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service management is the way of devlivering value to the customer - it is the strategic asset of the service provider - unique

way of handling the project. Activities of SS Process -Development of service concept -Understand the market-who is customer/what they value/how the value -Develop the offering-what service provide value to the customer -Develop stategy assets - what resource/cabbilities needed -Prepare for excution - how we buid or develope service/what is the objctive of services/what critical success factor need to be met? Service Portfolio management - Management of information of services in the service port folio - activities of Identiy/analyse/approve and charter Demand managment -concerned with the understanding and influencing customer demant. unmanaged dem and is source of cost and risk - Demand Management model - User Profile- what type of user need for the given s ervice -how the different level of user uses the service

IT finanacial mangemnt - means of understanding and managing cost and oppurtunity -accounting -budgeting -charging

1. SSFDB -5 2. DSSCAIIS - Demand Serv Cat/Service Level/Capcity magmr/Availability Managment /IT Service Continuity Management/Supplier Managnet 3. Service Strategy Principles -Prespective - vision/strategy -Postion - where are we in competion -Plan - how to execute and acehive vission -Patten - working practive and decision making plan

Serice Design -People -Process -Product -Partnes

Technical Mangement Group - responsible for desining,testing,improving and manging IT Services - provides detail skill and resources for IT operational event and activities Application Management Group - rsponsible of designing, testing, improving and managing IT Applications - decides to buy-in or buit in software Service desk group - responsible for communication AND co-ordination amoung IT groups and process Building Managment - facility management responsible for access control and secu rity Environemental consditioning and Alert Systen - part for facility mangement resp onsible for physical condtions linke temperature/humity, air quality. The facility management group - manages contract related to outsourced datacente r Equipment hosting - component of facility mangement used for hosting the IT equi pment such as data center. Four type of ris -contract risks -desgin risks -operation risks -market risks two phases of ris management -risk analysis and risk management purpose of service design package - it defines all aspect of service, including requirements throughtout each stag e of service lifecycle maintainability -a measure how quick a service can restored to normal operation after a failure express as amount of time. reliability - a measure how long a service can perform its function witout interruption and is expressed as an amount of time serviceablity - the ability of a supplier to meet the terms of a contracts DML - store definitive versions of all software, licenses and documentation? Incident -unplanned interruption or quality reduction of serice capabilities - soft assets that include what we know and how we do things IT Governance consisits of leadership,organizational stucture ans process that ensue organizat ion it sustain and extents orgnazation strategies and objectives Oprtaional supplier provide low-impact but medium to high - risk components inlc uding elctivity , wate and gas supplies

know eror -problem with known cause and workaround tow process activities perfomed are problem managment issues rfc and change mana gme implements rfc where alert -thersold reached, something chaged, failure occured SKSM contains - CMDB/CMS/Staff experience/periperal information(such as where, n umber of user, user behaviout and organizatinal performance information), suppli er and partner requirements and user skill levels