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March - May Psychic Interactive


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Psy ch ic

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O U R S TA R L I N E - U P O F


Humphrey Tripplehorn
Sophisticated, intelligent, and oh so modest (cough, cough)... here is a straight-shooting man with a message to the modern thinker. His razor sharp observations of society are exposing.

Kerry Kulkens
Pub l i s h e r: The Psychic Club of Australia Pty Ltd ABN 97 092 569 938 ACN 092 569 938 A l l Po st & Co rre sp o n d en ce To : PO Box 5607 Stafford Heights QLD 4053 Hea d O f f i ce & A d v e rti s ing Enq ui ri e s : Freecall 1800 64 75 75 Freefax 1800 64 77 55 Em a i l : We b s ite:

Leon Nacson
Founder of The Planet Newspaper. Leon is a member of the Inner Wisdom team and Sydneys 2dayFM ofcial dream coach. His dream column appears in major Sunday newspapers nationally.

Nevill Drury
Nevill Drurys interest in consciousness research has seen him publish over fty books on various topics in fteen languages. He now manages the countrys biggest spiritual bookstore, Adyar, Sydney.

Noel Kilner
Laughter is the best medicine. Take two spoonfuls of giggles, a little Margie and the Sage and wash it all down over Noels practical new age perspective in Spooky School.

Prin ti ng : Kudos Colour Printing Pty Limited Brisbane - 07 3350 3300 D i st ri b uti o n: Australia-wide in newsagents. Gordon and Gotch Limited. Rec om m en ded Ret a i l Price: $5.40 (includes GST) N ext Is s ue On S a l e: The 1st day of the season or shortly after. 1st June - Winter Issue Ma t e ria l D ea d l ine N ext Is s ue: Mid-season. 15th of April Purp o s e o f t h i s Pub l ica t io n:
P magazine endeavours to provide an interactive forum .I. for great minds interested in mysticism, spirituality or psychic phenomena. It is the objective of this magazine to provide a brilliant source of practical knowledge. We also aim to have an outrageous amount of fun along the way.

Sharina White
Sharina White is charisma. A gifted psychic, learned in many mystic arts, the host of Sharina Whites Psychic Encounters is seen and heard across the nation sharing her gift with thousands.

Mr Rotwang is a scientist, born in Germany, who has a lifelong interest in the Mysteries of Life. He is the author of many books and articles in his native language.

O ff i c ia l D i scl a i m e r:
The contents of this publication including articles, advice and advertising, are ultimately the responsibility of the reader in the individuals power of choice and free will. Predictions and all psychic impressions are for basic guidance and entertainment only. The thoughts and opinions in this magazine submitted by any contributor or advertiser are not necessarily those held by the publisher.

Shelley Lawrence
Best selling author in the spiritual eld, we are honoured to have Shelley writing her column to answer your questions regarding her books and experiences of psychic phenomena.

Co p y rig ht N o t i ce:
This publication is copyright. No part of this magazine may be reproduced or transmitted in any way or for any purpose without prior written permission from the publisher.

Simon Turnbull
President of the Australian Psychics Association. He has been a practising psychic and writer for over 30 years. Simon is unquestionably one of Australias best known psychics.


Uri Geller
Telekinesis, telepathy, materialisation, the name Uri Geller is synonymous with the paranormal. The most tested and talked about psychic ever. The most famous spoon bender of all time.

President & Editor & Founder Manager Zachary Ziamus Leela J. Williams

Layout & Design Marcin Ciez

Advertising Co-ordinator Joanne Lock

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Psychic Interactive March - May


Rupert Rotwang


Pro o f-Rea d i ng : Angela Waldron


Arguably Australias best known witch, Kerry Kulkens brings a special wisdom to PI. A knowledge that has been fostered in her since childhood and handed down through six generations of psychics.

hat has brought you to where you are right now? Are the events and challenges of your life pre-determined? The success of Astrologers in determining character and revealing the influences behind and ahead of us suggests our role in the theatre of life was mapped out in the stars as part of a mysterious master plan. Parampara, who will be joining us next issue, is an experienced and respected astrologer and will be writing your stars in our new separate astrology guide attached to PI. Through her study and practice Parampara has seen destiny mapped out in the heavens. She revealed the word disaster to me when she pointed out it literally means dis; to go against and aster; the stars. At nineteen, Sharina White was told that she had the numbers of a psychic and it was forecast she would be communicating to millions by the age of 43. Writing for high profile magazines and with her own radio program this indeed appears to have been her destiny. Upon being handed this prediction, Sharina began to educate herself in the psychic arts, ensuring that she had the skills to realise her potential. She acted with positive intent to create a positive future.

The river can only flow forward. Camp on the river bank. Feel the strength of every muscle as you swim against the current. Let the flood overcome you. Come up for air. Drift aimlessly. Ride in a speed boat. Cling to the roots of a tree. Look where you are headed. Hurry up. Take your time.

If your submission is published or you are a competition winner, then you will receive the reward as indicated above, by money-order delivered straight to your mailbox. Your submission may be accepted but not published immediately in the upcoming issue: it may be published in a later issue and your reward will arrive at that time.

Of the relationship between dreamer and interpreter, Carl Jung wrote We appeal only to the brain if we try to inculcate a truth; but if we help him to grow up to this truth in the course of his own development, we have reached his heart, and this appeal goes deeper and acts with greater force. In sharing a myriad ideas and experiences we can encourage others to grow towards their own truths. Love, life and laughter,


Psychic Interactive is printed on 50% recycled paper

March - May Psychic Interactive

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Le e la

There are far too many right ways to find ourselves for any one of them to be the only way. We have access to information, myths, philosophies and religions from around the globe. The New spirituality encompasses all of these, yet owns none. There is an increasing trend to develop personal ideologies through exploring many beliefs and discovering our own truths.


Whichever way, there is no doubt that the river is flowing as it should.

W illiam s

Dont allow yourself to be flung up on the bank of the river of life and be left high and dry, then blame destiny.

I love Simon Turnbulls article. Hes very humorous and makes me laugh. An expert in many fields. Maybe he should hold seminars at schools - safe psychic sex. - Ashiva Wes Lenord I have just discovered your mag, PI. It is by far the most interesting and exciting magazine I have ever read. Cant wait for the next issue. - Pamela Samyia Just when I get caught up in everything your mag arrives and reminds me to slow down. Which I do, so I can have a good read. Hugs to all. - Lizanne Dymond Leela, I received the crystal and autographed book from Uri Geller. The crystal is even nicer than it looks in the photo and it feels beautiful. Thanks again. - Karen Smith I was introduced to your mag when attending a local spiritual church - it helps me practise my psychic side which in turn enhances my channeling abilities. I am interested in police work but have failed to find much to guide me. I would like to see more information surrounding missing people - map dowsing for them or map dowsing in general. Also Edgar Cayces material / insights on channeling and health. Love your magazine - keep up the good work. Your mag has been a form of group fun, for my like minded guests. - Bren I think your Abundance Quotes are educational, valuable and inspiring. You have paced them well, not too fast or slow which gives room for my own reflections. Congratulations for putting it together so well. - Karen Perkins Its good to see that the magazine is getting thicker. Im also glad to see more and more readers contributions as well as the regular features. - Justine Brookes I agree with Bernice Rollison in PI9. I also would like to see some regular competitions with the prize of a free reading with one of your psychics. People on a low budget would welcome such a prize with open arms. I think the mailbag for that competition would be bursting at the seams. - Daphne Shead I enjoyed the letters. I think you have a great magazine. - Tessa Drysdale I am very excited at having found this magazine. It is a breath of fresh, sparkling air in an often stale and stagnant sea of media hype and negativity. Thank you, with joy in my heart. I am extremely happy to subscribe to a magazine so obviously put together with genuine love and caring for the bright sparks within everyone on this planet and beyond. - Phillipa Gillett Psychic Interactive magazine is great. While travelling around Australia last year I really looked forward to collecting my mail with PI magazine. The messages were very accurate and helpful. Many thanks to the PI team. Keep up the good work - and excellent magazine. - Heidi Dolezal I would be delighted if one of your feature writers could do an in depth article about Mother Shipton. Its been impossible to find library books on her specifically. Thanks. - Ann Marks Could we have a section where readers can send in their personal spiritual experiences, especially ones where a message has turned out to perhaps have saved their life, or brought something that was necessary to their attention. - Bernice Rollison Dear Zachary, The CD on the power of gratitude is fantastic. Ive been thinking of everything I take for granted and going through my mind and being grateful for all I do and have and see and feel. And I am feeling on top of the world, my eyes are so clear my head feels relaxed with no worries and my body feels so peaceful. Thank you so much. Im so grateful for your magazine. - Raylene Wood The forces that be have great timing as to the moment this great magazine arrives in the mail. Always when I do not expect it, but when I begin reading there is always something that clicks inside that is related to the moment in my life - this is where I am at now, and I am confident all is well and as it should be. - Ashiva Wes Lenord How about a psychic artist as a contributor? Perhaps our names could go into a draw. - Cynthia Lear I would like to thank you at PI for the wonderful service that you offer to all of us all through the quarterly CDs. Im sure that we all benefit from the thought therefore life changing content found on them. My favourite is The Blessing CD. It is great to be engrossed within the thoughts contained to the point where my existence and experience is what Im focused on. - David Reid Quality, quality what more can I say, not only is PI informative and enjoyable but your psychics are the types of ambassadors our country needs to show our true integrity towards spiritual and global matters of the world at large. - Denise McGuire I spend a lot of time at sea with my job so when Im not flat out I get to think a lot. This is just one thing I have come up with that Id like to share with every one: A simple smile, a simple look, brightens the saddest of peoples days. - Joe Foley Dear PI, I am wishing to track down a Reiki Master in Gladstone Queensland named Sylvia. She was the catalyst in beginning the Diamond Merkaba energy diamond across Australia. Are you able to find out anything please? Even if you might have contacts in amongst the Reiki community, even one email of another Reiki group in Queensland. Anything that would enable me to track her down myself would be wonderful. I have had messages recently that we need to be sending energy around this energy diamond on a regular basis, as it tends to get a bit sluggish where the population is most (and that is on the east coast). I have people who will work from the West Coast but finding Sylvia would be really good. Can you help me in any way, shape or form? Love & Light & Good Music and thanks, - Barbara (Crystal Reflections) Thank you Leela, you are indeed the right person in the right job. Caring about people. - Ann


I am just writing to say thank you to everyone at the club for all the wonderful work you do throughout the year and for all the nice thoughts and surprises I received - it all is very much appreciated. I feel very privileged to be a part of such a wonderful club. I hope the future sees your hopes and dreams come true. - Jane Bunting The jewel of your heart shines bright through the darkness - so help others see the majesty of what you see and to guide others the way which you have been blessed. - Faith PI is the only magazine I have ever interacted with, so I think that says it all. Congratulations to the many contributors who help produce such a wonderful, instructive magazine. You really make my life a better time to live and enjoy. I send you all love and light. - Daphne Shead Thank you for helping me to begin to understand happiness. - Garth Morgan Just a quick note to say that my message for this month was so accurate that I wondered if Thomas had been in touch with my life personally. Thank you for a great magazine, keep up the good work. - Robyn Haggarty Your magazine continues to grow bigger and better. It is a credit to all who contribute. - Leanne OKeefe I want to thank PI Magazine from the bottom of my heart for a wonderful editorial and for an even more wonderful experience as a Psychic Senses profilee. I loved the letters and have made three new friends through them; ones I sense I will keep for years to come. They all live far away from me but the letters and words I am receiving from them hold all the vibrancy and validity of the living, breathing article. Thank you all! - Adel Galbraith


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Psychic Interactive March - May

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March - May Psychic Interactive

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Sharina White became passionate about numerology and astrology after having a reading at the age of nineteen. She was informed that she had master numbers and all the numbers of a truly gifted psychic. It was also forecast that Sharina would end up in the media and radio industry talking to millions by the age of 43. Amazed by the truth of the reading, Sharina began to study extensively in her spare time Body language, Tarot, Hypnosis, Face Reading, Palmistry and Feng Shui. Studies that changed her life. Soon word of her talents began to spread through the entertainment industry. The accuracy of her predictions and her charisma lead to her very rst appearance

on radio 2UE on the Stan Zemanek show. Sharina now has her very own show on Sunday nights and is busy preparing for a national tour and her rst book launch. By working on radio, especially on the John Kerr program, Sharina started to notice a pattern with the numbers and developed her very own way of doing Numerology. Along with her intuition this has lead her to predict such things as John Howards election, Super League, Bob Carrs win, Canterbury football winning in the Grand Final, the earthquake in LA, the tidal wave in South Pacic, Lady Dis tragedy, Michael Hutchences death, John and Caroline Kennedys tragedy, John Denvers death and even the Sydney to Hobart tragedy two years back.

Sharina White
Exclusive Interview by Leela J. Williams
PI: Your story is wonderful - it enforces the idea that the universe is unfolding as it should. You were working in the modelling/fashion industry, reading occasionally for acquaintances and clients. A friend, who happened to be working on some music for Stan Zemanek suggested that he have you on his show. You were not working as a psychic or charging for readings and were an unknown in the industry, yet Stan says, Yeah bring her on. You go along, have a lot of fun and make some big time predictions. Lo and behold - the predictions come true and you are invited back on as a regular guest. This prompts invitations from newspapers, radio etc... Sounds a bit like destiny? Thats right! With going on the radio, I had no ambitions to do this. I simply went in for fun and predicted a lot of things that happened almost immediately. Im still predicting for Stan and am still in contact with him regularly. I see him when I do Beauty and the Beast as well. He has helped me a lot. I have many spiritual numbers, so does Stan. So I feel you are right yes, it was meant to happen. PI: What was your most profound spiritual experience? My rst profound psychic experience would be when I was about 8 years of age and I would y and then sort of oat and look down at my parents while they were sleeping ...... Also, when I was nearly murdered at 10 years of age, a beautiful light let me know that I would be alright. I told everyone that God was not what we saw in churches and books. He was a pure light and we were all part of that light and we talked without speaking through our minds. No-one took too much notice of me then. PI: What is the most profound psychic phenomena you have experienced? The most profound psychic phenomena I would have experienced? ...Well there has been so many. The night Lady Di was killed, I dreamt the whole thing except I dreamt she had just been engaged and was murdered. The face of Lady Di was my friend in the dream; they looked very similiar. I woke sobbing and rang my friend who was ok. It was then that I learned of what had happened to Lady Di. Another was when Stan was going in the Sydney to Hobart race and I told everyone on air that there would be deaths and he would nish the race but

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Psychic Interactive March - May

advised him not to go. It would be too dangerous.... I also get strong voices at times and a sort of nervous stomach feeling. I had that feeling regarding Paula Yates and Michael Hutchence. I knew John Howard would rule for many years. I also had a vibe on bush res happening this year and said so on radio. PI: Is there a history of psychic ability in your family? Yes, my mother is very psychic. I remember all the neighbours and her friends would come over for a tea cup or tarot reading. She was so accurate and still is better than me... PI: Who have been the most interesting people you have ever read for? Celebrities are on the show for readings regularly. Pauline Hanson was very interesting. I predicted her big comeback when she was down and out. I had A LOT OF fun with Jeannie Little... Ita Buttrose; she is fantastic! Prue McSween had a great chart. Don Lane was happy when I told him the future and that his favorite team would be back- South Sydney, and helped nd his long lost Logie with a vibe I had! Bernard King was a laugh.. I predicted his WIN IN COURT.. Doug Parkinson; I told him he had mega success this year with his award and he got the best rock n roll award at Mow awards. Actually there are too many to pick from. The list goes on... PI: Often it is said, when the student is ready the master will appear. Have you had any unusual teachers? I have learnt most from reading people.... I think getting condent to say what

you really think comes with experience and life has certainly given me some hard lessons. I think since my brother passed over suddenly I5 months ago, I have become deeper and more spiritual. I have researched the after life and have come to the conclusion that the biggest school is here on earth and the best teacher is life itself. PI: Love; the grandest mystery of them all! Have you got any hot love tips for our readers? Well, when there is a drought in your love life here goes Try pink sheets and a round mirror under the mattress. Place a rose quartz crystal beside your bed. Try planting plenty of red and pink owers in the far right corner of the yard and near the front door. Place a happy picture of yourself looking terric in the far right corner of your bedroom if you can or as close as you can. Write down afrmations such as Julie nds love. If the timing is right the universe will deliver but help it along with looking your best at all opportunities... being out and about as much as you can and visualise what sort of person you would like to be with. Im a strong believer in the power of the mind.




Note some have already happened since Sharina predicted them on radio.

YEAR OF THE LAND Morals: People will go back to good old fashioned morals and start caring for one another. More marriages than ever Baby Boom as year adds to last baby boom 2002. Australian wool goes through the roof. (Happened in January) Real Estate boom especially waterfronts and properties near water. Rural Farmers will become the new millionaires with exports bigger than Ben Hur. Huge year for the man on the land. Horse race industry will also boom with Gai Waterhouse having record numbers of champions. Major medical breakthrough: Australian doctor will see to this. (Mentioned in paper in January) Australian Fashion Industry: Big year in Europen market. Bin Laden Captured. John Howards popularity to increase. Australian tourist industry becoming hugely popular destination. Russel Crowe bigger than Ben Hur Oscar. Simon Crean will make some ground but never be prime minister.
Tune into Sharinas Psychic Encounters, Sunday evenings on Sydney 2UE and Brisbane 4BC. For FREE on-air readings call 2UE Sydney 131332. For information on her club tour show dates see or phone Tony Hogan on 02 9521 5544. You can write to Sharina c/- Psychic Interactive PO BOX 5607, Stafford Heights QLD 4053.

NEXT ISSUE: Exclusive READER Interview With Sharina White.

Everytime we interview someone in PI, in the next issue we will follow on with an exclusive reader interview, in which you ask the questions. This magazine is an interactive forum! Do you have a question that youd like to ask Sharina? Write it on the rst page of the Pull Out and Post Centre fold or email and you might be reading the answer in the next issue of PI.



We stand somewhere between the mountain and the ant.


March - May Psychic Interactive

| 7

With respect to belief, although a lot of people are drawn to explore the eld of psychic awareness after going through it, a near death experience will most commonly reinforce the beliefs a person already has. Thus, a Christian would return with the belief that they have glimpsed Heaven and that the presence who spoke to them was Christ. A Muslim or a Hindu would obviously place a different interpretation on that scenario. The thing to remember with this, as with any other experience, is that what we see is not always as important as how we interpret what is seen.
For those who are new to Psychic Interactive, Shelley Lawrence is a best selling author in the spiritual eld. Her books including Reaching for the Other Side which sold 60,000 copies were published under the name Dawn Hill.

Dear Shelley, Hi Daniel,

Dear Shelley, I once had a little bird jump out of a bush beside me which appeared when I went outside and than hopped ahead of me up to my front door. What was the meaning of the message here? Bernice Rollison Hi Bernice, Your question touches on the eld of animal spirits, which is a vast and comprehensive area of interest and activity. I can answer your question in general terms only, but perhaps I can suggest a way in which you can nd further answers for yourself. Animal spirits are often considered teachers, messengers, and guardians who interact with human beings in a variety of physical and spiritual ways. These animals embody certain characteristics and powers we can draw upon to aid us in our daily lives, and/or reect qualities and characteristics within ourselves that we may need to draw on. An animal or a bird may spontaneously enter our life and start haunting our consciousness, as your little feathered friend has clearly done with you. Each creature has its own qualities and characteristics and in order to understand what the little bird was trying to communicate to you, it would be necessary for you to look at the particular characteristics of that bird. For instance, there is a world of difference between the qualities of an eagle, an owl and a sparrow, so its necessary to pay attention to the type of bird that came to you. By hopping along in front of you the way it did, it was obviously doing its best to let you know that it is important in your life right now and I would advise you to do your best to nd out as much as you can about spirit (or totem) animals and how best to interact with them. There are a number of very good books available and I would suggest that you contact a metaphysical bookshop for suggestions on which books might be best for you to read. There are also a lot of excellent websites on the internet that offer a lot of information. Another suggestion is that during meditation, you make an attempt to contact the spirit of this bird. This can be done quite simply by recalling the image of the bird and asking in your mind What do you want to tell me? Then simply go quiet and allow the information to ow. Remember, this may not necessarily come in the form of words, since the creatures of nature do not communicate as we do. You may receive a ow of images, sensations, feelings and intuitive knowing, so pay attention to everything. J The spiritual path is often a journey of many questions. Send your questions to Shelley Lawrence by writing your question on the response form (see page 25), and we will forward them to her in America.

I just love your column. Im new to Psychic Interactive but I do nd the magazine informative and interesting. The questions that I ask are: Are prayer and meditation the same? Do some people develop psychic ability after the experience of near death? Do people often still disbelieve despite experiencing this? Your answers to these questions would ease my mind. Thank you. Daniel Abrell

Thank you for the compliment. Prayer and meditation are similar, in that both are forms of spiritual communication, but while prayer is like speaking, meditation is more like listening. In prayer we address a higher spiritual intelligence, by whatever name we wish to call it, and we communicate our thoughts/ desires/intents to that higher source. In meditation, we focus on making our own thoughts quiet and still, and open ourselves to communication from beyond our nite minds. Some people do develop psychic ability after the experience of near death, as they may do after any profound psychic experience. As for whether people still disbelieve after such an experience, I have to ask disbelieve what? If you are referring to a belief in psychic phenomena, Id have to say the answer is yes; some people will continue to disbelieve this, for the simple reason that they will interpret the experience in accordance with their existing beliefs. Unless the person has previously believed that death is the end and after it there is nothing, a near death experience will usually reinforce what a person already believes. The experience commonly includes the sensation of travelling swiftly along a tunnel towards a bright light, then becoming aware of a presence that speaks to them and tells them they must return to their physical lives. Along with this, they may also experience seeing their deceased loved ones. Those who have a near death experience almost universally lose their fear of death, and return with a sense of purpose.

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Psychic Interactive March - May

March - May Psychic Interactive

| 9

Everyone is completely welcome to participate On the next page you will see three photos of some wonderful people and their brief written prole. We can assure you that they are all nice people, because if they werent nice people, they wouldnt be readers of Psychic Interactive! This interactive section is all about testing your own psychic power, intuition, soul eyes, etc., whatever you choose to call your inherent gifts. As they say use it or lose it and practice makes perfect. When you look into the photo, what can you sense about that person and their life? What do you pick-up? Just start writing down some notes or a letter and let intuitive impulses ow out. This is totally safe. You

If you keep doing this exercise in forthcoming issues, you might nd that you will start to build a much stronger faith and ability with your subtle impressions. At the very least you will get to avoid the strain and stress of learning to read someone face to face! You will receive your letters back with some brief feedback in a couple of months time That will be a nice piece of mail to receive, wont it? You may be surprised how well you do, when you read what the person in the prole has to say about your impressions. In most cases, we have found that around 95% of letters are completely on track and applicable to the person. In many cases these letters are in fact quite helpful to the individual so dont just sit there thinking

notes and then you nd it is just coming out of nowhere owing onto the paper. This is not hard. It is very simple. Here are a few tips if you would like some help to get started Be gentle on yourself and dont go pushing too hard or trying too hard. The more you strain the harder it will be. It is often a good idea just to get a few pieces of paper to write rough notes rst, it will help you to ow without caring so much about how you are expressing yourself in language or sentence structure. By doing some rough notes rst, you can scribble your impressions down quite quickly, because they dont come into your intuition slowly in fact sometimes you may feel like you cannot write fast enough. Remember that you are not trying to think but

use your PSYCHIC SENSES competition

If you would like to arrange your prole so you can receive the box full of psychic letters about you and also your future... simply send us a recent photo (not a small one) and your prole details along with payment of $100. If you are a club member, this service is FREE OF CHARGE. Send your photo and info to our normal mailing address, or email

$13 e prize worth Win th


can be condential in this simple process if you wish to be. This section of P.I. is one of the best ways you will ever nd to learn more about your own intuition, improve your psychic condence and get clear feedback about your impressions. And the best part is that you will be anonymous, unless you choose not to be by putting your name at the bottom of your letter. It doesnt matter how long or short your messages are! Dont be so shy, throw out that stupid doubt and just do it. Writing a few things down onto paper is only going to take ve or ten minutes and it will be a lot of fun. You may only want to do one instead of all three, that is perfectly ne.

about doing this, put your pen to paper! You will help your own progress and condence with your psychic faculties, plus you may help another person a great deal, more than you ever think. The key is: forget your inner doubts and simply let it ow. Dont be afraid to be denite - say what you really mean. You can use direct intuition, numerology, tarot cards, psychic power, an open heart or anything you like Use whatever method feels right to you. You can be assured that the person will appreciate your words a great deal. Here are some more ideas: clairvoyance, runes, soul instinct, telepathy, healing. You might even start automatic writing because you may begin to jot down a few

you are wanting to write things down before your mind even has a chance to question them. Start writing and keep writing! Think that there are no limits to your ability because that is the truth if you feel in your heart that it is the truth. Get involved and absorbed. Lose yourself in the task. Some self questions which may help you How do you feel when you look into the photo? What type of person do you think they are? What general impression do you get of them? What do you think their past has been like? Where do you think they are going in life? How will they feel in the future?


Psychic Interactive March - May

Melanie Matzer DOB: 05-02-1975 Lives: Brisbane QLD

Joanne Lock DOB: 28-09-1964 Lives: Brisbane QLD

Tanya Mayer DOB: 04-12-1976 Lives: Clermont QLD

INSTRUCTIONS Write down anything that you can sense about 1,2 or even 3 of the people proled above and post your letters to . . . Please note that no stamps are required on your envelope as this interactive section of Psychic Interactive is proudly sponsored by The Psychic Club. All of your submissions will usually receive your letter or note back from the people seen in the proles with most of your points ticked crossed or breiy responded to Please note that you will only receive this response if you include a self addressed stamped envelope for the proled person to use. SUMMARY A B C D Scribble your impressions onto paper Write a short letter outlining your impressions Prepare your self-addressed and stamped envelope Put it all in one envelope and post it to us


Melanie Matzer Reply Paid 5607 PO Box 5607

Stafford Heights QLD

Each winner will receive . . . THE INNER SECRETS OF ATTRACTING ABUNDANCE worth $139.95.


Joanne Lock Reply Paid 5607 PO Box 5607

Stafford Heights QLD 40


Tanya Mayer Reply Paid 5607 PO Box 5607

Stafford Heights QLD




Many thanks to everyone who submitted a letter. It has been a wonderful experience. Everyones letter was right in one way or another, it amazed me that so much could be sensed from a photo. It was so hard to pick, but, congratulations to Barbara VanDeBrug. I would really like to give a special thanks to Aaron Pocock and Denise McGuire. And a big thank you to PI for the chance to have this experience, I can recommend it to everyone. Pinh Chan

PI, Thank you to all those who took the time to answer my prole in PI. I had some pretty good replies. Just to mention a few who were pretty spot on. Denise McGuire 10/10, Jayne Leigh 9/10, Denise Imwold 8/10, Carol Eddington 8/10, Charmain Wilson 8/10, and the winner Justine Brooks 10/10. I hope to be that correct when using my psychic senses. My gift has been dormant now for many years. I am stretching it now. Justine was nice enough to reply in a personal letter to me, which I value very much. It has been an experience not to miss, try it! Love n Light, Heather Taylor

Hello there. This is the editor speaking. At time of printing the response to this prole was yet to be received. It is sure to be on the way to us as I type. The winner will be notied by mail and published in the next exciting issue of Psychic Interactive. Id like to ll this space by thanking Jim Sheard, Heather and Pinh for their participation.

Congratulations to Justine and Barbara who will be receiving their prize soon.

March - May Psychic Interactive


Australias most prominent dream coach, Leon Nacson is also the founder and publisher of The Planet Newspaper. He has worked closely with Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay and Stuart Wilde.

We are all dreamers. Dreams put us in touch with ourselves and allow us to recognise our hidden talents and potentials. Many of us undervalue the symbolic language of dreams, but with a little effort it is possible to connect to our dream world again. Ultimately, each of us can be an expert at interpreting our own dreams because nobody else knows us as well as we know ourselves. There are many interpreting methods. Nevertheless, always keep in mind that the method you choose is less important than the personal meaning the dream holds for you. To understand the meaning of a dream you must be aware of their value. Putting faith in your dream world is probably the best way to increase the likelihood of receiving the personal messages that they can hold. A dream can be understood in many ways, one way being as a simple process of memory manufacturing. In this case, our dreams allow us to review information

collected during the day and store those facts that are vital for survival. Dreams also help us to process emotions that may have not been fully acknowledged or recognised in our waking life. Yet perhaps the most well known role of our dream world is as a bridge for messages between the subconscious and conscious. A dream can represent either the unconscious tendency to affect a change in a conscious attitude, or have no recognisable relation to consciousness. As we obviously have a complex matter at hand, over the next twelve months I will be taking one step at a time to understand this elusive subject matter. The methods discussed will include good sleep, the dream dictionary, the dream journal, drawing your dream, puns and feelings in the dream, reliving it, researching and sharing the dream. There is obviously no way anyone can get into a really juicy dream unless they have a decent nights sleep.


Still the mind by taking some time out to let your body slow down before you retire. You can do this by listening to music that you nd uplifting, or talking quietly with a loved one. Reading can also be soothing as long as the material brings peace and relaxation to your thoughts. Meditation is a brilliant way to calm chaotic thoughts and open the door to the clarity and inspiration available during the dream-state. Establish a sleep pattern by sticking roughly to routine times of retiring and waking up. Researchers believe the ideal time to be asleep by is before 10pm, and to wake between 6 and 7am. I think the best time to go to sleep is when youre tired. Avoid sleeping pills unless they have been medically prescribed, as they can radically alter the dream process. Avoid alcohol and coffee at night as they can obviously interfere with a full night of restful sleep. It is important though to remain hydrated, so a small glass of water or herbal tea, like chamomile can be helpful half an hour before sleep. Dont eat a heavy meal, as the body cannot easily digest food that has been eaten just before bedtime and a full stomach can cause nightmares. Take a warm shower or bath as this can loosen tense muscles and cause you to relax, as can a massage from a friend or partner. Burn oils like marjoram, lavender and orange to smell yourself to sleep. Get physical, as an exchange of bodily energy with a partner has long been renowned as an effective sleep inducer. If regular sex with a partner is not possible, you can always create a dream lover! Have a comfortable bed and pillow of good quality and size on which to lie your head. Hot water bottles are a healthier alternative to electric blankets in colder climates. Make sure when it does get warmer that you remove the doona, allowing for the deeper REM dream states. Take control of your thoughts by dismissing negative emotions and focusing on uplifting and pleasant thoughts. The methods discussed above are inappropriate to extreme cases of insomnia, but are very useful in ensuring that the stage is set to dream the interpretable dream. J

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Remote Viewing
Reports that the FBI has enlisted psychics in the war against terrorism are welcome proof that President George Bush is more open-minded than his predecessor. Bill Clinton shut down the psi-spy operation Stargate, which I helped to set up at Stanford Research Institute in the early Seventies - but though the US government unit has gone, the people and the skills are still available. Remote viewers use a highly developed sixth sense to gather impressions of places and events that are far away - distant either on a map or in time. One specic test which every Stargate psychic had to pass over and over again involved obscure map references, which might correspond to any point on the globe. We were asked to record our intuitions about the place, and the spy chiefs delighted in nding us the strangest landscapes - dead volcanoes, chasms on the ocean, ruined temples in Cambodia. Prudence Calabrese, who employs 14 remote viewers at Transdimensional Systems, conrms that the FBI has approached her team to predict where terrorists could attack next. Our reports suggest a sports stadium could be a likely target, she says. The mind-blowing potential of remote viewing, giving skilled psychics access not just to every remote and hidden place on the globe but also to historic events, leaves the subject wide open to ridicule. Calabrese invites mockery when she says, quite sincerely: I have travelled the universe. I saw the bombing of Nagasaki. I met Buddha and Hitler. I spied on aliens and angels. No longer were the boundaries of time and space important.

All the more credit, then, to the FBI, whose investigators conrm they have been told to think unconventionally - out of the box, in Washingtons jargon. I pulled out of secret agency work when it turned sinister. I was asked to stop a pigs heart using mind power ... I feared a human heart could be next. But years later I used RV to travel back in The name Uri Geller is time to Memphis, synonymous with the Tennessee, to April paranormal. Whether you 4, 1968, to watch the are researching dowsing, killing of Martin teleportation, telepathy or Luther King. What I materialisation there is bound to be a chapter sensed there dedicated to his amazing convinced me that a abilities and experience. lone assassin was not responsible. It also convinced me that every human being possesses the most powerful espionage tool imaginable - the mind. If you want to experiment with remote viewing, ask your partner to pick a map reference at random from the atlas. Allow your mind to ll with images. Dont attempt to control whats coming in - think of yourself as a TV set, picking up a foreign signal. Draw a picture or write a brief description of what youre seeing, then look at the book. You might amaze yourself! Because remote viewing is an innate talent for almost everyone, it is easy to develop. Suppose you want to visit the Copacabana beach in Brazils Rio. Sit back in a comfortable chair and breathe deeply. Let your body relax - feel the tension ow out of your muscles. Close your eyes and visualise a glowing, golden door at the front of your mind. When you step through this doorway, you will walk out onto the beach. Alert all your senses - what you see may be hazy at rst, so prepare to use your hearing and especially your sense of smell the tang of warm sunshine on salt sea will make the scene vivid. J Confessions of a Rabbi and a Psychic, by Uri Geller and Shmuley Boteach, is published by Robson Books. Visit him at and e-mail him at

Our thanks to Uri Geller for his support and good wishes - what a guy!

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People say talking to Thomas is like being injected with positive energy. A gifted clairvoyant / psychic with twenty years of experience, he is of a broad mind and an open heart. Thomas is a natural psychic, originally inspired by his Grandmother. He comes from a long line of Fay traditional healers dating back to Morgan Le Fay. Thomas is a gifted healer, herbalist and oracle master, having studied many traditional and modern oracles from around the world. By connecting with spirit guides, Angels and the forces that be, he delivers personal, clear information to help guide you on your journey.

Alina Thomas: Approach a change with enthusiasm. It will turn out to be the start youve been waiting for. Alison OMeara: This is a good time for some new contacts. The middle of the month will bring some excitement. Alison Watt: You can now set your sights high, as you will reach your target. So aim to give it your best shot. Allan D. Pestana: You will use a new skill in the most interesting way, bringing you success and satisfaction workwise too. Allan Nayda: Its the right time for you to realise you have the ability and the talent, but only you can make it work. Alma Razic: When you count your blessings, the universe adds interest to them. Access this advantage. Amanda Perks: This is not the time to change your career, as there are opportunities all around you now. You have put in the groundwork. Amanda Evans: Sometimes we have to progress a little at a time. Acknowledge the progress and stay focused. You are almost there. Amanda Williams: There will soon be a celebration and you will get the attention you deserve. Be your lovely self and accept the accolades. Angela T. Burke: You may wish you could make a loved one see clearly the path to take, but there is no use forcing the point, so just give support and time will work wonders. Angela Guest: You will be asked to look at an on-going problem from another point of view. Try to be objective and fair and there will be a solution. Angela Maria Coppolaro: There should be some news coming now that you have hoped to receive. A new opening is soon to come, too. Anissa Christensen: You will nd inspiration comes from a source close to you. Your energies return and your focus is unwavering. Anissa Reid: Take control of your own advancement. You can ask for a promotion. You have more than proven yourself. Anita Gauci: Be open to advice from someone with experience, as this will help you progress. Anita Shore: There may be a bit of upheaval around an issue at work. Stay focused. You will be the one smiling. Ann Moir-Bussy: Just when you think you cant make any more progress in your present position, an advantage will be shown to you. Ann Bulley: There will be some guidance given. This will come from the most unexpected place. Anna Schmidt: You feel you have come the full circle, and this may be so, but you have now got the skills to navigate a new path. Anna Scamardella: Dont be too quick to decide an opportunity offered is not for you. If you dont take it, someone else will. Anna Milanovic: You will nd the strength to put your plan into action. Stay focused and dont let anyone dampen your enthusiasm. Anne Storer: Live life and enjoy this time. Everything will now appear to go more smoothly. Great socially too. Anne Brown: You will get the result you desire if you set your strategy and follow it through. Be open and cooperative with others who want to help. Annee Grace: There will be a satisfactory outcome, with both career and self-fullment being indicated. Anneke Newman: This is the time for you to stay focused in the present, as change will come swiftly. Reassess the situation and prosper. Anneliese Riley: You are thinking clearly. Now put those plans into play and give some help to colleagues and watch the progress. Annette Fotheringham: Things are not quite what they seem at the moment. So double-check everything for yourself, just to make sure. Anton Valenta: Put aside the concerns you had around a loved one. Enjoy them and trust in your angels. April ONeill: This is a time to be wise and not to volunteer all you know, as you wont be thanked and it may unsettle you.


Shani is a lady with remarkable psychic gifts. Many people call her the open heart because her intentions are clear and pure. She never likes to accept money for her psychic work, which is ironic because she is one clairvoyant who always has a list of people waiting to get appointments with her. She has warmth, sensitivity and sympathy. When she turns on her psychic power, information seems to pour out of her so fast that it is hard to keep up with all the words, messages and impressions coming out of her mouth. She has been involved in spiritual areas for so many years that it would be hard to count them. She is like a diamond, yet ever so modest, always saying that shes just another stone. Katrena has been entrusted with the gift of being able to speak to angels on a daily basis. Some people like to call it clairaudience but the bottom line is that she can hear spirits. They talk to her. This particular ability among psychics is quite rare. Katrena doesnt really think about herself as different though, but just as someone who the spirits have switched on to carry a certain responsibility. She accepts that responsibility with maturity and helps people wherever and whenever she can.


MA R * A PR * M AY

Paula has had a deep relationship with the spirit world all of her life. She never realised that other people didnt see these things. For 15 years now she has been really focusing on her ability and becoming finely tuned. She works with noticeable sincerity and she always likes to be honest. Usually she prefers to bring through information from a trustworthy spirit on the other side who knows you. It is also interesting to note that Paula does more readings for The Psychic Club than any other clairvoyant! Most people report that her readings are very accurate probably because she receives such strong impressions about the way things are going to turn out or the best way for you to approach important situations.

How YOU can receive a psychic message from each of these 3 clairvoyants...
Look down The Message List and read the messages beside your name! The Message List is a separate publication that only those people on the list will receive along with their copy of PI. That is why some subscribers are message subscribers while you can alternatively choose to be simply a reader subscriber.


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A NEW method of contacting the spirit world.

In 1996, Raymond Moody published the book Reunions. This gives a completely new method of communicating with the spirits of our dead friends and relatives. Anyone can follow the instructions and experience this new method for himself or herself. You need a special room, a large mirror set-up properly and control over the lighting. The mirror is set up so that its facing you, but tipped over backwards at about 45%. The lights are set up so that its not too bright, and no light shines directly into the mirror, so that you dont get your reection into the mirror when you sit in front of it. Mr. Moody tells us that to work the method, there must be a good deal of preparation. You cant just jump straight in without preparing rst. Mr. Moody has a whole building, out in the countryside, where people can stay for a few days to experience this new method. People come to this building for the experience. He tells them to bring a photograph, letters or articles from the dead person they want to meet. On their second day there, Mr. Moody takes each person for a long walk, to talk about the spirit person they want to contact. He asks, What do you want to talk to your spirit visitor about? On the third day each person is left alone for about two hours, to sit in front of the mirror. Over half of them nd that the spirit person appears in the mirror, and most of these have a long conversation with this sprit in the mirror. A proportion of the people nd that their spirit visitor steps right off the mirror and stands or sits in the room exactly like a living person. Some have no experience in the mirror room, but later the spirit visitor walks into their bedroom, kitchen or hallway and they talk to the visitor there. What an amazing experience! All of this sounds preposterous, like a fairy story, but Raymond Moodys book is completely true. Dr Moody is the famous doctor whos 1970s publication Life after Life was the rst book about near death experiences of people who die in hospital but get medically resuscitated. He is not a story teller. If you have a spare room in your house and take the trouble, you could set this up for yourself. Big mirrors are expensive, but if you buy an old dresser from a charity shop you could take the mirror off and use that. Mr. Moody made his room, his building and his furniture as attractive as possible to get the conditions right. Everything is comfortable and looks good. The most amazing thing about this new method is how real it is to the people who succeed in the experiment. It does not require clairvoyance or trance or any type of psychic power. Mr. Moody says not everyone meets the spirit person they expected to meet. However, those who succeed meet some dear relative like a mother, brother or sister. In his own case, Mr. Moody was Mr Rupert Rotwang is a learned and practising trying for his mother, spiritualist of many decades. but got his stepHis writing combines his rst mother instead. hand experience and a
lifetime of research into the

Mr. Moody found that spirit world. He has travelled around the globe in search of about half the people psychic knowledge. had success. He did not use New Agers and Spiritualists. He used professional people who have no involvement with psychic things. Mr. Moody tells us that he has heard of people who claim to have met and talked to a dead person, and he always assumed they were telling lies or psychologically disturbed. Now he has discovered how to make this happen, he no longer thinks people who claim it has happened are at all crazy. It is interesting to read the book Reunions by Raymond Moody, and while most people will not set up the system themselves, it is not hard to do. Perhaps you could get some of your friends to help with the mirror in one house, with everyone working together. Mr. Moody believes that the ancient Greeks had a temple set up like this. His book tells you everything you could want to know about this amazing new method of Spirit Communication. J

Write to Mr. Rotwang c/ PO Box 5607 Stafford Heights Qld 4053 March - May Psychic Interactive



Simon Turnbull is President of the Australian Psychics Association. He has been a practising psychic and has written on psychic matters for over thirty years. His new book, SuperPsychics, will be released in 2002.

On the whole, being sensitive to the psychic energies around us may be a source of stress for some. I know as I was growing up I denitely could feel the emotional vibrations emanating from all sorts of people - some good, some bad. Weve all been the victim of psychic attack from some source or another in our lifetimes. From obsessive lovers who wont let go, to pushy people who wont take no for an answer; weve been there and weve done that. And some of you reading this may well be current victims of just such psychic attack. Before we talk about how to defend ourselves against such unwanted attention, its important to dene how the psychic contact occurs in the rst place. First of all, people who are conscious of this kind of experience are on the whole extremely emotionally intense individuals. By that I mean they are people who feel extremely aware of their emotions uctuating to and fro. Some, as a result, may not know how to control those feelings. They may not know how to channel their feelings, and so subsequently can end up vibing those close to them with their amplied emotional states. In many cases they are obsessed with those feelings - some even addicted to their overowing emotions. These are precisely the kind of people who most of all will notice a uctuation in their aura when someone outside themselves attempts to psychically inuence their emotional state. Others, however, despite being a little less sensitive, can still be the victims of people wishing them to be a part of their life, or simply wishing them ill due to some perceived slight, real or imagined. When we are on our own, minding our own business, and we for some unexplained reason suddenly feel bad, there are certain mental checks we can make to see whether we can discover the source of our psychic stress. A good exercise is to allow your mind to settle on the rst person that comes to mind and make a note of who they are. If the person you rst think of has some cause to wish you ill, it is most likely you have hit the nail on the head. The best defence is to immediately tune out of that person. By that I mean focus your attention elsewhere, totally. For someone to continue to tune into you, pumping their negative thoughts and emotions your way, they need to have your psychic attention. If you tune into something or someone else who is less threatening, the psychic attacker cannot gain a psychic foothold and becomes emotionally drained. They are more likely to desist with their attacks under those circumstances. Of course it helps not to generate enmity from others in the rst place. But sometimes we can attract negative types and we need to know how to deal with them. I recall some twenty years ago an event that brought this entire truth home to me. I had begun a new relationship with a girl. Not knowing her history, I was unaware that her previous boyfriend was an obsessive type that had not accepted the break-up of their relationship. When he found out his ex-girlfriend was with me, he somehow decided to blame me for their break-up, despite the fact that it had occurred some weeks before I met the girl. He could not bring himself to wish his ex-girlfriend ill feelings, but he sure as hell unleashed a pile of bad energy in my specic direction. I began to feel sick for no apparent reason. I would sometimes sense his presence even though he was miles away at the time. I remember I would look around to see if he was close by, but I never saw him. It wasnt til my girlfriend mentioned in passing that her ex-boyfriend had been interested in voodoo that the penny dropped. He had obviously been focusing emotionally on me attempting to wish us both to break up, and alternating that wish with pure evil intent towards me. I immediately remembered what I had been taught about psychic attack from a famous Australian psychic in the seventies by the name of Billy Hill. He had observed that when someone wished us ill, they couldnt affect us unless we became willing victims. By that he meant that we must respond to psychic probing from others on some telepathic level for them to be able to tune into us and do their dirty work. If we tune out, they are weakened by the fact, since they somehow feed off our energies in order to perpetuate their emotional level of intensity. This particular fellow was highly intense. He was obviously using all his spare time to focus negatively upon me, hoping against


Psychic Interactive March - May

hope it would somehow regain him the girl he had lost by removing me from the scene. I decided to try the next level of psychic defence Billy taught me called reverse projection. The idea was to project all negative energies that come your way out into the universe like a giant slingshot, accelerating speed as it was ung out into space. It was meant to drain the psychic attacker by virtue of deecting them away from you. This was done by creating an imaginary image of you out in space and sending them there by making yourself invisible to their psychic probing. They would follow your false image and by the time they psychically gured out they had missed the mark; they were too drained to try anything else. Around that time my girlfriend heard that he had fallen ill. I gured he had been projecting a little too often for his own good. The psychic attack abated for a few weeks.

If you have been, or are currently the victim of psychic attack, its important to understand that we can control how much another person can affect us psychically. Going back to the exercise where we try to focus on the rst person we can think of will help you to a degree. But as was shown earlier, we are sometimes targets for people whom we may never have met. There is one exception to the rule that all psychic attack needs to be directed at us specically to qualify as such. Sometimes we just happen to tune into negative signals without looking for it at all. It could come from a heavy viber we pass in the street; or an argument that has just gone on in a public place moments before we arrived. Whichever, it is important not to let our imagination run riot. If we cannot immediately tune into the source of any general unease we may feel, always give it the benet of the doubt. Dont begin to think that you are under psychic attack every time you feel psychically challenged, or uncomfortable. In most cases it will pass. It is a rare experience to be psychically attacked in the way discussed above. But it does happen. So forewarned is fore armed. If it persists, at least you know how to handle it. If we have a spiritual focus, we are in essence protected by virtue of such a point of focus. And as such, we are better able to tune into purely positive energy, which creates a much more positive future. J Youre welcome to write to Simon Turnbull by using the response form (see page 25). We will forward all letters to him. You can contact the Australian Psychics Association on (02) 9368 1177 or visit

Its important to understand that we can control how much another person can affect us psychically.

His energy nevertheless was quite strong, and after a few weeks the bad vibes returned. It caused me to feel a shiver up my spine around the middle of the afternoon each day. I later found out that he worked a shift that nished at 2 pm every day. No matter how much I shrugged him off, I could still feel him there, like a monkey on my back. By now I was getting fed up with the whole thing. And up to that date I hadnt even met him. I decided to try a more advanced psychic technique Billy Hill had taught me, known as mirroring. The idea is that you put up an imaginary mirror around yourself, and tell yourself that only positive energy can come through to you. All other energy goes back to whence it came. Of course there are no miracles here. You have to ensure whilst you are mirroring that you do not focus on any negative thoughts yourself, or you will suffer the consequences, only ten-fold. I remember doing this for only about a week or so. One morning I could feel a weight lifting off my shoulders. It was as if I somehow knew not to worry about this person any longer. That afternoon my girlfriend rang me and told me she had heard that her ex had suffered a very serious accident, and had fallen down the stairs at home that morning as he was heading off to work. He had been hospitalised and was in great pain and they had given him painkillers, which had put him to sleep. Now I have to admit at rst that I felt a twinge of guilt when I heard this news. But as Billy pointed out, I was not responsible, since I did not wish him any ill. He had done it to himself. Whether it was a momentary lapse in attention as he was going down the stairs, or his negative energy came home to roost, who knows. All I know is I have never had a need to practise psychic defence to the degree I had to with him. Remember, we must be responsible for each and every thought we issue. We cannot help occasionally having a small lapse in our emotional behaviour and think the odd negative thought about someone. But as Billy Hill explained, if you dont give life to the initial thought by focusing on it for too long, you wont suffer the consequences. The problems only occur when we think negative thoughts about someone for a prolonged period of time. And we dont know whether the focus of our attention is unwittingly able to deect or mirror those thoughts. So it pays to be cautious.

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a Berlin basement in 1935. People who excuse everything as just an opinion seem incapable of understanding the real causes or horrors that form solid opinions. If you dig a little into the psyches of the anything goes liberals youll almost always nd that their understanding of human history, the environment, nance, business, commercialism or whatever, is actually very limited, or stunted, or both. Anyone who uses the weak its only an opinion statement seems to be exhibiting an annoying shallowness or lack of overall commitment. If ever a truly serious crisis confronts us, such as an invasion, earthquake or nancial meltdown, those that are now seriously non committal will be quite rightly sidelined and told to shut up. As Churchill once said When the eagles are silent the parrots will jabber.


order to enjoy annual dividends and secure honest, long term growth has now become a casino type speculative pit where too many yuppie traders and get rich quick cowboys trade shares as though they were moving around chips on a huge roulette table. People buy shares in companies often having no idea of what that company does and even less idea of how much they will earn in dividends from those shares. The NASDAQ index of hi-tech stocks is a joke, many of the companies having never even made a prot. What all this tells me is that to some extent the Western world economics have lately lost the plot somewhat and that the whole structure is now built in part on extremely shaky foundations in areas underpinned by little more than perception and speculation. Consequently I wouldnt be at all surprised if the card pack starts to collapse - of course this is only an opinion! Well let me tell you of another opinion I love recessions! Recessions let the truly competent really get into gear, as a wealth of opportunities present themselves due to the glaring inadequacies exposed amongst competitors whose stock in trade is basically bullshit! Big companies, very often run by second rate would be entrepreneurs who never actually took a major plunge, absolutely panic when their sales gures dip by a measly 5%. They offer deals in quiet times unheard of when things were easier. In a recession landlords beg for tenants and real estate in general becomes a bargain.Yet a recession is only an overall downturn of 10% at worst a depression 20%. That still leaves a lot of business still to be done and the smart operator can clean up, literally. In a recession an epidemic of reality often breaks out and people get back to real needs and real plans - in short bullshit is forced to take a holiday. There again its only an opinion, but its an opinion formed over three previous recessions in which, in each Ive consolidated and become substantially richer. Doesnt that at least make this opinion a fact? J

Humphrey writes as he thinks in an upfront, to the point style that is very refreshing. His articles are sought after and appear in a number of Queensland publications. These are words of wisdom, designed to make you think.

We have lived with ever increasing liberalism now for three decades and whereas I admit that some social freeing up was necessary it has now gone a bit too far. Theres a large number of misbegotten quasi intellectuals who seem to think that anything goes, to the extent that if you make a denitive statement about any social issue they answer with a hapless and nonsensical thats only your opinion! Taken to its absolute extreme it openly suggests that your opinion is of little value and that absolutely anyone is allowed to plan and do anything they want, and thats OK! As everything we do emanates from our thoughts it must eventuate that we should be then able to do anything we want until were stopped! What the its only your opinion brigade have obviously forgotten is the time proven fact that people are in general only happy and prosperous when they have set principals and beliefs to help guide them through life. Principals require opinions and opinions are formed in adults by observation, experience and the all important trial and error. I recently stated that in my opinion Adolf Hitler was a monster, brilliant maybe, but a monster nonetheless and somebody was dopey enough to comment that the only difference between a weed and a rose, is an opinion. This person was obviously incapable of even slightly putting herself into the shoes of a Jewish mother desperately trying to hide her children in

Truly successful people in all walks of life are usually highly opinionated and red by strong principals; there is nothing wishywashy about such people. If I can talk about business for a moment, such people will, I believe, be very shortly put to the test as, to my mind, a major nancial showdown is now possible. Ive watched the stock market with interest over the past few years and it seems to have now slowly degenerated into a global gambling house. The reality of buying shares in companies in

Psychic Interactive March - May

The Global Consciousness Project

By Katrena Rose Someday after mastering winds, waves, tides and gravity, we shall harness the energies of love, and then, for the second time in the history of the world, man will discover re Teilhard de Chardin These mystical words seem to have inspired Roger Nelson and his band of volunteers to seek proof of an underlying force, a global intelligence, that connects us all with our surroundings and each other. The Global Consciousness Project is a fascinating experiment currently being carried out via the Internet. It is a project that is recording data from 45 different sites all over the world. This data is recorded using electronic devices known as Random Event Generators. The data is then analyzed to discover if there is any correlation between major events and humanitys intent, feelings or reactions. This project has been running since 1998 and so far the evidence for proof of Global Consciousness and human intent affecting this consciousness is very strong. Shifting through the graphs and information at the site, inspires ones belief more with each event monitored. Major events like the Millennium and The death of Lady Diana show major spikes in data recorded at the exact time of these events. In one example data is compared from the Terrorist attacks of September 11th and the world prayer day that followed on September 14th. This prayer vigil also created major spikes in the data recorded. Intriguingly, these two events shown in graphs seemed to push the needle in opposite directions almost like one was a positive reaction and one a negative. On the website a probability clause suggests that there is less than one in a million chance that this data and the evidence of its correllation to events occuring, can be merely a chance uctuation. Roger Nelson is quick to point out that there is not enough evidence yet to be absolute proof. But states thoughtful examination of the accumulated evidence shows something very remarkable, and the most parsimonious and elegant interpretation is that a global consciousness is at work. ( As we move into the 21st Century it seems science is well on the way to providing evidence of a Global Consciousness which enables humanity to co-create its own destiny.

Thomas Owens
The gift of unconditional love and healing.
I have dedicated my life as a vessel for universal healing and unconditional love for over twenty years and it seems the more I continue on this path the more I want to give toward the spiritual evolution of this planet. This is a time of many changes and often that little extra loving support is what we need to empower ourselves again and move onto another level. Prayer box actually came about by way of a vision during a deep meditation and healing session on myself. I would now like to extend the hand of love to all who require healing on any level, body, mind and spirit. This invitation is open to anyone, anywhere. All you have to do is send in a photograph and a brief outline of your request whether it be for healing, some loving support

Prayer Box

or protection. There are no boundaries when it comes to unconditional love. As the requests are received they are passed on to myself and placed in a specially consecrated box. Each evening at 7pm I will send healing power of unconditional love to you all. Please let your friends and family know about Prayer Box, and those that you know need healing and prayer. Please forward your request and photographs to ---Thomas Owens Prayer Box c/o The Psychic Club PO Box 5607 Stafford Heights QLD 4053 May you all be lled with the wealth and beauty of unconditional love. Many Blessings,

Thomas Owen
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erry ulkens
Kerry Kulkens is a sixth generation psychic. A knowledge of witchcraft and the psychic arts was nurtured in her from an early age. Arguably Australias best known witch, Kerry brings a special wisdom to Psychic Interactive as she joins the star list of regular contributors. It is a wisdom that has been passed down with love from grandmother to daughter to grandchild over many generations. How easy is it to raise children in the practice of witchcraft when there is so much inuence towards the material aspects of life, such as money & self gain, as well as suspicion toward others? - Justine Brookes Dear Justine, I dont preach to my children, I hopefully raised my children to be tolerant of other peoples religions and beliefs. I have encouraged them to think for themselves and make up their own minds and watching them grow has given me a reverence and deep respect for the way life works. Love your children and show it. Laugh and play with your children, being a part of their fun strengthens the bond between you and will support them against negative energies they will encounter. If they want to follow in your footsteps, them teach them the ways of the wise, that all life is sacred, love conquers all and distractions are evil. As a parent you have incredible inuence shaping the life of your children. Blessings, Kerry. When you have been psychically attacked, how have you handled the situation? - Daphne Shead Dear Daphne, If you feel you are under psychic attack, get four white candles, sea salt & sandalwood incense. Draw a circle with the salt around you and your ingredients, light the white candles in the east, west, south and north points of the circle, light your sandalwood incense & chant. We stand in circles of light where none may enter unless we invite them. Light your incense and make the sign of the pentagram in the air in the four directions. Stay within the circle till you feel the power overtake the negative energy. Another quick way is to rub your hands briskly together to raise energy, then starting at your crown, clean your aura in a sweeping motion down and away from your body. Hold your hands about three centimeters away from your body, do a sweeping motion from your head to the ground, rst along your front, then along your back. Repeat as needed and shake your hands out when nished. Blessings, Kerry. How can I practice conscious astral travel? - Cynthia Lear Dear Cynthia, If you want to astral travel somewhere in particular best to start your exercise by going somewhere familiar for example a friends place rst. To make sure you wont be disturbed take the phone off the hook etc. Lie down on the bed or sit in a comfortable chair then in your minds eye go through the motions getting ready to visit your friend. Mentally shower, put on your visiting clothes, mentally get into your car and take off. It takes a lot of practice but with effort you can do it. Have your friend change something in her room so you can check on your progress. It is possible to astral back into the past and the future. Blessings, Kerry.

reader interview

I wanted to tell Kerry Kulkens, thank you for helping me realise things about my bloodline, and that was just from her article. I would like to write a proper letter to her. Where do I write to? - Tessa Drysdale Dear Tessa, You can write to Kerry at Kerry Kulkens P.O. BOX 157 Belgrave VIC 3160 or email Dear Kerry, Are you able to read for yourself? Kevin Bailey. Dear Kevin, No I am not able to read for myself. I feel I am too close to myself to be objective about what I see. Blessings, Kerry. Do you see faeries, gnomes etc with your physical eyes as the boy in the book The Boy Who Saw Time or with your sixth senses i.e. Your minds eye? - Phillipa Gillett Dear Phillipa, I believe that there are unseen universes co existing with our own and that many of us are able to see with our sixth sense. Some are mischievous but most are kindly. We understand that in a metaphysical sense everything is linked together one thing inuencing another in an endless repeating circle. Blessings, Kerry.


Psychic Interactive March - May

Is there a right and wrong time to have a reading? - Renata Rulofs Dear Renata, The right time to have a reading is when you feel like it. Blessings, Kerry. Dear Kerry, First of all what a wonderful blessing of being nurtured in an understanding and loving environment. Questions. 1. To some people, there is a lot of mystery, stereotypes and misconceptions about what Wicca is (And isnt). What is the essence of Wicca for you? 2. What has been your greatest challenge on this path? Your greatest achievement so far? 3. What do you see as the reasons for renewed interest in Wicca in recent times? Thank you, Sincerely, Faith. Dear Faith, Wicca and magic are ways of seeing and feeling related to the creative powers the living energies and the mighty spirit. The underlying intelligence that is the universe within we and all else share witchcraft (Wicca) is technology based upon extra sensory perception and experience providing us with more control and inuence over the world of the unseen. Before it impinges on the world of the seen its study not only enhances your understanding of the world in which we live but gives us the ability to live better. It also brings us into touch with evolutionary heritage thus bringing out the knowledge stored in your collective consciousness also the knowledge that we are responsible for our own immortal spirit. My challenges on my chosen path has been bigotry and death threats from religious fanatics who believe they are

God, even hiring groups of people to stop customers getting into my shop. My greatest achievements is being able to help a lot of lost souls. I believe I have been able to help reclaim many peoples ability to fend for themselves and have faith in their future. I feel that people are looking for answers that they are not getting in the mainstream beliefs and the need to take control of themselves and their actions. Many believe that quite rightly so that love is the answer and before you can love others you must learn to love yourself. Mankind belongs to the earth the earth doesnt belong to mankind. We are here to heal and protect not to destroy and spread hate. Blessings, Kerry. Dear Kerry, Has your psychic ability ever seemed like a curse to you? And if so, why? Denise Mc Guire. Dear Denise, Yes sometimes psychic ability can feel like a curse especially if you know someone close is going to die and you cant do anything about it. There are many times I would rather not know what the future holds. Blessings from Kerry. Dear Kerry, Have you or your ancestors ever been condemned for your beliefs? How different have you found peoples reactions or views to what your grandmother may have found? Both my grandmother and grandfather were gifted, but never spoke of it. Joe Foley. Dear Joe, Yes my ancestors have been burnt at the stake and been buried alive for their beliefs in England and Scotland and

in France and it is only recently that most people have become more tolerant. Thirty years ago people wouldnt walk on the same side of the street as myself. Fairly recently about four years ago I was threatened by a self proclaimed minister of his own made up religion that he and his followers would burn me down. My daughter Sarah was harassed several times trying to get to the car park. Our magic shop in Belgrave was declared out of bounds to the school Sarah attended so in theory she could be punished for entering her mothers shop. Blessings, Kerry. Dear Kerry, When casting a spell, is it important to consider the time of year, time of day, phase of the moon etc? Jayne Knox Dear Jayne, Determine the moon phase. Use the new moon for spells to gain and the full moon for spells to banish negative energies. The day in which you are born is your most powerful day and thoughts are knowledge and knowledge is power. Candlemas February 2nd, May rst, August rst, October 31st, at the summer solstice around 21 December, winter solstice around June are very powerful times to cast spells. Blessings, Kerry.

NEXT ISSUE: Kerry Kulkens on spells, witchcraft and magick.

Have your questions on spells, witchcraft and magick answered by someone with a lifetime of experience and wisdom passed down through generations. Every issue Kerry will be responding to your letters in her new coloumn. If you have any questions for Kerry, simply write to: Kerry Kulkens C/- PO BOX 5607 Stafford Heights QLD 4053 Or email them to:

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Matrons Watching
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If youre too open minded, your brains will fall out. Age is a very high price to pay for maturity. Going to church doesnt make you a Christian any more than going to a garage makes you a mechanic. Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity. If you must choose between two evils, pick the one youve never tried before. My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance. Not one shred of evidence supports the notion that life is serious. It is easier to get forgiveness than permission. For every action, there is an equal and opposite government program. If you look like your passport picture, you probably need the trip. Bills travel through the mail at twice the speed of cheques. A conscience is what hurts when all your other parts feel so good. Eat well, stay fit, die anyway. Men are from earth. Women are from earth. Deal with it. No husband has ever been shot while doing the dishes. A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand. Middle age is when broadness of the mind and narrowness of the waist change places. Opportunities always look bigger going than coming. Junk is something youve kept for years and throw away three weeks before you need it. There is always one more imbecile than you counted on. Experience is a wonderful thing. It enables you to recognise a mistake when you make it again. By the time you can make ends meet, they move the ends. Thou shalt not weigh more than thy refrigerator. Someone who thinks logically provides a nice contrast to the real world. Blessed are they who can laugh at themselves for they shall never cease to be amused.

eople seem more willing to talk of their other worldly experiences nowdays. This story was told to me by Margaret and conrmed by Sylvia, who were both nurses working at the same large hospital in a capital city, around the same time. This account is a result of their combined experiences. On arriving at work one evening, the nurses were told that one of their colleagues had just called in sick and that she was going to be replaced by a casual nurse who had never worked at this facility before. She lived in one of the outer suburbs and they were asked to keep a look out for her, as there would be no one around the ofce of the hospital at the time she would arrive. The staff agreed they would look out for the new nurses arrival. In the meantime, the nurses started doing their routine work and found they had a few extra duties to attend. They nished the round and realised they hadnt sent anyone up to meet the new girl at the ofce, because they had been so busy. As they got to the nurses station, they were glad to see that the new nurse had found her way to the ward, and was having a cup of coffee while waiting for them. They apologised that they hadnt met her at the ofce and walked her to the ward on her arrival. So they said they would have a cup of coffee with her and then one of them would show her where to sign on. They were relieved when she said that the Director of Nursing had shown her where to sign on and had kindly escorted her to the ward. The nurses wondered what had happened that would bring the matron into work at that time of night, so they thought they had better get back to work in case she came back to see how the new nurse was going. They were double-checking that everything was done correctly, and still wondered what might have happened to prompt the matron to come to the hospital at such a late hour. After about an hour, curiosity got the better of them, so they called the other ward to ask why the matron had come in at that late hour. The staff in the other ward told Sylvia that they didnt know, but that they would try to nd out. Before too long, every ward had called to ask about the matron, but no one knew anything. Then the sister in charge rang and asked why she hadnt been notied that the matron was on the premises. The staff said they thought she already knew that the matron had come down with the new nurse. So the charge sister replied that she would come down to speak with the new nurse herself, regarding the matter. The sister asked the new nurse about the person who came with her and showed her the way and asked for a description. The nurse told them what she looked like and that she had said she was the Director of Nursing and that her name was Olive Walsh. The nurses and the charge sister all looked startled, as that was the name of the previous matron who insisted that new staff be met at the front ofce on their rst shift. That matron had died in a car accident a year earlier. Sylvia said they often thought they felt the previous matrons presence after that, and at times would say to each other, Better do a good job. Matrons watching. J

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Alectromancy (or Alectryomancy) is an ancient method of divination using a rooster. Divide a circle in as many parts as there are letters of the alphabet. Place a wheat-corn in each section. Place the rooster in the circle and record the order of letters from which he pecks the corn. Quickly replace the corn - as a word or message may contain the same letter twice. The letters should be written down and assembled to form the answer to your question. A variation of this ancient ritual involved cutting off the cocks feet, wrapping them in a small parchment made of lambskin and forcefeeding it all to the rooster. This can be a little messy and there is no evidence that it lends any extra success to the exercise. The best time to practise ALECTROMANCY is when the sun or moon is in Leo or Aries. For best results, a young, white rooster is recommended.


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What I have learnt about ut life recently is this...

If you cant see the light at the end of the tunnel, take a gentle stroll there and turn it on. Heidi Dolezal We only get one chance in this lifetime, so make it count. Live it up BIG! Phillipa Gillett You do not need a psychic, look within to your own psychic ability. Cynthia Lear Always look for the silver lining in any situation in your life and you will nd it. Also try to help others to look for it too. You will not only make your own, but other peoples lives just that little bit easier. Bernice Rollison Let spite and nastiness fall on deaf ears. By doing so, stops it from growing and making the lives of all concerned miserable. Daphne Shead A little bit of common sense goes a long way. If only people would use more of it. Justine Brookes In a laugh. In a laugh time disappears and timelessness enters. In times of trouble or despair if you can laugh at it, in that moment is a knowing of truth that supports your journey through the storm. Keep on laughing. Ashiva-Wes Lenord. The body is the barometer of the mind - so be your own doctor. Water, food and the way we think - are the living cures to good health. For every negative thought - should be replaced with a positive this is progression. Brenda Beven The actress Katherine Hepburn has a great recipe for zuchinni soup. I also love her quote, I never lose sight of the fact that just being is fun. Lets enjoy life and have a great time rather than taking ourselves too seriously. Elizabeth Welling Facts can easily be forgotten, but understanding, empathy and compassion stay with you forever. Jayne Knox Always go with your rst instinct. The right decision is lled with passion. Dont make a decision to please another person unless it was rst initiated by you and is what you really want. A decision made just to please another only causes unhappiness. Margaret Hodgson All I need to do is trust God. I know I am and so are you! True freedom is being totally responsible for myself. Faith Other people will always seem to be as you choose to see them. P. Lia

You can act to meet your needs while still respecting the needs of others.
BARBARA HARDING Before I get up and before I go to bed I have been saying this quote, In the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit can I please have protection on three levels; physical, mental and spitrtual. I thank you, thank you, thank you. Raylene Wood Sometimes we are being guided by spirit but think it is all in our minds. This is when we are not listening to our guides. Have more condence in yourselves and guides and soon you will realise how easy it is to be guided by those who know us best, our spiritual guides and angels. Sylvia McBride If you believe you cannot do something youre right and if you believe you can do something youre right. What you believe will happen. Elizabeth Rayna Remember your job is not just a job it is a way of life, a chosen path. So dont dwell on the negative of what you do, draw on the positive. Youll nd youll enjoy what you do more. Joe Foley Take your dreams seriously. Your subconsious experiences are as real a part of you as your conscious experiences. Kelly Mon Every moment matters. If you thnk you cannot do it - think again because millions of beings have already done it. Fear not, walk your own path, and make every moment matter. Thomas Owen If you avoid your pain, life will forever treat you as a naughty child, nagging, harassing and chiding. If you deal with your pain, it will treat you as an adult, with respect, compassion, fulllment and positive reward for all your endeavours. Susan Houston

The lesson for human kind is forgiveness, understanding, accepatance, trust, love and honesty. You all know this in your hearts, you all have these qualities within your being. Go about your way in the world enacting, putting into motion all the good you possess, it will take great effect. Remember you are not always witness to the repercussions of your actions - good or bad. Think of the riplle in a pond and know that what you think, do and say will go a long way, unbeknownst to you. Start now. Spread the light and love to each other. Ann Marks There is always a higher truth, there is no end; there is only Innite.The most life transforming truths arent transforming until they are adopted. David Reid

Music is a reection of the heart, notice the musical preferences of those around you and you will see what is held in their heart at that time. DENISE McGUIRE

I congratulate myself on being me. Anne Hart Concentration is a way of transferring consciousness. If you concentrate on something for long enough you will understand it. Nigel Salter

We are lovable, loving and loved. E. Holmes Send us your wisdom. Use the form on page 25 and share your thoughts.

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Re a d er s

w isd om

This Seasons


Aries: Taurus: Gemini: Cancer: Leo: Virgo: Libra: Scorpio: Sagittarius: Capricorn: Aquarius: Pisces: 21 Mar 20 Apr. 21 Apr 21 May 22 May 21 Jun 22 Jun 23 Jul 24 Jul 23 Aug 24 Aug 23 Sep 24 Sep 23 Oct 24 Oct 22 Nov 23 Nov 22 Dec 23 Dec 20 Jan 21 Jan 19 Feb 20 Feb 20 Mar
H O W TO W O R K O U T YO U R N U M B E R Add up each number in your date of birth and when you have the total add up each number again until you reach a single number between 1 and 9 or the master numbers 11, 22 or 33. Example: 17th August 1960 is 1 + 7 + 0 + 8 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 0 = 32 which becomes 3 + 2 = 5 13th September 1955 is 1 + 3 + 0 + 9 + 1 + 9 + 5 + 5 = 33 H O W TO W O R K O U T YO U R S U N S I G N The dates covering each Sun Sign appear next the Signs in the following tables. If youre born on the cusp (at the end/beginning of a sign) read the signs either side of your birth date.


MARCH 2002: Date 1 3 5 7 10 12 14 15 17 20 22 24 26 28 29 30 Time Event A PRI L 2 0 0 2 : Date 1 3 6 8 11 12 13 16 18 20 23 25 27 29 Time Midnight 4:49 pm 9:59 pm 7:08 pm 6:58 pm 7:41 am 5:21 am 7:55 pm 6:57 am 4:02 pm 10:22 pm 1:36 am 2:23 am 2:16 am 1:01 pm 3:14 am Event in Scorpio enters Sagittarius enters Capricorn enters Aquarius enters Pisces enters Aries New Moon enters Taurus enters Gemini enters Cancer enters Leo enters Virgo enters Libra enters Scorpio Full Moon enters Sagittarius M AY 2 0 0 2 : Date 1 3 6 8 11 12 13 15 18 20 22 24 26 Time Midnight 7:03 am 2:44 pm 1:46 am 2:22 pm 2:32 am 8:46 pm 1:05 pm 9:35 pm 3:53 am 8:02 am 10:19 am 11:39 am 1:20 pm 9:52 pm 10:04 pm 4:54 pm 11:35 pm Event in Sagittarius enters Capricorn enters Aquarius enters Pisces enters Aries enters Taurus New Moon enters Gemini enters Cancer enters Leo enters Virgo enters Libra enters Scorpio enters Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse enters Capricorn enters Aquarius Midnight in Virgo 4:47 am enters Libra 4:52 am enters Scorpio 7:56 am enters Sagittarius 2:49 pm enters Capricorn 0:58 am enters Aquarius 12:58 pm enters Pisces 12:03 pm New Moon 1:35 am enters Aries 2:01 pm enters Taurus 1:20 am enters Gemini 10:06 am enters Cancer 3:13 pm enters Leo 4:44 pm enters Virgo 4:05 pm enters Libra 4:26 am Full Moon 3:22 pm enters Scorpio

28 30

Times are for AEST - Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and Tasmania. For South Australia, Northern Territory - subtract 1 hours. For Western Australia - subtract 2 hours. For Daylight Savings - add 1 hour to the time relevant to your State.

Next issue Your detailed Astrology Guide for Winter

By Leading Professional Astrologer Parampera
Parampara has been studying astrology since 1988, practising as a professional Astrological Counsellor in Sydneys Eastern suburbs since 1992. She commenced teaching astrology at Nature Care College, Sydney, in 1993 and birthed her own school Astro*Varsity, Academy of Astrology and the Healing Arts, in 1996. Parmapara has a Certicate of Counselling, a Diploma of Psychotherapy and now holds a Masters of Cultural Psychology from UWS. My quest for consciousness during the past thirty years has seen me travel widely, be involved in spiritual communities and participate in a diverse range of personal development work. I bring this experience to my work, marrying astrology, psychology, mythology and spirituality. Astrology, a symbolic language of interconnectedness, can be used as a powerful tool revealing our life script. The birth chart describes our gifts and strengths, our challenges and lessons - what we have signed up for this lifetime. Observing planetary movements and cycles to the chart, maps how the story will unfold, the timing of life events. The word disaster means dis;to go against, aster; the stars. Astrology helps us to align with the stars rather than pit our petty will against the larger forces of the cosmos.


Psychic Interactive March - May




ARIES (21 Mar - 20 Apr): Youll nd yourself a little more involved in the running of events close to home this month. By the 2nd week your emotions will be a dominant expression for you but beware of overindulging, particularly around 13th. Take care not to cast a judgement on something that later proves to be ill-founded (23rd). TAURUS (21 Apr - 21 May): Take care to avoid petty accidents this month. Ambitious aspirations arent likely to come to fruition, at least in the way you expect. Disappointments possible. GEMINI (22 May - 21 Jun): Any new career/business venture commenced mid month will be signicant. A condent decision made around 16th, could produce the abundance for which youre hoping. Important things to consider may preoccupy you (18th). CANCER (22 Jun - 23 Jul): Expansions are on the horizon but dont overestimate the benets (13th). Youll be in a generous and optimistic mood (22nd). Watch that your assumptions dont cost you your credibility (end of month). LEO (24 Jul - 23 Aug): Someone may be seeing in you a vision of their fantasies - but remember - fantasies are not reality! You have extra stamina in which to channel into your plans for the future this month. Escape to an inspiring retreat will be very alluring by the end of month. VIRGO (24 Aug - 23 Sep): A new relationship or partner will be of signicance by the 14th. The perfect time for happy occasions with friends and lovers is the 16th - its up to you to make the most of it. Important business or work matters could be frustrating or nonconclusive (18th). LIBRA (24 Sep - 23 Oct): Sometimes generosity doesnt pay - disappointments could be possible (13th). Something could very well be concealed from you (mid month). Take care not to over-perform at the end of the month. SCORPIO (24 Oct - 22 Nov): You may long for carefree times this month and there IS potential for enjoyment. With the right conditions your love life could be enjoyable too. Its up to you to attend to your desires. SAGITTARIUS (23 Nov - 22 Dec): Family affairs are something you are obliged to participate in mid month, although it could be a nice time in which to catch up on news. Theres a danger of overdoing things by the end of the month so be careful not bite off more than you can chew. CAPRICORN (23 Dec - 20 Jan): You may nd yourself bound to addressing boring matters youd rather give pass on (18th). You can bank too much on the reliability of support from family or partners and then feel let down (end of month). AQUARIUS (21 Jan - 19 Feb): An ideal opportunity for improving the comfort of the environment in which you live presents itself mid month. Restrictions on time off may be an inuence on money matters (18th). Restlessness contributes to feeling disinclined to apply yourself (end of month). PISCES (20 Feb - 20 Mar): Mid month, you may be feeling highly condent and ready for a gamble, however, dont be deceived about the value of something. The 18th may prove to be a time for sober thought.

All seems benecial throughout this month with a strong 1 and 9 inuence. The second week has its ups and downs, causing a slight emotional imbalance and a tendency to argue (11th and 12th). The 3rd to the 9th is a good time to start new jobs, events, and friendships. Good days: 1, 3, 9, 10, 12, 18, 19, 21, 27, 28, 30 Although well-meaning people are prevalent, particularly between the 5th and 11th, there is an undercurrent of dissatisfaction owing toward you (16th & 17th). This can be an opportunity to use your critique and teaching skills, allowing others to learn with you rather than from you. Good days: 2, 5, 11, 14, 20, 23, 29 The child in you wants to play and this is a great time to let the mood sweep you along with it. On the 7th and again on the 14th there is a 3 and 5 inuence giving you a strong creative avour. The 12th is a day to avoid commitments, whilst the 25th is a bad-hair day. Good days: 3, 5, 7, 12, 14, 16, 21, 23, 25, 30 Generally of a sound and practical mind enabling you to cope with difculties, you will nd obstacles even more easily removed between 1st and 10th. This is not the month to set rules for others in concrete, it is better to allow them the freedom of their own mistakes Caution is required on the 11th and 19th due to health considerations. Good days: 1, 5, 10, 14, 19, 23, 28 Several opportunities will arise from 5th to 10th enabling you to forge ahead in any partnerships, business or personal. Unfortunately, there are also hard lessons to learn this month, and you are going to learn them one way or another. Freedom may be revoked on the 15th and 21st. Good days: 1, 3, 5, 10, 12, 14, 19, 21, 23, 28, 30 This is an excellent month for you as the only major inuence affecting you, both positively and negatively, is the number 9. Effects extend from the 27th into next month 4th April. The inuence will be on goal setting and dream realisation but the possibility of martyring yourself is also strong. Good days: 9, 18, 27 Your leadership, particularly if it has been prominent over the past month, will seem to be disregarded especially on the 11th and 12th. Restructure your method to a more educational role with focus on a childlike understanding; this will alter the mood of others and recover the apparent authority loss. Good days: 1, 3, 10, 12, 19, 21, 28, 30 There is no such thing as too much organisation, and right from the start this theme will pervade your month. Watch for chances to shine in your work 6th to 11th and the last week and a half. On the negative, the 17th and 20th are not days to start new projects due to the small mindlessness of others. Good days: 2, 6, 11, 15, 20, 24, 29 Between the 1st and 10th you will nd others regarding your words with more attention. A problem may arise if you are ippant or seem to be restrictive. The 11th and the 20th are bad days for health, so avoid strenuous exercise or anxious situations. Good days: 1, 10, 19, 28 Take charge of the situation when the circumstances demand, particularly between 2nd and 6th, your skills at negotiation will be greatly required. Your freethinking and sense of fair play are benecial on the 7th and 14th when others are severely critical. Good days: 1, 2, 6, 10, 11, 15, 19, 20, 24, 28 Leadership is very potent early this month, as is your freedom and range of choice, but be careful of others taking over. Your sphere of inuence needs to expand, but there seems to be little opportunity to do so after the 4th. The 11th and 12th are slow but not negative days. Good days: 2, 4, 5, 11, 13, 14, 20, 22, 23, 29, 31 Work conditions are improving and this gives a good chance for you to show your skills in practicality and method (9th to 17th). Criticism can be almost overwhelming on the 16th and 22nd so choose your companions well on those days. Good days: 4, 8, 9, 13, 17, 18, 22, 26, 27, 31

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March - May Psychic Interactive




ARIES (21 Mar - 20 Apr): The inevitability of change will seem more personal to you during the 1st half of this month, but could mean nothing more than a good reorganisation of your ideas or opinions. An argument over a possession is a possibility (10th). Reminders of the past may kindle a nostalgic mood at the end of the month. TAURUS (21 Apr - 21 May): At the beginning of the month your attitude towards duty could be considered somewhat frivolous. An opportunity for romance is possible around the 5th. Youll be met with a financial concern which demands quality attention (10th). GEMINI (22 May - 21 Jun): Dont just use your memory to keep track of the facts (19th). At the end of the month a radical decision could lead you to a play for the prize youre after; expect some confrontation. However your positive approach to the issue will help in your success. CANCER (22 Jun - 23 Jul): An extreme change of mind about the way a routine task is done could mean a big change for you (1st week), and, if you intend to initiate a career move or new venture of this sort make it on the 12th for the best outcome. LEO (24 Jul - 23 Aug): During the 1st week romance pervades your spirit! Make the most of this favourable time, but be warned that anything of lasting substance will prove itself to be that by the next week. VIRGO (24 Aug - 23 Sep): Pursue your goals actively at the end of 1st week - persistence will pay off. Things will seem off-track and information may prove impossible to verify or get hold of at the end of the month. LIBRA (24 Sep - 23 Oct): Youll be able to command the co-operation of those around you (1st week). You could be deceived into thinking something a better investment than it really is (10th). A surprise spices up your social life around the 24th. SCORPIO (24 Oct - 22 Nov): Tension between you and a partner could produce arguments (24th) - avoidance of confronting issues may be best if possible. You may be forced to work harder due to financial constraints during the 1st week of the month. SAGITTARIUS (23 Nov - 22 Dec): You could find yourself in the position of team leader in relation to recreational activities (1st week). You could be dealing with some inspiring and innovating people at the end of the month. CAPRICORN (23 Dec - 20 Jan): By the end of the 1st week you may find yourself obliged to reconsider the relevance of your living arrangements. Deep changes that have manifested within you of late may be the direct result of this. AQUARIUS (21 Jan - 19 Feb): If you are not careful an irritable moment may cause conflict in your family circle (10th). You could find that much energy can be spent on issues concerning your house or home. Use the time productively! PISCES (20 Feb - 20 Mar): You may be presented with a chance to lead the way. You will be listened to (1st week). By the end of the month your focus will be on home activities and perhaps on creating something new.

Family and home concerns are the focus for this month with the emphasis on sharing and emotions (4th to 8th). There is little to disrupt your personal space and even negative, external events around 12th and 18th, seem very removed. Good days: 2, 4, 8, 11, 13, 17, 20, 22, 26, 29 Justice is calling on you to perform a mercy errand, which will take a lot of your time and energy (8th to 15th). Be on your guard on the 14th as others may misinterpret your positive actions. The 25th is a slow day, so relax and recuperate. Good days: 4, 6, 8, 13, 15, 17, 22, 24, 26 This is a mixed month, very strong idealism and also strong censure. This is a good, though slow, month for progress in any eld of education, teaching or learning, or for advancement of personal projects. The later weeks are very favourable, 19th to 24th especially, but be cautious on the 25th. Good days: 1, 6, 7, 10, 15, 16, 19, 24, 25, 28 Lift up your head and heart as you have a lovely month ahead, brimming with ideas and achievable goals. These start on 3rd and 4th but continue sporadically until the 16th. Although not all the ideas are workable just yet, store them for later use. A good time to share your thoughts with those you trust. Good days: 2, 7, 11, 16, 20, 25, 29 Take the time to relax, 5th to 13th, and get rid of the anxiety others would lay on your shoulders. You are not one who is easily used, but you do care about those around you, and this can become a burden - so just let it slip away for now. Mixed messages will come to you, they are confusing and probably are meant to deter or even derail you from some long held purpose (25th and 27th). Good days: 3, 4, 7, 12, 13, 16, 21, 22, 25, 30 April is your time of organisation, 9th to 17th, duty and other work ethics must be put aside until you are certain of where and how you want to manage yourself. This is the appropriate time to start that business or longoverdue project. Others may try to interfere, but they mean well. Good days: 4, 8, 9, 13, 17, 18, 22, 26, 27 If asked to lead anything (within reason,) say Yes, because the whole month, from 4th to 30th, is begging to be used effectively and efciently. You are in a very enviable position. Only two days are slightly negative, the 10th and 13th, and then only in the area of health. Good days: 1, 2, 4, 10, 11, 13, 19, 20, 22, 28, 29 Get a good start this month (2nd & 3rd,) and you wont look back. There is a positive 1 and 4 inuence affecting you, this means leadership and stability - but it must be tapped early or it dissipates quickly. After these days, the freedom to choose your path is directed away for a while (until 15th). Good days: 1, 4, 6, 10, 13, 15, 19, 22, 24, 28 Concentrate on your work and plans, leadership and reward are imminent but need vigilance to be attained, 3rd to 8th. You may notice a wave of distrust toward you or your activities, please dont let it hamper you, as you are not the source of this negativity - there is a bad 7 inuence (13th to 25th.) Good days: 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 25, 28 You are in a stable position and can survey the whole world from your vantage point, make the most of it from 3rd to 14th. People will tell you things you want to believe, but that are untrue. You are not gullible but are vulnerable to persuasive argument (15th to 21st). Good days: 3, 5, 7, 12, 14, 16, 21, 23, 25, 30 A fantastic month awaits you; every day is lled with potential, and is useable. You have an organisational bend that will change to a leadership inuence by the 6th. Leadership has its drawbacks, people will start to depend on you too much, and this inuence only lasts until the end of April. Good days: 1, 10, 19, 28 Take the time to be with strangers and those more distant associates, 8th to 16th; their inuence and the society they give will bring you much benet. Your thoughts may tend toward the childish early this month, let them wander and release the troubles of the past (16th to 20th). Good days: 3, 7, 8, 12, 16, 17, 21, 25, 26, 30

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Psychic Interactive March - May




ARIES (21 Mar - 20 Apr): Mental challenges come to a head by the 10th, so much so that you may feel the urge to get out and about to avoid the pressure of these challenges (particularly around the 11th). Also around this time, if youre missing something dont be surprised! TAURUS (21 Apr - 21 May): Achieving your hearts desires is all important to you around the 10th, but it is unlikely to come to the obvious conclusion. Confrontation with an influential person might be an issue for you if you are not careful (24th). GEMINI (22 May - 21 Jun): Relationship issues demand your attention all month and patience will no doubt be the best way to handle things. Emotional problems may frustrate you, and things will demand to be sorted out and not shelved, no matter how you prefer to deal with things. A favourable time to be better heard may occur around 27th. CANCER (22 Jun - 23 Jul): Quiet contemplation on spiritual matters will be appealing to you during this month, so profound revelations are possible! Youll start feeling more energetic by the very end of the month. LEO (24 Jul - 23 Aug): A bit of critical analysis is required when a sensational plan is proposed; look at it from all angles before you jump in (beginning of the month). Any new career venture started on the 12th should be significant for you. VIRGO (24 Aug - 23 Sep): Conclude important communication during the 1st half of the month. Something may throw you, something you never would have expected (10th), and you may be forced to deal with some challenges demanded of you by work commitments. LIBRA (24 Sep - 23 Oct): If you intend to invest money this month the 12th is a day to bring favourable results. You may put energy into and get a lot of pleasure from intellectual pursuits - you have the drive to achieve results gaining the information you need (10-11th). SCORPIO (24 Oct - 22 Nov): Make a personal commitment around 12th and all should fare reasonably well for you. You might have to seriously revise your financial management this month - careful planning and sensible advice should set you to rights. SAGITTARIUS (23 Nov - 22 Dec): It will be difficult to set your mind to work at the beginning of the month and distractions encourage lethargy. Things may get intense in your relationships by mid month - there could be loads of action and maybe a few sparks. CAPRICORN (23 Dec - 20 Jan): Take care of yourself and make sure you buffer yourself from too much stress during 1st week. Everyday routines may go frustratingly haywire from mid month. AQUARIUS (21 Jan - 19 Feb): The beginning of the month could be very low key which is great if you need to hide away for a day or two. A new attraction can prove interesting and a little unexpected (19th). Something you hadnt bargained could crop up around the 20th. PISCES (20 Feb - 20 Mar): The pressures of responsibility are quite challenging this month, but things could ease up as early as the 20th. After this time a new situation springs up out of the blue.

You want to shine or want others to notice your efforts? This is the perfect time for drawing positive attention to yourself (7th to 31st). You wont have it all your own way though, ego is not called for, genuine ability and talent will shine through. Caution on 7th and 16th in the area of nances. Good days: 1, 7, 10, 16, 19, 25, 28 You may nd you are more authoritative than usual and that it seems to increase the tensions of family members. This is only an effect of a resettling of inuences (3 & 7) and not to be seen as a defect. This will last until 19th. Lighten your load by having some cheap fun. Good days: 1, 3, 9, 10, 12, 18, 19, 21, 27, 28, 30 It could be said that you are becoming very stubborn, particularly early in this month (6th to 10th) but the fact is you are reasserting yourself, and are throwing off the less important aspects of inuence from others. Stability and functionality are your aims at this time. Good days: 1, 5, 6, 10, 14, 15, 19, 23, 24, 28 Strong teaching or learning inspiration is upon you, with very compelling results to be achieved. Focus on the 8th to 16th as the aspects are most potent then. Too much indecision will undermine this focus, and could undo all you try to achieve (15th & 22nd) so dont leave loose ends. Good days: 7, 8, 16, 17, 25, 26 If you are in need of company, personal or business, the time is ripe to make your choices. Social events are looming, and give wonderful opportunities to indulge yourself, however you also have the negative aspect of this inuence (2) and that is you may talk too much on unimportant (to you) matters. Chatter is ne, but gossip is not. Good days: 2, 6, 11, 15, 20, 24, 29 This is a spectacular month leading into a fullling conclusion of past, and the initiation of new, activities. The main inuence on you is 6, positive, negative and present, and being a 6 yourself, no other number could be more welcome! 12th to 21st are most effective but this inuence cannot be denied throughout this month and the next, (June being a 6 too). Good days: 3, 6, 12, 15, 21, 24, 30 Having had a fortuitous April, May could seem dull, although it is a matter of perspective. 3rd to 9th and 12th to 23rd are advantageous days, but the inuence of a negative 5 is showing, causing others to question the rights they granted you last month. Good days: 1, 3, 9, 10, 12, 18, 19, 21, 27, 28, 30 Keep close to your family this month, as you will require the stabilising effect of familiarity that only they can provide (4th to 12th). You are in a protable position to take responsibility, more so than at any other time so far - promotion or changes are indicated. Good days: 3, 5, 7, 12, 14, 16, 21, 23, 25, 30 Management and organising avours this month, until 14th. You have built a rst-rate foundation and need to follow through. Your tendency is to prevaricate, which only causes later distress. Later days, 26th to 28th may prove disappointing, but preparation can avert the problem. Good days: 3, 4, 5, 12, 13, 14, 21, 22, 23, 30, 31 These can be tranquil days if the right line is taken early in the month, frenetic activity can be a disadvantage leading to fatigue and irritability later. Keep relaxed and easy 3rd to 9th and avoid conicting activity 5th to 11th then all should be well. Your leadership may be unjustly challenged. Good days: 3, 5, 9, 12, 14, 18, 21, 23, 27, 30 Dreams can be seen to come true both early and late in the month, (4th & 5th, 21st to 26th), caution is advised though, because nightmares are also dreams. This is not to say that the negative is prevalent, it is not, but some aspects of wishes may not be perceived until too late. Good days: 4, 5, 9, 13, 14, 18, 22, 23, 27, 31 You are directly affected by the reading for number 6, make excellent use of it, for it will supply you with a freedom long-expected but undelivered, 1st to 9th. Partnerships and friends should take most of your spare time, these aspects needing the most work. Good days: 1, 5, 9, 10, 14, 18, 19, 23, 27, 28

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March - May Psychic Interactive

Earth Water Fire Air Spirit

Ambient Music for Visualisation

Over the the past twenty years, Nevill Drury has had an active interest in consciousness research. He is the author of over fty books exploring shamanism, western metaphysical traditions, as well as contemporary art, holistic health and music.

The Qualities of Music Music is useful as a supplement to meditation and creative visualisation because of its capacity to stimulate feelings and associations. Some types of music have a calming, relaxing quality, while other forms of music are intense and dramatic, and help sharpen the intellect or stimulate specic, wellformed images in the minds eye. Some types of music instil a sense of harmony and balance, while other discordant forms might leave us restless, on edge, or lacking resolution. Some forms of music may seem to us to be trivial or whimsical, while other musical compositions have an impact that is profound or inspiring.

Twenty years ago, as ambient electronic music became more widely available, I began to research different types of music suitable for magical visualisation and meditation. I was attracted to this genre of music because it was very minimal and non-intrusive. In my book Music for Inner Space, I presented the idea of identifying different selections of ambient music with the ve elements, Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Spirit, since we often recognise these particular characteristics in different styles of music. I also thought this would be a useful correlation because the ve elements are central to several mystical systems - including yoga, alchemy, astrology and the western magical tradition. These elements, in sequence from lowest to highest are : ( level of everyday consciousness / Feminine polarity) ( correlates with the Moon / Feminine polarity ) ( correlates with the Sun / Masculine polarity ) ( correlates with the Sky / Masculine polarity ) ( transcendent awareness )

When choosing selections of music for visualisation or meditation it is important that the music should be tested by the individual meditator to ensure that it evokes specic associations, so that - like an afrmation - it helps reinforce a particular focus or orientation. If the music and the visualisation are competing against each other, on the other hand, the value of the music is obviously diminished. In practical terms, selections of music chosen for the element Spirit are usually suitable as generalised ambient backgrounds for relaxation and meditation. Such music is typically devoid of strong melodic content and leads us towards a state of consciousness expansion while also remaining gentle and reective in quality. This is music which literally enhances our inner journey of the spirit. Many of the pioneering albums, like those by Brian Eno, are still among the best works to accompany meditation and visualisation, but the following list contains some recent releases as well :

I thought it might be helpful to choose specic sequences of recorded ambient music - Earth music; Water music; Fire music, and so on - and then produce a series of composite tape recordings for personal use as musical backgrounds, especially when working with meditations or visualisations based on specic elements (eg Chakra visualisations).

A Selection of Music for Meditation and Relaxation Music for Spirit : Aeoliah, Inner Sanctum (Oreade) Aeoliah and Mike Rowland, Twin Flames Rising and We are


Psychic Interactive March - May

The Best Selling New Age Books Last Season

One Light, from The Reiki Effect (Oreade) Ash Ra, Ocean of Tenderness from New Age of Earth (Virgin) Harold Budd and Brian Eno, The Pearl (EG / Polygram) Ambient One : Music for Airports (EG / Polygram) Ambient Two : The Plateaux of Mirror (EG / Polygram) Robert Haig Coxon, The Silent Path (RHC Productions) Deuter, Garden of the Gods (New Earth) Brian Eno, Thursday Afternoon (EG / Polygram) Steven Halpern, Eventide (Halpern Sounds) Zodiac Suite (Halpern Sounds) Nancy Hennings and Henry Wolff, Tibetan Bells and Tibetan Bells II (Celestial Harmonies) Iasos, Angelic Music (Bluestar Communications) Japetus, The Radiant Self (Listen Music) Gyorgy Ligeti, Requiemand Lux Aeterna from the 2001 soundtrack (MGM) Ray Lynch, The Sky of Mind (Windham Hill)

The Indigo Children - L. Carroll & J. Tober



2.God (Book 2) Conversations With

Neale D. Walsch

3.Angels - Doreen Healing With The


A Selection of Music for Magical Visualisation : Music for Earth : William Bowden and Sean Tinslay, Sleeping Gardens (Terra Australia) Chaitanya Hari Deuter, Ecstasy (Kuckuk) Brian Eno, Ambient Four : On Land (EG/ Polygram) Steven Halpern, Deja Blues (Halpern Sounds) Kitaro, Oasis (Kuckuk) Music for Water : Brian Eno and Harold Budd, Ambient Two : The Plateaux of Mirror (EG / Polygram) Brian Eno and Harold Budd, The Pearl (EG/Polygram) Larkin, Ocean (Wind Sung Sounds) Pink Floyd, Echoes from Meddle (Harvest / EMI) Fripp and Eno, Evening Star (Island) Edgar Froese, Aqua (Virgin) Klaus Schulze, Crystal Lake from Mirage (Island) Music for Fire : Ash Ra, Sun Rain from New Age of Earth (Virgin) Philip Glass, The Grid from Koyaanisqatsi (Island) Laraaji , Ambient Three : Day of Radiance (EG / Polygram) Music for Air : Brian Eno, Under Stars and Weightless from Apollo (EG/Polygram) Fripp and Eno, Wind on Water and Wind on Wind from Evening Star (Island) Edgar Froese, Epsilon in Malaysian Pale (Virgin) Paul Horn, Inside the Great Pyramid (Mushroom)

4. TheBays Journey Brandon

The Prophet Collection - Kahlil Gibran

5. 6.

The Lightworkers Way Doreen Virtue

7.God (Book 3) Conversations With

Neale D. Walsch

8. Praying Peace James F. Twyman 9. EatSark Mangoes Naked The Prophets Way - Thom Hartmann

Nevill Drury is the author of several books on magic and visualization. His recent publications include Everyday Magic (Simon and Schuster) and Creative Visualization (Lansdowne). Write to Nevill c/o PO BOX 5607 Stafford Heights QLD 4053 or email


This official list was compiled by the best new age shop in Australia, The Zen Gallery at Chermside Westfield Shoppingtown in Brisbane. Phone (07) 3350 6300. Email-

March - May Psychic Interactive


As a Psychic I believe we all have guardian angels. These heavenly creatures are sent here to guide us through life... show us how to love, give freely and be there for us in our darkest hours. Angels are pure spirit. The following amazing stories are from my radio listeners Sharina White LIFE SAVER About a year ago my family had a big reunion at a national park in Sydney for my grandmothers 80th birthday. My son at the time was just 15 months old. In all the celebrating and noise and confusion, my little son had wandered off down to the water which was hidden by bushes and trees and had fallen in face down in the water. A jogger picked him up out of the river and brought him directly over to me. He seemed to know I was the mother! When I turned around to thank him he had vanished into thin air! It was impossible to leave the area we were in without being noticed. We were all around the entrance area. No one had seen him even enter the area which my family of about 60 people had completely taken over. I believe this was an angel - he saved my sons life! Sandra from Cronulla MIRACLE BABY Last year, I was pregnant and my tests all showed that I was having a baby with multiple deformities. It was naturally assumed I would terminate the pregnancy. However, I decided against it as I felt this was Gods way. I was already feeling guilt over an abortion from years ago. My husband told me he would leave us, because he could not handle a deformed or retarded child. The night I gave birth I felt like I was oating to the ceiling, there was some sort of struggle going on and I felt there was some sort of force crushing my baby. I called out to God and I felt someone holding my hand. Im sure it was an angel...... I thought I was dead and was looking down at my body then I felt this incredible push and I had a vision of myself with a healthy baby. Well a miracle happened! My baby was born 6lb 12 oz and was healthy. The doctors and nurses were amazed . I truly believe that God sent me an angel. I know they exist. I see and feel the presence everytime my baby girl gives me her radiant smile. It has changed my life for ever. I am now involved in the hospital helping people. Justine from Brisbane AN ANGEL CHANGED MY LIFE I wanted to die I was in so much pain with a crippling disease that the doctors had no cure for. My parents were very religious people and they both did volunteer work for the church, but I could not nd any faith and did not really believe in God due to the pain I was suffering. One night I decided to end my suffering and took a bottle of tablets and nearly died. I remember when I was at the hospital after being found by my mother. I saw these two bright lights coming for me at the end of this dark tunnel. I could see my body lying in the hospital and I was up above oating. I knew that I must have died. As the light beings approached I felt love like I never had in my life. The brightness of the lights was overwhelming. I cried tears of pure joy at the wonder. I cannot explain the love I felt.....the angels then took me to a sort of empty room where a man made out of light was sitting in a sort of throne also made out of light. He showed me a sort of television screen of all my life and I cant remember now but somehow I knew that everything made sense and that we are all part of one. I wanted to stay in this beautiful place in the presence of these beautiful beings forever. I got a message that I had to go back (we communicated through our minds.) It was not my time. Then I felt this hard shove and I awoke feeling sick back in my body at the hospital. My whole life has changed. I now am a counsellor and learning about alternative medicines and strangely enough my health has improved , although I still get some pain, it is not nearly as bad. I know there is another life out there and angels do exist. Samantha from Melbourne MY BEAUTIFUL ANGELS Fours years ago tragedy hit my life when my home burnt down and my gorgeous little daughters died in the re. I had tried to save them and had blacked out with the fumes of the smoke. I was revived out the front on the lawn and just before this happened I shared the most beautiful experience of my life. I saw my daughters in there new form. I saw my beautiful children playing in their new home I felt this overwhelming happiness they were looking at me and talking through our thoughts. They were so bright the light like little golden angels it was so angelic they wanted me to know they were very happy and we are all one. When I awoke I felt although in shock an unbelievable experience, so hard to describe. God has my angels in a special place and I now have the strength to carry on until we meet again. Carol from Melbourne THE BUTTERFLYS My husband was my soul mate. I had loved him like no other man. We shared one lovely son together. When he died I thought I would never get over it I could not come to terms with the terrible loss and I was crying one day worried about nancial decisions and feeling too depressed to move into a more suitable home as the one I lived in with Bill was not right to live alone in but I couldnt say goodbye. I could not move away from all the cherished memories even though I knew it was the right thing to do. When I looked up and saw a buttery uttering at the back door. I know this sounds strange but I felt that It was some sort of message from my husband that he was accepting me moving on which I eventually did. Often from that day on every time I had a problem I would see the appearance of this beautiful black and white buttery. This was not my imagination and went on for about a year. In a terrible tragedy my son was killed 12 months later and at the funeral I was so shattered I prayed they were happy somewhere together. I couldnt believe I could live through another loss and truly when I looked up there was not one but two black and white butteries ying together.I had prayed for a message. I truly feel I was touched by an angel I dont see them anymore but I nd peace that they are together and happy and free. Beryl from Coffs Harbour


Psychic Interactive March - May


Perhaps the most whopping lie, the most enduring condence game of the second half of the twentieth century has been what Professor Edward R Pinkney MD, (former editor of the journal of the American Medical Association) and Doctor Russell L Smith, Ph.D, call, The Cholesterol Conspiracy. In 1991 they produced a book with this title. Cholesterol is a substance found in animal fats. We are animals. Cholesterol is also found in most body tissues. The truth is we need a certain amount of it to be healthy. In fact, our livers go to a great deal of trouble to make the stuff, so it must be important to us. In fact, cholesterol is found in all cell membranes, in all tissues, and is the raw material for bile salts, vitamin D, and our vital adrenal and steroid hormones, without which there is no sexuality, let alone reproduction. Cholesterol is also a potent antioxidant. When we ingest too many harmful free radicals, cholesterol oods into the blood to take care of the problem. It promotes the health of the intestinal wall and protects against cancer of the colon. It also plays an important role in the development of the brain and nervous system. Cholesterol is an essential nutrient, a precursor to the stress hormones cortisol and DHEA (the Mother of all hormones). Dr Alan R. Gaby MD says that if serum cholesterol levels are low, the bodys ability to adapt to physical and psychological stresses may be impaired. In short, our bodies need cholesterol to live. It is not a killer. Moreover people in many other cultures consume far more cholesterol, more saturated fats than do we in the West, and they have less heart disease. If we consider only this: We are evolutionarily evolved to cope with animal fat and have been eating this for hundreds of thousands of years. But doctors argue that the cause of heart disease is the lack of unsaturated (or vegetable) fats, such as corn oil, safower and sunower It does not make sense. Before the modern hydraulic press and the new solvent processes were developed, we had little access to these plant oils. How can this present epidemic be caused through a lack of something we have always lacked?
An excerpt from the book, Your Health at Risk: What Doctors and the Government are not telling you by Dr Toni Jeffreys Ph.D. To read the full article on Electromagnetic Fields go to summer/update.html This book is now available from The Psychic Club Of Australia for $35.00 including postage.



Psychic Interactive




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Having been reborn and raised in a proudly multicultural society, that accepts differing spiritual beliefs as a matter of course, one of the really appealing aspects of Reiki practice, for me, was its lack of religious and philosphical association. The Reiki system that I was taught strongly emphasises the recognition and use of Reiki. However, something that has grown out of discussions with my Reiki teacher has been a logical foundation for both Reiki practice and its associated benets. I would like to attempt here to articulate that theoretical foundation. What is Reiki? Perhaps the most frequently asked question of Reiki practitioners, and most difcult to answer. So, I just want to preface this description by saying that it, and all responses to this question, can only ever be just that, descriptions. The widely accepted literal English translation of the Japanese word reiki is universal and life force energy. This comes from the words twofold aspect: Rei meaning universal or absolute and Ki translating as life energy or just energy. Here, lets rstly clarify that by universal we are referring to the totality of existence: known and unknown, physical and non-physical, animate and inanimate, internal and external. Physics shows us that all matter is made up of atoms and quantum physics tells us that all atoms are made up of sub-atomic particles. Subatomic particles are not material things, but rather uctuations of energy, moving at lightning speeds within an innite void. That void is unchanging, eternal and has three qualities. It is empty or wide open, it is naturally cognizant or knowing and it is unconned. So, its essence is empty; its nature is cognizant and its capacity is unconned. This void is the Rei aspect of Reiki. Now, the uctuations of energy that occur within this

By becoming experentially aware of Reiki, the Reiki practitioner is able to do something quite extraordinary.


void, and are the basis of the manifest universe, are like ripples on a lake. They are not separate from the lake, they are simply movement within the lake. This is the analogy for the Ki aspect of Reiki.

Just in Sha w

Research data gathered by Quantum physicians has shown that experiments investigating the subatomic level of atoms is affected by the attitude of the researcher. That is to say that the sub-atomic; enery pattern of the researcher affects the sub-atomic; energy pattern of the atom being tested. When through gassho meditation, treatments or the sytematic use of empowerments, mantras and symbols, the Reiki practitioner is able to recognise Reiki, the attitude or sub-atomic energy pattern of the practitioner becomes peaceful, tranquil and harmonises with the natural energy pattern of the universe. An image that is sometimes used amongst spiritual practitioners for the individual, her relationship to the universe and for the universe itself is one of an ocean. The universe is seen to be an ocean and individuals as waves in that ocean. The individual is also seen as an ocean, with attitudes and subsequent emotions being waves in that ocean. The effect of recognising Rei is that the ocean (or Ki) that is the individual calms and rejoins the ocean that is the universe (the Rei-Ki). This in itself is something pretty special, but the extraordinary thing that the Reiki practitioner is able to do is to affect a similar kind of result on everything, living and inanimate, around them. That is to say that the sub-atomic; energy pattern of the Reiki practitioner affects the sub-atomic; energy pattern of everything around them. And in the case of the Reiki causes, gradually, things to become more peaceful, tranquil and harmonise with the natural energy pattern of the universe. J

Psychic Interactive March - May


Welcome back to Spooky School. Special thanks to those readers who took the time to write to PI about my work: whether to complain or praise. For those of you who didnt, come on - I work my index ngertip to the bone typing this for you dont I? Oops, just slipped back fully into my Ego. You know, that part of us which we discussed two episodes ago that can really wreak havoc with our psychic work. We have to separate the chooks from the goats when being spooky, especially when we are collecting information for another person. I mean, if you were suddenly struck with enough prophetic clarity during a reading to pick up next Saturdays Lotto numbers, youd obviously KNOW they were meant for you, not your client, right? Hey, just kidding. Weve got to have a laugh, dont we? Now, getting back to our lessonlets see, weve got Still. There are no interruptions. The silence within is greater than any outside noise - what next? Just let it come, whether its by thought, written or spoken words, pictures or feelings. All of it (whatever it is) is valid in one way or another. If youre working with a friend or client, just start talking. What comes out of your mouth may sound utterly ridiculous to you, but for the person to whom it is directed, the messages will make sense, either then and there or later on when they reect upon whats been said. When it sounds silly to you, youre letting your ego kick in again. Tell it to take a back seat for half an hour or to go and play with the fairies. When you tell someone you see a lot of gold around them, it may not mean those damned elusive Lotto numbers, but simply and beautifully gifts from Spirit. Its a metaphor, or symbolic message. Remember, our friends in Spirit can use a different language to our literal written and spoken one. Wed better back track a little. Before you commence your psychic session, take some time to attune and prepare, before you start to even get Still. Intention is everything. What is the reason you are doing this? Who will benet from it, and why? State your intention clearly (even out loud) so that you consciously as well as subconsciously plant the seeds. Make it be known in clear terms exactly what you are aiming to achieve. I always ask for truth, clarity, healing, protection and love for my clients. Also, I tell any little naughty ones who Noel is an experienced have no business with cartoonist, a writer who me or my client to bugger doesnt censor himself and off before we start. At a joker - growing more the same time, dont get condent as he spiritually evolves. He is becoming paranoid about entities well known for his candid you cant see. I have writing and humorous new seen some psychics age observations. carry on with the most unbelievable mumbo jumbo bulldust when they THINK they are clearing a room. Its all in their heads. KNOW that if your intention is pure, and your single point of focus is to help the client and expect nothing in return, nothing can harm you. I ask: - what can sully a pure heart? Im not religious (we could write a whole book on that!), but a little prayer wont go astray either. I dont mean churchy, contrived, meaningless, parrot-fashion verses. Im talking about what you feel

Spooky School #5

in your heart. Say youve got someone whos really sick coming for a reading. Call on the healing power of the Christ or any other angel to bring assistance and peace to your friend. Sit back and watch what happens over the next few days. I swear to God it works! Until our next episode, take care and be spooky! P.S. those of you with access to the Internet can nd me at J March - May Psychic Interactive



PSYCHOMETRY Past, Present & Future

Psychometry is the ability to read the history of a certain Coming from an environment object by holding it where psychic phenomena in the palm of the is the norm, Angela offers hand. It is nothing practical and easy to understand more than the ability articles on spiritual topics. to pick up and receive Angela sifts through a myriad of research material the energies that in order to present authentic have been left behind and current information. on an object and translate them into terms people understand. Objects are also said to absorb their surroundings and the vibrations of their environment, as well as those of people who own or touch them. The term Psychometry was invented in 1842 by an American doctor named Joseph Rodes Buchanan, who was a professor of medicine in the state of Kentucky. He developed the theory that all things give off an emanation. Buchanan theorised that these emanations contained a record of the history of an object and that objects recorded senses and emotions, which could be played back in the mind of the person reading the object. Buchanan also believed that psychometry is an ability we all possess, but that most of us have unconsciously suppressed it. psychic impressions when you handle the object. Try not to gure out a likely history of the object, and try not to analyse and interpret your impressions to nd if they make sense. Simply observe all the impressions that come into your mind and describe them without trying to control them. Often the most unexpected images are likely to be the most correct. You need a relatively quiet and comfortable place to perform psychometry. You will need to be calm, centred and relaxed. Achieve this by using any method you prefer or any method that suits you best. Usually small, personal metal objects such as watches, rings and keys work the best. Learn which of your hands is the most sensitive. For most right-handed people, the left is the most receptive hand. For left-handed people, the right is most likely to be the receptive one.


Persevere At rst you may not get clear images, and you might have very little success the rst time. You will begin to pick up more each time you begin to work with psychometry. Sometimes you might get impressions you think are mostly related to yourself, but write them down anyway, as in the end, they might be more closely related to the object than you thought. If you see something, write it down and if you feel or know something, also write it down. Use as much detail as possible when your impressions arrive. Only by achieving a high amount of detail, will psychometry work well for you. So be as descriptive as you can, and never discard any impression, as you never know what might be important.

Psychometry and You Have you occasionally picked up an object and had a scene ash through your mind? Or maybe you were at a strangers house and touched an object and immediately got a strong impression of the person. These are instances all people experience which are small examples of psychometric attunement. There is some belief that objects are permeated by the human force eld, or aura. The things you wear, handle and live with seem to soak up the character and the individuality of people associated with them. Gaining psychic impressions from personal objects is not at all rare and is probably just a special form of clairvoyance. The individual performing the psychometry may gain psychic impressions directly from the person to whom the object belongs, or the object may simply serve as a kind of focusing device, which keeps their mind on the task.

Did You Know? Some psychometrists can also predict the future by holding an object. Some are unable to hold a certain object because it may have a violent or disturbing history. Psychometric impressions may come in the form of emotions, sounds, scents, tastes or images. The visions are usually very rapid and occur with no logical sequence. Some psychometrists experience a loss of energy and an increase in body temperature during readings. Some people read an object better if they dont touch it but merely hover their hands over it. Some people need only to touch an object once and then go into a trance-like state to give the history of the object. Many psychometrists need to hold the object near their heart or third eye area of their foreheads.

Gaining Impressions of Your Own Anyone can perform psychometry with some degree of success. It is important for you to be condent that you will gain accurate Psychic Interactive March - May

Practical Applications There are a number of well known individuals who possess the ability to perform psychometry in an unusually high degree. Two of the best known are Dutch sensitives, Peter Hurkos and Gerald Croiset. Both men apply their abilities to help locate missing persons and missing objects. Often, by holding items of clothing belonging to missing persons, Hurkos and Croisset can locate the person in question. Both of them are so skilled at this that they have frequently been called in by various police departments to assist in locating missing persons. This is one of various practical applications to which psychometry and other psychic abilities can benet many people.


A world health craze will be declared a big fat hoax, so be aware of fly by night health crazes. MARIAH CAREY will try another big comeback and also receive a thrashing from the media. This is not one of her better moves. An Asian city, will be thrown into some major turmoil, which will then upset the apple cart for a few other places as well. Some food substance that we all thought was good for us will be uncovered as a big nothing, other than a very smart marketing ploy. Well another world leader is about to be publicly disgraced and as if that is not enough, they will dob in a few of their mates as well. Oh dear the price of politics and fame. The enemy rises in an eastern country, but they will be over turned and a new light will shine on this area. Many people flock to see a major event only to find out that the evening of glitz and glamour will have a disastrous result. AUSTRALIA will uncover another major musical talent, that will instantly be a world hitster. A new medicine from the Americas will prove to be beneficial to thousands of people suffering from depression, but this medicine will not be available in pharmacies. Youll have to look to your local health supplier for a bottle. Is there another book to come for Madonna? Well it will be a far cry from her sexy last. Its anyones guess what the subject will be, choose either Motherhood or ME, me, me, me, me, me. Well it will be a great success anyway. A revolutionary beauty product will come off our very own shores and take the cosmetic dream that little bit further.

What Works Best for You? Most of the time, the way you rst pick up an object and hold it will be the right way for you, but you may have to experiment. Let your intuition tell you whats right and do what feels right to you, because there is no wrong way to do it. If the original way you chose to attempt psychometry doesnt work, try something else and you will eventually succeed. It is generally thought that psychometry is a natural power of the human mind. If you possess a talent for psychometry, you may already know it, as it usually starts at an early age and seems to be a natural gift, but it is also something that most people have the potential to learn as well.

References: 1. 2. 3. 4. castle/ metaphysics/ psychometry.htm 5. Wilson, C. & Wilson, D.; The Mammoth Encyclopedia of Unsolved Mysteries; 2000; Constable Robinson; London.


80% of my World and Celebrity predictions as seen here in Psychic Interactive have happened. Including (1) Bette Midler - The Divine Miss M has recently been recovering from a bout of depression and anxiety due to the axing of her new now old show BETTE. Well this year will see her in a new major motion picture. (2) Michael Jackson - Michael what can I really say here, l think the press has really said more than enough about how bad the latest show is and how low can the sales be. (3) Political unrest - I made this prediction around November 2000 that the Middle East will be in unrest with war and this prediction was the beginning of a few that came regarding the turmoil that would be set off by the events of September 11. (4) Brad and Jennifer - it certainly seems our friend, Jen is getting a little restless with her friends these days as she is seeing whole lot less of her man as he is jet setting about the globe with one new movie deal after another. (5) Australian Medical Discovery - yes our own fair land has come a very long way in the medical arena and a few discoveries are being worked at and trailed right now, in the areas of HIV, cancer and blood related diseases. (6) Madonna is trying real hard to be a good mum. As she was last seen at a friends rock show wearing a black cut off t shirt sporting the words MOTHER and if thats the best she can do well I think it might be bedtime stories for the material girl.

(7) George Bush - showed us all what he is really all about, with the disasters that happened on and after Sept 11. (8) Pamela Lee Anderson - yes well they decided not to go natural as we all may have heard, Pammys got a new man and Tommys on the wagon. (9) We certainly did see a Big Aussie Network go down with the fall of Ansett, also the James Packer Phone Co, l think we will see the fall of a few more giants yet, as always the phoenix will rise again in our great fair land. (10) The Catholic Church - the Pope did apologise to the Australian Aboriginal community, which was just the beginning. There is a lot more to come in the form or should I say reform within the church. (11) An amazing discovery on our fair land - they have uncovered two ancient sites in the past few months and have lead to a big difference in the way we look at Australia being a new country. A discovery of the healing properties of a certain fungi in Asia are now being tested in the laboratories for their usefulness in the healing of leukemia and bone marrow disorders.

March - May Psychic Interactive


One day Chuang-tzu and a friend were walking along a river bank.. How delightfully the shes are enjoying themselves in the water! Chuang-tzu exclaimed. You are not a sh, his friend said. How do you know whether or not the shes are enjoying themselves? You are not me, Chuang-tzu said. How do you know that I do not know that the shes are enjoying themselves?








The Winner...
Chuang-tzu has reached a point of peace within himself. This peace leads him to know that he is at one with all around him. With this knowing and belief strong and secure he can easily sense happiness in the sh - which are just another aspect of the whole. If his friend knew himself he would also know Chuang-tzu and he would know the sh. BARBARA VANDEBRUG


We are all individuals on our spiritual pathway. What works for one person doesnt necessarily work for another. Each person is at his/her own level of spiritual pathway between themselves and God. HEIDI DOLEZAL Chuang-tzu is at one with the Universe so he is able to feel the shes enjoyment swimming about in the water. His friend, not having the same abundance of love, cannot feel the shes enjoyment. DAPHNE SHEAD Peoples mind and souls are as deep, vast and mysterious as the universe and just as we couldnt begin to know all the universe so too we do not what happens totally in anothers thoughts / universe. Do not be quick to jump to conclusions. DANIELLE W. To know me walk in my shoes or do not judge me. ELIZABETH RAYNA If you are a student of nature, nature will reveal all of her emotions. BARBARA HARDING

Su b m it te d Ans w e rs

Second Place...
We either live a reality of oneness or separation, its our choice. Anyone can tune in and know how another is feeling. The friend was living in separation therefore You are not me was Chuang-tzus reply; for if the friend was at one with Chuang-tzu he would have know that the sh were happy for himself. DAVID REID

Chuang-tzu was feeling at one with the sh and as such felt their joy as his own. PHILLIPA GILLETT Everyones views are different. How one perceives life another may not. It is not up to others to judge anothers perspective. Only the individual knows how they see things. JOE FOLEY Why question anothers pleasant observations and assumptions when you yourself do not know the answer, or indeed, do not know whether or not they do - or dont. BERNICE ROLLISON

Chuang-tzu either experienced a vision of a previous state of existence or was projecting his consciousness and experiencing multiple states of existence. BRUCE KRUGER Chuang-tzu could feel wonder in the air, a high frequency, that held the joy of every living being within it and he knew right here, right now, that all creatures that went with the ow of their true instincts could not miss its magic. DENISE McGUIRE We only know by our own experiences. CYNTHIA LEAR

Third Place...
Chuang-tzu was using his intuition (right side) his friend was trying to nd a logical explanation (left brain thinking) PAMELA SAMYIA

Psychic Interactive March - May


Atmospheres and Affirmations

Louise L. Hay is a metaphysical lecturer and teacher and the best selling author of 27 books, including You Can Heal Your Life and Empowering Women. Our Free Offer CD this issue teams Louise L Hay with award winning composer Mark Chait to bring you a beautiful mix of music and affirmations. Louise has assisted thousands of people to discover and use the full potential of their own creative powers for personal growth and self healing. Bask in waves of peace, joy and harmony as you listen to this unique fusion of music and spoken words. Our thanks to Leon Nacson and Hay House Australia for their continued support.


On average you will leave over 64,000 ngerprints per day.

A koalas ngerprints are indistinguishable from a humans.


The Blue Whale is so large an African Elephant can t on its tongue.


Italos was the Greek word for bull calf. The earliest Romans used cattle as a form of money. So this rich, land of calves became known as Italy.

Sharina White - The Exclusive Reader Interview Kerry Kulkens - Answers your questions on Witchcraft and Spells Uri Geller Weeping Madonna Rupert Rotwang Be more Spiritual Alarnah TobinGray - New Book Release What is to become of Margie? Will Noel relentlessly send her to the bottom of his pencil draw? Her destiny is in your hands - should she stay or should she go? And the truth is revealed - Is our president Zachary Ziamus really Zorro? All this and more in the next exciting episode of Psychic Interactive!


The Ancient Romans held the philosophy of Healthy Body, Healthy Mind and subsequently were quite particular about their appearance. The Men went to boutiques to have the hair on their arms removed. A mixture of bats blood and hedgehog ashes was popular for getting rid of unwanted hair.


The chance of the Earth being wiped out by an asteroid is 1 in 5000.


The orange soil brought back from the moon by astronauts appeared to be quite fresh but was in fact 3.71 billion years old.

An electric eel is actually a sh. It has a at head with eyes located toward its mouth and its inner organs are located in the rst fth of its body. The rest of the body mostly contains the organs that make the electric current. Experiments have shown that they make enough electricity in their bodies to knock down a horse. One electric eel can discharge up to 600 volts of electricity.

Lets face it, even the luckiest people have bad hair days ...

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Psychic Interactive March - May

March - May Psychic Interactive



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Masonic Hall, Macquarie St. Springwood (02) 4751 2118 St Marys Spiritual Centre Community Hall, Debrincat Ave North St Marys (02) 9675 2260 Sutherland Spiritual Church Multi Purpose Centre, Flora St Sutherland (02) 9589 1082 Wentworthville Spiritual Centre Reg Byrnes Community Centre Cnr Sylall St Darcy Rd Wentworthville (02) 9684 6603 Simaya Healing Centre Mystical School Wybalena Sanctuary Mt Warning (02) 6679 1339 Newcastle Spiritualist Church Inc. 3 Swan St Newcastle (02) 4926 3402 or (02) 4943 1690 Church of United Spiritualism of Australia 61 King St Newcastle (02) 4942 2951 Spiritual Enlightenment Church of Australia 198 Hastings River Drive Port Macquarie (02) 6582 0694 or email White Dove Spiritualist Church 20 Bargo River Rd Tahmoor (02) 4681 8921 Tamworth Spiritualist Church Coledale CommunityCentre Kenny Drive Tamworth (02) 6762 7162 or email Crystal Light Spiritual Church Meets at Burril Lake Community Hall Ulladulla Enquires to Helen (02) 4454 1584 Wollongong Christian Spiritual Church 2 Denison St Wollongong (02) 4229 2453 Illawarra Spiritualist Centre Cram House, Crown St Wollongong (02) 4276 1979 Church of United Spiritualism of Australia CannonHill (07) 3399 5426 The Church of United Spiritualism of Australia Cnr Durigan Throwers Drive Currumbin (07) 5536 7649 or (07) 5590 9288 Eagleby Spiritualist Church Community Centre Cowper Street Eagleby (07) 3287 5719 or (07) 3807 5892 The Healing Energy Loving Prayer Centre 56 Coppereld Drive Eagleby (07) 3807 2139 Eden Spiritual Church Masonic Hall, Toolooa Street Gladstone (07) 4979 3176 Ipswich Christian Spiritual Church 2 Deebing Street Ipswich (07)3812 0344 Church of United Spiritualism of Australia Jamboree Heights (07) 3376 3744 South Coast and Hinterland Spiritualist Church CWA Hall 43 Ventura Road Mermaid Beach (07) 5535 8878 The Peoples Spiritualist Church 20 Brendan Drive Nerang (07) 5472 2531 Hinterland Church for Spiritual Growth Community Hall, Price Street, Nerang (07) 5572 1133 ParaSakti Healing and Meditation Centre 29 Nerang River Drive Nerang (07) 5596 3058 Christian Spiritualist Church Petrie (07) 3285 6589 The Church of United Spiritualism of Australia CWA Hall, Redcliffe Road Petrie (07) 3888 2068 Church of United Spiritualism of Australia Redcliffe Peninsula Maureen (07) 3284 7332 The Salisbury Centre 183 Lillian Ave Salisbury (07) 3274 4975 The Silver Cross Christian Spiritual Church Community Hall, Lawson St Southport (07) 5533 2246 Noosa and District Spiritualist Church Tinbeerwah Hall, Cooroy Noosa Road, Tinbeerwah (07) 5449 0937 Discipline of Light Spiritual Church Cnr. Halls Chatswood Roads Slacks Creek (07) 3208 9735 Tweed Lighthouse Spiritualist Centre Sth Tweed Community Centre (07) 5599 8906 The Silver Cross Christian Spiritualist Church The Community Centre, Lawson Street Southport (07) 55292451 Hyborean Centre for Spiritual Growth and Healing 95 Lister Street Sunnybank (07) 3208 9221 Toowomba Spiritualist Centre (07) 4636 3054 Toowoomba Eagle Lodge Spiritual Group (07) 4696 1157 Spiritualist Church of Love, Light and Harmony Wamuran Community Hall, DAguilar Highway, Wamuran (07) 5496 3628 Windsor Spiritualist Church 8 Thorne Street Windsor (07) 3857 1390 Christian Spritual Fellowship Wynnum Community Hall Glennis Saggers (07) 3206 0495 Inner Light Centre 11 Kerferd Street Coburg (03) 9350 6240 Southern Peninsula Spiritual Church Community Hall Cnr Verdon Hodgkinson Streets Dromana (03) 5986 2974 Fawkner Spiritualist Church Fawkner Community Centre Jukes Road Fawkner (03) 9359 1791 The Woodlands Sanctuary Spiritualist Foundation 3 Woodland Way Gruyere (03) 5964 9432 Hughesdale Spiritualist Society Inc. 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Greater Sydney & Blue Mountains ARTARMON Spiritual Church Girl Guides Hall, Thompson Ave, off Barton Rd Artarmon (02) 9971 5584 Lighthouse Spiritual Centre Windsor Castle, 494 Windsor Rd Baulkham Hills (02) 9686 2230 BLAXLAND Spiritual Centre Community Centre, Hope St Blaxland (02) 4739 6225 The Gnostic Movement 26 Mackenzie Street. Bondi Junction (02) 9389 1383 Everyones Spiritual Centre Neighbourhood Centre, 161 Everton St Broadmeadow (02) 4926 2104 Christian Spiritual Church of Light CWA Hall, end of King Street Campbelltown (02) 9600 9770 Rainbow Healing Centre 33 Gilmour St Colyton (02) 9623 4876 Cronulla Spiritual Church Surf Road (next door Library) Cronulla (02) 9523 0249 Unitarian Church in NSW 15A Francis St East Sydney Tel/Fax (02) 9360 2038 EMU HEIGHTS Spiritual Church Emu Heights Community Centre, Wedmore St Emu Heights (02) 9623 1328 Enmore Spiritualist Church 2 London St Enmore Services every Friday 7 pm, Sunday 3 pm

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Werrington Spiritualist Church NT Victoria Cottage, Cottage St Werrington Heavenly Signpost Healing (02) 4721 2211 Centre Shop 2, Bonanni Arcade, Gregory Terrace NSW Country & Coastal Alice Springs Areas (08) 8952 4654 Bathurst Spiritualist Church Write for details: PO Box 1082 Bathurst 2795 The Key to Light Centre 310 Charlestown Rd Charlestown (02) 4943 8343 Truth Light Spiritual Church Recreation Hall, Heininger St Dapto (02) 4261 7667

The Spiritualists National Union of Great Britain Liaison Ofcer (08) 9277 8869 Aquarian Spiritual Centre 51 Forest Road Forestdale (08) 9397 0155 Alpha Spiritualist Centre Graeme Dunnett Flinders Community Centre Broadbeach Blvd Hillarys (08) 9343 2240 Melville Spiritualist Centre Daycare Centre, Le Soeuf Drv Kardinya Reality Dreams Spiritual Centre 31 Coodanup Drive Mandurah (08) 9535 4331 The Maylands Christian Spiritualist Church 123 Caledonian Ave Maylands (08) 9370 4133 Sacred Flame Spiritualist Church 12 Watts Road Safety Bay (08) 9419 2209 Centre Christian Spiritualist Church 76 Townsend Road Subiaco (08) 9382 3333

Church of the Resurrected Life 523 Centre Road Bentleigh (03) 9563 9400 Berwick Spiritualist Church Berwick Masonic Hall 106 High St Berwick (03) 9702 1662 Golden Light Spiritualist Centre Inc. Manchester Unity Hall 8 Main St Blackburn (03) 9723 7328 Pastel Realm 374 Dorset Road Boronia (03) 9762 5791

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Fairymeadow Spiritual Centre Phone Allan Bribie Island (02) 4284 8186 36 Banya Street, Bongaree Bribie Island Lithgow Spiritual Centre (07) 3408 0610 Lithgow Police Community Youth Club Brisbane Spiritual Church Granville Spiritualist Church Hoskin Ave 228 Boundary Road Granville Library, Carlton St Lithgow Spring Hill Granville (02) 6352 3779 or email (07) 3832 6023 Church services Wed 12.30pm Caboolture Christian Australian Spiritual Centre. Long Jetty Spiritual Light Spiritualist Church Community Centre, 66b Centre 5 Dux Street Illawong Ave 23 Pacic St Caboolture Kingswood Park Development Long Jetty (07)5496 3458 (02) 4730 1103 (02) 4329 7849 Cairns Spiritualist Group Mount Annan Spiritual Centre Minna Murra Spiritual Centre The Spiritual Centre Mount Annan Community near Kiama Charles Ave in 129 Mulgrave Rd Cottage school grounds Cairns 351 Welling Drive Minna Murra (07) 4051 9136 Mount Annan (02) 4232 3194 (02) 4646 1459 Sunshine Coast Spiritualist The Inner Light Healing Church Church of Light Sanctuary Masonic Lodge 24 Enmore Rd Mt Burrell Rd Third Ave by Arthur St Newtown Mt Burrell Caloundra (02) 9550 6964 (02) 6679 7079 (07) 5491 7203

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he New Age Spiritual Centre at Unley, South Australia, aims to make the year 2002 a time of great Spiritual growth, fulllment and FUN. One of the main aims of a Spiritualist Centre is to give evidence of survival of the human soul. Our Sunday Service includes music, a talk on Spiritual Issues relevant to daily living, absent and contact healing and demonstrations of clairvoyance. I am a Marriage Celebrant at the Centre and have also conducted Funeral / Celebration of Life Services. The following thoughts that I have used, in line with Spiritualist beliefs, have brought much comfort to those attending the service. We share the experience of death with everyone who has ever lived and with all who ever will be. It is only the physical body that dies. (Name) has awoken amidst the smiling faces of his loved ones who have gone before and there is much joy in their reunion. They continue to grow and to sing and to dance and are surrounded by more love than we can ever imagine. We are grateful that our endless memories of (Name) will live forever within our hearts. (It is the joy in their reunion phrase that brings the most comfort to people) Best wishes - Elizabeth Welling Fred from SA


hen I was in my 20s my rst wife died. About six months after her death, a medium passed on personal information known only to the two of us. Thus Spiritualism proved to me that life continues beyond physical death. I have since had 2 NDEs and my loved ones have often communicated with me from the spiritual worlds. I now use this gift to help others who are grieving the loss of a loved one.

e are not all witches or warlocks nor do we all dance naked by the moon or do spells. You see, if you are psychic you dont have a need to do spells. We may say prayers or just ask our spirit guides for help or advice. Most of us who go to spiritualist churches have a belief in God or a creative force. I attended their meditation groups when I wasnt running my own. Often there would be someone there to chat to and to share experiences with who may have had similar ones to my own. I didnt feel so strange and alone being able to talk to someone about the awareness of the psychic and the spiritual.

was brought up in a church environment. The idea of there being life after death and invisible forces (angels) guiding us was part of this philosophy. But there was no proof that either of these things were anything more than just someones theory. I had to have faith.

I have been working in the psychic arena for 28 years and now do platform work or speak in spiritual churches. I may give a few quick messages from the spirit world as well as a quick spirit guide portrait or two. I also give an address or inspirational talk as well. Each Sunday at the spiritual church a different rnedium is invited to address the gathering and perform clairvoyance. Spiritual churches are a good place to meet and to nd out more about self and spiritual awareness. As well as get to enjoy the company of like-minded people. Everyone is always welcome. Julie OKeefe

Things changed however some years later. I was introduced to the Spiritualist church. Here they attempted to prove that there was life after death and that everyone had forces from another dimension helping them. Added to that they did hands on healings. What appealed greatly to me however was the notion that one could have a two-way communication with these guides, and that they were regular (though dead) people. These were only some of the things I found out. Why dont you check out your local Spiritualist church as well? Regards - John

n 1848, the Fox family was disturbed by constant knocking and raps. When their youngest daughters, Katherine and Margaretta began to imitate the raps, it became something of a game. They developed a method of communicating with the mysterious rapper. At the time, America was intrigued by the occult. And though it was not the rst time the living had exchanged information with the beyond, it was these humble events which marked the beginning of the modern Spiritualist movement. L.J.W. March - May Psychic Interactive


Spiritual Crossword

The Mystery Photo was...


Noel Kilner was the star of our mystery photo competition last issue. Not that you could guess Marty took picture distortion to the limits in a vain attempt to thwart you all. He almost succeeded too! But not quite, we have a winner - Congratulations to Anne Cooper of Brisbane. Barbara Vandebrug was selected by our president, Zachary Ziamus as our Zen Master of the issue. Psychic Interactive is made possible through the interaction of our readers. Our thanks to everyone for their unique contributions - keep them coming. L.J.W.

2001 Hartnack & Ware

1. Precious stone (4) 4. Energy Centre (7) 5. Interrogate (8) 7. Tarot card representing Transition (5) 11. Deep blue (6) 15. Extreme happiness (5) 17. Midday (4) 18. Fated to die, doomed (3) 19. Norse god of war (3) 20. Mythical Bird (7) 21. Light source, used in magic (6) 22. Imaginary person or object (4) 23. Third Tarot Triumph (7) 27. Sance board (5) 29. Restoration (12) 30. Zodiac sign (3) 32. Mental contemplation (10) 33. Extract obtained by distillation (7) 35. The action of passing (7) 36. Norse Vanir God of meadows (3) 38. Element (3) 40. Trunk (4) 42. Norwegian (5) 44. Sixth Tarot Triumph (6) 47. Power (6) 50. Egyptian Cat-headed goddess (4) 52. Witching hour (8) 53. God of thunder (4) 54. Vitality (4)

1. Colour of 1 Across (3) 2. Playing or Tarot? (4) 3. Waking dream (6) 4. Ferryman of the Dead (6) 6. Lower-mind (12) 8. The Self (3) 9. Positive statement (11) 10. Riddle, mystery (6) 12. A way of explaining (14) 13. Hideous giant (4) 14. Ancient Grecian Sun god (8) 16. Clich for intuition (5,5) 21. Palmistry (11) 24. Statement about the future (10) 25. Making well (7) 26. Norse female half-giant half god (3) 28. Plenty (9) 31. Changeable (7) 34. Turn in a conical fashion (6) 37. To search for something (5) 39. Egyptian Sun God (2) 41. Vision, goal (5) 43. Sphere (3) 45. Semi-precious stone (4) 46. Formal procedure (4) 48. Deity (3) 49. Where chickens come from (3) 51. Egyptian God of the dead (3)

Myth is a form of metaphor. Its the metaphor thats truly empowering for people. It allows us to see our ordinary lives from a different perspective, to get an intuitive sense of who we are and what is important to us myths are the bridge to the collective unconscious. They tap images, symbols, feelings, possibilities and patterns, inherent, inherited human potential that we all have in common. Dr Jean Shinoda Bolan



There is a theory that states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable. There is another theory that states that this has already happened. Douglas Adams - The Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy


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This issues Spiritual jokes

A pastor was preaching an impassioned sermon on the evils of television. It steals away precious time that could be better spent on other things, he said. He advised the congregation to do what he and his family had done. We put our TV away in the closet. Thats right, his wife mumbled, and it gets awfully crowded in there.

Some More Laughter

It was opening night at the Orpheum, and The Amazing Claude was topping the bill. People came from miles around to see the famed hypnotist do his stuff. As Claude took to the stage, he announced, Unlike most stage hypnotists who invite two or three people up onto the stage to be put into a trance, I intend to hypnotise each and every member of this audience. The excitement was almost electric as Claude withdrew a beautiful antique pocket watch from his coat. I want you each to keep your eye on this antique watch. Its a very special watch. Its been in my family for six generations. He began to swing the watch gently back and forth while quietly chanting, Watch the watch, watch the watch, watch the watch... The crowd became mesmerised as the watch swayed back and forth, light gleaming off its polished surface. Hundreds of pairs of eyes followed the swaying watch, until suddenly it slipped from the hypnotists ngers and fell to the oor, breaking into a hundred pieces. Sh*t! cried the hypnotist. It took three weeks to clean up the theatre. Its not an optical illusion, it just looks like one. - Phil White My wife asked me to buy ORGANIC vegetables from the market. I went and looked around and couldnt nd any. So I grabbed an old, tired looking employee and said, These vegetables are for my wife. Have they been sprayed with any poisonous chemicals? The produce guy looked at me and said, No. Youll have to do that yourself.
Provided by: Patricia Cameron-Hill & Shayne Yates Seminars Web: Email: Authors of You wont die laughing and Doctor, I feel funny. All cartoons From A Guide To The New Age by J. Betts & J. Kudelka Available for $6 by writing to: PO Box 8, Sandy Bay TAS 7006



the 6th sense

March - May Psychic Interactive


Even the Gods love Jokes -Plato

me then happily saying Its nearly long enough, Ben it wont be long now. Whereas I was happy to sit or lay at her feet listening to a little tune she would hum as she did her knitting in the garden just outside her room. Now I have to say my friend Amy is always busy doing things, so busy in fact, she sometimes forgets some of the important things she should do for her safety. I have a great sense of smell; its one of the good things our owners rely on us to help them with. As it happened, a strange burning

spirit friend Rose, because it had woven such a pattern around the chairs, plants and other objects, that it stopped Amy going into her room. Between us, we kept Amy away from danger. A big red re truck came roaring up the driveway making the loudest noise, I got such a fright, I nearly stopped tugging on Amys dress. Men in yellow helmets and big jackets pulled a large hose from the truck and soon water poured into Amys room and put the re out. Nicole, Amy and I all sat very close together hugging and kissing each other, happy that we were all safe and well. I got a lot more hugs, pats and tickles that day. People said good dog what a brave fellow lucky Ben was with Amy he saved her life. Nicole had tears in her eyes and a smile on her face as she told me how wonderful I am. She told me that I was her hero, and that made me feel very good. Amy had to go to her doctor; I had to go to the vet, whilst we were both checked out for any injuries. I guess my fur coat saved me, because I looked as good as brand new after a bath and a good brush down. Amy looked good also, except for some Band-Aids and a couple of bruises. It wasnt long before the workers had Amys

By Judith Sargent

cant remember much about my life before I came to live with Nicole and her family. I know I was well cared for, well fed, trained and loved by my former family, and I know I had a good puppyhood. My former family was always busy, with many things going on. It was hard to keep track of it all. At the busy times, I often felt alone in the blur of activities. Fully grown at four human years of age, I have come to live with Nicole and her family. We had to get to know each other at rst. Nicole seemed sad, yet she looked at me with eyes of love. It wasnt long before I learnt that she had loved another dog called Rose, who had recently gone to live with The Great Spirit of All Living Things, leaving Nicole feeling sad and empty inside.

smell started to ll the air. When I rst noticed it, I stood up and looked at Amy anxiously, but she appeared not to notice that anything could be wrong. I jumped up and down feeling more anxious now looking long and hard at my friend trying to get her attention. SO absorbed in her work, Amy ordered me to get down! But I persisted with my jumping and I had started to bark as well. Thankfully, Amy caught a whiff of the burning smell in the next moment. Oh my goodness I forgot to turn the iron off!! yelled Amy. The ironing board and everything on it will be burnt through!

It was strange for me also, as I wasnt used to being the centre of attention, so I would growl at times when a new stranger came to our home. It wasnt long before Nicole and I became a team. It is fun and Nicole rewards me with tasty tidbits every time I do something right. I found that when I was having a puppy nap I would sometimes dream of Rose. She would lay beside me and share all the things she knew about Nicole and the life she had with her. Sometimes when I am awake I feel her spirit around me. Rose has the greatest love for everyone. I felt Rose was sent by The Great Spirit of All Living Things to guide me on my Life Mission with Nicole. One of the best parts of my new life is going to the Spiritualist Church on a Friday night. Love lls the air as soon as we walk into the room; everyone loves each other AND they love ME! Visiting the home of the senior people is another thing I like to do. I have lots of friends there ready to pat me, stroke my fur and tickle me. This all makes me a very happy tail wagger, especially when I see a smile come to a tired face. One of my special senior friends is Amy, we love to make a fuss over each other. She always has a treat for me, which I suspect she saves from her morning tea. Amy is always busy making something with her knitting needles and a large ball of wool. I am making you a surprise for winter Ben, I do hope you like red, it is such a warm colour, and it will look good on your golden fur coat. It was during the last visit the trouble began. Amy and I were having a nice quiet visit with each other ... the knitting stopping occasionally so that Amy could measure her work against

Amy feeling very alarmed now jumped up from her seat, I jumped up also and started barking louder and louder to tell everyone we had trouble and help QUICKLY! I was jumping, running around Amy, and barking all at the same time. I wanted to take her away from the source of that terrible smell. Amy became confused, she wanted to go back to her room; I wanted her to move away from it, so I bit onto the hem of her dress and pulled as hard as I could to stop her. I was still pulling on the dress when someone came to our rescue. EVERYTHING happened at once, Nicole was there calling my name, a re bell was clanging somewhere, people were shouting at each other--- and Amys ball of wool was unraveling as it rolled from one place to another in all of the confusion, it looked like a giant cobweb. When I think about it, that ball of wool was either magic or it was sent on its path by my

room cleaned, repaired and better than brand new. When she returned to her room she bought an automatic iron and a lovely new ironing board. The re chief recommended me for an award for bravery, and a newspaperman took picture of us and placed it in his paper. Nicole said she was very proud of me ... but... dont know, it was the wool that saved Amy,... and the wool didnt tangle by itself. I feel sure the spirit of Rose had a paw in saving my friend. Amy is busy knitting again, her needles clicking away to make a winter coat for me. You may think the wool was burnt or damaged with the re? Well no, it wasnt touched in any way at all. Someone or something had gathered the wool back into a ball, and it was waiting for Amy when she returned to her room. My coat is a team effort of love... Amys, Nicoles, Roses and mine. I shall wear my hand knitted coat with pride. J


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