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45 Cold Mountain Lane, Red Lake, MI | (566) 878-3456 | steve.bidwell@hotmail.


Rev. Steve Bidwell

QUALIFICATION • Served as an Associate Minister for the past 15 years at the highly regarded Third
HIGHLIGHTS Baptist Church of Michigan
• Taken on responsibility as the Youth Pastor, Foreign Missions Minister, Minister of
Congregational Care, Pastoral Counseling, Minister of Church Visitation, and
Children’s Minister.
• Performed a variety of worship services, including evangelism, discipleship,
fellowship, in-reach and out-reach of the church.
• Taught bible study in chronological order to a congregation of approximately 90.
• Initiated several community events, including bringing community churches
together for a block party called “Taking Jesus to the Streets”.
• Orchestrate an annual fund raiser for the Foreign Missions Ministry called the “Ten
Commandment Tea”.
• Worked closely with the Youth Programs, including “Joy/Jam Night” where Youth
can display their spiritual gifts and a dedicated Children’s lesson that takes place as
part of Sunday Service.
• Played a key leadership role for the Lott Carey Baptist Foreign Mission Youth
Retreat each year – including coordination of the annual event and running monthly
• Provide haircuts, counseling, cooking, and spiritual guidance to those in need each
month during the “Feed the Hungry Ministry”.
• As an individual dedicated to public service, have helped hundreds of families and
individuals dealing with mental illness improve and strengthen their lives.
• Active in the Baptist Community, including participation in the National Baptist
Association of Washington, DC and Baptist Educational Congress.
• Ordained as an ordained minister of the gospel in February 2003.
• Oversaw marriages, funerals, baptisms, and communions.

EDUCATION University of Michigan School of Divinity, Anne Arbor, MI

Master of Divinity, 2003

Michigan State University, Anne Arbor, MI

Bachelor of Social Work
• Minor in Religion and Sociology

WORK Department of Mental Health, Washington, DC

EXPERIENCE Mental Health Specialist, 1990 – 2005
• Ensured mentally ill patients received proper living accommodations through routine
monitoring and home visits.
• Counseled individuals, families, and organizations on mental health, providing crisis
intervention when needed.
• Collaborated with treatment teams in providing accurate information to produce the
most effective plan of action for mentally ill patients.
• As a Vocational Development Specialist, provided community-based employment
counseling to individuals on TANF, including family members and teen mothers.