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By Staff Reporters S ourceS from PNG

phocea fugitive in alleged pNG meeting with Carlot


that a Boeing 737 chartered from International JetClub Limited, a company known to provide private charter services worldwide, landed at Jacksons Airport, Port Morseby 8.30pm Thursday night January 17, after Immigration was already closed. Documents reveal that the flight originated in the Maldive Islands (Indian Ocean) and that on January 11, Vanuatus Embassy in Brussels requested the PNG Embassy to arrange flight clearance at Port Moresby for the aircraft which it said would be

arriving from Singapore. According to sources at Jacksons Airport Customs check counters, the unexpected landing caused a stir when the two pilots and cabin crew acted in a suspicious manner. Customs officers alerted police who have since been working around the clock to determine the status of the incident. When questioned, the two pilots and five-crew provided valuable information about a high delegation meeting to be held Friday inside the cabin of the Boeing 737 aircraft. The meeting is supposedly to be headed by two men want-

ed by the Transnational Crime Unit in Vanuatu and two Senior PNG Government Ministers, whose names are now known to police. The two fugitives, named Saken, Charles Henry and S a k e n , Pa s c a l A n h Q u a n (Vanuatu naturalized citizen of Asian origin), wanted in Vanuatu in connection with issues concerning Phocea and its recent activities, arrived in PNG Thursday under false pretences identifying themselves as a Barrister and a comedian when presenting Diplomatic UN Passports. >>to Page 5

The grounded aircraft in PNG. Photo: Dugar III (PNG Sharp Talk)

[ 2 ] vanuatu Daily Post | Saturday January 19, 2013

Paama palm
By Len Garae T he consTanT

Local News

of people from one island to another for economic reasons has prompted Jonah Teto of Tevaliaut Village on Paama to take one seed of a palm family called Vakul in Paamese to Santo where he planted it as a decoration. It took almost three to four years to grow to start bearing flowers like a coconut tree. The flowers produce betel nut like green fruits which changed to a colorful red

when they ripen. Children also eat the fruits. Not only is the plant a spectacular decorator of a home, but Teto has travelled all the way to the Port Vila Market to sell over 50 seedlings at Vt1, 000 each. So there you are. If you want to plant palm tree that is neither a coconut tree nor a betel nut tree then call Jonah Teto on Mobile 5906565 and he will tell you where to go to buy one in Port Vila. Employment Act is concerned and that the agency is dealing with Seasonal Workers Scheme, then it is likely that the agency is in breach of the Seasonal Employment Act which states under 5 Offenses of operating without a valid license, If a person carries on the business of a seasonal employment agent and is not the holde4r of a license, the person commits an offense and is liable for conviction; (a) In the case of an individual to a fine not exceeding Vt2, 000, 000 or both; or (b) (b) In the case of a body corporate to a fine not exceeding Vt5, 000, 000. The Commissioner also says charging a fee is also unlawful and in breach of the Seasonal Employment Act as stipulated in Section 6 (5) which states that; 6 Effect of a license and conditions etc of a license (5) It is a condition of a licensee that the licensee must not charge a person for any services provided by the licensee to the person to obtain seasonal employment for the person. Also the Commissioner says this provision also applies to any individual or group that is known by the public to be acting as an agent and the public in Port

Palm seeds (inset) Palm flower Vila re therefore warned of a so called female Relphy from Tanna living at Bladiniere Estate who is alleged to be working for a so called male called Eddie from Pele, North Efate who resides at Stade and is allegedly working for a ni Vanuatu female called Hannah Berry who resides in Australia who are all breaching the provisions of the Season Employment Act and the public are advised not to deal with them. For the public in Santo, the Commission also warns the public of a female known as Patricia who lives in Luganville and is also charging people with fees which is in breach of the Seasonal Employment Act and similarly a lady in Malekula who is alleged to be working for the PWD in Lakatoro. However the Commissioner advised that new applications for both schemes are in the process for screening in the coming weeks once all formalities are in order. Fo r f u r t h e r i n f o r m a tion, please contact the Department of Labour Seasonal Workers Schemes Employment Services Unit and speak to Senior Labour Officer Tarisu Kailes on telephone 29937.

Commissioner advises against politicising RSE

Compiled by Len Garae commissioner of Labour
Lionel Kaluat has warned politicians against politicising the RSE Scheme in New Zealand and SWP Scheme in Australia for political gain in the upcoming Provincial elections campaigns. Commissioner Kaluat says the only licensees for the RSE Scheme in New Zealand are Seasonal Workers Agency Vanuatu and the contact is Michael Liu who can be contacted through 7758196 and The second licensee is Manpower Vanuatu & Associates. Contact Nancy Jacob on mobile number 7119667 or email address The third RSE licensee is Melanesian Business Estates & Consultant Services (MBECS). Contact Stanley Alick on telephone number (678) 23269 or email: The fourth licensee i s E m p o w e r Wo r k f o r c e Recruitment. The contact is Daniel Dempsey on telephone number (678) 5346188. The email address is There only two licensees for Seasonal Worker Programme in Australia. The first one is Silstan Seasonal workers Solution Agency and the contact is Daddley Wisil. He can be reached on telephone number (678)7724158 or (678) 5367016. The email address is The second licensee is Sunbeam Seasonal workers Vanuatu. The contact is Annette Niel. She can be reached on telephone number 9678) 7752161, fax number (678) 24627. The email address is The Commissioner warns that anyone whose name does not appear on either of the two lists is not an approved licensee and cannot claim to be a licensee to send people to go to work in either New Zealand or Australia under the two schemes. He says if there is an agency called MAAK Migration Consultancy then it is likely that the agency is operating without an approved license in as far as the Seasonal

Unakap village sees fruit of hard work and commitment

By Glenda Shing The communiTy of unakap
village on Nguna Island has all the reason to smile as they reaped the fruits of their hard works and commitments. On Christmas Day, the people of Unakap who are well known of being the home of Navataparop Praise Group had double celebrations as they not only exchanged Christmas gifts to each other, but the whole village even had its own Christmas gift when they witnessed the opening of a Community Hall. A community spokesman, Johnathan Tarip, said the activities held to fundraise for several projects on their little community commenced since 2006 to 2009 and a total sum
Forecast for today:

of Vt308, 035 was raised. In 2010 and 2011, no work was done, but in 2012, fundraising activities kicked off again, while additional funding of Vt417, 715 was collected from the community contributions. Thanks to Wire Industries, Navataparop Praise Group, SHEFA Province councilor, Tom Watt and some individual community members, the whole project became a success. Apart from the opening of the Community Hall on Christmas Day last year, other projects achieved as a result of the unity and its dedicated community members, the village was also blessed to have a Kindergarten building and a Womens Club.


Courtesy Vanuatu Meteo Office Call 22932

Yesterdays recorded weather variables (8am-8am)


General situation:

A trough of low pressure remains near northern Vanuatu, slow moving.

Showers and thunder over Torba and Sanma province, elsewhere partly cloudy with chance of showers. Light to moderate east and southeasterly winds.

SE winds 10/20 knots over northern waters with light to moderate seas to 1.0 metre. Elsewhere SE winds 12/17 knots, light to moderate seas to 1.5 metres.


Saratamata (Ambae)

Pekoa (Santo)

Lamap (Malekula)

Bauerfield (Vila)

Whitegrass Tanna


Rainfall (mm) Max. Temp (c) Min. Temp (c)


101.0 32.0 /// 0.69


0.6 31.0 25.0

3.4 30.5 23.0


0.8 32.8 25.2 0.64

Nil 30.3 22.8

0.0 29.5 19.0

5.8 30.0 20.0

HEIGHT (Meters)

HEIGHT (Meters)

04:49 11:34




Today: 05-26 Tomorrow: 05-27


Today: 18-28 Tomorrow:18-28


vanuatu Daily Post | Saturday January 19, 2013 [ 3 ]

Local News

Domestic exports value drops by 39%

imports increase by 26%
By Thompson Marango L atest s tatistics reports
on Vanuatus overseas trade has generally indicated that the difference between the countrys exports and imports has shifted wider. In November last year the value of domestic exports has suffered yet another drop with a 39% decrease, a rate that more than triples that of the previous month, October. In October 2012 records show the value of domestic exports was dropping within a rate of 11% from Vt619 million Vt550 million. But a month later the decreasing rate climbs to 39% from Vt339 million to Vt206 million. Also in the month of November 2012 the scale where exports and imports are weighed dips in favour of imports. During the period of November 2012 there was an increase of 37% (Vt718 million) over November 2011 from Vt1,949 million to Vt2,667 million. The deterioration was partially blamed on the increase in imports for home consumption by 28% from Vt2,211 million to Vt2,841 million over November 2011. Meanwhile according to the National Statistics Office, the main cause of this decrease of domestic export value was partially attributable to the decreased value of coconut product exports. In November 2012, for the main export commodities, kava registered the largest share in value at 39% followed by cocoa 18%, beef 12%, live fish 5% and other products 21%, while the rest of the export group makes up less than 5% each. Other products were comprised of waste and scrap metals, lemon citrus fruits and personal effects. There was no copra exports recorded in November 2012 except for coconut oil exports, representing 99% decrease over November 2011 from Vt74 million to Vt1 million. In November 2012, cocoa exports showed some improvement by recording a 73% rise in value terms from Vt21 million in November 2011 to Vt37 million. In terms of imports, the National Statistics Office reported that by commodity groups, mineral fuels, registered the largest value (C.I.F) of Vt777 million or 27% of the total imports for home consumption, follow ed by m achi nes a nd transport 18% with value of Vt504 million, food and live animals 17%, miscellaneous manufactured goods and chemical products, 9% respectively, beverages and tobacco 6% and other products such as crude materials, goods not classified elsewhere and oils and fats made up less than 2% each of the total imports for home consumption. In November 2012, the import groups that increased in value over November 2011 were: mineral fuels rising from Vt75 million to Vt777 million, followed by crude materials rising from Vt18 million to Vt40 million, basic manufactured goods 26%, chemical products 23% and beverages and tobacco 4% over the month of November 2011. However the rest of the other commodity groups decreased in value, oil and fats (-77%), machines and transport (-22%) and food and live animals (-5%) over November 2011.

Absence of member delays Govt defends national declaration of provincial candidate Convention Centre investment
By Kathie Simon i t is the second Government pubLic reLations
time in

three months that the Electoral Commission has failed to declare names of candidates that are eligible to contest an election in Vanuatu. Electoral Commission did not meet its deadline of 17 January 2013, to declare the candidates to contest the provincial elections for Penama, Malampa, Shefa and Tafea. The office secretary said that factors beyond their control delayed the announcement of names yesterday. Electoral Commission is not able to publicly announce the names of candidates on 17 January 2013 because firstly, the

Commission is engaged with the re-count of votes for Santo constituency as petitioned by one of the candidates in 30 October elections 2012, Mr Jean Ravou Aki who is also the runner up to the seventh seat of the constituency. Secondly, a member of the Commission Martin Tete is away on holidays in Santo which makes it impossible for the commission to go on air to make the declaration, as it is a legal requirement that all three Members of the Commission sign the declaration, stated Pieret Alguet, secretary of the office of the electoral commission. It is understood that the

scheduled date of declaration of eligible candidates for provincial elections is widely publicized in good time which makes one wonders why the absence of a single member of the Commission should delay and effectively keep the pronouncements of names of the provincial candidates and the Vanuatu public in limbo. It is not the first time that the Electoral Commission failed to honor its scheduled date of candidate declaration. During the last general election of 30 October 2012, the Principal Electoral Officer was transferred by the government over night, and on the scheduled date of dec-

laration of the names of eligible candidates to contest the general elections, where the general public throughout Vanuatu had to wait for a whole day before the Commission finally declared the eligible candidates to stand for the national elections in Vanuatu 24 hours later. Daily post is aware that the Commission has arranged to fly member Tete from Santo Friday and hopefully the declaration of candidates for provincial elections would be made. On 12 February 2013, the Provinces of Penama, Malampa, Shefa and Tafea will hold their elections to choose the next provincial councillors.

Officer (PRO) Jeff Patunvanu has dismissed concerns from the Opposition, in particular MP Ralph Regenvanu over to renegotiate or relocate the proposed Chinese funded and constructed Convention Centre at the Parliament green space. The government is convinced a state-owned owned Convention centre is a viable investment which will generate revenue for the economy as Warwicks Convention Centre at Le Lagon which catered for the ACP-EU meeting last year is owned by the private sector-not the government. Of course decentralization policy requires decentralizing projects beyond Port Vila but it is not feasible for a facility like this to be built on an isolated location, said Patunvanu. Because we have to have the infrastructure-for instance roads, wharves and airports in place first. The current site is ideal. MP Ralph maybe looking at it from another aspect but as an MP of Port Vila he should be present with the Leader of Opposition

at the groundbreaking ceremony on Sunday to attest to the Oppositions statement to work together for the development of our country. He said there is no need to divert funds and it is not a waste of tax payers monies like boycotting Parliament but rather an investment for the people of Vanuatu. The government was swift to dispel criticisms after the Sunday groundbreaking ceremony on the Parliament site signaling the beginning of construction work on the Convention Centre, where the absence of Opposition MPs was obvious. Prime Minister Sato Kilman, on Sunday emphasised the importance of such a facility to be own by the government in order to tap into opportunities that come with the economic impact of hosting regional and international events and conferences on Vanuatus shores. However experience indicates the Vanuatu government will need to consider making early provisions to maintain and repair a facility of such magnitude.

Air Vanuatu continues to organize charters for stranded passengers

By Jonas Cullwick severaL hundred international passengers in Australia, New Zealand and Vanuatu booked on Air Vanuatu flights were affected by long delays throughout this week caused by the engine issue on Air Vanuatus Boeing 737-800. Air Vanuatu chartered a flight to New Zealand last night. They chartered a flight to Brisbane and Sydney Thursday afternoon and they re-accommodated passengers on flights with other airlines Virgin Australia and Aircalin. O n Tu e s d a y n i g h t , A i r Vanuatu chartered a Solomon Airlines aircraft to move stranded passengers affected by the delays as a result of the engine problem. In Port Vila, Air Vanuatu also provided accommodation and meals for affected visitors. Air Vanuatus Chief Executive Officer, Joseph Laloyer, said an engine issue was reported during routine maintenance in Brisbane Monday night and the company advised international passengers that long delays would be expected. Meanwhile, Air Vanuatu expects the Boeing 737-800 to return to service this weekend.

Picture from Left: George, Nick, MP Ralph, Mrs Dorothy Regenvanu and Mr Sethy Regenvanu. (inset) The Children and grandchildren of Mr and Mrs Sethy Regenvanu are happy to celebrate their mum/ grandma's 72nd birthday at the Ban Thai Restaurant on November 28, 2013.

[ 4 ] vanuatu Daily Post | Saturday January 19, 2013

By Harrison Selmen Cooperation from everyone

Lini responds to petition, urges cooperation

however can't increase more as the world market price is very low. Lini confirmed that the Millennium Challenge A c c o u n t ( M CA ) s e c o n d phase may begin very soon which could help improve many of the bad road conditions. With the current frustration of where the International Airport may be located, the Deputy Prime Minister made clear that the issue still remains to be seen and the two provinces which hosted the two towns must create more activities to convince the authorities of having the International Airport in place. He said his office is working on securing a fund for a survey to be carried out in Luganville waters over Second World War American bomb remains that was a main obstacle for the tourism industry of having cruise ships coming into the Luganville waters. With the current outstanding owed by the VCMB, the minister responsible for VCMB said, almost all prov-

Local News

was the message by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Trades, Tourism and Industry, Ham Lini, in his addressed to everyone during his official visit to Luganville Yesterday. Lini made this address as he answered issues written in a petition by the Sanma Province President Malon William. These issues include a need for increase of copra subsidy, poor road condition to tourism sites, VCMB outstanding with Sanma Province, hydro power income for Sanma province, international airport upgrade and the increase of councilors allowance. In response, Lini said, The government has allocated funds to increase copra price for farmers around Vanuatu. In the past the price was at Vt20, 000 per tonne but with the recent subsidy the price increased to Vt28,0000 per tonne. The government has tried its best to make sure people can get good returns

inces around Vanuatu have outstanding from VCMB, however, the government is slowly recovering all the outstanding and will make sure to address

Deputy PM yesterday at the Sanma Province that as a major issue. In all betterment of everyone. his response, the Deputy PM The Minister paid a visit always urged for cooperation yesterday to the Sanma within the provincial level up Province, the Luganville to the national level for the Municipality, Tourism Office

and the Vanuatu Commodities Marketing Board (VCMB). Today he will make a visit to copra farmers around the eastern side of Santo.

START THEnew gear... YEAR in

Councilors ready to work alongside Minister Kalfau Moli throughout this year

Malon remains Sanma Province President after first council meeting

By Harrison Selmen W illiam m alon remains
Sanma Provincial Council President after the Sanma Provincial Council dissolution on March last year. He retained his position after Sanma Province Councilors gave their support to keep him as their president during their first extra sitting this week from January 16 to 17. According to Malon, the councilors have set their priority to base and liaise solidarity closely with the current Minister of Agriculture, Kalfau Moli, as he is on the government side. Mr Moli defected to join a block led by Green Confederation. Malon said the 8 councilors have set their priority to stay with him and to make sure he holds the position of president while on the other hand stabilize the provincial government. Malon would like to thank the Minister of Internal Affairs for reinstating the province for the betterment of the people of Sanma Province. Seventeen councilors have stood behind Malon to make sure he remains as President. Meanwhile, yesterday the Deputy Prime Minister paid a visit to the Sanma Provincial Council. History was marked yesterday as all councilors were present at the provincial chamber to officially meet the Deputy Prime Minister, Ham Lini. Their long time set back of low allowances for councilors was raised with the Deputy Prime Minister.


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Port Vila Ph:22341 * Santo 36244 * *

By Jonas Cullwick E xpatriatE invEstor

Top Video owners fear business will close down


Local News

vanuatu Daily Post | Saturday January 19, 2013 [ 5 ]

owner of Top Video, Steve Habel, fears his 10-year old business will be forced to close this year because they have not met the requirements of their category D2 business license under the Vanuatu Investment and Promotion Authority (VIPA) Act. In July 2012, Mr. Herbal and his wife and business partner, Rebecca received a notice from VIPA giving them 12 months to improve their operations to achieve the minimum threshold of VT30million turnover per annum required under the category D2 mandatory under the Act or the license will not be renewed. Your renewal application clearly shows that your annual turnover as per your VAT Returns including your total turnover sales as per your Renewal Application for your D2 category for Retail does not meet the minimum requirement of VT30-million as required under Schedule 1 Part 2 Item 4 (h) of the VIPA Act No. 15 of 1998, consequently, your investment represents a reserved activity, the VIPA Reminder Notice dated July 9, 2012 began. It warned the owners of Top Video that the VIPA Board will not renew the category D2 business license if they did not achieve the minimum threshold in order to comply and fulfill the principles of the VIPA Act. Its a discriminatory law because it discriminates against expatriate investors operating under category D2 license, and I know of no other country in the world that has this kind of law, Habel said. He said there are many other people with businesses in the same dilemma as themselves. Habel said for months after receipt of the notice they tried through letters and telephones unsuccessfully until last week to meet with a VIPA official to ask for clarification on their letter. He added that at the meeting, it was suggested Top Video

should submit their claim for consideration when the renewal is due in June and wait for the answer then or change their business to duty free to escape the ruling VIPAs suggestions are inappropriate for our business. Their suggestions in no way solve our situation, the Top Video owners said. Habel explained it would be more costly to change to duty free category because it would mean a complete refit of their shop, renaming the business, and restocking as a duty free store. In addition, there is the duty free application fee, bonded warehousing requirements and other costs that are beyond their current financial means. Furthermore, our store is not well placed to attract pedestrian traffic of duty free visitors because it is on the southern end of the CBD area, Herbal said. In clarifying the situation with the Top Video operation, VIPAs Chief Executive

Officer, Smith Tebu explained that there are three types of investments specified under the VIPA Act. The first is the Open Investment. The Open Investment is open to both expatriates as well as ni-Vanuatu interests to run a business in any of the different categories listed under category D2, which is a license to operate a Retail business. The second is Reserved Investment, which is not for everyone, but lists areas reserved only for ni-Vanuatu people to carry out business activity. The third is Prohibited Investment, and this lists those activities prohibited for doing business in Vanuatu, such as manufacture of bombs. CEO Tebu further explained that the VIPA Act lays down a minimum threshold of annual turnover required for each business category. For example the tourism category - for local tour agents and local tour agents, the minimum requirement is VT20-million

Top Video owners Steve and Rebecca Habel) in turnover per annum. For bungalow operators such as motels - VT30-million in annual turnover required and certain number of rooms is also required. Mr. Tebu said the situation with Top Video is not a one of exercise, but that they sent the reminder to many of more than 100 expatriate Australian and expatriate Chinese Retail businesses in both Luganville and Port Vila. In the past we have not been strict on enforcing these provisions of the law, until beginning last year. So, what we are doing is improving compliance so the requirements of the law are followed, he said. What weve found is that when we started to enforce the law, the Value Added Tax (VAT) returns increased, with many businesses posting turnovers of well over VT100-million. However, a disappointed

Mr. Habel said his business turnover is only about VT25million a year and there is no way they can meet the requirements of the category D2, meaning they will be forced to close down. Under this category, in such a situation you cannot on-sell your business, so you lose all your investment, he said. VIPA CEO Tebu repeated the VIPA office suggestion that Top Video improve their business operation to meet the requirements of the law to prevent them from falling into the reserved activity and being forced to close. We i n Va n u a t u n e e d serious investments to help our economy grow. Yes, we accept that small businesses too are important, but it is time foreigners who have been here a long time start being serious, added. In response to assertions that the VIPA legislation is discriminatory because

no other country in the world has such a law, Mr. Tebu named Fiji, Solomon Islands, and Papua New Guinea as having similar provisions. I cannot speak for the big economies of the world, but when we and our neighboring island countries became independent we enacted laws to help us grow our economies, and this is one of them, Tebu said. Mr. and Mrs. Habel are however, disappointed that when they applied for the business license to buy and operate Top Video and the license was approved in October 2011, no one in VIPA advised them that VT30-million annual turnover was required by law from the business, and most of all that the law would be enforced four months later. The sad this is that a lot of people will be affected by this law and it will hurt your economy, they said.

Phocea fugitive owner in PNG for alleged meeting with Carlot

>>From Front Page At the time of the planes arrival, pilots and cabin crew requested Customs to allow a number of the crew to sleep on board the aircraft. Their request was denied and they were ordered to leave the airport. However, Immigration officers suspicions were thus further raised. An hour after the cabin crew and pilots left the airport, they returned with plastic garbage bags claiming they wanted to clean the aircraft cabin. This convinced both police personnel and military intelligence that bags of cash are still on board the aircraft. PNGs CAA [Civil Aviation] and other appropriate authorities confirmed a shutdown of the aircraft until investigations confirm its legitimate arrival. As at Friday afternoon it was still grounded by CAA at Bay 3, Jacksons Airport and was being searched by police and navy personnel. Further news relayed Friday is that Vanuatus Foreign Affairs Minister, who has pleaded not guilty in Port Vilas Magistrates Court to charges of boarding Phocea last July before it was cleared into Vanuatu, is also in PNG on a private trip. The intent of the arrival in the country of all these persons, sources report, is to obtain PNG registration for the yacht. At this stage Phoceas nationality or more correctly lack of it- may well be causing some concern to those associated with her. Vanuatus Ports and Harbours Department has this week received advice from the Malta Shipping Registry, that provisional Maltese registration for Phocea obtained in mid 2012 without any proof of ownership and other requirements for full registration, was cancelled as of January 14, 2013. The vessel is therefore now effectively stateless and remains under detention and at anchor in Port Vila Harbour. Four rooms for the visitors to PNG were booked at Port Moresbys Holiday Inn under one person's name while the cabin crew and pilots were booked at the Airways Hotel.

[ 6 ] vanuatu Daily Post |Saturday January 19 2013

Voice of the People

Letter must be less than 300 words.Every one has the right to express an opinion without fear of persecution. All letters must give your full name, adress (not PO Box) and a daytime phone number for verification. Letters emailed must be from a confirmed address. Your name will be kept confidential if requested. Letters may be edited for space and legal issue. The opinions expressed here are not those of Vanuatu Daily Post. The Editor reserves the right to decide whether to print or not. Dear Editor, If there was an award for the Happiest Zoo on earth, Im sure Vanuatu would win it. Honestly. Our number one attraction, white elephants, because were starting to have a lot of them now as rightly pointed out by this editorial with open arms whether the elephants are alive (functioning), handicapped (partially utilised) or dead (not used, an eyesore and no idea why it came in the first place). The MCA ring road had public consultation meetings, the Port Vila Seafront development had public consultations, but who was consulted for the Convention Centre? The government and its charming technocrats knew what the response would be, so they did what they always do best when it comes to Sino aid, ignore the people and worst of all; carry out a ground breaking on Sunday. Halleluyah, Long God Yumi Stanap. And China, a country that has no belief in full democratic rights for its own people, or a free media loves that. Its casual disregard of our democratic values must not be accepted. Chinese aid clearly holds no respect to them. Thats the impetus behind any Chinese Aid; they dont ask questions, the recipients dont ask either. Champaign in the beginning and after that its F.Y.O.T (Korman stadium, Fisheries plant, parliament fountain, seafront fountain, G vehicles, MV Northern and Southern Star). Look whats happening right next door in Fiji. Whilst everybodys trying to get Fiji back to democracy, Chinas swooped in with all aid despite the situation in Fiji. They care less. A PacNews item this week hit the nail on


PO Box 1292, Port Vila fax: +678 2411 email:

Re: National Convention Centre Another White Elephant

the head, China and India: the elephants in the Fiji room. I once made a joke with colleagues, when commenting on the increase of Chinese shops and workers in Port Vila and suggested that as we approach our 35th year of Independence, we should go for a name change for our country because Vanuatu is starting to look like slipping away from its founding principles by succumbing to the dictates of Beijing. Heres a few to get the ball rolling, Little Beijing, Sinoville, Vanua Zeing, Chine Van tu, Chine-mo-van. One would look commercially appealing on a can of tuna that is packaged in China with illegally caught Vanuatu Tuna. Here are some recent headlines around the world for Vanuatu to throw attention to when looking towards China for aid. Just before Christmas Eve 2012, on ABC News, China Takes lionshare of carbon emission growth, and on TVNZ this week, People are dying over air pollution in China. How about from the content of this DP article this week, Labour to review all work permits. Their system of governance has no care or respect for anything, even its own. I dont think Beijing even spent a minute to consider Vanuatus ability to maintain the convention centre and its utility costs. Lets take it from an ethical point of view. Climate Change is a current threat to Vanuatus livelihood but during the signing ceremonies held recently between Vanuatu and China, currently the biggest emitter of carbon gases, the Prime Minister said, the One China Policy is the cornerstone of Vanuatus Foreign Policy, is but a slap in the face of the climate experts and technocrats that were recently in Doha. Vanuatu and other developing nations are treating China as if it were the panacea for all local problems and challenges, and that is our weakest point in our foreign policies. But that is clearly the pivot for Chinas diplomacy in the Pacific and Beijing is overwhelmed by that. On one hand we want to prevent and reduce the effects of Climate Change whilst on the other hand, were supporting the biggest culprit. Chinese splashing of billions around the Pacific have blind folded the cash-brained leaders, whom have accepted their aid, but no courage to tell Beijing to reduce its carbon emissions. We dont need to waste any more vatu in sending officials overseas to another Climate ballerina. Just go up to the Consulate at Nambatu and tell them reduce you carbon emissions. Research has revealed that the world could avoid much of the damaging effects of climate change this century if greenhouse gas emissions are curbed more sharply. But looks like climate change will bypass Vanuatu or Vanuatu maybe immune from Climate Change, as one looks at the way leaders are making decisions at the moment. Chinese Aid to the Pacific is a Spin-Doctors art to perfection. They come in with their billions and smiles, whilst at the same time, destroy as slowly, by their blatant disregard to recent UN ambitions to get all countries to commence reduction of carbon emissions, yet no government in the Pacific realises that. We are spinning foolishly. One could easily say Chinese aid 1) doesnt care about the sustainability of any of its funded projects always made by cheap material and labour from China, 2) makes the recipient country feel obligated to Beijing 3), doesnt care about local perception or how it will 4) benefit locals. If Vanuatu is serious about tackling life threatening issues, then it should take a bold stand in its foreign diplomacy as well. Stand boldly with the God you belief in as the motto says. I heard that somebody was having second doubts about Vanuatus capacity to maintain the Convention Centre during the ground breaking ceremony on Sunday. Is saying No difficult these days? This statement discredits Vanuatus leadership abilities as a sovereign state. Why not tell them, straight up to redirect funding as commented by Port Vila MP Ralph and , this Editorial. In French, one would say, pas pas we. Why spend billions on a centre that will only be used less than 7 times are year. I could be too generous. How many international meetings of 2000 plus attendees was held last

year? Why not just upgrade the Ex-FOL? Save the green space for National festivities. O h y e s , l a s t l y, 5 Government official working days but Sunday was chosen for the ground breaking ceremony. For whatever reason, I dont know, but is it okay? Has our Faith in God and our integrity been persecuted by our quest for prestige? The Chinese care less. Theyre still persecuting Christians back home and we still have One China Policy. Long God Yumi Stanap forever. Jojo A Philippians 3:12 Production Nambatu

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CANCER {June. 22-Jult 22} You may find that female colleagues will be more help than you anticipated. Your ability to take hold of a situation will surely bring you popularity and leadership. LEO {July. 23-Aug 22} Keep your cash in your pocket and offer them sound advice rather than your financial assistance. You can expect insincere gestures of friendliness today. VIRGO {Aug. 23-Sept. 23} Work quietly behind the scenes for best results. Property investments, insurance, taxes, or inheritance should bring you financial gains. Your mind will be wandering to exotic.

LIBRA {Sept. 24-Oct 23} Resist any idle chatter. Situations in your personal life are moving a little fast lately. Your ability to take hold of a situation will surely bring you popularity and leadership. SCORPIO {Oct. 24-Nov 22} Listening can be more valuable than being a chatterbox. Make money using your ingenuity and creative talent. You will enjoy lavish forms of entertainment. SAGITTARIUS {Nov. 23-Dec. 21} Spend some quality time with the one you love. Your talents will shine at work. You can make money through solid investment plans. If you haven't already.

CAPRICORN {Dec. 22-Jan 20} Opportunities for partnerships are present; but get every detail in writing. Do not let your mate annoy you; patience will be the key. You should get into some of those creative hobbies. AQUARIUS {Jan. 21-Feb. 19} Your confidence will stabilize your position. You can get phenomenal returns if you present your ideas to those who can back your interests. Your fickle nature may cause jealousy. PISCES {Feb 20-Mar. 20} Someone close to you will get upset easily if you are insensitive to their needs. This will not be the best day to initiate change. Get involved in sports events that will benefit your physical appearance.

VANUATU DAILY POST Saturday 19th January 2013 [7

Scratch & Dint

Lease title no Location Area Lease class Improvements : 03/0J94/069 : Luganville, Santo : 1,072 M2 : Residential lease. : Vacant Land.

Outdoor furniture sale Looking for great savings

Tender to be in writing and delivered in a sealed envelop to: The Tender Coordinator Po Box 249 Port Vila On or before Thursday 31st January 2013 at 4:30pm The land may be inspected on appointment only and the highest or only tender may not necessarily be accepted.

All must go
below cost items never seen before only until stocks last (no orders)

To inspect the land, please contact Barry Toa on mobile number 5554902


TEXT: 777 3696

[ 8 ] vanuatu Daily Post | Saturday January 19, 2013

Nguna Mamas Computer Project a success story

By Anita Roberts The NguNa MaMas CoMpuTer
Project is a success story for the Officers of the Prime Ministers Information Communication Technology (ICT) Unit. Seven mothers from five villages on Nguna Island that concentrate on doing gardening and always busy inside kitchens from morning until afternoon never thought that placing fingers on the modern machine- computer inside a classroom would bring a positive change to lives and their communities. Thanks to the Peace Corps Partnership Project for funding, through USA Peace Corp Volunteer of Nguna, the mothers have been able to travel from the island to Port Vila to attend classes on the basic skills and how to type at the Edwards Computer Foundation (ECF). Each mother happily said they would teach others in communities and rather than noting information by pen on paper, they will assist organisations as village councils, youth groups, churches and women clubs to type, store and print letters, minutes for meetings or programs regarding island developments. On hearing the story of the project, the ICT Officers praised the initiative taken by these mothers and said it was a very positive response from the public towards the Government ICT Policies. The ICT Unit aims to deliver better ICT services to all its citizens throughout the entire country. The ICT Program Manager, Jackson Miake said, Communities need to show to the government that they are eager for such services. On the first day in class, they were given five laptop computers and a printer that they would return with to Nguna. N g u n a Pe a c e C o r p s Volunteer, Willow Denker, said this program is the highlight of her Peace Corps twoyear service in Vanuatu. I am grateful for the cooperation and support from Peace Corp staff and ECF, local agencies as well as generous funding from friends and family in the United States who made this computer literacy project a success for the mamas and, hopefully, for others in the future." The mothers also wish to thank local consultant, Dolsie Kalo who helped the mothers every night and translated English to the local dialect when the mothers got stuck. Special appreciation was made to their peace corp Leisarei and the computer school and service that offered the class and equipment at a greatly reduced price.

Local/International News

Taking the Mickey ... Liu Bolin

Mag-nificent ... blending into newsstand Barcroft

Tough call ... Liu hides in wall of phones

Playing tag ... disguised as graffiti on a wall Barcroft

Vegging out ... on the grocery aisle Barcroft

Hes art to spot

The camouflaged painter
Mouses and Tiggers. And Disn-ey do a good job! The Chinese artist has Sinking into background ... at battleship Barcroft ery down to the tiniest detail. He spends up to ten hours at a time posing to get the snaps inch-perfect. In these photographs from his latest exhibition in New York, Liu, 40, melts into backdrops including a fruit and veg aisle and a magazine rack.
The Sun


very CLoseLy aT

these cuddly toys, and you might see camouflage king Liu Bolin among the Mickey

become world-famous with his talent for becoming almost invisible by painting himself to match the scen-

VANUATU DAILY POST Saturday 19th January 2013 [9

[10] VANUATU DAILY POST, Saturday 19th January 2013


The governments of Vanuatu and Australia have established the Vanuatu Law and Justice Partnership - Stretem Rod Blong Jastis (Partnership) - which commenced in March 2012. The Partnership, managed by GRM International, seeks to strengthen the law and justice sector as a whole and also to build the capacity of agencies in the formal justice sector. GRM International are seeking a Case and Data Management Adviser (Adviser) to support the Ministry of Justice and Community Services, in collaboration with the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, to assess the quality of current case and data management capacity across the government agencies of the sector and to develop a business plan and high level, staged strategic IT plan for the incremental progress towards a computerised, cross-agency, stream-lined and webenabled law and justice case management platform. Key deliverables of the Adviser will include (but are not limited to) the following: A written diagnostic assessment of the data and case management systems within the law and justice sector. A report and presentation on international best practices and trends of case management and ICT usage within the justice sector in developing and developed countries. A high level strategic ICT plan for the law and justice sector. Terms of reference for a subsequent detailed requirements analysis project to be undertaken by a specialised firm.

Public Notice From: Principal Immigration Officer To: Public

The Public is notified that the department of immigration has changed its policy on the processing of visa applications. The public is informed that all visa applications and processing is no longer handled by the department. All visa applications and processing will be handled by a person whom the Principal Immigration officer has designated as an immigration officer under the Immigration Act of 2010. The public is advised to direct all visa enquiries and visa applications to the designated immigration officer located in town and can be contacted on tel: (+678) 5625247 Email:

The Adviser will be engaged on a short term basis for a total of 90 days and will be renumerated in line with AusAIDs Adviser Remuneration Framework (Group D, Level 4). The Adviser will be based in Port Vila, Vanuatu for the majority of the 90-day consultancy. To view a full copy of the Terms of Reference for this role, including selection criteria and application details, please visit the GRM International website at: or contact for more information.

Applications are due by 5pm (AEST) 5 February 2013

Please submit your application by the by GRM International 2012 Stretem Rod Blong Jastis is managed closing date of: 14 of Julyon behalf of the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID)


Sales Consultant Vacancy

Vanuatu Post Limited is seeking to recruit a vibrant Sales Consultant who will be responsible for the development and sales of the company product &services. Candidates should have the following: Minimum of three years experience in Marketing, Sales or Customer Services at supervisory or team leader level Good sales and customer service skills Computer literate Able to undertake sales research, planning and report writing Excellent communication skills- both written and spoken High level of leadership and self-motivation and drive Innovative thinking Fluent in English verbal and writing Other qualities should include: Quick learner and posses Good character/Values Capacity to make improvements and work under pressure Able to write, speak Bislama or French and speak to an audience Good negotiating skills and have an artistic flair Have a valid drivers license This is a senior role with an attractive package, reporting to a General Manager. Applicant should have as minimum a Diploma level qualification and/or specialized qualification in Sales Management or Sales & Account Management would be preferred. Applications including a Curriculum Vitae should be submitted in an envelope marked Private & Confidential to: Manager Human Resources Vanuatu Post Limited Po Box 43, Port Vila Vanuatu Applications close at 5pm 8th February, 2013. A Job Description for the position and French text of this advertisement can be obtained by phoning the Executive Assistant at Vanuatu Post Limited on Ph 22000 or email

Law Partners is looking for someone to join their corporate and business services team as soon as possible to handle the servicing of a portfolio of existing local and international clients and deal with new / potential clients. This is a genuine vacancy. We would like to recruit someone who can step quickly into this role, with a long term view. You will be ideal if you have proven experience in a professional / business environment, requiring sound relationship management and strong administration skills, along with: excellent written and verbal English communication skills (French or Chinese useful); an eye for detail and accuracy; highly effective multi-tasking, prioritisation and monitoring skills; sound computer literacy; and the ability to find, interpret and present information effectively. Please send your CV to: Private & confidential, Client Manager Position, PO Box 212, Port Vila or email, including copies of written references, qualifications and details of contactable referees. Forward applications by 31 January 2013.

BANK BED : SLEEP 3 1.90m x 1.40m +1.90m x 0.90m Without mattress
ONLY 28.500 vt

(Flat packed)

Tel : 27772 - Tagabe - Port Vila - P.O.Box 1306 Email :

[ 11 ] vanuatu Daily Post | Saturday January 19, 2013

Local News

By Len Garae The Dinh Family

Dinh says theyll die in the country

is The

second biggest employer to the Government employing well over 500 people even though the Head of the Dinh Family, veteran investor Dinh Van Than put the figure at only 500. His brother Dominique Dinh who is also another investor did not beat about the bush when he said in an exclusive interview with the Vaturisu and Shefa Province

that the Dinh Family has invested all its wealth in the country and they, the Dinh siblings were born in the country and will die in the country. Since the first Dinh couple settled in Port Vila in the New Hebrides from Vietnam well over sixty years ago, they raised their children with a staunch spirit to excel in business and lived on to reap the benefits of the sweat of their brows through the wealth of

their siblings. While Than made it clear that it is not in their spirit to speak with pride of their achievements towards the development of the country, the names that immediately spring to mind when young people arrive in Port Vila looking for jobs are Than, Dominique and Aku. They also have other brothers and sisters who are all successful business individuals.

Dominique Dinh says theyll die in the country

Vanuatu represented at IRENA Assembly

The governmenT
of the Republic of Va n u a t u j o i n e d o t h e r State Parties to IRENA Convention in the Third Session of the Assembly of IRENA that took place in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates from 13 to 14 January, 20123. The Vanuatu Government was represented in the Assembly by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Alfred Carlot and his Director General, Mr Johnny Koanapo. In a brief Intervention during the High level plenary Session, Carlot took the opportunity to commend the Director General of IRENA for the excellent report concerning IRENA activities in 2012. He stated that the statement made by the Director General shows progressive developments made since the establishment of IRENA and Vanuatu was grateful that the report comprehensively covers the scope of the work done by IRENA and the effective use of 2012 budget. Minister Carlot encouraged the Secretariat to continue to find ways to increase its knowledge in regional renewable energy issues and find measures to expand its regional programs, particularly for the Vulnerable Countries of the Pacific. The Minister of Foreign Affairs took the occasion to officially announce on behalf of the Vanuatu Government that the Parliament of the Republic of Vanuatu has ratified the statute of the IRENA in 2012 and that the Instrument of Ratification was signed on December 24, 2012. Carlot reaffirmed the Governments commitment to see the values and objectives of this important organization implemented effectively and is confident that the work plans for 2013 and the medium term strategy for 2013-2017 will continue to embrace ways to take into consideration the special needs of the small and Vulnerable Island States. Carlot told the Third Session of the IRENA Assembly that in October o f 2 0 1 1 , t h e Va n u a t u Government launched the process for the development of its first ever Energy Roadmap. This roadmap identifies the investment needs of the energy sector and sets out the policy directions for the Government in the medium term and long-term. The Government is confident that in taking this direction, there will be better coordination with the private sector, donor partners, international and regional organizations to better align resources to develop the energy sector. The Vanuatu Delegation to the Third Session of the IRENA also seized the opportunity to have bilateral discussion with Qatar to discuss issue of mutual interest between the two countries.

The road accident on the first day of 2013 which claimed a passengers life.

Police Traffic Unit acknowledges Wan Smol Bag Theatre awareness programs
By Glenda Shing T he a cTing c ommanDing
Officer of Traffic Unit in Port Vila has praised the Wan Smol Bag Theatre (WSB)awareness specifically on the consequences of driving while under the influence of alcohol through role plays that was vied on national TV Television Blong , Vanuatu (TBV) and aired on Radio Vanuatu just before the festive season and repeated during the season. The main message sent across by the popular Theatre group were warnings to all drivers to refrain from driving when they are under the influence of alcohol as they may cause accidents that could claim the lives of the passengers. On another role play, drivers were not the only ones who were targeted, but members of the public were also advised to stay away from vehicles with drunken drivers. Although the same messages were given out by the Police over and over again over the radio, the Acting Office Commanding of Traffic said the role plays on TBV had a great impact on people, as the last festive season saw few people involved in car accidents compared to the past years. Meanwhile a very tragic car accident occurred on the first day of this year which claimed the life of one passenger. The driver was said to be under the influence of alcohol.

[12] VANUATU DAILY POST, Saturday 19th January 2013

Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat - Suva, Fiji

Excelling Together for the People of the Pacific

The Secretariat seeks suitably qualified and experienced persons to fill the two vacant positions in its Strategic Partnerships & Coordination Programme. 1. Communications Officer (Band 9) This position will be responsible to the Director, through the Communications and Public Relations Adviser for: ! providing of technical advice on communications issues and strategies; ! managing the production and dissemination of PIFS communications material; ! devising and implementing a strategy for efficient and sustainable maintenance of the Forum Secretariat website and intranet system; and ! assisting in implementing the Forum Secretariat Communications Strategy. 2. Communications and Public Relations Adviser (Band 11) This position will be responsible to the Director for: ! developing and coordinating the implementation of the Secretariats communication strategy and public relations activities and initiatives under the Pacific Plan; ! preparing, producing and disseminating of PIFS communications material including speeches, briefs, press releases, radio programmes and other documents; ! devising and implementing strategies for the efficient and sustainable maintenance of the Forum Secretariat website; and ! advocating an integrated and whole of Secretariat approach to communications and partnership initiatives. The appointments will carry a competitive remuneration and benefits package including medical and life insurance. Using the December 2012 exchange rates, the annual salaries for these positions will be in the range of: ! SDR 23,653 to SDR 35,479 (equivalent to FJD65,904 to FJD98,855) for Band 9 ; and SDR32,002 to SDR48,002 (equivalent to FJD89,167 to FJD133,748) for Band 11. ! For non-Fijian nationals, this salary may be tax-free. Interested applicants are encouraged to obtain an information package containing the job description and remuneration details, which are available at To be eligible for these positions, applicants must be a national of a Forum member country.* Both positions are based at the Secretariats headquarters in Suva, Fiji. Applications should be addressed to the Secretary General, Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat, Private Mail Bag, Suva and can be sent electronically to Applications should be received by 4pm on the 15 February 2013. The Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat is an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourages both men and women to apply.

POSITIONS VACANT A large local import, commodities retail / wholesale and export group of companies have vacancies across the business. They are seeking suitably experienced and relevantly qualified persons for the following positions. COUNTRY CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER The Country Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the activities of all areas of business, including revenue and sales growth, expense, cost and margin control; and monthly, quarterly and annual financial goal management. This executive position requires a highly experienced and qualified professional with the ability to manage extremely diverse commercial activities with an emphasis on achieving profitable outcomes across the group. The incumbent must meet the following selection criteria: Minimum 10 years experience with 5 years in an executive level position such as General Manager. MBA - Masters in Business Administration MSc in Business Management, or associated tertiary qualifications Highly developed people management skills, including performance management, appraisals and succession planning focus Proven history of negotiating experience and dealing with extremely complex and highly sensitive international and domestic transactions Outstanding leadership qualities with advanced mentoring skills Proven experience in the Import / Export arena Innovative marketing experience for diverse operations Strong business acumen with ability for forecasting, budgeting and strategic planning. Ability to generate respect and trust from staff and external constituencies.

LOGISTIC/OPERATION MANAGER The successful candidate must have: Minimum 5yrs Logistic and export management Previous experience in purchasing in particular raw products Solid experience in liaising with external contractors / suppliers and stakeholders. Proven experience in all warehousing operations, including OH &S Comprehensive knowledge of inventory control and systems Excellent communication skills both written and verbal Forward all applications (include resume and copy of qualification) by 26 January 2013 to: WHOLESALE/EXPORT COMPANY PO Box 1312, Port Vila Only suitable candidates after the screening process will be contacted for further information and/or interview.

Member States of the Pacific Islands Forum: Australia, Cook Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Fiji, Kiribati, Nauru, New Zealand, Niue, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Republic of the Marshall Islands, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu, and Vanuatu.

Wan Smolbag Yut Senta i stap lukaotem wan:


Page 1 What is the Stretem Rod Blong Jastis Partnership?


Sapos yu gat fulap eksperiens blong somap mo yu gat intres blong wok wetem ol yangfala, plis sendem CV blong yu i kam long: Wan Smolbag Yut Senta PO BOX 1024 Port Vila Ph: 27464 / 27119 Email:

The governments of Vanuatu and Australia have established the Vanuatu Law and Justice Partnership Stretem Rod Blong Jastis (Partnership) - which commenced in March 2012. The Partnership, managed by GRM International, seeks to strengthen the law and justice sector as a whole and also to build the capacity of agencies in the formal justice sector.

What does the Paralegal Program Administrator role involve?

From 2013, the Partnership will be supporting a Paralegal Program that will enable law students from the University of the South Pacific (USP) to work within formal legal offices during their final two years of study. GRM International are seeking a highly motivated and self-driven Paralegal Program Administrator to provide support for the implementation of a paralegal program. Key deliverables of the Administrator will include (but are not limited to) the following: Identifying formal legal offices within the law and justice sector who wish to participate in the program. Developing an MoU between the USP School of Law and the participating agencies. Developing a selection process for the paralegal program. Developing monitoring tools for student placements. Providing pastoral care to students who are selected to participate in the program.

Closing date blong application hemi long Tuesday 29th January 2013
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------WSB youth centre wishes to upgrade its literacy work both with youngsters not in the school system and those in their late teens and early twenties and is looking for a:


Most likely you are either a qualified teacher or you have proven experience and success in teaching people to read and write. You must demonstrate a willingness to work in a non formal setting which will bring with it different challenges and rewards from those found in the formal sector. If you have other skills and hobbies you can offer to the youth centre that will also be viewed favorably but the main strength must be in the field of teaching literacy. Salary and conditions are negotiable. Please send your CV to: Wan Smolbag Yut Senta PO BOX 1024 Port Vila Ph: 27464 / 27119 Email:

The ideal candidate for this role will have demonstrated skills and experience in consultation, management and drafting of documents. The ability to provide mentoring to participating students is critical. The Administrator will be based at the USP School of Law and will be engaged on a part-time basis (2.5 3 days per week) up to 31 May 2013, with high possibility of an extension until at least 31 December 2013.

How to apply
To receive an Application Package, including full copy of the Terms of Reference for this role, email Joanna Garae on or call us on 29941.

Applications are due by 5pm, 11 February 2013

Stretem Rod Blong Jastis is managed by GRM International on behalf of the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID)

Closing date for applications is Tuesday 29th January 2013

What grounds does VCC have to carry the plight of West Papua?
By Winston Tarere The commenT by Prime minisTers
secretary, John Shing, in the Facebook forum Yumi Toktok Stret, that the Vanuatu Christian Council (VCC) should not take up the cause of freedom for West Papua has prompted me to write on this perceived separation of religion from politics. He objected that the church should not involve itself in politics, leave politics to politicians and the government and concentrate on its main objective which is building the spiritual life of its members. The issue touches the very heart of human relationships with one another and their God. It touches on the fundamental pillars of democracy which promote the freedoms and separation of religion from politics, church and state, religious or private life from what is secular and public. It is a contentious issue because it compartmentalizes and restricts the movement of people and their beliefs, ideals and aspirations. But to say that the sole purpose of the church is to build the spiritual lives of its members, and not interfere with politics, or government matters is to say that Jesus was not interested in social or political matters, but solely in the inner attitudes or the state of the human heart. It is to say that Jesus is only interested in my prayer time with him and not in my social or work life. We as people are both religious and private individuals as well as worldly and public people. There is no clear boundary that separates our religious or private lives from our worldly and public life as individuals. They are but one. However, it is the powers vested in us by the offices we are elected to, appointed, or employed into that have definitive boundaries which dictate our sphere of influence. It is when we overstep the boundaries of our vocation that we begin to interfere in other spheres of influences in our lives. The offices and their exercise of powers must be independent and neutral from each other to protect the rights and the freedoms of each individual citizen from being infringed by any collusion between the church and the state. Therefore one or the other becomes the check and balance to protect the rights and freedoms of each citizen to demand and receive justice. If the state is fraudulently selling peoples land without their knowledge, selling off its future generations rights to resources without concern for their economic and social wellbeing, then the people can rely on the church to be the prophetic voice that intervenes on their behalf. In the same way if a dominant religious denomination wants to sponsor laws that will restrict the freedom of worship in the country, other religious entities can rely on the neutrality of the state to uphold

Feature News

vanuatu Daily Post | Saturday January 19, 2013 [ 13 ]

the statutes of freedom in the Constitution; that when a church leader robs its people, they can rely on the state bring them to justice; or when the head of a church sexually molests a child, that the judicial system can administer justice without undue influence from anyone. Both the church and state are concerned with issues of justice for all humanity. The government is mandated by the constitution and the laws of the land to guarantee justice. These various laws are derived from the Decalogue as their highest moral authority. The church is mandated to care for the poor, the rejected, unclean, exploited and oppressed like the people of West Papua by God through Jesus who said in Luke 4:18-19, The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to bring good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim release to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, and to let the oppressed go free, to proclaim the year of the Lords favor today this scripture is being fulfilled in your hearing. Scholars agree that Jesus ministry in the Gospels was one of proclaiming that the kingdom or the reign of God was fulfilled, at hand or near. It means that his coming was the beginning of Gods Kingdom here on earth while we wait for its final fulfillment in his second coming. The year of the Lords favor is the year of jubilee and restoration in Leviticus 25.8-12, which

marks every fiftieth year as a year of release and restoration, where land obtained through non-payment of debts are returned to their original owners. Those impoverished who sold themselves to their master shall serve as laborers until the year of the jubilee, when they and their children shall go back to their own family and return to their ancestral property. It is a mandate for the church as the institution and all baptized Christians who make up the church. Jesus said: You are the salt of the earth you are the light of the world, a city built on a hill cannot be hidden, not to light a lamp and put it under a bowl, but instead put it on its stand so that it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, we are to shine our lights before others and the world so that they may see our good deeds and give glory to our father in heaven (Matthew 5:13-16). By being salt, Jesus calls us all to live a morally rigorous way of life, clearly different from the corrupt world, and to be a repentant and pioneering community that lives in love, justice, inclusiveness, servanthood, forgiveness and confessing its own need for forgiveness. It does not call us to isolate ourselves from the sinful world. This way, we will lose our saltiness and are no different from sand people walk on. We are to be the salt of the earth living as an alternative community that affects people positively, just as salt brings out the best flavors in food.

We are to be the light of the world. Like a city on top of a hill, it cannot be hidden and its lights can be seen for miles. We are to glow like lights attracting weary travelers in the to come and eat, drink and rest at the city on a hill. If we hide our light by being quiet and not speaking out for the freedom of West Papua and other injustices; going along with the crowd like the rest of the world, denying them the light, letting our ignorance and selfishness dim our voice as their light of hope; ignoring their right to independence and their year of jubilee; we will stop being a beacon of light and truth. The churchs vocation is to be that community in which the salvation, presence, peace and justice of the Lord of light are experienced and into which all humans beings are invited. The church is called to a role of service to the world, bearing witness to the love of God and caring for all persons, including societys broken, needy, outcast, the vulnerable and especially, the colonized who are exploited and persecuted for the land rich resources God has blessed their them with. The church is regarded as a pastor, the shepherd, distinguished not by authority but by caring for the oppressed. For West Papua, they are the needy and powerless against the soldiers, guns and the cash injected into Indonesias economy for its oil and minerals. They need caring communities like the VCC, to carry their voice because the government refused

it to intervene on their behalf to the international communities, the International Court of Justice, or by supporting their struggle. Both pastoral actions, direct and indirect are needed if the church is to be faithful to God who is universal sovereign, ruling not only in the church but over the rest of the world. Theologians Stassen and Gushee (2003) argue that the need for justice in the world places social, political action and advocacy within the framework of the churchs role as caring pastor to society and within the framework of the teachings of Jesus which grounds this vision. At our best, Christians vote, lobby, campaign, meet with political leaders and become such leaders themselves as a natural outflow of our pastoral concern for the social good under the sovereignty of the God who loves all persons, Stussen and Gushee. Many of our government leaders today are pastors who became political leaders themselves due to a pastoral concern for the social good under the sovereignty of the God who loves all persons. Lets not forget that biblical vision of the in-breaking reign of God to be salt and light to the world, pulling us into politics to transform our society into a just one. So Gods Kingdom may come to West Papua, as it is in heaven where they lead full and abundant lives. Not one that is ruled by the barrel of a gun.

[14] VANUATU DAILY POST, Saturday 19th January 2013


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vanuatu Daily Post | Saturday January 19, 2013 [ 15]

Regional News

Kiribati silence over blocked newspaper free edition circulated

The Tarawa ediTion of The
Kiribati Independent newspaper remains closed six months after it voluntarily shut down indefinitely after harassment by authorities. But editor Taberannang Korauaba and two Tarawabased staff have begun circulating a free New Zealand edition with some Kiribati stories to readers in the island nation. We are publishing with a view to updating our readers with news from New Zealand and Kiribati, Korauaba told Pacific Media Watch. Also, the idea is to keep doing our job and to see if we can get advertising to pay for the writers in Tarawa. I have also decided to launch a weekly news service and to sell our stories to stations that are interested in buying our English-language news every week. Korauaba has published the Auckland-based Kiribati and Tuvalu for the two communities and income generated from advertising has been maintain reporters in Tarawa. Early last year the Parisbased Reporters Without Borders wrote a formal protest letter to the Kiribati government in support of the Kiribati Independent when the Communications Ministry failed to issue a publication licence. Last June, police visited the papers Tarawa office and the newspaper ceased publication while awaiting a licence. Since then, the newspaper has had no communication from authorities. Other media freedom groups including International Federation of Journal-



Another Tuvalu cabinet Minister admitted in hospital in Cuba, as debate continues on by-election for Nukufetau
debaTe conTinues in

Kiribati Independent publisher and editor Taberannang Korauaba shut down due to political pressure. Photo: PMC/KI
ists, Pacific Media Watch, Pacific Media Centre and Pacific Freedom Forum also appealed last year to the Communications Ministry to grant the newspaper a licence without political interference. It is believed that the newspapers sole distributor was intimidated by police inquiries and staff have been subjected to threatening anonymous emails. The newspapers legal advice at the time was that the law had not been broken. The Kiribati Independent was the fourth newspaper in the country, published fortnightly and had a circulation of about 500. It was printed by the Catholic Churchs Maria Printers.
Pacific Scoop

Human health in Pacific to feel impact of warmer future

climaTe change


Tuvalu on the by-election in Nukufetau, there are reports that another Tuvaluan cabinet minister is reportedly sick in Cuba and unable to travel. While the name has not been officially released, PACNEWS understands the cabinet minister was visiting Tuvaluan students when he fell ill and was admitted at a hospital in Havana. Recently, two of Prime Minister Willie Telavis cabinet ministers have died, forcing by-elections in the island of Nui and now in Nukufetau. The late Isaia Italieli, who was minister for works and natural resources suffered a heart attack in Samoa in July 2011 and the minister of finance, Lotoala Metia passed away in Suva in December last year. There is now concern for the health of the cabinet minister in Cuba, putting pressure on

the stability of the government of Prime Minister Telavi. Opposition Leader, Enele Sopoanga told PACNEWS that in light of the recent political developments, the Prime Minister should not delay the convening of the by-election in Nukufetau. These events are most unfortunate for the people of Tuvalu as they are being kept in the dark. The priority right now is to fill that vacant seat in Nukufetau. The people of Nukufetau should not be denied the right to choose their representative in parliament, said Sopoanga. Currently, the government and the opposition have seven members each in parliament. Whoever wins the Nukufetau seat will be crucial to which side will become government in the coming months.

forecasts showing the Pacific will face hotter days and more extreme weather in the future, climate scientists and medical authorities say the implications could be serious for human health. The Australian Federal Government's Climate Commission is predicting a warmer Pacific will produce more heart attacks, strokes, exhaustion and more heat-related deaths. Hotter temperatures also bring a greater chance of more bushfires. A Climate Commission report warns that could translate to more smoke-induced asthma attacks and burns. Professor Tony McMichael, from the Australian National University, says medical authorities will struggle to cope with more heatwaves like those seen last week.

We've had enough experience with one or two severe heatwaves in the last few years to see it doesn't take much to overload the ambulance service, the emergency beds in hospitals and even, I am afraid, the morgue facilities, he said. And it is not just the heat. Pacific countries are already copping the brunt of climate change, with water and food problems causing displacement. The report also says there is the potential for a greater spread of disease transmitting mosquitoes as rainfall patterns change. It's not only mosquitoes that will thrive in warmer and wetter conditions but it will also be influenced by their natural host populations before they spill over into humans, he said. And that includes malaria

if it were reintroduced to Australia, dengue fever, and other viral diseases ... Japanese encephalitis, which is quite easily spread from Indonesia and PNG down into Australia in a much warmer world, so they are the two types of diseases spread between humans and those spread by mosquitoes. The climate scientists have also delivered an outlook of more intense storms and extreme weather. Some of the low-lying pacific nations are considered to already be on the frontline. Jill Finnane, from the Pacific Calling Partnership which helps communities deal with basic issues like food and water supplies, says water contamination is already a big problem. When you get a big storm, you not only get coastal erosion like what we have all

seen here in Australia, but because the islands are so long and narrow the water washes straight over, contaminating the well water, she said. So the water is then salty and not safe or pleasant to drink so they're experiencing that kind of thing already. Some Pacific communities say it is not just day-to-day health, it is also their entire livelihood, with some forced to move in search of higher ground. Maria Simon Chi Fang, from the island nation of Kiribati, says she is worried about her future in the Pacific. Climate change for the Kiribati people is about losing our culture, losing our identity everything that we have," she said. Time is running out with the Kiribati people, we can't wait.

Fiji invites the world for 2014

The bainimarama
Government has invited the global community to participate in preparations for the 2014 general election. Letters have been sent to the heads of all diplomatic missions in Fiji by the Attorney-General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, laying out a timetable for election preparations and inviting them to take part. Last year Fiji invited other countries to participate in the successful Electronic Voter Registration (EVR) that continues this year. Letters have also been sent to a range of agencies like the United Nations Development Programme, the Asian Development Bank, the International Labour Organisation and the Pacific Islands Forum. The Attorney-General says the Bainimarama Government has allocated $11.4 million in the 2013 budget for election preparations, including voter registration within Fiji and abroad, the recruitment of key personnel and the purchase of election materials like ballot boxes. He sets out several areas in which the global community can participate. The immediate priorities are planning the administration and logistics for the election, assessing the technical requirements of holding the poll and funding such things as the printing of ballot papers and voter lists. In the second quarter of this year, the AttorneyGeneral adds, Fiji invites participation in drafting the rules and regulations for the election. There will also be a programme of civil education and awareness to educate Fijians on the new electoral system. At the beginning of the third quarter of this year, the supply of election materials will commence. Expressions of interests were advertised in Fiji last weekend for qualified companies to supply a range of items and advertisements are also being commissioned by Fijis diplomatic missions abroad. These preparations are for the first parliamentary elections ever conducted on the basis of one person, one vote, one value. We have a lot of ground to cover and we need the best possible preparations now to ensure a transparent process and state of preparedness. We need proper systems to guard against fraud and protect the integrity of the new parliament, the AttorneyGeneral said.
Fiji Sun


Police Continue Investigation into Police Post Burning

Police officers will be sent to
Mbabanakira, on the Weathercoast of Guadalcanal within the next few days to investigate the burning of the Police Post earlier this month and to investigate other matters that are still active in the area. Police Commissioner John Lansley told journalists in a press conference today that the Police Post was unmanned at the time because the officer looking after the post was recalled to Tetere. "It's a very exposed outpost and in some ways it's a difficult place to operate as a police officer. So I respect his decision and the disappointing aspect for me is that it was

Solomon Is

allowed to happen. It's our fault and to a degree the community's fault." Mr. Lansley said police will work with the community to identify people responsible for the burning of the police post and deal with them accordingly. "Not only does it destroy the confidence of the community. It also puts back I think a great deal of security and safety for the community and also makes an issue for police and how we can actually locate people in that region because we are now having to look the community to ask them for support for how a police officer can be located in Mbabanakira because we have no money to build a new police station.
Solomon Times online

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VANUATU DAILY POST Saturday 19th January 2013 [17]

[ 18 ] vanuatu Daily Post | Saturday January 19, 2013 [

Finance News

Lessons from JAPAN (

) From Magic to Tragic

There is an old expression that states There are lies, lies and damn statistics. Whilst its a great adage to keep in mind, in this instance, the statistics reveal some interesting truths and hypotheses. Vanuatu also has an aging population, even though we know that currently, the major demographic is under 30 y.o. - the YOUTH of the nation. In spite of the governments appalling track record in providing quality health services at grassroots level upwards, modern technology and drugs have had a favourable impact on Vanuatus mortality rate in the 65+ age group. In fact you may be surprised to learn that there are around 150 Vanuatu citizens over 100 y.o., approx. 20 of which live in Shefa Province. With the continuing advent of improved health services, the population at large should continue to live longer. Vanuatus infant mortality rate should also decrease from its current third world-type figures. Thats the good news. The bad news is our literacy rate. Overall 53%. Lets be generous and presume that it has increased (?) to 60% in the past 5/6 years. Even at 60%, this does not augur well for the economic future of this country. The economy, in addition to subsistence farming, needs educated, productive, private sector people in it to provide the income needs of the entire community. Failure to aspire and reach this goal would ensure the on-going dependency on the largesse of other countries and hence, the progressive loss of sovereignty. Unless the government gets over its political selfserving approach in favour of one that is nationserving and starts prioritising the education of the masses, true economic independence will never happen for Vanuatu. Sad to say, all we seem to get is lip-service from most of the pollies. Frankly, the only political organization that appears to give a damn is the GJP. With their MPs allocation including mandatory education financial stimuli, the GJP is making a transparent and very real contribution to the educational development of the people. The global and national economy. The RBVs latest economic report on Vanuatu can be found by going to the website and clicking on the RBV Logo at the top of the page - its worth reading. Why? By looking at the reports charts, its relatively easy to identify Vanuatus financial trends. Still, as this is a far-reaching subject, in next weeks column we shall be having a closer look at Vanuatus struggling economy and what that potentially means for you. The US officially hit its $16.394 trillion legal debt st limit on 31 December. As a result, until the debt ceiling is raised, Treasury is not allowed to borrow new money to help it pay all the country's financial obligations. Remember who this comic is? Its Ben Bernake, the head of the US Federal Reserve and the same guy who said Gold is not money! Well, apparently Bens had a major seniors moment, again. In an act that would qualify him for a long-term gig in one of Vegas Casinos, now he has come out and stated that the US should dispose of its debt ceiling (an arbitrary borrowing limit set by Congress). "Raising the debt ceiling gives the government the ability to pay its existing bills," Bernanke said. "It doesn't create new deficits. It doesn't create new spending."

By Phil Manhire JAPAN a country that is often misunderstood by the rest of the Western world. There are, however, some facts that we know about Japan that stand as a reminder and indeed, a warning for other nations, including Vanuatu.
During the Meiji period from 1868, Japan expanded economically with the embrace of the market economy. Many of today's enterprises were founded at the time, and Japan emerged as the most developed nation in Asia. The period of overall real economic growth from the 1960s to the 1980s has been called the Japanese post-war economic miracle; it averaged 7.5 percent in the 1960s and 1970s. NOTE: A market economy is an economy in which decisions regarding investment, production and distribution are based on supply and demand, and prices of goods and services are determined in a free price system.

What lessons can we learn from the Japanese? They have a totally different culture from us and are on the
other side of the world. By comparison, they have a huge population (approx. 128Billion), are far more technology savvy and have an excellent education system and infrastructure.

It mainly comes back to demographics. Now, on first appearances, what follows may seem a little dry. Nevertheless, please take the time to digest it as it will help to clarify the lesson.
80.0 70.0 60.0 50.0 40.0 30.0 20.0 10.0 0.0 1950 1955 1960 1965 1970 1975 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010

69.5 59.6 63.7

35.4 24.3 4.9 10.3



As Japans working population has declined in numbers over the past several decades, it is interesting to note what has happened to their sharemarket during this same period from the investors darling in the late 80s to the disaster we see today......

0-14 y.o.

15-64 y.o.

65+ y.o.

Japan experienced net population loss in recent years due to falling birth rates and almost no net immigration, despite having one of the highest life expectancies in the world at 81.25 years of age as of 2006. Based on the Health and Welfare ministry estimation released in January 2012, Japan's population will keep declining by about one million people every year in the coming decades, which will leave Japan with a population of 87 million in 2060. By that time, more than 40% of the Japanese population is expected to be over the age of 65.

NIKKEI 225 Highest Point

45,000 40,000 35,000 30,000 25,000 20,000 15,000 10,000 5,000 0 1985 1987 1989 1991 1993 1995 1997 1999 2001 2003 2005 2007 2009 2011 30,159.00 24,488.00 18,701.30 13,113.32 21,148.00 11,161.71 10,395.18 22,666.80 18,261.98 38,915.87

Dont get me wrong, as well as the demographic influences on the markets, there have also been other financial factors at work. Nevertheless, an aging population combined with a diminishing work-force will continue to be a major issue for the Japanese economy going forward. OVER TO VANUATU and some brief statistics from the Vanuatu National Statistics Office (VNSO): ** Note the trend in people over the age of 65 (keep Japan in mind here) The VNSO charts also show that the average age of Vanuatu citizens is 20.5 y.o!

Census years Percent of population: Under 15 yrs old 65 yrs old and over






44.80% 2.90%

45.80% 2.90%

44.10% 3.60%

42.70% 3.40%

40% 6%**

More demographic facts from Vanuatu (Wikipedia), current as at 2006: AGE STRUCTURE POPULATION GROWTH RATE 0-14 years: 32.6% (male 34,804/female 33,331) 1.49% 15-64 years: 63.7% (male 67,919/female 65,138) 65 years and over: 3.7% (male 4,027/female 3,650) DEATH RATE 7.82 deaths/1,000 population TOTAL FERTILITY RATE 2.7 children born/woman LITERACY Definition: age 15 and over can read and write Total population: 53% Male: 57% Female: 48% (1979 est.) INFANT MORTALITY RATE 53.8 deaths/1 000 live births BIRTH RATE 23.02 births/1,000 population

LIFE EXPECTANCY AT BIRTH Total population: 62.85 years Male: 61.34 years Female: 64.44 years

Ahahahahahaha! Now THATs funny! Given the

US Governments track record of economic mismanagement over the past few decades, to give the pollies no limit on borrowing would be like giving a security job (looking after a warehouse of drugs) to a long-term crack addict! Until next week.......

Local languages (more than 100) 72.6%, Bislama 23.1%, English (official) 1.9%, French (official) 1.4%


[19] VANUATU DAILY POST, Saturday 19th January 2013

T-- N------ ---- -- V------ -- ------- -- ------- - q------- --- ---------------- -- --- -- --- ----- ----------- ---- -- ------ --- L------ ------Th- --lT--- -- - ------ ------- --- --q----- - -----tt-- ------ --- ---- -- ----------- ------------ --- --------- -- L------ ------- ------- - ------- ---- -- ----------------- -------- -- --- ------ --- -------- --- ------ ----- --- --------- ------------ ------ H-/--- ---- -- -------- -------- -- --- ------ O-------- M------- ---- V---I- -- -------- ---- --- ---------- --------- ---- --------- ----- - --------- -- -------- --- ------- ------- ----- --- ----- ---------- -- ------- -- ------- -- - ------------ ---------------- ------ ---------- - ---------- ---------- ------------- -- -------- -------------- ------------- -- -------- ----- --- ---------------- -------- --- -------- -------------- ------------- - -------- ---------------- -- -------- --------------- --------- - ------- ------- -------

----------- --- ---------- ----- ------ ------ -- ------ ------ -- ----- --------N-ti---l B--k -- V----tP.O. B-x 249 P--t VilO- ------- --- ---- -- ---- ------ ----- -- ----------- ---- -- -------- -- ----- ---- --- -------


TVET SECTOR STRENGTHENING PROGRAM PHASE 3 The Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Sector Strengthening Program Phase 3 is an AusAID-funded Program due to commence in March 2013. The Program Head Office is located in Port Vila with operations in SANMA and MALAMPA, and extension to other provinces in the near future. The Program aims to improve training outcomes for employment and income generation within a national quality system. Expressions of Interest are now sought for the following positions. Please contact Head Office for full position descriptions. Please note that all positions are for Ni-Vanuatu citizens. Finance and Administration Manager (Port Vila) National Strategic Skills Development Manager (Port Vila) Training Provider Support Services Manager (Port Vila) Program Coordinator/ Communications Officer (Port Vila) Information Technology Officer (Port Vila) Monitoring and Evaluation Officer (Port Vila) TVET Centre Manager x 2 (Santo and Norsup) Provincial Training Coordinator x2 (Santo and Norsup) Business Development Services Coordinator (Norsup) Finance Officer x 2 (Santo and Norsup) Administration Officer x 2 (Santo and Norsup)

La Phase 3 du Programme Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) est un programme financ par AusAID qui doit commencer en mars 2013. Le Bureau de Direction du programme est situ Port Vila, et le programme opre SANMA et MALAMPA, avec une extension a dautres provinces prvue prochainement. Le programme a pour objectif lamlioration de la formation professionnelle dans le cadre dun systme qualitatif national, en vue daugmenter lemploi et les revenus. Un appel manifestations dintrt est lanc pour les postes pourvoir ci-dessous. Veuillez contacter le Bureau de Direction TVET Program pour obtenir les descriptions dtailles des postes. Ces postes sont rservs aux citoyens du Vanuatu. Finance and Administration Manager (Port Vila) National Strategic Skills Development Manager (Port Vila) Training Provider Support Services Manager (Port Vila) Program Coordinator/ Communications Officer (Port Vila) Information Technology Officer (Port Vila) Monitoring and Evaluation Officer (Port Vila) TVET Centre Manager x 2 (Santo et Norsup) Provincial Training Coordinator x2 (Santo et Norsup) Business Development Services Coordinator (Norsup) Finance Officer x 2 (Santo et Norsup) Administration Officer x 2 (Santo et Norsup)

All submissions must include a covering letter and up-to-date CV with at least two referees. Both Anglophone and Francophone citizens are encouraged to apply. All submissions must be received by Monday 28 January by mail or email to the following address:

Les manifestations dintrt doivent comprendre une lettre de motivation et un CV a jour comprenant aux moins deux rfrences demploi. Les citoyens anglophones et francophones intresss sont invits se faire connaitre sans discrimination. Les manifestations dintrt doivent tre adresses par courrier ou par courriel avant le lundi 28 janvier ladresse suivante: TVET Program Head Office, PO Box 5003, Port Vila Email: Tel: (678) 27166

TVET Program Head Office, PO Box 5003, Port Vila Email: Tel: (678) 27166

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[ 22 ] vanuatu Daily Post |Saturday, January 19 2013

By Operations Manager Michael Benjamin

Promedical News
to various cases throughout the country. We started the year off on a sad note with a call from near Lelepa Landing of what is now a wellpublicized car accident, in which four passengers were injured after rolling their vehicle a number of times and causing all but the one wearing a seat belt to be thrown from the vehicle, one of which was reportedly hanging in a tree when the first passerbys arrived, a big well done to those people who called the Promedical Ambulance and waited for our arrival. On arrival of our first ambulance Paramedic Judy did a quick assessment of all those injured and on my arrival I was given a handover of injuries and needs for further ambulances, a call to VCH for their assistance was answered and an ambulance was dispatched with staff on board to assist with the treatment and transport of the injured. The most critical Patient was loaded into the Promedical vehicle and was being treated whilst Judy continued to assess and treat the remaining less critical until the arrival of VCH ambulance, once the handover was complete we transported to

Inside the 2 bed ambulance , fully equipped for treating critically ill patients News This month, whilst the rest of Port Vila and surrounding areas having been enjoying the festive season, promedical staff has been out at all hours of the night and day attending

critical patient to VCH who was unconscious with a head injury and spinal injuries and was requiring bulk quantity of fluid and oxygen to maintain his organs, he remained unconscious and on x-ray it was established he had fractured his neck and later passes away. Promedical wish to pass on our condolences to friends and family. Other cases were a number of car accidents, chest pains, nausea and vomiting, asthma and falls resulting in fractures and dislocations.

Emergency Number

25566 / 115

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US minesweeper stuck on reef off Philippines Dollar mixed in Asian trade

The US Navy said on its website that the 68-metre vessel is based in Sasebo, southern Japan, but it was not known what the ship was doing in the area when the incident happened. Located in the Sulu Sea about 130 kilometres southeast of the western island of Palawan, Tubattaha Reef is a protected sanctuary that is popular with divers. It has walls of corals, and a very diverse ecosystem that environmentalists say rivals that of the Great Barrier Reef. The US embassy statement did not say whether any coral was damaged, although it said there were no immediate reports of fuel or oil leaks. All its crew members were also safe, it added. The Philippine military also confirmed the grounding, but it was too early to say whether coral was damaged. "The most probable cause is mis-navigation," military spokesman Major Oliver Banaria said. Washington considers the Philippines a major nonNATO ally in Asia. Manila ratified a visiting forces agreement with the US seven years later, paving the way for large-scale joint military exercises. Some 600 US forces have been operating in the southern Philippines since 2002 to train local troops against Al Qaeda-linked militants.




dollaR was mixed

a United states navy minesweeper has run aground in a protected marine sanctuary in the Philippines. The USS Guardian ran aground on the Tubattaha Reef on Wednesday night "during normal transit", the US embassy in Manila said in a statement.

The extent of the damage to the ship and the cause of the accident was still not known. Map: Tubbataha Reef "The government of the Philippines was promptly informed of the incident and offered to assist the US Navy," the embassy said.

Bushfire threatens Gippsland towns
R esidents

in Asian trade Friday after encouraging US data on housing and jobs, while the yen weakened ahead of a Bank of Japan meeting widely expected to usher in further easing measures. The greenback bought 89.98 yen in Tokyo midday trade, against 89.86 in New York, where the US unit briefly rose above 90 yen to a fresh 30-month high on Thursday. The euro traded at 120.38 yen and $1.3379, against 120.20 yen and $1.3375 in US trade. The dollar won some support from a fall in weekly US jobless claims, a sign of the pace of layoffs, and a rebound in housing starts in December.

Solid results of a Spanish bond auction also provided support to the euro, dealers said. The yen's seesaw trade in recent days follows a string of reports in Japanese media suggesting the central bank, under pressure from the new government, will launch fresh easing after a policy meeting next week and strike a deal with Tokyo to set a two-percent inflation target. Japan's economic minister Akira Amari said the BoJ and government had yet to reach agreement on a joint statement committing to the inflation target, after a meeting with Finance Minister Taro Aso and BoJ chief Masaaki Shirakawa Friday

G lenmaGGie

in south-eastern Victoria have been warned it is now too late to leave as a fast-moving bushfire bears down on the town. A number of communities in Gippsland in south-eastern Victoria are under imminent threat from a bushfire front. The CFA has issued an emergency warning for a large, fast-moving bushfire in the Glenmaggie area. Residents in the town have

been warned it is now too late to leave. An emergency relief centre has been opened at the Baptist church in Sale. The 8,500-hectare bushfire started in Aberfeldy yesterday and is starting spot fires in and near the towns of Coongulla, Glenmaggie, Seaton, Heyfield, Newry and Glenmaggie Point. Residents are advised to activate their bushfire plans

immediately. CFA state duty Officer Gary Weir says water bombers will take to the air this morning and strike teams are being brought in from around the state. "It's the only real large active fire that we've got going at the moment," he said. "It is very serious at the moment. CFA deputy chief officer John Haynes says the fire is difficult to attack because of the rugged terrain. "It's a lot of gullies and val-

leys and high ridges, so pretty inaccessible sort of country, and hard to control," he said. "It's in a forested area, it's in a higher alpine area, but the winds are pretty calm at the moment so it's running on its own steam." Mr Haynes says the weather conditions forecast in the state today will make it hard for firefighters. "It's potentially a nasty day, not only for the Aberfeldy fire, but also for any other new fire that starts."
-Radio Australia

Solution to your Sudoku puzzle

vanuatu Daily Post | Saturday January 19, 2012 [23]

College football star in dead girlfriend hoax

now investigating a "very cruel deception" against the American football player. Te'o issued a statement saying: "This is incredibly embarrassing to talk about, but over an extended period of time I developed an emotional relationship with a woman I met online. "We maintained what I thought to be an authentic relationship by communicating frequently online and on the phone, and I grew to care deeply about her. "To realise that I was the victim of what was apparently someone's sick joke and constant lies was, and is, painful and humiliating." Notre Dame lost the BCS title game to Alabama 42-14 on January 7 - the team's only loss of the season. Te ' o , w h o g r a d u a t e d , is now preparing for the upcoming NFL combine and draft at the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida, this week.
Sky News

Baby born on flight from russia to armenia

woman has given biRth


on board a plane flying from Russia to Armenia. The baby was born two hours before the Armavia airlines flight from Siberia landed in Yerevan, Armenia's capital. Flight attendant Asmik Gevondyan said she noticed that 31-year-old passenger Armina Babayan appeared to be in labour and organised the delivery.

"All of our crew helped to deliver the baby," Ms Gevondyan said. Local television reported that the baby's mother, who claimed she was six-and-ahalf months pregnant when she checked in, named her child after the flight attendant. Most airlines allow women to fly up to and including the 36th week of pregnancy.
Sky News

heaRtbReaking stoRy

of a college football star who helped his team fight their way to the championship game after his girlfriend died of leukaemia has been unveiled as a hoax. The story of linebacker Manti Te'o captured national attention and was described as "the inspiring story of the college football season". The University of Notre Dame player helped his team to victory after his longdistance girlfriend Lennay Kekua - whom he met online - apparently suffered serious

injuries in a car crash. A few months later he was told she had leukaemia, and when he learned she had died he once again played on and helped his team clinch a win. He even played on the day of her funeral, believing it was what she would have wanted. His story captivated America, making him a hero with slots in Sports Illustrated and on CBS This Morning. But the whole thing turned out to be a hoax - with Te'o himself the apparent victim.

Lennay Kekua never existed, and the picture on her Facebook page and Twitter account turned out to be of another woman. Te'o never actually met her in person, just carrying out a long-distance relationship via social media and by phone. The University of Notre Dame said someone using a fictitious name had "apparently ingratiated herself" with Te'o, then conspired with others to lead him to believe she had died of cancer. The university said the "proper authorities" were

Australian nugget worth more than its weight in gold

the size of the 5.5kg gold
nugget unearthed by an Australian man armed with a metal detector is so unusual collectors are likely to pay a premium, according to Michael Cooper of precious metal dealers ATS Bullion. T h e Y- s h a p e d n u g get, weighing 5.5kg (177 ounces), was buried 60cm beneath the ground near the town of Ballarat in Victoria. Local experts said they could not recall any nugget even approaching that size being discovered in the area previously. Michael Cooper believes it is likely to attract the attention of aficionados of the precious metal. "It is such a rare find I can imagine a lot of collectors out there would probably see it having a high collectable value, not just its intrinsic value," according to Mr Cooper, who says it will probably be "many, many years" before such a large nugget is found again." His advice to British prospectors whose eyes have lit up at the news? "For all those people that go out with their metal detectors in the UK, I would say it's probably incredibly unlikely you're going to find anything that size - your chances are against you - but still try; it's a fun hobby, so why not?"

German robbers dig 100 foot tunnel into Berlin bank safe room
RobbeRs dug a 100-foot tunnel
into the safe deposit room of a Berlin bank and escaped with their haul, setting a fire as they left to cover their tracks. Berlin police spokesman Thomas Neuendorf says the tunnel led from an underground garage into the bank's safe deposit room. Mr Neuendorf told The Associated Press that the tunnel was "very professional" and must have taken weeks or even months to complete. It was elaborately constructed and even had ceiling supports. Police were alerted to the breakin early Monday when a security guard noticed smoke coming from the deposit room. Mr Neuendorf says police are still trying to determine what valuables were stolen from the deposit boxes. Details of the heist called to mind the spectacular robbery of another Berlin bank in 1995. During that robbery thieves entered the bank through the door, took a hostage and demanded a helicopter and ransom. Police besieged and eventually stormed the safe room where the thieves had holed up only to find out they had escaped through a tunnel dug by accomplices. Several but not all of the thieves were later caught.

[24] VANUATU DAILY POST, Saturday 19th January 2013

VANUATU DAILY POST Saturday 19th January 2013 [25]

[ 26 ] vanuatu Daily Post |Saturday January 19, 2013

Post Comics




peARLs BefoRe sWIne

ACRoss 1. Ebbs 6. Largest continent 10. Recent events 14. Slack-jawed 15. Boring 16. Send forth 17. Reliable 19. Be dressed in 20. Ancient ascetic 21. Half of a pair 22. Flower stalk 23. Cognizant 25. Consecrate 26. Head of hair 30. Hesitant 32. Pillar 35. Saliva 39. Calm 40. Get 41. Belly 43. Smiled contemptuously 44. Inveigle 46. Fishing poles 47. Gleam 50. Wash oneself 53. Lean 54. Dashed

55. Judge 60. Diva's solo 61. Capable of being reached 63. Back 64. You (archaic) 65. Everglades bird 66. Countercurrent 67. A lustrous fabric 68. Displays DoWn 1. Walk in water 2. How old we are 3. Short sleeps 4. Type of sword 5. Ringworm cassia 6. American Dental Association 7. Subvert 8. Sickness 9. Away from the wind 10. An open letter 11. Overact 12. Filaments 13. Originates in 18. Morning moisture 24. Arctic bird 25. Hush money 26. Nonvascular plant

27. Assist in crime 28. Roman emperor 29. Primary 31. Atop 33. Absurd 34. Religious offshoot 36. Tropical tuber 37. Misled 38. Terminates 42. A portable brazier 43. Collection 45. Declare null and void 47. Look at with fixed eyes 48. Employed 49. Homeric epic 51. Possesses 52. S S S S 54. Rodents 56. Audible exhale 57. River of Spain 58. Killed 59. Collections 62. Startled cry

o solution on page 29 Mirroreyes

spoT The DIffeRenCe



VANUATU DAILY POST Saturday 19th January 2013 [27]

Daily Post Dining Guide

The Daily Post Dining Guide explores the wealth of culinary experience that is available in Vanuatu. The guide reaches out to visitors, residents and businesses alike presenting an easy overview of the different venues and cooking themes on offer. Advertising here is a simple and easy means of bringing your latest dish into the eye of those seeking the latest experience. To ensure a long shelf life this dining guide will also carry a number of recipes compiled by participating restaurants. The Daily Post Dining Guide allows advertisers to showcase their venue with both editorial and full colour display advertisements. 1 page full colour display + page editorial

Rate: Vt35,000
The Daily Post Dining Guide will reach both residence and tourists through: Daily Post Saturday issue with 3,500 copies What to Do February issue with 5,000 copies

8,500 copies. Thats a big readership.

For more information or to book your place contact the Daily Post advertising department on 23224 or email:

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World News

vanuatu Daily Post |Saturday, January 19 2013 [ 29 ]


Victims to get $694 million in S. Korea oil payout

a south Korean court has
ordered a $694 million payout to victims of the country's worst oil spill, which fouled miles of coastland in 2007 and decimated local fishing and tourism industries. "This is the first estimate of the damage officially made by the court," court spokesman Choi Noo-Lim said on Thursday. "It is the first big step towards compensating those affected by the oil leak." The spill occurred when a Samsung Heavy Industries barge carrying a construction crane broke free and rammed an anchored Hong Kong-registered super tanker, which subsequently leaked 10,900 tons of crude oil. Miles of beaches, notably in Taean county about 110 kilometres south west of Seoul, were smothered by the spillage. The accident devastated the region's once-vibrant fishing and tourism industries, leading to a number of suicides by local residents as a legal wrangle over who qualified for compensation dragged on for years. The court in the city of Daejeon set the total damage to area residents and businesses at 734.1 billion won ($694 million). It is the first big step towards compensating those affected by the oil leak. Court spokesman, Choi Noo-Lim It ordered Hebei Spirit Shipping, the owner of the super tanker, to shell out 145.8 billion won and Samsung Heavy Industries 5.6 billion won. The London-based International Oil Pollution Compensation Funds (IOPC) and the South Korean government are to cover 178.4 billion won and 404.3 billion won, respectively. The payout is a record for environmental accidents in South Korea, but less than 20 per cent of the 4.2 trillion won originally sought by some 120,000 affected residents and businesses. They have two weeks to file objections to the court's estimate. "I'm afraid there will be objections by many, many residents whose compensation bids were either reduced or rejected... which will further delay actual payout to victims," Mr Choi said. The IOPC may also challenge the figure, which is far higher than its own assessment.

The undated hand out picture released by Norways energy group statoil on January 17 2013 shows vehicles parked at the in American gas field,jointly operated by british oil giant BP.Norway's station and state- run Algerian energy firm sonatrach,in eastern Algeria near the libyan border,Algerian troops surrounded islamists holding foreign hostages at the gas field january 17,a day after a deadly attack the gunmen said was in reprisal for Algerias cooperation in frence operations in mail.The islamist told mauritanian media they were holding 41 westerns,their captives included frence, british and japanese citizens as well as seven Americans,they said,adding that the action was in response to Algeria's opening of its air space to frence warplanes involved in an assaulted on islamist in neighbouring mail. AFP PHOTO.

Jakarta floods leave hundreds of thousands homeless

the floods overnight. "Days of heavy downpours caused the rivers to overflow and triggered floods up to three metres," he said through a translator, adding that rivers in Jakarta had a low capacity to contain the monsoonal rain. In 2007, major floods forced 350,000 people to leave their homes and authorities are preparing for the same impact this year. However, they say it is hard to predict how bad things will get. Mr Nugroho says the 2007 floods caused nearly $500 million of damage in Jakarta alone. "It's serious because this is the capital of Indonesia and flooding can affect the economy locally and nationally," he said. Indonesia is regularly afflicted by deadly floods and landslides during its wet season, which lasts around half the year, and many in the capital live beside rivers that periodically overflow. At least 11 people were killed and seven missing in November after flash floods triggered by heavy rain hit a village on Indonesia's Sulawesi island. There is more than two months of the wet season to go.


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authorities says flooding in Jakarta may have left hundreds of thousands of people homeless. Indonesian disaster authorities have lost count of the number of people who have been left homeless in widespread flooding, but say it could reach the hundreds of thousands. The centre of Jakarta, including the Presidential

Palace, is awash and parts of the Indonesian capital that have never seen flooding before are now underwater. Yesterday 10,000 people had to flee their homes but hours of heavy downpours overnight and rivers bursting their banks, have added to the problem. Three people have been killed so far in the seasonal chaos and the National Disaster Management Centre

says it could affect as many as 350,000 as it did six years ago. "My home is destroyed all of it. It's in chaotic piles of mess," resident Umar Dani said through a translator. He said the flood reached the roof of his house. The National Disaster Management Centre spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said a child was among the two victims swept away in

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Saturday 19th January 2012 [31]


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VANUATU DAILY POST Saturday 19th January 2013 [33]

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Sports Feature

VANUATU DAILY POST | Saturday January 19 2013 [ 36 ]

De Boer predicts Bayern success for Guardiola

Former Barca team-mate and close friend Frank de Boer tells BBC Sport why Pep Guardiola is made for Bayern Munich
announceMent on

Bayern Munichs

Wednesday that Pep Guardiola is set to become their new manager took many by surprise, not just in England but the rest of Europe too. Chelsea and Manchester City were just two of the clubs seen as possible destinations for the most wanted manager on the planet when he ends his season-long sabbatical this coming summer, speculation which heightened this week when Guardiola said he wanted the challenge of managing in the Premier League. Instead the 41-year-old is Bundesliga-bound, and hoping to follow his trophy-laden spell as Barcelona coach by building a similarly spectacular era at German giants Bayern. Guardiolas old Barcelona team-mate and current coaching confidant, Ajax manager Frank de Boer, was shocked when he heard the news, telling BBC Sport: I thought he wanted to come to the Premier League. So, why exactly is Guardiola going to Germany and, other than the fact that he is joining a team that are four-time European champions, how did the Allianz Arena appeal? I think it will be down to the structure of the club, De Boer told BBC Sport. I speak to former Bayern coach Louis van Gaal and he always says it is a very professional club, a well-run club, with the same kind of philosophy as Barcelona. So they will understand what Pep will be trying to do. As far as the Bundesliga goes, it is a very interesting league and definitely on the up. Maybe it is passing La Liga, and it passed Serie A a long time ago. I think maybe with the crowds they get, it is up with the Premier League. The atmosphere in the stadiums is best in England, but in Germany it is similar. If Bayern does prove to be like Barca, then Guardiola will be right at home. The Catalan spent the first 18 years of his playing career at the Nou Camp, joining at the age of 13, learning his trade under former Dutch international and Barca legend Johan Cruyff and taking more inspiration from Van Gaal, whose pressing and passing Ajax team of the mid-90s provided Pep with much of his coaching model. But Guardiola picked up more from those Dutch masters than a propensity for possession football and enough pretty passing to take your breath away. De Boer, who began discussing coaching with Guardiola when they were team-mates at Barca from 1998 to 2001, refers to his friends approach as the hand of Guardiola, by which he means a focus on discipline as well as individual skill. Another key element of Guardiolas make-up is his vision for his club, perpetuated by his belief in Barcelonas La Masia academy, which provided seven of the starting XI in the team which beat Manchester United in the 2009 Champions League.

Can he replicate that at Bayern? The Bavarians already have had some success at bringing stars like Thomas Mueller and Philipp Lam through the ranks but De Boer, who has spoken to Guardiola regularly since he began his own coaching career in 2007, thinks there is room for improvement. There is a youth programme there, which is OK, but I think Bayern can still build on it, De Boer, who takes a particularly hands-on approach to working with young players at Ajax, explained. If you look at the kind of players who have come from their youth teams and who are playing in their first team then I think they can do more with their programme. But we dont know yet what their plans are for the academy or what plans they have got for Pep. He might be over-

seeing that as well or he might be only concerned with the first team. We will have to wait and see. One thing De Boer is sure will be the same in Germany that it was in Spain is the way Guardiolas team will play - full of flair going forward, and full of industry tracking back. He might adapt it but it will not change much, De Boer said. I know him well and he is a smart guy so he will always look at what kind of players he has, and from there he will get the best concept to play. Comparisons with Barca will undoubtedly be drawn, but mainly in terms of trophies won rather than playing style or youth development. Guardiola collected 14 of them in his four seasons at Barca, including three La Liga titles and a double Champions League success.

That lorry-load of silverware still left some claiming that Barcas brilliance is down to Lionel Messi. Certainly, they have not missed Guardiola too much since he left last May - under his successor Tito Vilanova they have built an 11-point lead at the top of La Liga. But De Boer says those who doubt Guardiolas influence are wrong, Of course he had good players at Barcelona but he showed us the hand of Guardiola, said De Boer. I am 100% convinced of it. I think he will do the same at Bayern. You can never know for sure if he will succeed and I dont know if he will win as much as he did with Barcelona, but you can already see that there will be a Guardiola team playing to win the Champions League next season.

VANUATU DAILY POST Saturday 19th January 2013 [37

[ 38] VANUATU DAILY POST | Saturday, January 19, 2013...

Sports News



American Samoa aim to do coach proud

the americaN Samoa U-17
squad is prepped and ready to compete at the OFC U-17 Championship Preliminary 2013 in Samoa from January 22-26 against opposition from Cook Islands, Samoa and Tonga. The team departs the territory on Saturday, however they do so with heavy hearts following the passing of U-17 head coach Junior Mikaeles wife, Amanda. Our hearts and condolences go out to our teams coach for the loss of his wife, FFAS president Iuli Alex Godinet says. We have told him that he and his family are in our thoughts and prayers. Mikaele has been training the final squad of 17 players for the last three months, with the advice of FFAS technical director Ruben Luvu and assistance from Uinifareti Aliva and Tala Faalavaau. At this time Mikaele may not travel with the team to Samoa for the tournament. First of all I want to thank the president and the executive committee, CEO Tavita Taumua and the FFAS staff as well as my players for all their kind words and thoughts for me and my family, Mikaele says. If I do not travel with the team they know that I am with them in heart and spirit and will be proud of them no matter what the result they bring back home is. Mikaele says he, Luvu and assistant coaches Aliva and Faalavaau have full confidence in the squad theyve chosen and expect them to put forward a strong challenge. The winner of the OFC U-17 Championship Preliminary will go on to the second stage set for Vanuatu in April against the regions top tiered teams New Zealand, Tahiti, New Caledonia, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and hosts, Vanuatu. That tournament also serves as the Oceania qualifier for the FIFA U-17 World Cup 2013 scheduled for October in the United Arab Emirates. American Samoas first opponent will be against their brothers from Samoa, followed by the Cook Islands and then Tonga. In these last few days before we leave were just ironing out a few things such as our formation and we will also use the time to select our captain and vicecaptain, Luvu says. Three of 17 players in the final squad already have international experience at the U-17 level - Neemia Kaleopa, Kaleopa Siligi and Ruben Luvu Jr - who represented American Samoa at this age group two years ago in New Zealand. Team manager Henry Lameta was a part of the U-23 squad that competed in the OFC Olympic qualifiers in Taupo in 2012. There are some experienced players on our team and we look at them to set the tone for us during the competition, Taumua says.

Ol fan bambae oli ekspektem blong luk sam niu fes long O Lik laenap blong Amicale

By Kathie Simon if oNe thiNkS that amicale

African players to the rescue?

Fiji, the club moved hastily to sign an Australian striker, Peter Dragger, who plays for first division outfit, Queensland based Ipswich Knights. Unfortunately for Amicale, Ipswich terms on Draggers loan is only a month, and Amicale Vice President, Andrew Leong, says they are not happy with the term, as they need someone who will be with the club all throughout the O League competition. With the region aside, Leung told Daily Sports that this week he will shift his focus to the African continent. Starting from this week I will be undertaking serious negotiations with several African players to play for Amicale in this seasons O League, revealed Leong. Leong however did not reveal the origin, names of the players including their current clubs. The prospect of signing African players to play for local football clubs is not new as Tupuji Imere FC currently has two Nigerians playing for the club since 2012 season. After securing the services of 2 Nigerian players, it is believed Amicale management would seem to have come close to establishing the dream team it desires in this seasons Oleague campaign. Apart from the regular Vanuatu players, the club still retains the bulk of the Solomon players and Daily Sport is also aware that Alick Mae-

Football Club is content with the current crop of players for the Oleague, they are totally wrong because club management will not rest until it is satisfied that it has put up the best team to compete in this seasons Oceania Football Confederations Oleague Club Champions. When the initial offer made by Amicale for players from local clubs to assist the club in this seasons Oleague campaign turned up negative, Amicale management had no alternative but to go on a shopping spree to source the players elsewhere. After recently securing the services of two defenders from

mae and Jack Whetney are also available for the club in this seasons Oleague. The club will soon welcome its two Fijian players and the Aussie striker who are due to arrive in the country shortly to commence training with the club. Amicale is expected to kick-off its campaign against Solomon Warriors on 25 May 2013 in Honiara before hosting Solomon champions the following week. Vanuatu champion club is based in Group B in what is described as the all Melanesian affair, joining neighbouring Solomon champions, Solomon Warriors FC, Papua New Guineas Hekari United and Fijis Ba FC.



Shefa netball gear up for 2013 packed calendar

Shefa Netball aSSociatioN
had a good Netball season in 2012. The Association had a total of 21 teams that registered with Shefa Netball and ran successful programs last year which included, the normal Championship Program which ran from March to September of last year, organized a Mixed Tournament and fundraising day during the Shefa Day Celebrations, ran a Stop HIV Program to coincide with the Independence Celebrations of Last year, ran 3 umpire classes, attended the bench officials training organized by Vanuatu Netball Association and organized the NCDs Mixed Netball Tournament. Apart from the above mentioned tournaments and programs, Shefa Netball also took part in international matches run by Vanuatu Netball Association. Our three teams which consist of the Shefa Development team, senior team and the Golden Oldies team took part in this tournament. This year the executive is working on its calendar of events which also contain a full program for 2013. The executive would like to advise our existing clubs and any new clubs who wish to register with Shefa Netball Association that our Annual General Meeting will take place on Saturday 2nd February at 9am at Vasanoc Haus. All new and existing clubs should send a representive to that meeting. Following the AGM our first umpire classes will take place. On Saturday 9th February, 9 am at Vasanoc Haus, there will be an umpires course for advance umpiresthis is for umpires who are already umpiring/ and those that have a qualification. On Saturday 16th February and Saturday 23rd of February, an umpires beginners class will be run. This program will begin at 9 am at Vasanoc Haus. This year the executive has decided on a new system of registration of players. Shefa Netball is working on providing licenses for each player. Thus, it has been decided that on Tuesday 26th February, all clubs should come down to the Netball court with their players and fees to register their players. There will be also be a program organized for that day so that there will be something going on during that time. Photos of each player will be taken during that time. For those who wish to bring down their own photos of each player that would assist the executive greatly. Fees for this year are VT1,300 for adults, VT700 for students and VT4,000 for each team that is registered in the Association. Registration Day will start at 5pm onwards on Tuesday 26th February, 2013. Following the registration of players, the opening tournament for this year will take place. This will take place on Wednesday 6th March, Tuesday 12th March and Tuesday 19th March. More details of other programs for the year will be given later and can also be accessed in the Shefa Calendar of events which will be on sale soon.

Erakor unites with Solomon Warriors



Golden Star has created a lasting bond with Solomon Islands champions the Solomon Warriors as the two sides recently joined together as sister clubs. A special ceremony was held earlier this week at the Erakor Village Hall to seal the new relationship between the two clubs. Warriors chairman and Solomon Islands MP Bodo Detike made the trip to Vanuatu in order to represent the Solomon club at the ceremony. He was gifted a traditional tamtam by Erakor Village chief Kaoruk Lalien behalf of Erakor Golden Star to welcome him and seal the relationship between the two clubs. Lalie, a former Erakor

Golden Star player, pledged the clubs support to the Warriors for the OFC Champions League, and reiterated his pleasure at seeing the two clubs unite. On behalf of the Erakor community I want to assure Mr Detike and the Warriors that our boys will help support your team in the upcoming competition and we will also need your help in our competitions within Port Vila, Kaloruk says. We are very happy that you can visit us in our village to see our boys. This is the second sister club for Erakor, who created a similar relationship with Papua New Guinea champions Hekari United two years ago.

VANUATU DAILY POST | Saturday, January 19 2012 [ 39 ]

Sports News

Raymond Nasse i ripot Port Vila Futbol assosiesen

Port Vila Shield opening tede

wantem mekem i klia long everiwan se mane blong gate long tunamen ia bambae i hae lelebet long praes blong entrens blong ol jampionship maj. Praes we PVFA bambae i ron wetem thru aot long tunamen ia, bambae i luk ol bigman oli pem Vt300 mo ol pikinini oli pem Vt100. Risen from wanem praes blong gate ia hemi go antap long Vt100, kompea long Vt200 long jampionship, hemi from mane we bambae oli resem i shud go stret long pocket blong ol klab mo help ranem administresen kost blong Port Vila Stadium. Vt200 ia bambae mifala i karemaot long Vt300 blong usum blong ranem administresen, olsem pem laet, wota mo Vt100 we i stap ia bambae PVFA i usum blong givim i go bak long ol klab long end blong yia, Administreta blong PVFA, Bong Shem, i talem. Bong i talem se from hemi



Blackburns manager sacked after just 57 days

Former Manchester United defender Henning Berg was fired by Blackburn overnight (NZ time) after just 57 days in charge, becoming the third manager to be dismissed by the English clubs controversial Indian owners in just two years. Berg, a former Blackburn player and Norway international, won just one of his 10 games as manager of the second-tier club, which has slipped to 17th place in the 24-team League Championship. When he took over, Rovers were fifth in the standings as they sought a quick return to the Premier League. This decision has been taken following a very disappointing sequence of results, Blackburn said in a statement, a day after a 1-0 loss at Middlesbrough. Berg was the second second-tier manager in less than 24 hours to lose his job, with former European champion Nottingham Forest dismissing Sean ODriscoll on Wednesday. Premier League champions in 1995 and then an established club in the English top flight, Blackburn has struggled since Indian poultry giant Venkys paid 23 million pounds (then $36.8 million) for a 99.9 per cent stake in the club in November 2010. The new owners immediately fired Sam Allardyce and replaced him as manager with Steve Kean, a unpopular decision that sparked mass unrest among fans. The team was relegated from the Premier League last season and Kean resigned in September despite an encouraging start to life in the League Championship. Under the mild-mannered Berg, Blackburn failed to perform despite having one of the strongest teams in the division.

(PVFA) bambae i kikim off fes eva Port Vila Shield tunamen blong hem tede. Olgeta fes maj long tede bambae i lukim long Pool A, Amicale i plei AS Ambassador long 12pm. Sekon Maj long 1.45pm, maj blong Pool B, Tupuji i plei Yatel mo las maj long 3.30pm, Erakor i plei Siwi, hemia long Pool C. Ofis blong PVFA hemi

wan niu tunamen olgeta i stap ekspektem wan gudfala tenaot. Tunamen ia i lukim oli putum ol klab blong fes mo premia divisem long 4 pool. Pool A, i gat Amicale, AS Ambassadors, Tupuji Imere mo Yatel. Pool B, Erakor, Siwi, Spirit 08 mo Lopatu. Pool C, i gat Tafea, Narak, Ifira mo Pango. Pool D, Shepherds, Siaraga, Seveners mo Mauriki.



Monaco cool interest in Beckham

Ambitious Monaco have decided against reinforcing their promotion bid with David Beckham after failing to meet the ex-England captains financial demands, French media are reporting. Monaco, who reached the Champions League finalists in 2004 but were relegated from the French top flight in 2011, are currently a point behind Ligue 2 leaders Nantes at the midway point in the season. Claudio Ranieri was thought to be keen to add Beckham to his squad in a bid to boost the principality clubs hopes of a return to Ligue 1 and Monaco executive general director Tor-Kristian Karlsen travelled to the USA shortly before the end of the former Manchester United and Real Madrid stars contract with LA Galaxy in early December. However, despite the backing of Russian billionaire owner Dimitry Rybolovlev, Monaco have not been able to convince Beckham that the Stade Louis II should be the final port of call of his career, with LEquipe claiming the club could not match his demands.

Vanuatu based players selected for tour

the Vanuatu rugby
League is pleased to announce the following players have been selected to represent the Vanuatu-South Sea Invitational side that will play 4 games in regional Queensland, Australia in February/March: - Patrick August (Vate Bulldogs) - Robert Franklin (Vate Bulldogs) - Yona Garae (Vate Bulldogs) - Nelson Law (Tatoko) - Peres Keny (Santo Boars) - Koko Kalsal (Ifira) - Kalpart Steedman (Police PV) - Geoff Kausei (Aelan Warriors) - Jason Pakoasongi (Aelan Warriors) Shadow Players - James Wilfred (Tatoko) - Tony Lui (Vate Bulldogs) The Vanuatu-South Sea Inviational side will be a selection of Vanuatu based players and Australian South Sea Islander players that have ancestry to Vanuatu. The Vanuatu based players will form the nucleus of the touring squad and those players will play in each game on tour, whilst different Sout Sea players will be invited to join the squad at each different city that games are played in. Selections on South Sea players to join the team will be announced in early February. Current Australian based Vanuatu national team stars such as James Wood and Kunro Kalo (amongst others) will also feature during the tour.


Anthony Ogogo, Olympic boxing medallist, turns professional

London 2012 bronze medallist Anthony Ogogo has signed his first professional contract, with his debut paid fight set to be announced shortly. Middleweight Ogogo, 24, has joined Los Angeles-based promoter Golden Boy Promotions. Following the Olympics Ive been looking to the future and considering a number of options, said the Lowestoft fighter. I feel that the time is now right to turn professional with Golden Boy. Ogogo has been contemplating whether to turn pro since his podium finish at London 2012. He produced a memorable Olympic moment when he upset Ukraines world number one Ievgen Khytrov in a thrilling bout on his way to a bronze medal. He said in October that he may have to forego his massive desire to go to Rio 2016 in favour of turning professional. Ogogos exploits in London dramatically raised his profile and attracted the attention of numerous promoters, including former world champion Oscar De La Hoyas Golden Boy organisation and the Barry Hearn-owned Matchroom Sport.



Messi snubs 205m offer

Lionel Messi turned down a monster 460,000-a-week offer to quit Barcelona. The Argie superstar was stunned when an unnamed Russian side, believed to be big-spending Anzhi Makhachkala, triggered his 205million release clause. Messi, 25, was also offered a mind-boggling salary totalling 24m a year after tax, according to reports in Spain. Barca were obliged to accept the offer, but Messi swiftly rejected the move after discussions with president Sandro Rosell and his family. The three-time World Player of the Year then pledged his future by signing a new Barca deal. Messi also revealed Spain was his preferred home for fiancee Antonella and young son Thiago. It would have smashed the 80m world record deal for Cristiano Ronaldo.
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P&O Cruises donates football boots

P&O Cruises recently donated new and second hand football boots of all sizes to Tupuji lmere Football Club (TIFC). Philip Malas, (TIFC President) would want to thank Mr Micheal Mihajilov of Carnival Australia for positively responding to his request for sponsorship with the sports goods. All sports goods will be used in TIFC Football programmes of all ages.

[40] VANUATU DAILY POST, Saturday 19th January 2013