taste of all the Radioisotope composition of any substance. By sense of touch, we feel each quantum collapse in the palms and around the body, which is directly proportional to the Radiation dose. The smell feel the slightest manifestation of ionization and identify the slightest excess of Radon in the air. Due to the nature of our organisms, oxygen our lungs hardly perceive. Vision gives us the opportunity to see both corpuscular and wave Radiation, invisible to the human eye. The hearing will recognize not only extremely high and extremely low frequency, but the frequency of light, the frequency of the scintillation from Radiation. Over the past four years, we have a long contact with sources of very high power and constantly bombarded, worn on the body sources of Radiation activity of at least 80 Roentgen per hour for Beta and Gamma Radiation.

3. What happened? When we moved in together, we were able to extract radioactive substances and restore the vital resources of our bodies. For 3 years I was able to fully recover all of their physical and mental damage to the body that I had suffered for 23 years! With us are familiar to many people. Over time, it turned out that our unusual tastes and abilities come to recognize people ... There are envious and bad people. These are bad people as a result - have betrayed us ... A bad man, was caught "in the hot" Russian secret services (FSB) with a radioactive substance. The bastard knew about us and what we are unusual. And the first thing he did said the FSB of our existence. The fact that we eat Radioactive substances and buy them ... It was in February 2012. From this point on the "mechanism was launched." Russian FSB learned about us , they have tracked down and waited for the moment when we can be "caught in the hot" .... In 2012, we met with a man named "Tyler", who offered to sell us a source of radiation that it can get. We agreed to this. Several times we bought it emits radiation. But the last time he entered the territory of the protected military unit, it delayed the FSB. They, in turn, caused him to bring them to us, as potential buyers. Thus, by chance, the Russian Federal Security Service ran into us. Initially, the FSB had no idea who we are and who they "come across." Only time they realized ... Their hair stand on end ... I personally witnessed this when they came into our bedroom ... LOL Imagine serious uncle thought that we - the terrorists. We went into the bedroom and there the whole room is painted with strange symbols, all around painted signs Radiation, on the table there are plates of uranium ore, poured a cup of uranium nitrate, many different kinds of food Radioactive! And then, they have found (during the search) our "cookbook of recipes from the radioactive isotopes" - they stole it!! LOL I imagine they were moving hair when they read it all! LOL
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May 11, 2012 we calculated the Russian secret service FSB, which made detention when the husband (Radium) bought for the two of us that nourish our bodies, our food - 239, 241 Plutonium, Americium 241. We had originally planned to eat a whole (all 9 sources), no environmental pollution is not here, our skin due to uranium-238 internal radiation shields the body, and Radioisotopes not removed from the body, as we have repeatedly tested this dosimeters. As well, there is the actual proof that the radioisotopes are not derived from the body - is the data scintigraphy. More information can be found in our photo album: set=a.153671424777847.47275.100004049716951&type=3 About the incident at the Radiy had 2 criminal case under Article 220 of the Criminal Code ("Illicit trafficking in radioactive materials"). The first criminal case was opened, for the acquisition of a radioactive substance. The second criminal investigation was opened, for the storage of radioactive substances.

12 May 2012 to the apartment where we are registered at the address had a lot of special services, including SIA "Radon", MOE, the Federal Security Service of Russia, "CPS", social services, etc. Rose very high "resonance" at the Russian government. Our personal life is not only interested in the Lubyanka and the Kremlin. Their food (chemicals radioactive isotopes and external sources of radiation) we kept in his bedroom for the head wall of the building shielded so that the employees themselves "RADON" confirmed the fact that in the neighboring apartments excess radiation due to our functioning found was not. All radioactive materials were only in our bedroom, and the effects of radiation we are exposed only himself! Mother of radium, which is near to the room, and inside it we were not allowed ever. 12 May 2012 NGO organization bridges "Radon" to begin the removal of all radioactive substances from our room. May 12, 2012 we, along with the mother of radium resettled against their will to another apartment (social housing). In our apartment, where we registered, we were not allowed to May

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12, 2012 to June 2, 2012! Almost a month! We were in terrible conditions on the bare floor with bare walls, no heat, sometimes without water. In the nervous system have developed serious health problems + in the condition in which we found ourselves. I started to happen strange things. As a result of suffering a severe stress, in the period from 12 May 2012 to 15 June 2012, I went through 5 cases of clinical death (temporary stopping of the heart) and tested out-of-body experience ... The last case of clinical death (6 in a row) was the October 10, 2012, as a result of another, very high stress. As we found out later, the entire procedure is the actual removal of radioactive substances has taken no more than 3 days! Then there is a logical question - what these people were doing in our apartment for a month? The answer is very simple. Due to the very unhealthy interest in our security services and personnel bridges. NPO "Radon", all the while they were digging in our personal things! We had a lot of material of our ciphers, which we wrote on paper. FSB tried to decipher our messages, but nothing they could not, because all truth is kept in my head, but on paper there was misinformation. Employees mos.NPO "Radon" stolen from the apartment of 85-90% of all the things that were not radioactive (100%). They are, quite frankly, "robbed us." They stole expensive items, appliances, equipment, furniture and even some clothes! Most laugh that employees mos.NPO "Radon" stole all my underwear (panties) that I had! (Clean, new, clear) - to a husband, they NOT stole! It was my panties, I want to see. Pants it was not a husband! (REAL perverts!) The question is - why do they need? Have no idea ... Washed REAL Perverts ... Due to the very unhealthy interest to us one employee "radon", which he admitted to us on the day of the incident, we are very interested in it, he followed us after the fact, even hacked our profile on He climbed into our personal lives. On day 3 after the incident, while in another apartment, we went to donate blood: an overall analysis, then biochemistry. According to the results of all studies, symptoms of radiation sickness and cancer markers were detected. By itself, the blood was abnormally strange in shape and color. However, no signs of disease were detected. This is just a feature of our genetic organisms. Our blood looks different from the human: set=a.141471615997828.41934.100004049716951&type=3 And it's all based on what radioisotopes are and how much we consume in, and what dose tested externally on the body for many years. After the incident occurred (12 May 2012), we went to donate blood for general analysis and biochemistry. There are documents to prove it. The most interesting thing is that the doctors have tried to describe (explain) the unusual sight of blood! Yeap! Yeap! it was great fun! LOL (By itself, of course, their hair stood on end when they saw the blood under the microscope! Well, they were not smart enough to shine on it UV, or to measure the alpha-radiometer! LOL) Here's what the three "terms" doctors "called" my blood))

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1. Polychromatophilia (elevated blood immature, young red blood cells, stained with alkaline and acid dyes. Symptom hyper-regeneration and increased blood alkaline environment. Just polychromatophilia is a sign of the strong variability of the color of blood that is red blood cells do not have the characteristic red color, and make any other color) My comment: This is not surprising. My blood has a different color due to the fact that the basis of hemoglobin is not iron, and uranium-235. So it often was reflected green light at a certain angle (and the light in the UV range). Very young blood cells and a sign of hyperregeneration - this is a normal state of my body, as regeneration occurs continuously through the radiation exposure of the body, both outside and inside .... 2. Anisocytosis (- presence of blood corpuscles, the sizes are different from normal) My comment: This is not surprising. Given the fact that my blood completely non-normal. Quite different alkaline environment, other chemical elements ... In view of my genetic needs, I use to eat heavy alkali metals (Cesium, Rubidium, Lanthanum, Europium, Lutetium, etc., drink cesium hydroxide - a strong alkaline). All this affects the alkaline environment of the blood. 3. Poikilocytosis (- Changing the shape of red blood cells are very different from the normal form of red blood cells. Depends on many factors - the chemical composition of blood, body condition, acid-alkaline environment of blood, etc.) My comment: It also is not surprising. Another chemical composition of blood + strong alkaline environment - this directly affects the shape of blood cells. + Genetics, it is important. We ourselves, before the event, watched us blood under a microscope and know all its oddities: Changeable color due to the presence of Uranus in hemoglobin, blood fluoresces under UV green. The same blood we strongly alkaline, high rate of alkali in the blood (pH 911) - is our health status. Alkaline environment in the blood, we support the use of alkali metal inside - Cesium, Rubidium, Strontium, Europium, Lanthanum, Lutetium, etc. These chemical elements we feel great need of life. They quench our hunger and support the functioning of our bodies. Unusual (different) form red blood cells, indicating a high alkalinity of the blood, as well as the genetic characteristics of an organism. In truth, fully nourish and restore our bodies can only unstable nuclides, major organogenic elements in our bodies: Radium, Plutonium and Uranium. For our bodies, the most important is that each atom is constantly in the excited state. If the atoms become passive, all systems of the body begin to fail. Well, that are stable, non-radioactive, chemicals alkali metal bastards have left us, and it helped us to stretch a little more and stay alive in the minds of so far. But to leave yourself these chemicals, we spent a lot of nerves, because the mother Radium desperately wanted to get rid of these substances, which give me the opportunity to give us something to survive. But we have defended their own, no matter what. These chemical elements now allow me to survive and operate in "emergency mode." The Russian Federal Security Service, the day of the incident on May 12 2012, we were "promised" that if we voluntarily will issue all sources of radiation, they will not bring criminal proceedings. But in the end, they did not keep his word, we gave everything we had more than life, as sources and as food. All we give life. And in response to just get the 2 cases, and the FSB itself simply disappeared, spit on us!
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Only with time, we have learned that the FSB fear us because of our ability and what we are. FSB beginning to understand that we do not usually ... The Russian government set a very negative towards us. All of them (bureaucrats, FSB, politics) most fear - who we are. They cannot accept the fact that after all that they have learned about the source of radiation and the "power" that were at the time of withdrawal, they cannot accept the fact that we are still alive. They cannot keep it in their minds - how can this be? If normal people from dying ... FSB, among other things, is afraid of our abilities to read minds, etc. Therefore, they avoid us in any way so far. In addition, the Russian government most wants us to realize our projects, our discoveries. Russia strongly opposes our discoveries and innovations. It is not surprising, since all the new ideas in Russia, such a reaction. This is normal. Not surprisingly, the smart people are fleeing abroad, not only to stay in Russia. Here, any discoveries and innovations will be prosecuted. This is a time of repression and tyranny, is the same as in Soviet times. Nothing has changed. 4. Our ability. How we can help - Our ability, skills, abilities (briefly) 1. Who we are. Our way of life and the power of radioisotopes. We guess that our consciousness has long been under the control of the most radiation. Perhaps this is another form of mind control, but by something more (maybe it's a form of freedom). But, after the lived experience, we can partially claim to speak on behalf of the Radiation almost as the elements. 2. All our knowledge and skills based on radiation technology. This technology allows you to encrypt and decrypt information, read information from an object or a living being through the energy footprint on any object, including the application of innate ability to obtain information directly from the human brain (telepathy).So it makes sense to mention the knowledge that are in our heads right from the moment of birth. It is the language (code), which has no analogues either in the modern world, nor any documented ancient sources known to mankind. There are practical ideas that allow you to apply the principles of radiation symbiosis to any person (lowering of radiosensitivity) and direction of the effect of radiation on the health benefit, not harm.Search and find the source of radiation, using all the senses (Dowsing). Thus, the experience in the detection of nuclear materials at strategic sites. Have experience in identifying and tracing any source of nuclear proliferation on the Internet and their seizure of civilian traffic. 3. Healing of human consciousness, the elimination of all illusions, the destruction in the brain of all the programs ever recorded in his mind. Ionizing radiation as a method of human evolution. Ionizing radiation, as a way out of control of something (awakening ability to influence the foreign intelligence) Psycho-emotional state in the presence of the ability of finding the powerful ionizing fields, mainly gamma ray and neutron radiation, as well as elementary particles, thus giving the opportunity to detect ionizing radiation by the brain in a healthy way. - Increased concentration is directly proportional to the radiation fields pastime. - The ability to perceive only the facts (information not related and which are not confirmed in reality, is rejected as not necessary).

P a g e | 11

- Someone Else's point of view is seen only when there is a direct confirmation of the fact, comparable with reality. - Methods for obtaining information from the outside do not rely only on the 5 senses (appears that something else) - Lack of trust / faith to anything or anyone. - Lack of doubt and hesitation, commitment - Instant decisions. Further research in this area can lead to significant effects in the formation of the impact and mind control programming of the mind, study the mental abilities of the brain. Subject to certain important conditions, mind control is not possible. All effects that accompany this activity, on the one hand are similar to the action of psychedelic drugs (especially LSD), on the other hand - are at the root of a diametrically opposite character, mainly affecting the person is not a biochemical process, and by ionization (excitation of atoms) and electromagnetic waves. Activation in the mind something similar to the imagination, but is not. 4. Our language is the cipher, which we own. Type 1 - elementary. Is a symbol - a transcript. This is an unreliable method, since it is possible to STEAL decoding and learn the meaning of the cipher. Type 2 - intuitive (difficult). Very confidential cipher type, it cannot be stolen. Since knowledge of this cipher can be trained to only a specific person or group of people. Information remains completely confidential. Type 3 - mixed (combined 1 and 2 encryption type) Primarily 2 type, 1 type is used only to refer to the most basic guiding words for greater ease of interpretation or enhancement of the cipher (if required). 5. Non-standard methods of obtaining information. - Telepathy: The internal dialogue. Reading internal dialogue. - Distance vision and analysis - Scanning the object at a distance - Exploration (non-standard methods of obtaining intelligence information) - Radiation: Writing information to the storage and information retrieved from the media. Radiation - a transmitter of information. - The practice of telepathy as something in the likeness "polygraph" - recognition of truth and deception in the response of reading + parallel to obtain information from his head. For us, this practice - the most simple job that does not require any effort or preparation. - Use of non-standard methods of obtaining information from a collection of intelligence (Human intelligence (intelligence collection)) - Interception frequency signals, code, data non-standard way, two-way communication, remote monitoring, application of skills in the signal intelligence and crypto analysis (Signals intelligence and Measurement and signature intelligence) 6. Examples of life. Our skills. 1). Experience with intelligence data: - Experience with open-source Intelligence (Open-source intelligence) obtain any information from the Internet and other public sources. If we show to what or interest, we can find out thoroughly all on this issue, even that which is hidden from all, we can easily find from public sources.
P a g e | 12

Example: For 4 years we have gained experience in the retirement of civil turnover of radioactive substances. We intuitively to be online all that is associated with ionizing radiation, and is easy to calculate all the people associated with the sale of such substances. So we bought these substances, because experience in this life needs. - The application of computing facilities in the satellite imagery imagery intelligence (Imagery intelligence) 2). Interaction with technical devices. Of radium is a property of interacting with computers, understand technology, remote working on it, with certain skills - getting information from remote-way database computers. Interaction with electricity. Pulling electricity. Establishment of technology. In Teodelit electromagnetic field another resonance, can display technique down (reverse effect). 3). Interaction with radiation (radiation symbiosis) 4). Another way of life (food radioisotopes, energy due to radiation and radioactive decay). Contact with powerful gamma-ray sources. 5). Communication with the radioisotope, the ability to hear radiation. Obtain information (coded) of each radioisotope. A friend of ours was able to make a real "voice" of a radioactive isotope with a dosimeter and the audio-out on the computer. We were able to decipher the audio series and get information from it. This "code language" evokes we have a great interest in the study. 6). Perception of radiation all five senses (sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste) + 6 sense (intuition). Radiation detection by type scintillation ("bio-scintillation"). "Bioscintillation" is inherent in us because of our the blood (rare earth elements: Cesium, Europium, Lutetium, Thulium, Ytterbium, rubidium, etc.) The use of "bioscintillation" we found in the intelligence of nuclear materials at strategic sites. Were numerous hiking and identification of strategic protected objects, sources of radiation, determine the type of radioisotope, the amount of nuclear material and the location of nuclear material at this strategic site. As an example, we carried out a reconnaissance on a military unit in Ochakovo. But we did not go to the protected area. We only scout and watched from the sidelines. We did not venture to go there as part of the heavily guarded by military and our "food" was under the door alarm. 7). Rumor: perception extremely low frequency infrasound (2 Hz), ultrasound (20 000 Hz and above), hyper (1000 GHz) 8). Vision: - Detection of scintillation flashes on the sensor eyes from radiation. Radiation detection by sight. - Vision through objects (X-ray vision). "translucence" of almost all materials other than lead, the thick walls of concrete, steel and other materials. - Color vision in the dark (with adaptation of the eye to the dark for 2-5 minutes) - The ability of the eye to perceive all of the spectra of the visible and the invisible man of the Light. Diffraction vision, expansion of the light diffraction spectra. - The ability to detect an object at great distances, without detailed identification. - Vision in several planes of the same object. Measurement, analysis from various points of view simultaneously. 9). Smell: - Detection of the smallest concentration of radon in the air with a precise definition of its content (Bq / m 3) - Detection of all known impurities inert gas with an approximate their proportion in the air.

P a g e | 13

- Detection in the air of some known chemical warfare agents: sarin, mustard gas, phosgene. Detection organofluorine and organophosphorus compounds. Education Opportunity (olfactory memory) to other toxic substances. We had the experience of dealing with toxic substances at abandoned military units, so we remember the smell. 10). Touch: - Detection of radiation with skin. Penetration bombing, contact particles and photons with the skin, causes the effect of scintillation and an electrical impulse, which records brain. The number of pulses is directly proportional to the dose rate, and their intensity is directly proportional to the distance from the radiation source. 11). Taste: - Recognition of virtually any chemical element in taste (taste We know about 90% of the periodic table). There is experience in determining the chemical composition of the percentage of each element in the sample. - Recognition on the taste of the isotopic composition (type of isotopes) How can we be helpful: Given our particular organisms, we would like to note our conditions, which you may be interested in, what we could be useful and what would like to do. 1. Achievements (information) in radiobiology can change the view of humanity about radiation, to eliminate phobia, and most importantly - for your country will have an opportunity (an advantage), through which a person may, without harm to health to survive a nuclear war. That is, all the radiation risk from the use of nuclear weapons would be reduced to zero because of our knowledge and experience. As a result of the nuclear bomb will be only the usual "poppers." We know that it is necessary to ensure that people without harm to health could withstand exposure levels, which are all standards are now recognized fatal. And this is in no way associated with anything that is already in the world is the place to be. 2. Throughout his life, we have contact with sources of radiation of different capacities, the last 3-4 years had the opportunity to communicate with sources of high activity from 120 to 60 000 Curie. Throughout the practice of communicating with such sources, never a hint of the manifestation of cancer we have not had any. The results confirm that we are medical examinations. In principle, having studied the subject, having spent a lot of practical tests and experiments, we did find the root cause of cancer in humans. This is the very reason that ignore all, is the worst challenge to humanity today. It is through knowledge of what causes this terrible disease INITIALLY (the germ), allowed us to find answers to burning questions: What actually is the cause of cancer? How to start a process of growth of the cancer and where it originated? Why under the same conditions some people develop cancer and others with the same extreme conditions live healthy life and have no problems with cancer? The answers to these and other questions gave us our life, our lifestyle, our features and our perception of the world. This information is confidential, only to you, we are ready to share it.

P a g e | 14

3. Because of our unique features of organisms, we can without harm to themselves and others to work without any protection in the most extreme conditions of radiation. The higher the level of radiation, the better we feel, are gaining strength and quench energy (in the case of external radiation) or physical (in the case of consumption of radioisotopes inside) hunger. Earlier, during 4 years of living together we were able to find and communicate regularly with their bare hands to sources of radiation activity from 120 to 60000 Currie, and we are on such doses to become even better. From the examples of the extreme radiation conditions: If we were offered the opportunity to go to the emergency Fukushima nuclear power plant and work directly in the reactor, we would with great pleasure would agree without hesitation (this work for us - it's luck!). We could perform all the manipulations that are available to our physical features of bodies, without any protection directly into the midst of the destroyed nuclear reactor core. This work would not bring harm to us (we know this for sure), only benefit us + we have so benefited their work, as capable of working in such conditions that even robots cannot work (from extremely high levels of radiation). We already have a little experience does not charge for gamma-ray sources, in particular, many types of gamma-ray flaw detectors. Easy and quick learning, in practice, mastering the new radioisotope installation (and not only radioisotope, we are in principle very easily teachable, when the experience of studying the object of interest) 4. Another feature of our radiation-related - is the ability to detect with the senses (without the use of dosimetry equipment) sources of ionizing radiation on the ground. We are instinctively drawn to the childhood of Radiation and feel it all the senses: touch, sight, hearing, smell, taste. On the palate, among other things, we can up to 98% to determine the entire Radioisotope composition of the sample, with those in the% ratio of each radionuclide in a given volume of a particular test substance. With these capabilities, we had a little practice and experience of uncovering hidden nuclear materials at various sites (though not always available), the estimate of their number, type and location of the radioisotope. There were also frequent forays into the area, exploration of Radiation anomalies. With these capabilities, we can easily make exploration of radioactive minerals (eg uranium ore). 5. Before the incident happened (05/12/12) for about 4 years of living together and search for sources of ionizing radiation, we have gained no small experience of withdrawal from the civil circulation of radioactive substances. The fact that we managed to get over 4 years (which is only 30% of the 100, the remaining 70% we have eaten for a long time), radon mos.NPO of all time could not be so easy to obtain. We are able to find any information (on the Internet and not only) related to our interests, in particular, with our meal (radiation sources). We do not know exactly how it is we can, but radiation sources are drawn to us like a magnet, in other matters, as we do for them. So it turned out. In our desire and commitment, we can go to different people who somehow have the radiation source. Since Radioisotopes - our food, on which we depend 100%, before the incident Radium earned money and we spend them on food (purchased from different vendors are gradually Sources of Radiation).

P a g e | 15

In Teodelet had problems with employment in connection with the citizenship of Ukraine, therefore, only fully worked Radium. These sources give us the most important - life. Thus, the resulting search of food, we turned out at the same time to withdraw from the civil circulation, many sources of ionizing radiation, thus saving their former owners, and all those with whom they come into contact, the effects of risk from exposure. Thus, for all the above, with this experience, we can quite well to assist in combating any terrorist activities related to radioactive substances. 6. We are ready to work with your scientists, physicians, and continue to put on his experiments, provided to us will experience the most extreme conditions of Radiation, Radionuclides substances, radiopharmaceuticals, etc. Needless to say, in advance, if you need a number of surveys - we agree on this. 7. We have a child just has the ability, through which we see a man "through", we hear his thoughts, at one time a very nuisance, we have learned to block it in your mind, because to hear the thoughts of ALL AND IMMEDIATELY - it brings the unbearable suffering. Very often there precedents when someone is thinking out loud about something, and we turn around, and asks what he wanted? In the end we learn that he did not say anything really, but thought. Such awkward situations we happen quite a lot and often. We noticed that when an active contact with the radiation source and is actively used the chemicals inside the radioactive isotopes of uranium and thorium, we have even more to hear the thoughts and perceive all the information from the noosphere planet Earth. Through communication with the powerful sources like open channel through which all can feel and see very clearly. When have a constant physical contact with a powerful source of radiation, with a certain attitude to the particular person who interests us, we can hear what he says or thinks at this point, what action does or plans to commit, what emotions feel. It's enough to either his picture or something, with which he is actively in contact. Of course, this ability depends on the force is directly proportional to the state of the nervous system. This ability is stronger if our environment is quiet for us (as we understand it - is when there is a constant sense of danger and threat to life, the same feeling, which was provoked by the incident and established after the conditions around us). 8. You must be a well-known such project as "Stargate." We have studied in detail this project. On "Stargate". However, we know that there are so many blunders in the principles of reception and transmission of information at a distance! When the translators, repeaters and receivers are human brains. Here are our articles on this topic (our development, naturally without the details of how to achieve these results): obtaining.html

P a g e | 16

For us, in principle, all that is described in the project - is a normal daily routine. And we do not understand why it was creating so many difficulties, if our capacity to implement all this is much simpler, easier, and most importantly - do not need any extra financial embezzlement! For us, to reveal the thoughts in my head the right of the subject is not a problem: 1. If we intersect with them live - it is generally easier to nowhere. Completely read all the information, even from the past and future. He does not need to say anything, do not do anything. If he tries to hide his thoughts carefully inside, make him let out is not difficult. One need only to arrange an easy examination (without torture). It does not matter that he will respond. In his head there right answer, as if he had not tried to hide it. Such a thing as an "internal dialogue" - a very weak feature of the person. It can learn to control. But in all my life we have not seen a single person who could restrain himself within the inner dialogue by more than 1 hour in time. 2. If the subject is at a distance from us of about 1 kilometer, he thought, too, actually read, though a little more than a different context (here, need help with additional radiation energy for us) 3. If we do not see a live subject, however, communicate to the audio connection (hear his real voice), we have just as easily read in all the information from his brain in real time, as in a live meeting. 4. If the subject is far away, but we can get him into contact (eg via internet), we can assume that information about his thoughts and actions in the future. 5. If the subject is far away and there is no way to contact them (by any means), we can calculate its location, the motives and actions at this time. It plays an important aid Radioactive sources through which we get the most complete picture of these events. In principle, we can easily teach the skill of individual specially trained people. However, here it's important to understand that the quantity - not the quality. If you try to buy the amount - you will not get a quality result. If you prefer the quality, it has a limited number of subjects involved in this operation.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In late June 2012. We passed EEG (electroencephalogram brain). Many abnormal activities have been identified, in particular, the active delta and theta waves in both, as well as the reaction in real time on the expression of thoughts in those who were behind the wall during the test. At Radium, moreover, in the waking EEG showed that he was asleep, but nothing like that happened. He could not sleep during the procedure at all. In the opposite situation to me (Ziria) - the brain remained constant in the active waking state, even when asleep.

P a g e | 17

As a result, for me epileptic seizures were not detected and the epileptic activity was also detected, while the Radium showed seizure activity, although the overt attacks from him, as opposed to me, was not.

Even my attacks coincided strangely with all the major earthquakes on the planet. The last attack (controlled) was the most strange, since seismic activity (low-frequency sound and vibration) came right up to Moscow, it is felt all the dogs in the city. At a time when the land came from the low frequencies, the dogs seemed to go crazy in the middle of the night, and we have intensified the strange sensation, but they were not as negative as strange and inexplicable. Low frequencies, we heard a very loud, they are stunned by one of us. I usually hear the perfect ultra-high frequencies, this time to hear good and low. In addition, it should be mentioned that at this time, we both were in the same MRI (magnetic resonance imaging of the brain). The results were very interesting. MRI showed an unusual structure of the brain ..

9. Very interesting topic related to encryption. Since childhood, we have in mind there was one language to understand each other only between the two of us. Analogs of this language, we have not found in any other culture on the planet. A curious fact is that we were able to organize our knowledge of the language and a catalog of characters, their pronunciation and spelling. With these characters, you can encode any message, any information.
P a g e | 18

But our language is not limited to the usual alphabet or character setwords. In general, our language can be divided into two types of encryption: Type 1 encryption - easy (available). There is a set of words and characters. Each word or set of words corresponds to a given character. If this database has access to a particular person, it can be deciphered by the value of these characters. Type 2 encryption - complex (intuitive). It is useless to look for a match in the meaning of symbols. Encryption level is very high. It is available only on an intuitive level. The advantage of this level of encryption to one type of encryption is that this code (second generation) can transmit not only the words and their meanings ("dry text"), but also all images, sensations, which border on the sharpness of perception with the reality of here and now . A more complete picture and more data encryption can accommodate the second level, in our language. The second type of encryption can store a huge amount of information. Without specially developed skills to decipher this language is not possible. We use our language, not only in spelling, but in normal everyday conversation. 10. In principle, we are very not picky. If it was not a stressful situation that is happening to us 24 hours a day,
we could live independently on the stock of the radioisotopes that are absorbed in the past. Radioisotopes are not displayed because of our body. They only produce your life and give energy. If we have a lot of stress, it consumes a lot of energy, so there depletion. Most uzhastnoe that we have nothing at the moment to fill this lack of energy. We have nothing of the meal. It turns out that each stress robs us more life, every day our depletion of energy becomes more and more unbearable .... There are a lot of different projects, but this is the basic information for your reference. By unfortunate coincidence, we are living in Moscow against their will. The Russian government strongly opposed our projects and considers them dangerous. Russia, in principle, the country - in which any hint of innovation and unique projects - choke in conception. Not surprisingly, the best scientists, researchers, discoverers, to be successful (and also - just to survive), were forced to flee Russia, emigrate permanently. Because any new idea, projects RUSSIA - punishable by law. So it was in Soviet times, so there is still (for now) and, unfortunately, will always be ... After all, we did Russia, we do not want to have anything to do with the Russian, never! We are looking for assistance to stakeholders in the incarnation of our projects to life. We really want to benefit humanity, to our knowledge and experience are needed and applied in practice. We really want to work for the organization that would be interested in us, and use all of our skills, knowledge and skills for the benefit of national Security. We quite not picky, we do not need money, do not need fame and attention. We just have to live with. For us, the meaning of our lives - are our projects. We see this as a real and a great opportunity to bring many benefits to your country.

P a g e | 19


Our appeal

Until May 12, 2012 we had a very specific way of life (due to our physiological characteristics from birth), which was to direct (direct) contact with sources of ionizing radiation. Because of this way of life, we have been scientific studies that have produced an innovative breakthrough in the field of radiology and intelligence. Due to our way of life and research, we have May 12, 2012 there were serious problems with the Russian government. By the process of intervention in our lives and studies have been connected bodies of FSB, the Interior Ministry, the Federal Service, Mos.NPO "Radon", MES, and many other services (we all do not remember). This produced a very great response throughout Russia at the state level, the FSB specially made everything to even know the Russian media (because the response was very loud). Due to interference in our personal lives, it was 2 criminal case under article 220 (illegal handling of radioactive materials): 1. As for the acquisition of sources of ionizing radiation. 2. As for storage of sources of ionizing radiation. The criminal case file contain only truthful testimony of witnesses. Experts estimate the scale and the presence of certain specific substances have been heavily distorted. As a result, the first criminal case was imposed restriction as probation - namely, we do not have the right to leave the territory of Moscow and Moscow region of 1.5 years. The second criminal case involving additional + half year extension of probation ... What are our fears? First, at the time of withdrawal, we had stolen a lot of personal things that nothing in radioactivity were not (85% of what we had in the apartment!) Secondly, due to an unhealthy interest in us at the Russian security services, we for fear that at the end of probation, we can in a very short time to come up with any more problems, problems. We believe that the reason for such an unhealthy interest to us is confidential and innovation, which we have and which we opened in connection with exposure to ionizing radiation sources, as well as strategic intelligence. These secrets can have a direct impact on the political situation, not only Russia but the whole world. Therefore, to fully understand the intentions of the Russian government against us like you cannot imagine.

P a g e | 20

So, it is worth noting that all of this is accompanied by constant mental abuse at us from the Russian citizens and Russian law enforcement agencies. In connection with the incident, we strongly affected mental health, there is medical evidence, the husband revealed epileptic activity, the wife of an unknown genesis and spontaneous cardiac arrest (in the nervous system), there were 6 cases of clinical death. Many times an ambulance - one cannot help. We repeatedly went to the neurologist appointment. He says only one thing - he cannot help, and no drug will not help us until we leave this " home". We need to get away from a factor that provokes our disease. And how can we get away from the factor, if the Russian government to set up specially for us? And specially made so that we do not have the right to leave the territory of Moscow and Moscow region?! We cannot live there, and even where we are now. Still, besides, we live with mother of Radiy, which legally is a relative of her husband. She very morally mocks me every day, i threatened with deportation to the Ukraine (i - a citizen of Ukraine, has a residence in the Russian Federation). This mother is the owner of the apartment where we are against the will and at any time can do to me anything, because the rights to the apartment belonged to her. Over us constantly bullied neighbors and all the other people in the environment, who are aware of our situation. Constant persecution, harassment on the street ... The constant pressure, threats and harassment by law enforcement agencies of Russia ... Every day we are threat for us lives, just going out, because people (neighbors) around to show us an unhealthy interest, because they are constantly threatened us physically handicapped. Recently, about us began to write Russian journalists (because of leaks in the media). Jeer at us in the media, distorting the facts about us and presenting it all in terms of humiliation. Here is a sample of articles in the media about us:

P a g e | 21

We learned that in our situation we have the right to apply for political asylum. We plan to go live in the United States, as it is very much like this country and wanted to live there. Russia hates us for what we are there, and we hate Russia, for all that she has done to us. These "feelings" mutual. But the problem now is that to apply for political asylum, we can only in the U.S.. In Moscow, it is much harder and more time-consuming process, and we have the situation goes to a matter of days. As we leave the territory of Russia, if we have in connection with the criminal case, imposed restrictions on freedom in the form of inability to travel outside of Moscow and the Moscow region? We very urgently need to go from here, because we can die any day, stress is killing us every day, we want to survive and help this world, while we are still alive. The whole problem rests on the money. I is have just got a job, Radiy is not works now. Because of the ongoing criminal proceedings, he cannot get a job. December 19 he was placed in a psychiatric hospital for examination by court order. For 30 days (regime objects, both in prison.) Although, the problem husband rests in the international passport, which does not have a husband. Therefore, and currently 100% chance leave abroad is only me. But we have no money, and we do not know where to find them in such a short time ...We ask only one thing - we are vital, as soon as possible, to leave all the territory of Russia. We never want to come back here. We yearn to escape from here forever as long as we are still alive. For us, everyday life here, may be the last (in the literal sense of the word). ----------------------------- LAST NEWS --------------------------

We are in despair. The situation in our family now has changed dramatically in the not very good side. December 6, 2012 there were circumstances of force majeure, which force ME (Ziria) to some action ... Are now talking about me. I will have as much soon, early, to fly to the United States, alone, without a husband. I has no choice. Briefly describe the whole situation, it is this: 1. I lives with her husband in the apartment, which belongs to mother of Radiy. This lodger hates me very much and strongly opposed to my marriage with husband. She constantly threatened to kick out of the apartment, once even called the police, wrote a complaint against me, his wife threatened with deportation to the Ukraine (where i came to Russia came to husband).

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I, NOT under any pretext, never to return to Ukraine, as she ran away from there after 21 years of physical beatings, torture and mental abuse (during which time, in the Ukraine, it is very crippled health, both physically and mentally!). Any death for her better than to return to the Ukraine! 2. In connection with the incident (12 may 2012), which you already know well, my relationship with the he mother worsened so much that everyday lives in the apartment was a very big issue. 3. Due to recent events and the second criminal case, Radiy was appointed to the forensic psychiatric examination, which he wants to recognize his "deranged" and closed of two criminal cases. The survey was scheduled for December 19, 2012 (put him in the hospital for 30 days with an overnight stay in hospital). This mother, decided to take advantage of this situation to quickly remove his me from the husband, the toughest way. 4. During the conflict, the husband managed, by means of a very large effort to negotiate with the mother of Radiy in the apartment (full owner of the apartment) on a compromise: I should be required to depart the Russia and going to the United States in the near future! And, it's time now goes to a matter of days. Each day, for me may be the last (in the literal sense). The mother, meanwhile, tolerate me, now, in the apartment only because we have come to an agreement that the i leaves for the United States in May-June 2013. 5. In connection with the above listed, we are most concerned about the following key questions: I (Ziria) to need that house/ room for the first time, in order for her to get to adapt and get a job (then already own to shoot another apartment and live in it.) Resolve to work (this is not a problem, if there is a shelter!) Wife needs money for a ticket and a visa in the U.S. ($ 3000) !!! In December 2012 I went to work.

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I have a tiny salary - $500 a month! And even the money, the mother of radium, wants to take away from me! What money I will fly to the U.S.? As a result of the incident and the two criminal cases, we got into severe debt. We have a credit debt in the amount of $ 10,000, which took my husband and his mother. But all the problems, they hung up on me! Her mother asks me money so I paid for the loan! I do not know what to do, I'm desperate! How can I fly back to the U.S. if I frankly do not give it to? Mother firmly insists that before I'll fly away (not clear on what the money), I have to legally file for divorce from her husband ... and check out of the apartment, which is now temporarily living ... My only goal now - a search for money and search the apartment where I can temporarily stay in America! For me, now, it is a matter of life and death (in the literal sense of the word)! I very much ask for help! I only need two things: 1. Money for a ticket and a visa to the United States (+ pocket money) 3000-5000 $ 2. Very important: apartment / room with a roommate, in the U.S.. It does not matter what city it is important - in the U.S.. I need a temporary place of residence in the U.S., so I was able to find a job, earn money and have their own rent a room in the city where i want to live. This is the most important thing that worries me now!!!!!!!

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7. My contact information (Ziria)

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