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Chicken-1/4 kg(4 to 5 medium pc) 1. Oil-little 2. Ginger garlic paste-1\4 tsp(optional) 3. Onion- 1big or 2(grind it in mixie separately) 4. Tomato 1(grind it in mixie separately) 5. Chilli powder 1\4 tsp
6. Turmeric powder- 1\4 tsp(optional)

7. Coriander powder-1\4 tsp(optional) 8. Chicken powder-1 tsp 9. Chicken 10. Salt-to taste 11. Water-1\2 glass 12. Milk-1\4 glass 13. Butter-2 tbsp 14. Coriander leaves(optional) 15. Kasuri methi 1pinch(optionalit smells chinese dish) Method:
1. Heat pressure cooker or pan add (1-oil)thn(2,3-onion) leave the onion to fry ,whn it turns to

light brown add (4- tomato)let it fry.

2. Thn add(,5,6,7,8)leave it to 2 fry,till the raw smell goes off. 3. Add (,9,10,11,12).adjust water according 2 gravy to cook.

4. if in pressure cookerput the weight and leave it 2 cook for 10 mins or 2 whistles. 5. If in pan close and keep in low for 10 mins
6. Last add(13- butter.).thn (14,15-kasuri methi )if u hav(optional).

{U can also add capsicum if u like..if so(fry the half capsicum separately)add it to the gravy bfore 2 add butter.}

Chicken fry:
Chicken(5-6 pcs)

1. Egg -1 2. Maida-1 tsp 3. Rice flour-1 tsp 4. Corn flour-1 tsp 5. Ginger garlic paste-1\4 tsp 6. Chilli powder-1\4 tsp 7. Turmeric powder-1\4 tsp 8. Coriander powder or chicken powder-1\2 tsp 9. Pepperpowder-1\2 tsp 10. Colour powder(optional) 11. Vinegar or lemon juice-1 tbsp 12. Salt to taste Method: 1. Add all the above a bowl..mix it well..dont add water..make it to a thick paste..taste and see al r perfect..if spicy is not enough add acording to it. 2. Thn add chicken to the paste and mix wellmix it 4 ,10 tht it gets more soft.. 3. Leave it to soak for 10 mins.
4. Thn deep fry the chicken.

Spicy chicken(rice):
Chicken-1\4 kg(4-5pcs) 1. Oil (nalla ennai)- 4 tbsp 2. Red chilli(kaanja milaga)-6 nos(cut it into two) 3. Small onion-one hand(25)cut it into 2 pcs of each onion 4. Salt to taste 5. Garam masala-1\2 tsp 6. Jeera powder-1\2 tsp 7. Coriander leaves Method: 1. In a pressure cooker or pan heat oil.

2. Add red chilli thn onion,leave it to fry for 10 mins in low heat. 3. Add chicken,salt. 4. Put the weigh to the cooker leave it for 2 whistles. 5. In pan .close the lid ,..leave it to cook for 10 -15 mins(till chicken cooks).
6. If chicken cooked..keep in low flame..,add (5,6)mak it to fry till the raw smell goes off.if need

add(7). {in this dish..if u leave more oil and onion to fry more in low flame,it tastes good} Note: 1. If u want some more gravy in butter ,spicy chicken u can add some more onions. 2. In pan if u cook,close the lid and keep so tht it can cook faster. 3. After tasting ..if anything is not enough(like salt or masalas) u can add atlast too..but must leave it boil. 4. According u adjust the time and measurements too