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Tia Dececco Block F December 4th 2012

Faking the Grade

Cheating has become increasingly common. More than 50% cheat in university and 3/4 in high school! The Documentary, Cheating the Grade(Andy Blicq), states cheating is widespread and people cheat for many reasons: Were the examples effective? Was the argument plausible and supported? And is the statement agreeable? A variation of examples used showed how people cheat, more effective than others. For example, a store -keeper would not sell his earpieces to help children communicate on a teat. This showed how people are honest even if the alternative is beneficial to them. A teacher, Richard Quinn, who discouraged cheating told his students hed never help them cheat, highly impacting the documentary. He brought back the faith of teachers still having morals. In regards to parents, they effected the emotion of the children since they deprived your child of a good mark , By paying people off. Most students even laughed, having no guilt about cheating, when its a very serious matter. The documentary displayed a variety of support but it was only somewhat plausible. There were references for everyone who spoke except the people whose identities were hidden. These were less believable. Also, since everyone lie's its supported that Even the good, smart people can cross boundaries. But it was not very plausible since it didnt expand enough on why people cheat, or the severe consequences. The only explanation they kept giving was, The kids at the top cheated to thrive, andthe bottom cheated to survive. The parents seemed to only give excuses for their children. It also didnt fairly represent a diversity of opinions from everyone. The statement is agreeable since people around the world have become cold, uncaring, and just lie. They believe cheating will make them better people, and more successful. Thus ...Getting them love. Its become a case of who can cheat better and to cheat to compete. Universitys become extremely hard and, Everyone expects you to do well, so its either do or die. Its a pressure cooker, since you need to be in the top percent. Its evident that cheating is worldwide because students who cheat at school will cheat as adults. The only opposition is that girls said they only cheat when there in co-ed classes, which is unlikely, since Honesty isthe least valued moral people have. In Cheating-the-Grade, by Andy Blicq it states that cheating happens all over the world and kids cheat for multiple reasons. Its been argued how effective the examples were, if the argument was plausible and believable, and whether or not it was agreeable. Now, should you be cheating?