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How to Immediately Relieve Chronic Neck and Low Back Pain,

Sciatica, Headache, Shoulder Pain, etc.

Using Novel Neurological Reflexes;
Applications in a Naturopathic Practice

Stephen Kaufman, D.C. Denver, CO. 303-756-9567

Studies show chronic myofascial pain occurs in 10-20% of the population. In fact, surveys of audiences of
doctors and their spouses reveal an occurrence rate closer to 75-90%.

Utilizing the Gate Theory of Pain it's possible for the first time to demonstrate simple neurological reflexes
that consistently turn off myofascial trigger points and their associated symptoms. Elimination of these
trigger points often results in an immediate and lasting resolution of chronic pain. These procedures have
been demonstrated now before 1000s of N.D.s, M.D.s, D.C.s, etc, and scores of chronic pain syndromes
have immediately responded, many permanently. They’ve been taught at the American College for
Advancement in Medicine, the International College of Integrative Medicine, etc.

These include headache, migraine, TMJ syndrome, frozen or painful shoulder, neck pain, (even from
cervical discs), low back pain and sciatica, lumbar disc syndrome, post surgical pain, etc. It can be
demonstrated that inflammation is often immediately reduced.

We'll show how these procedures regulate the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, and
appear to immediately increase endogenous production of opiods (endorphins). A frequently observed effect
of this is rapid and lasting reduction in elevated blood pressure, in a significant number of
hypertensive patients.

We'll discuss;
1. how an urgent care MD uses these techniques for relief of severe phantom limb, neuropathic, and
post surgical pain, in a large percentage of patients.
2. Various new procedures including the pain elimination grid, the stellate ganglion technique, tissue
bending, etc.
3. how a physician specializing in CFIDS, Lyme's disease and fibromylagia has successfully used
these techniques to immediately turn off severe chronic pain in most of her patient base.
4. Recent research discussing the widespread presence of inflammatory cytokines associated with
myofascial trigger points.

We'll also teach several of the basic procedures so that class participants will be able to apply the
techniques clinically Monday morning.

The Melzack Wall Gate Control Theory of Pain is the most widely accepted model of chronic pain in
medicine. It led to the development of TENS units, epidural steroid injections, epidural anesthesia, and the
whole area of pain management medicine. The Gate Theory predicts that the proper non painful stimulus
should be able to block and even permanently abolish chronic pain. We’ll demonstrate the first practical
applications of this theory.

No pharmacy discussion will occur.

Stephen Kaufman, D.C. Denver, CO. 303-756-9567 2693 S. Niagara St.

Denver, CO. 80224 Fax: 303-758-7558

Not an AANP member.
Submitted for a 90 minute oral presentation (could do 60 mins. as a 2nd choice)
plus possibly a workshop.
Target audience: medical practitioners, students, general audience.

Speaker Bio

Stephen Kaufman, D.C. of Denver, CO. has developed many procedures

using neurophysiological reflexes for immediate elimination of chronic pain,
including the Pain Neutralization Technique. He's presented at many medical
conferences, including the American College for Advancement in Medicine,
International College of Integrative Medicine, etc.