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3D Art EXAMINATION SEMESTER 2 Tuesday 27th November 2012


Ms. McArthur

Reading time: 10 minutes 1.35 3.15 pm Writing time: 1.5 hours Starting Time: 1.45 pm Finish Time: 3.15 pm

Structure of book
Section A B C D E Number of questions 4 7 4 2 2 Total Number of marks /16 /18 /16 /30 /20 /100

NOTE for students: 1. Prior to the exams there is a ten-minute reading time NO writing in this time. 2. Attempt ALL questions. 3. Students are to remain in the exam room until the exam finish time. 4. Re read questions and your answers when you have completed the exam.

Image i Angel of the North Antony Gormley - 1998

Image ii The Thinker Auguste Rodin 1902

Describing a 3D art work.

Describe the sculpture in Image i.

/4 Describe the sculpture in Image ii.

/4 Both are figures of men. How are the two sculptures similar?

/2 How are the two figures different?

/2 Which of the two sculptures do you prefer? Explain why

/4 /16

Explain the following terms:


/2 Mountain fold and Valley Fold

/2 Papier Mache

/2 Layers

/2 Found Objects


Describe how you go about the following process:

Papier Mache




Sculptor Which Sculptor did you study ____________________

What type of sculptures does your artist create?

/4 What are the common themes in his/her work?

/4 Describe the artwork that you did your research on.

/4 What aspect of the artists work do you most admire?

/4 Total /16

Design Brief

The City of Greater Geelong has decided that they want a major sculpture to be placed in the middle of the mall in Malop Street. It needs to be something that signifies Geelong, and could be relevant to Geelongs past or present or even future. Think of what images would best represent the city. Using the lines below, write a description of your sculpture, including size, what materials you would use, colours and how it would be displayed. Using the spare paper at the end of the exam, draw a sketch of the sculpture you would make. You MUST take this seriously and keep it appropriate for the task.



/15 Total /30


E. Design Task
Using the table below, I would like you to design your own chess set. You need to consider a theme (eg animals, star war characters, cars), and make sure that your pieces fit that theme. Also, decide what your two colours will be. You dont have to stick to Black and White, but they must be two distinct colours. The pieces are in descending order of importance and height. Colours: _______________________________________________________