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UNIT I,II,III Part A Advertising UN 1) Define Advertising & publicity 2) What is advertising campaign 3) Explain the concept of ethics

s in ad? 4) What do you mean by ethics in ad? 5) Write note on advertising appropriation 6) Explain advertorial? 7) Explain media-vehicle 8) Define media and audience? 9) What is media plan? 10) Explain cost per rating point? 11) How do we decide the frequency of ad? 12) What is the role of media strategist? 13) What is TRP & GRP ?

14) Mention 2 factors which influence the companies to decide media structure? 15) Mention any 2 roles of media researchers? 16) What is social advertising? 17) What is DAGMAR? 18) Define media rates? 19) What is media research? 20) Who is a celebrity? 21) Who is a dealer? 22) Define aerial advertising 23) What do you mean by pop-up advertising 24) Define Media rates ? 25) What is layout? 26) What is copy? 27) What are the characters of good ad copy? 28) What is copy testing?

29) Define copy structure? 30) Define ad copy layout? 31) What is copy of ad? 32) What is referred as a layout in digital print media? 33) Mention any 2 methods of indoor ad? 34) What is fear appeal? 35) Define Message appeal? 36) What is Message structure ? 37) Mention any four means of outdoor advertising

38) What do you mean by copy-writing? 39) Explain story board 40) Factors influencing message development? 41) What are the objectives of ad in an introduction stage 42) What is unique buying proposition? 43) What is push and pull strategy? 44) Define dissonance theory 45) What is in pack premium 46) Give any one hierarchy of an effective model of advertising? 47) How to test the validity of ads? 48) What is the need of integrated communication? 49) Why audience feedback is required? 50) What is marketing Mix & Promotional Mix? 51) Write note on Personal Selling & Direct Marketing ? 52) List down the classification of advertisements ? 53) Short note on : 1) Precipitation 2) Persuasion 3) Reinforcement 4) Reminder 54) Features/characters/ Principles if advertising ? 55) List Down the players in advertising ? 56) How do you select an ad agency ? 57) Define Media class ? 58) What is below and above the line of media ? 59) Define media Strategies ?

60) List down media objectives ? 61) Define reach , coverage, frequency, Scheduling ? 62) What is Brand & Category development index ? 63) What is target market ? 64) Define Media - mix ? 65) What is program rating ? 66) Impact ?

PART - B 1) Discuss the positive and negative impact on advertising on society? 2) Discuss the socio, economic, ethical and legal issues / impact of advertising? 3) Discuss the role of advertising agencies in producing an effective advertisements 4) If you are to select an ad agency to develop and implement an campaign for a new brand of car, what are the agency features you will consider? 5) Discuss the functions/ services of ad agency? 6) Explain the role of client and advertiser in organising ad? 7) Merits and demerits of ad agencies mode of ad? 8) Develop an ad campaign for XYZ shampoos?

9) Function of ad agency with examples? 10) Mention any 4 national and international ad agencies and their most rated ads with the theme of ad displayed? 11) Discuss objectives of ad with reference to the health insurance industry? 12) Criteria for selection of ad agencies? 13) Compare and contrast contemporary and modern ad? 14) Draw a framework for media plan & strategy development activities. 15) Describe the methods of measuring media reach and frequency 16) Explain different media available for advertising and giving their suitability? 17) Give media plan for advertising to sell multi stored flats? 18) Explain different creative strategies for ad production? 19) Types of media plan & problems faced by media planner? 20) Merits and demerits of types of media? 21) Develop media strategies for advertising a Xerox machine?

22) How do you select particular vehicle in media type? Discuss the same with the component of ad budget? 23) What is viral marketing? Detail the methods to stimulate the concept of personal influence in sales of health care products? 24) Select and 5 advertisement from the print media and detail the methods to test their validity and reliability 25) Detail the media strategies that would influence the advertisements of the real estate sector in India? 26) Discuss with a neat flow chart the media plan for a national level mobile phone distributing company in India? 27) Methods available to measure the impact of print ad? 28) Explain the steps involved in ad preparation with examples 29) Explain DAGMAR and its challenges? 30) Discuss the essential of print advertisement for a medium segment car? 31) In todays world electronic media play a key role. Discuss 32) Enumerate the factors influencing the selection of media? 33) What are the elements & principles of creative message development? 34) Examine various advertising appeals and execution styles? 35) Dos and donts to be followed in message development?

36) What are all the methods of research to measure ad effectiveness? 37) Types of ad copy through various media for the consumer durable industry? 38) Give guidelines for effective advertising and explain the types of copy? 39) Explain the production of print ad & commercials? 40) Measuring the effectiveness of ad? 41) Features of web based ad? 42) Discuss the relationship between recall and persuasion? Relate your answer to anyone recent press ad? 43) Pick up the print ad, which you recently come across and explain how it is informative, suggestive and activate purchase decision? 44) Using examples of comparative and non-comparative ad for same product and explain the features of both types of ad? 45) Discuss emerging trends in B2B environment 46) Discuss the methods to measure, effective performance of sales persons in retail shopping? 47) Notes on - outsourcing sales promotion celebrity ad, buzz marketing, ABC of effective ad, credible message, mobile marketing. Emotional appeal, negative publicity?

48) Explain Importance/significance of advertising ? 49) Write in Detail Promotion mix ? 50) Discuss about Product Life cycle ? 51) History / evolution of advertising ? 52) Explain in detail Classification of advertisements ? 53) What are the functions of advertising with examples ? 54) Discuss Lavidge & Steiners Hierarchy model ? 55) Explain in detail Types of agency & Agency compensation? 56) Discuss about Client agency relationship ? 57) How do you develop the media Plan ? explain 58) Discuss Implementing Media strategies ? 59) What are the factors influencing frequency levels ? 60) Explain effective frequency and reach ? 61) How do you determine the relative cost of media ? Explain in detail .

62) List down and explain media characteristics ? 63) Evaluate Print, TV, Radio, News paper, Magazine ? 64) Explain the process of buying media - Print, TV, Radio, News paper, Magazine ?

UNIT IV , V : SALES PROMOTION : 1. What is the best option in sales promotion ? 2. Nature of sales promotion? 3. What is online sales promotion? 4. Why sales promotion is outsourced? 5. Define Promotion ? 6. Define Publicity ? 7. Define sales promotion 8. List down promotional tools. 9. Explain integrated promotion

10. Give example of online sales promotion 11. Classify sales persons 12. Identify any 4 trade oriented promotional techniques? 13. How to conduct integrated promotion? 14. Who is sandwich man in ad? 15. What is internal promotion strategy? 16. Mention any 4 methods of online sales promotion? 17. Reasons for implementing sales promotion? 18. What is industrial trade fair? 19. What is ADIDA? Part B 1. Types of sales promotion techniques for 2 wheelers? 2. Mention the objectives of sales promotion and highlight the means of promotion sales 3. Discuss the objective of sales promotion> 4. Explain sales promotion techniques for FMCG. 5. Design sales promotion campaign for a brand new mobile 6. Factors to be considered while designing and implementing online sales promotion for personal care. 7. Distinguish the composition of national and international sales promotional campaign? 8. Discuss the merits and drawbacks of interest free instalments and exchange offers? 9. Explain the needs for sales promotion? 10. Explain different sales promotion activities? 11. Explain sales promotion planning process? 12. Create sales promotion plan for textile outlet? 13. Explain the scope and role of sales promotion? 14. Suggest suit ale ways for consumer oriented promotion? 15. Develop a master plan for sales promotion to promote a 5 star hotel in metropolitan city? 16. Explain the role of dealers and sales people in sales promotion campaign? 17. Merits and demerits of outsourcing a sales promotion campaign? 18. Explain the challenges in online sales promotion? 19. Distinguish the efforts of ad in national and international promotion?

20. Mention various methods of sales promotion of personal electronic products with examples? 21. Detail the steps in personal selling of water purifier for a twin employed house hold illustratively? 22. Discuss with example the concept of novelty in online ad of financial products in India? 23. Define IM? Design integrated ad and sales promotion plan for AMUL? 24. What are the tasks of market development manager with reference to special ad to civil aviation? 25. Consumer oriented sales promotion techniques for tourism industry? 26. The application and growth of online sales promotion program for used cars and 2 wheelers? 27. Various international promotional strategies adapted by textile exporters? 28. Evaluate the various promotional types and their objectives? 29. How does a sales promotional effort direct consumers and traders? Discuss trader promotion