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Coining Forth To You From The Holy Tabernacle Ministries


Marriage Ceremony_

our ^Doctorate's
2f You Are A Cardholding Member Of The Holy Tabernacle Ministries, You Should Know The Answers To The Following Questions:


Asked "What Are You A Doctor Of?11 Your Answer Should Be "I Am A Doctor Of Theology, History And Comparative Religious Studies As Well As Semitic Languages". But What You Really Are Is A Doctor To Cure The Untruths With Pure Facts.
2)*M4ien Asked "Where Did You Study?" Your Answer Should Be "I First Studied Islamic Studies At The Ansaarullah University In New York, As Well As Studying Judaic Torah, And Jewish Laws Under The Nubian Islaamic Hebrews. I Also Did A Thorough Under The Study On The New Testament And The Life And

Authored By: Dr. Malachi Z. York

For The Holy Tabernacle Ministries 1994 A.D.

Times Of Jesus, Fact And Fiction,

Ceremony_ Teachings Of The Holy Tabernacle Ministries' Administration, As Well As Ancient Egyptian And Sumerian History, Which I Am Presently Studying. " 3) Men Asked "How Long Did You Study?" The Answer Applies According To Enrollment Of All Above Mentioned Tabernacles. ^ouf As A Representative Of The Holy Tabernacle Ministries, Must Learn To Conduct Yourself In A Respectful Manner, Dress Neatly At All Times And Be Ready To Display The Symbols Of The Holy Tabernacle Ministries And Defend Its Teachings With The Facts.

jMarriage Ceremony_ Events, Logic, And Common Sense Revealed As Right Knowledge, Wisdom And Overstanding. 2) 744 Accept As Fact The Highest Laws Of Nature Is The Cooperation And Harmony Of All Living Things. 3) fl4 Accept As Fact Our Way Of Life As A Means To The Best End. 4) Vl Accept As Fact That Loyalty Is The Greatest Of All Honors And Treason Is The Worst Of All Crimes. 5) Accept As Fact That What Is Good For The Holy Tabernacle Is The Highest Virtue And What Is Bad For The Holy Tabernacle Is The Ultimate Evil. 6) 744 Accept As Fact That The Holy Tabernacle Is The Finest And Noblest

?%e >aify Affirmation O/T/ie <Etb/ieem

1) 744 Accept As Fact The Eternal Laws Of Nature As Revealed Through Science, Past

Marriage Ceremony Organization For All Humanity Created By Circumstances. 7) We Accept As Fact That Creativity, Love, And Cooperation Are The Essence Of Success. 8) 744 Accept As Fact That Truth And Facts Are Always And Has Always Been The Originator And Creator Of All Success. 9) 714 Accept As Fact That All Worthwhile Cultures And Civilizations Came About From The Ancient Sumerians And The Eloheem From The Heavens, Without Which There Would Be None. 10) 744 Accept As Fact That For The Holy Tabernacle To Survive, Expand And Advance, We Need First Of All A Revolution Of Values And Thoughts Which Must Start Within Each

jMarriage Ceremony_ Person By Being Truthful With Themselves And About Themselves. Therefore, We Completely And Categorically Reject All Myths, Fictions, Religions And Lies That Have Not Been Proven. That Would Include Your Heavens, Your Hells, Your Fire And Brimstone, Your Horn And Pitchfork Devils, Your Winged Angels And Your Old Man God Character, Sitting On A Throne Up There Somewhere. We Deal Strictly With Facts. If You Can 't Prove It, We Don ft Want To Hear It. That Doesn 't Mean We Won 't Listen To You, Just Don't Expect Us To Accept Your Beliefs By Virtue Of A Title Such As Reverend, Pastor, Deacon, Imam, Sheikh, Rabbi, Minister, Theologian, Etc. That Is Your Sensationalism And We Deal With Just The Facts. 11) *M Accept As Fact That The Only True Revolution Is A War Of Good Against Evil, Right Against Wrong, Fairness Against 5

Ceremony Unfairness, Loyalty Against Disloyalty, Sincerity Against Insincerity, Honesty Against Dishonesty; And This War Is Fought Within Each Person Amongst The Agreeable And Disagreeable Eloheem That Make Up Your Will Power. 12) We Accept As Fact That The Unity Of Our Community And Its Success Will Only Happen With Cooperation With All Involved. 13). 9t Accept As Fact The Total Unification Of All Humanity On The Basis Of Truth, That Is: Accepting People And Races For Who And What They Are, And Respecting Their Culture, Their Languages And Their Beliefs. 14). Vl^e Accept As Fact That The Human Race, Its Biological And Cultural Heritage, Is Now Under Attack By Our Own Morals, Our Self-Righteousness, Our Desire To Control

jMarriage Ceremony_ Industry; And These Things Attack The Very Existence Of Humanity. 15). *M4 Accept As Fact That Males As Well As Females Are Equal In All Things And Should Be Dealt With As Partners In All Matters. 16). W Accept As Fact That No One Race Of People Is Better Than The Other. In Fact, No One Wins The Race In Racism. 17). We Accept As Fact That Cummincation Between Different People Is The Cure To The Ignorance That Breeds The Disease Hate. 18). Accept As Fact That A Good And Well-Rounded Education Could Prevent Most Of The Ignorance That Plagues The World. 19). % Accept As Fact That The All Is Just Thai The All. You Can't Take From The All. You Can't Add To The All. We Are All Within

Ceremony_ The All As One. That Is Our Concept Of What You Call A Deity.

Marriage Ceremony (Testimony), The Birth Ceremony, Circumcision, Funeral Selah (Worship), And What This Pamphlet Is About, "'lyd EL Zawwaaj" (HiJIorf*) Or "Nikkah" Mso) In Asnuric/Syriac (Arabic) And "CKathunnah" (rnnn) In Aramic (Hebrew), All Meaning Marriage Ceremony. According To The Etymological Dictionary Of The English Language, The Word Ceremony Is A Noun From The Old French Word Cerermonie, Which Is From The Latin Word Caerimdnia, Meaning "Sacred Usage, Ceremony. " Honor Has Been Conveyed Upon You Based On Your Spiritual Experience And Faith, In Hopes That You Will Aspire To Further Serve THE ALL. Thus, The Knowledge In This Pamphlet Is To Inform You In The Correct Way Of Performing The "Marriage Ceremony". Information Can Be Used By Anyone Holding Any Of The Honorary Titles, Because Most People Have The Need To Affirm Their Faith. In Christianity, They Use The Term

To The Fulfillment Of These Facts We Children Of The Eloheem Forever Pledge Our Lives, Our Sacred Honor And Our Spiritual Zeal. NUWAUBU! THE SCIENCE OF FA CTS BEYOND ANY DOUBT!

That You Have Received Your Honorary Title, As A Member Of The Holy Tabernacle Ministries You Are Required To Implement Certain Ceremonies. The Holy Tabernacle Ministries Wishes To Offer You Step By Step Instructions On How To Perform A Baptism

jMarriage Ceremony "Holy Matrimony"; In Judaism, They Call This Ceremony "Chathunnah ", And In Al Islaam It's Called "Nikkah". Whatever Name You Use To Identify This Ceremony f They All Mean The Same Thing. Ihe Wedding Ceremony Is A Joyous And Festive Event. It Should Be An Experience That The Bride, Groom And Both Families Will Find Pleasant To Reflect Back On. So, You Must Do Everything In Your Power To Ensure That The Ceremony Is As Well Performed, Well Organized And As Memorable As Possible.

jtAarriage Ceremony_ 3. I Will Follow The Lamb In True Faith; Our Savior, The Man Of The Times, Dr. Malachi Z. York, Forerunner Of The Real Messiah. 4. I Greet All In Peace, And With A Sincere Heart. 5. I Pray With An Open Heart, And I Seek The True Light Inward. 6. I Follow The Laws Of The Holy Tablets. 7. I Will Not Kill Or Even Commit Suicide, For It Is A Sin, Wrong. 8. I Don't Steal Or Lie, And Am Not Cruel To Children And Animals. 9. I Don't Disobey The Laws Of The Government In Which I Live. 10. I Am Non-Violent.

Our 19 Affirmations
1.1 Listen For The Voices Of My Creators Sent By The Most High, And I Look For The Signs Of The Most High. 2. I Want To Help Open The Eyes Of The World To Right Knowledge, Truth And Facts.

11. I Don't Become Drunk Or Intoxicated, Or Eat Unclean Things. 12. I Don't Hate Any Race, Creed, Religion Or Sexual Orientation.


Marriage Ceremony_ 13. I Don't Tell You What To Eat, Who To Like, How To Think And Feel, I Asked You Let's Work Together For A Better World. 14. Let's Correct Our Wrongs. Let's Apologize To Those We Hurt Because Of Religion. 15. Let's Work Together To Build A Better Place For Our Children. 16. Let's Avoid Gossip And Slander. 17. Let's Forgive And Seek Forgiveness. 18. Let's Enjoy Life, It's Short. Let's Respect The Laws Of Nature And The Source Of It All, The All. 19. We Can Take That Which Is Evil And Turn It Good. Ques: How Did Our Ancient Ancestors Celebrate The Joining Of Two People? J^Lns: Our Ancient Ancestors Did Not Acknowledge The Joining Of Two People, As Husband And Wife Or Mates, By Way Of A Wedding Or Marriage Ceremony, Before The Laws Of Your Torah - The Old Testament And

jMarriage Ceremony_ The Koran, Because They Practiced The Custom Of Just Taking Their Mates As They Pleased. In Some Cases A Person May Be Taken As A Mate By Someone, Although They Are Already Someone Elses' Mate; As In Genesis 12:18-19 With Abram (Whose Name Was Later Changed To 'Abraham') And Sarah, When Abram Came Into Egypt And The Princes Saw That Sarah Was Beautiful And Commended Her And Sarah Was Taken Into Pharaoh's House (Genesis 12:15). Taking A Mate Is An Ancient Practice That Goes Back Way Before Your Bible Or Koran, As In The Story Of ENQI Also Called NUDIMMUD And IZRAEL ZODOQ, ENLIL Also Called NUNAMNIR, And SUD, The Birth Goddess Also Known As NINTI, NINHURSAG Or NINMAH There Was Hostility Between The Two Brothers ENQI And ENLIL Because ENQI Tried To Set Up ENLIL By Accusing Him Of Raping SUD, Who Was The Daughter Of ANU, Thus Making Her Their Half Sister, But ENQI's Plan Did Not Work. Indeed, ENQI Was The One Who Raped SUD, Because He Wanted A Son By Her, But He Failed And Had A Daughter Named NINMU And Out Of ENLIL's Compassion For SUD, He Took Her As A Spouse And They Had A Son Named NINURTA. So, This Shows That Your Form Of 13

jMa.TTiage Ceremony Marriage Did Not Exist, And That People Lived According To Their Customs And Rules. ENQI, Which Means "Master Of Qi (Ki), The Earth", Was Also Known As NUDIMMUD, And He Was Also The Founder Of The Land Of NUD Or NOD (Genesis 4:16) - The Location Of The First Recreation Park. And ENLIL Which Means 'Divine Of The Heavens Or The Skies", Was Ruler Of The Skies. ENQI, ENLIL And SUD Are All The Children Of ANU Who Is Known As YAHWEH To The Hebrews, ALLAH To The Muhammadans And THEHOS To The Christians. ANU Is Also Called EL ELOH And ELYOWN ELYOWN EL - THE MOST HIGH. ENQI Was The ANUNNAQI Who Ruled On The Planet Earth (Originally Called QI (KI)), As You See From The Name EN-QI, EN - Master And QI (KI) - Earth, And ENLIL Was The ANUNNAQI Of The Skies. Ques: Who Are The Anunnaqi? ,#ns: The ANUNNAQI Are Those Beings Who ANU Sent To Earth In Sets Of 50's. The Rest Of The Beings Stayed To Guard NIBIRU While The ANUNNAQI Came To Earth. Thus, While In The Skies, These Beings Were Called The IGIGI Meaning "Those Who Stayed In The Heavens". There Were 900 ANUNNAQI On NIBIRU, 300 Of Them Stayed On NIBIRU And The Remaining 600 Came Down In 12 Groups Of 14

jMarriage Ceremony 50 To What Is Called QI (Earth) In Ships That Could Hold 50 Passengers At A Time. The ANUNNAQI Were Both Tobe plU) In Aramic (Hebrew) And Tayyib (-J-Ja) In Ashuric/Syriac (Arabic) Meaning "Agreeable", And Rah (ITl) In Aramic (Hebrew) And Kariyah (-jj5) In Ashuric/Syriac (Arabic) Meaning "Disagreeable". They All Came From The 8th Planet RIZQ Of The 19th Galaxy Called ILLYUWN, Which Ties Into The Word Razaqa (jjj) Meaning "To Provide" In Ashuric/Syriac (Arabic). What You Are Calling The Skies Or Heavens Are Other Galaxies.

The 19th Galaxy Called Illyuwn


^Marriage Ceremony_ Ques: What Is NIBIRU? j^Lns: NIBIRU, Which Means "Planet Of The Crossing" Is A Motherplane That Traveled From The 19th Galaxy Called ILLYUWN, Which Has 3 Suns: 1. Utu, 2. Afsu & 3. Shamesh And 2 Moons: 1. Kingu & 2. Sheshqi. NIBIRU's Original Orbit Was 25,920 Years While NIBIRU Orbited On The Outside Of The Planets In This Solar System. 25,920 Years Is The Same Amount Of Time It Takes The Planets In This Solar System To Go Through A Complete Cycle Around The Sun, Called An Equinox, Which Astronomers Call The 12 Houses Of The Zodiac. Each Of These Houses Of The Zodiac Covers A 7,120 Year Period Which Ties Into NIBIRU's Present Orbit Which Is Now 3,600 Years,The Distance To Or From Orion Skies. And Along Its New Orbit, NIBIRU Passes Between LAHMU (Mars) And KISHAR (Jupiter).

jMarrwge Ceremony_ The Time It Would Take NIBIRU To Leave The Atmosphere Of The Planet Earth And Then Return Would Be 7,200 Years Or Approximately 7,000 Years Or 1 Full Period Or Day In Creation Equaling Approximately 7,000 Years.

Magnetic Fore* 1st Stone Saphlr*

Hologram BOTI

Nibiru - A Motherplane The Zodiac Oues: What Are Some Other Names For The Planet Earth?



Marriage Ceremony J3.ns: Other Names For The Planet Earth Are Tiwawat Or Tamtu Meaning "Maiden Of Life", GAEA (Faux), GE (yt)) KI And KE. GAEA (Faux) Is Also The Name The Greek Goddess Of The Earth; Goddess Of Marriage And Goddess Of Death And What Lies Thereafter. The Words GAEA, GE, GEO All Mean "Earth" From Which You Get Your Greek Word "GEO" (yECO) A Pre-Fix Used For Many Words Pertaining To The Various Sciences On This Planet. The Planet Earth Which Was Originally Called TIAMAT Was Used As A Hunting Ground By Various Beings From Different Planets And Galaxies Who Came To Earth To Hunt And, Get Different Minerals Such As: Ammonia, Chlorophyll, Gold And Chlorine. Once The Ques: What Happened ANUNNAQI Came To The Planet Earth, Originally Called TIAMAT? J3Lns: The ANUNNAQI Broke Up Into Two Groups Of 300 Each. 300 ANUNNAQI Went North West And Set Up TILMUN The City Of ENLIL, Also Called NIPPUR Or KODESH - The Holy Place, For They Could Not Live With ENQI And His Disagreeable Ways So They Stayed In Touch With The Supreme Beings; The Ethcrians Of The Higher World.

^Marriage Ceremony_

An Etherian
Ques: What Happened To The Other ANUNNAQI? -#ns: The Other 300 ANUNNAQI Broke Up Into 7 Tribes And ENQI Ruled Them All From His Kingdom Called NOD (NUD). First The Ship Crashed Down In The Arabian Sea And Moved



jMarriage Ceremony_ To Iraq, And Set Up A Home Away From Home In Order To Mine And They Called That Place ERIDU. The ANUNNAQI Later Moved On The Area Known Today As France To Mine For Uranium. The ANUNNAQI Also Mined For Such Minerals As Plutonium And Gold And Scanned The Ocean Floors For Chlorine, Which Was What They Needed. The ANUNNAQI Were Divided Into 7 Tribes, Or Seven Lands 1. SIPPAR 2 KISH 3 KUTHA 4 SHURUPPAK 5. URUK 6. ISIN And 7. ERIDU - All Under Nod's Rule; Their Capital. The ANUNNAQI That Were Mining The Gold Consisted Of Two Groups; 3 Tribes Making Up The Higher Classes Ruled By NUSKU, Who Bore The Title GABRIEL And 4 Tribes Making Up The Lower Classes Ruled By KALKAL Also Called The Angelic Being ARIEL. ENUNGI Was Appointed By ENLIL To Be The Sheriff Over The Lower Class To Keep Them In Line. After Surveyors Went Out And Surveyed Monodappa And Raphali South Africa, And Found Out That There Was A Lot Of Gold There, The ANUNNAQI Who Were Working In The Mines Did Not Want To Do The Work Themselves. Instead They Wanted To Make A Being To Do Their Work For Them. It Was Because Of Their Royal Birth And The Laziness Of These ANUNNAQI That The Lower Class Of The ANUNNAQI, Ruled By KALKAL, Became

Marriage Ceremony_ Dissatisfied And Began To Rebel Against The Higher Class Of ANUNNAQI, Which In Turn Lead To A Revolt Led By KALKAL. By This Time ANU Had Given His Son ENLIL Orders To Go To QI As A YAHUWA (YAHWEH), To See The Works That His Brother ENQI Was Doing; Only To Find QI In Chaos. ENLIL Went To TILMUN, Also Called KODESH. This Was An Opportune Time For The Lower Class To Lead A Revolt. So ENLIL Sent Word To His Father ANU, By Way Of His Messenger, NUSKU, That There Was A Revolt And ANU Sent Word Telling ENLIL To Take Over Rulership Of QI. Ques: Did ENQI And ENLIL Have A Conflict Before This Disagreement? fins: Yes! ENQI And ENLIL's Disagreement Began When ANTUM, ANU's Wife And Half Sister, Gave Her Highest Servant, ID, To Her Husband, ANU, Because She Could Not Have Children. ID And ANU Had A Son Named ENQI, Who Was ANU's First Son. A Messenger Came To ANU To Tell Him That ANTUM Would Bare A Child Whose Name Would Be ENLIL. And He Would Be Ruler Of The Skies. ANTUM Had Given Birth To ENLIL And After Some Time ANTUM Became Jealous Of ID's Relationship With ANU, So She Asked ANU To Put ID And Her Child Out. ANU Complied And Sent ID And ENQI To ERIDU Referred To As "The Desert". Does This Story Sound Familiar? 21

Marriage Ceremony_ Of Course It Does. This Is The Story Of SARAI (SARAH) ABRAM (ABRAHAM), HAGAR, ISHMAEL And ISAAC, Which Can Be Found In Genesis Chapter 16. The Story Of ENQI, ANTUM And ANU Are On Ancient Tablets Called The ENUMA ELISH That Were Many 1000's Of Years Before Your Bible Or Your Koran. Qucs: What Happened When ENLIL Tried To Take Over ENQI's Position? ,#ns: ENQI Said "No": When Asked To Step Down And Bow To His Brother And Let His Brother ENLIL Rule. ENQI Disagreed With His Father's Wishes, And Said "I Am The Oldest". The ANUNNAQI Feared There Was Going To Be A War Between The Two Brothers And Their People, Which Would Have Destroyed The Pbnet Earth. So, ENQI Suggested That A Being Be Created That Would Be The Abd ("DV) in Aramic (Hebrew) And Abd (+*) In Ashuric/Syriac (Arabic) Meaning "Servants" Of The ANUNNAQI And Work The Mines For Them And Tell Them They Are Abdul Or Abd For El Or Abdullah (4jJlo_u>) Meaning "Servant Of Allah" The Other ANUNNAQI Agreed, However The ANUNNAQI Never Asked For Permission From ANU For This Assignment. Thus, No Need For A War Anymore. And Thus Began The Breeding Of ADAM (ZAKAR) And

Marriage Ceremony HAWWAH (NEKAYBAW), Who Were The First Homo-Sapiens. (Refer To "Baptism Ceremony", Scroll# 51, And "The Childbirth Ceremony", Scroll# 50 For More Information)

Adam (Zakar)


Marriage Ceremony Genesis 3: 19

jAarriage Ceremony_

i? -777X1 HDX TDir-'O nn,77

urr.TKpnV VDXD TDK nina

Hawwah (Nekaybaw) Qucs: How Was The Breeding Process Performed And By Whom? J3.ns: The ANUNNAQI Decided To Create What Was Called An AMELU (J**) In Ashuric/Syriac (Arabic) And AMELU (77337) In Aramic (Hebrew) Meaning "Worker" (Genesis 2:5 And 3:19) To Do The Work For Them. So This Means That You The Children Of The ELOHEEM Were Initially Bred To Be What Is Called In Ashuric/Syriac (Arabic) '"ABD" (o-u>) Meaning "SERVANTS", Which Is Equivalent To The Aramic (Hebrew) Word "ABAD" (T3J7) And LULU AMELU Meaning "Primitive Worker".

IN THE ZAY-AW (SWEAT, PERSPIRATION) OF YOUR AF (FACE) YOU WILL AW'-KAL (EAT) LEKH'-EM (GRAIN, BREAD), AD (UNTIL) YOU SHOOB (RETURN) TO THE AD-AW-MAW (THOSE OF THE GROUND, ADAMITES); KEE (BECAUSE) MEEN (FROM) IT, YOU WERE LAW-QAKH ([ORIGINALLY] TAKEN): FOR AW-FAR' (CLOTTED BLOOD, DUST) YOU ARE, AND TO AW-FAR' (CLOTTED BLOOD, DUST) WILL YOU SHOOB (RETURN). By The Sweat Rolling From Your Forehead Will You Grow Grain And Make Bread To Eat Until You Die And Return To The Ground; Because From It, You Originally Came: For You Are Of Clotted Blood, Granulated Dust Mixed With Water And To That State, Dust Will Your Body Return. Right Translation In Aramic (Hebrew) By:
Mistranslation For King James 1611 A.D.

Dr. Malachi Z. York


Ceremony_ TAKEN: FOR DUST THOU ART, AND UNTO DUST SHALT THOU RETURN. " Genesis Originally 2:5, Right Translation 2:2

Was Not There Yet To Be Slaves (Abd) And Work As Miners Of The Ground. Right Translation In Aramic (Hebrew) By:

mum 3U- 7D\VTR3 rnr onu rmin rru? pxn -TO DVPX mrr TUMI x? o TOT' mo -nx tar? px DTXI

Mistranslation For King James 1611 A.D.

Dr. Malachi Z. York

"AND EVERY PLANT OF THE FIELD BEFORE IT WAS IN THE EARTH, AND EVERY HERB OF THE FIELD BEFORE IT GREW: FOR THE LORD GOD HAD NOT CAUSED IT TO RAIN UPON THE EARTH, AND THERE WAS NOT A MAN TO TILL THE GROUND." Ques: What Were The Names Of The Scientists Responsible For The Breeding? J3.ns: There Were 4 Scientists Who Worked On Breeding From The Genus-Homo Who Were The Original PTAHITES That Evolved From Water, And Were Bred With The SHAGGIES "ENKIDUITES" From The 6 Star Constellation ORION To Produce Homo-Fjrectus: A Species That Stood Up Straight, Erect. These Scientists Were: 1. NINTI, Daughter Of ANU, Who Was The Brains Behind The Whole Experiment; Who's Other Name Was NINHURSAG (The First Nurse) 2. ENQI

(AND) THERE AYIN (WAS NOT) AN AW-DAWM' (OF THE GROUND, ADAMITES) AW-BAD' (TO SERVE) HA (THE) AD-AW-MAW' (THOSE OF THE GROUND. ADAMITES). And Every Shrub Of The Parts Of The Outer Field Outside The Enclosed Garden Before They Had Actually Grown, And Every Herb Before It Had Sprouted Seeds: Because Yahuwa Of The Eloheem Anunnaqi Had Not Made It Rain Upon The Planet Earth, And Adamite Homo-Sapien


Ceremony_ 3. Their Brother NERGAL And 4. His Wife ARISHKEGAL NERGAL Who Was Also Called ERRA Was Ruler Of The Under World, Which Was Called ZUAB Or ABZU And Also Called AGHAARTA And SHAMBALLAH.

^Marriage Ceremony_

Shamballah, Also Called Aghaarta


NERGAL Became Ruler Of The CUTHITES A Disagreeable Tribe. NINQI And ENQI Were On The Surface Of QI (ERIDU, Earth) While NINHURSAG And NERGAL Were In ZUAB Or ABZU. All Of Them Were The Children Of ANU Who Was Ruler Of The Skies: Equivalent To Your "ALLAH" Or "EL ELOH". The ENKIDUITES Were Of A Barbaric Nature And They Stood 7ft. Tall And Were Covered With Fur From Head To Toe. The ENKIDUITES Came To QI To Hunt Dinosaurs And Other Pre-Historic Animals. The Australopithecus, Or PTAHITES Were On QI When The ENKIDUITES Arrived. The PTAHITES Were The Original Genus-Homo, A Being That Emerged From The Water, Who Stood 4Ft Tall And Possesed A Passive Nature. The Scientist Bred The Two Extreme Natures; The Barbaric Enkiduites And The Passive PTAHITES, To Get Homo Erectus, The Upright Beings. The Nature Of The Homo Erectus Were Extremely Barbaric Or Extremely Passive And Everything In Between. In Order To Breed A Being With A Balanced Nature, The Scientist Saw That The Homo-Erectus Needed Intelligence And Sense. NINQI Volunteered To Use Her Body As A Part Of The Experiment To Create What Is Called Homo-Sapien.


jMarriage Ceremony_

Carriage Ceremony



jMarrwge Ceremony_

Marriage Ceremony_
Who Stood 4 Feet (Ft.), And Could Walk Erect And The Second Form Is The Java Man,

Who Is Also Called Pithecanthropus, Meaning "Monkey Man" Or "Ape Man".

B) Paranthropus - A Term From The Latin Word Para Meaning Resembling Something", And The Greek Word Anthropus Meaning "Man Or The Original . C) Neanderthanal - The Neanderthal Was Named After An Area Called Neander Gorge Near Dusseldorf Germany Or The Caucasus Mountains.

Enkidu - This Is Who The Enkiduites (Shaggies) Came From

Ones: Can You Explain What The Stages Of Man Are? J^lns: There Are 4 Species Of Man On The Planet Earth. They Are: A) Australopithecus - A Term Coming From The Latin Word Australis - Meaning ffSouthern", And The Greek Word Pethekos, Meaning "Ape". Australopithecus Was A Creature Who Lived Many Millions Of Years Ago. They Differed Chiefly In Size. There Were 2 Types Of Australopithecus - The First Form Was Those

D) Cro-Magnon - The Cro-Magnon Species Received This Name Because Of The Cro-Magnon Caves Near Les Eyzies In Southwestern France, Where The First Skeletons Were Found. Ques: After What Point Did The Scientists Breed Homo-Sapien? J3ns: After Homo-Erectus Was Bred, The Next Step Was To Breed Him Into Homo-Sapien (A Human Being). By Taking The Y Chromosomes Of The Male Homo-Erectus, Along With The XX Chromosomes Of The ELOHEEM, ANUNNAQI, N1NT1 Who Came From The


jMarriage Ceremony Skies, They Were Able To Produce The Homo-Sapien, Which Made These Homo-Sapiens 1/2 Human And 1/2 ELOHEEM, ANUNNAQI. Homo-Sapien Was Created After The Likeness Of These ELOHEEM, ANUNNAQI. The Scientist Saw That They Had To Give The Homo-Erectus Intelligence And Sense. So, The Seed Was Planted Inside Of NINQI, And She Gave Birth To MAMI, Not To Be Mistaken With The Other MAMI Who Was The Mother Of ANAT (Refer To Right Knowledge, Scroll# 28), Which Was Also Another Name For NINTI, And She Was The First Hybrid Able To Procreate. This Experiment Took Place In The Laboratory Called "SHIMTF, Which Means "Where The Wind Of Life Is Breathed In" Which Is Located In The Motherplane Called NIBIRU. Some Defected Beings Resulted From This Breeding As Well As Normal Beings. That's Why You Have So Many Defected Human Beings Today. Ques: Why Was This Hybrid Species Called ADAM? ftns: ADAMU In Aramic (Hebrew) Is (DTK) And In Ashuric/ Syriac (Arabic) (f jl) And Is An Ancient Akkadian Word Which Means "Dark Reddish-Brown\ Which Is The True Color Of 34

Marriage Ceremony_ Blood When It Coagulates Or Solidifies. NAFAFA (NAPHAFU) Or NAFASU (NAPHASU) Is The Akkadian Word For NAFISH, Which Is From The Aramaic/Hebrew NAFIS (U>3) And In The Ashuric/Syriac (Arabic) It Is NAFIS (o^), Meaning "The Spirit, Blood, And Personality" Given From The Blood Of The ANUNNAQI. Although The First Hybrid Was Called ADAM, He Was Originally Called LULU AMELU - Primitive Worker. He Was Neutral Sex, A Hermorphrodite, Until Female Was Taken Out Of His Genes. Ques: What Exactly Is A Hybrid? 21ns: A Hybrid Is The Offspring Of Two Parents That Belong To Different Species, Stock, Or Breeds And Usually Cannot Reproduce. For Example: A Mule Is A Hybrid Of A Jackass (Male Donkey) And A Mare (Female Horse). Another Example Is A Tangelo Hybrid Which Is The Result Of Cross Breeding Two Species Of A Plant Such As An Orange And A Tangerine. A Tangelo Produces No Seeds So It Is A Sterile Hybrid. This Process Is Called Twigging, Which Is Modern Day Cloning And Is The Process Used To Produce Hybrids. The Science Of Twigging (Cloning)

Marriage, Ceremony_ Comes From The Greek Word (Xlon, Chlon) Meaning "Sprout, Twig", Whereas, According To The Modern English Definition Clone Or Cloning Means An "Organism Derived From A Single Cell". However, The Etymology Of The Word Is Not The Same As The Modern Definition Used Today For Cloning. The Original Male Species Was Given The Chromosomes To Reproduce (X & Y, Female And Male) Being Able To Reproduce Without A Mate. However, The Female Species Is A Hybrid Of The Male Species, And Cannot Reproduce By Herself.

Marriage Ceremony_ Most People Don't Usually Concern Themselves With The Type Of Genetic Coding Their Prospective Mate Has. The Worst Mistake That Can Be Made Is Choosing A Mate According To Looks. You Have To Consider Their Genes, Blood Diseases, Mental Disorders, Etc. If Your Parents Were Psychotic, It May Not Be Evident In You, But It Is In You. The Recessive Genetic Traits Show Up In The Fourth Generation Of Offspring. For Example, If You Have A Couple Where One Person Has The Genetic Trait For Straight Hair And The Other Has The Trait For Woolly Hair. If We Represent The Pure Straight Hair Trait With A "SS" And The Pure Woolly Hair Trait With A "WW" Then The Offspring Of The First Generation Would Be "Ws, Ws, Ws, Ws" Meaning The Second Generation Will Have An Even Mixture Of Both Traits. If These Children Mix Their Seed With Someone Who Has The Same Recessive Traits, By The Third Generation Only 25% Of The Offspring Will Have The Pure Woolly Hair Trait; 50% Will Have An Even Mixture And 25% Will Carry The Straight Trait. By The 4th Generation 50% Will Carry The Pure Straight Trait And 50% Will Carry A Mixture Of The Traits. This Is The Same Way That Disease And Defects Are Passed.

<W(iat ABout Chittrm

When Choosing A Mate, It Is Important To Consider The Genetics Of Your Prospective Mate, If You Plan To Have Children. Genetic Breeding Is Important, Because If You Are Not Careful, Your Union, Meaning The Joining Of The Sperm And Ovum, Can Result In A Weak Genetic Offspring With Genetic Defects.


Marriage Ceremony_

Marriage Ceremony_ Ques: When The Anunnaqi Were Breeding Hawwah And Adam, Homo-Sapiens, What Was Their Prime Concern? Sins: When The ANUNNAQI Began To Breed ADAM And HAWWAH, Their Prime Concern Was Their Genetics, Meaning What Type Of Being They Would Produce. Everything Was Taken Into Consideration From The Foods They Ate, The Type Of Environment They Would Live In Down To The Perfect Moment For Them To Have Intercourse And Conceive A Child. It Was Extremely Important For ADAM And HAWWAH To Conceive Children At A Precise Time, Because The ANUNNAQI Had It Planned Where Their Children Would Be Born Under The Astrological Sign Of Cancer Also Called SARATAAN (oLLj-o), Because The Nature Of A Cancer Is A Domestic Breeder. However, Things Didn't Go Quite As Planned. ZAKAR And HAWWAH Were Enclosed In THE GARDEN OF DELIGHT. The Elder Responsible For Building Mecca Was ARAZU. He Was The Head Of Those Beings Responsible For The Construction And THE ENCLOSURE OF CAN, THE ENCLOSED GARDEN, (Refer To Genesis 2:8 And The Koran 2:35) To Make A Replica







Genetic Descendency Chart

So, When You Choose Your Mate You Must Make Sure That He/She Doesn't Share The Genetic Defects You Have, Or Those Defective Genes Will Show Up In Your Children.


Damage Ceremony _ Of Their Planet Sized Ship NIBIRU And A Biosphere Of NIBIRU Is Referred To As JINNAH Or GENNAH (p. I ii) Or Paradise. The Female ANUNNAQI Called ASHNAN, Was The One Given The Job Of Growing Fruits And All Of The Sustainence Of Paradise - The Enclosed Garden.


Koran 2:35

And KALKAEL And The ELOHEEM ANUNNAQI Said To ZAKAR ADAM, "You And Your Mate HAWWAH, NEKAYBAW Dwell In The JANNAT, Enclosed Garden Of Delight And Eat Freely From Whatever, You Two Please; But Don't Approach This Tree, Or You Will Be Classed With Those Who Are From The Zaalimiyn 'Ones Who Are In A State Of Unjustness'. Right Translation In Ashui ic/Syriac (Arabic) By:


Mistranslation By Yusuf AH 1938 A.D.

Dr. Malachi Z. York


^Marriage Ceremony Partake Of Every Tree In The Garden Except For The Tree That Sat In The Middle Of The Garden Genesis 2:16-17, The Tree Of Knowledge Of Agreeable And Disagreeable Things, For Underneath It Sat THE TABLETS OF DESTINY Also Called "THE SCROLL OF ALL" And THE AKKASTIC RECORDS - A Record Of All That Was, Is And Going To Be. The ANUNNAQI Told Them That "In The Day That Thou Eatest Thereof, Thou Shalt Surely Die". Genesis Originally 2:17, Right Translation 2:14

jMarriage Ceremony_ It, For In The Very Same Day You Eat From It You Will Be Destined To Die. Right Translation In Aramic/Hebrew By:
Mistranslation For King James 1611 A.D.

Dr. Malachi Z. York

Ques: What Are Genes? : The Word Gene Is Derived From The Root Word "Gen", Meaning: Something That Produces, Born Of, Bring Forth. The Very Word "Genesis" Is From The Word "Gene" Showing That They Were Here When Creation Started. Genes Are The Small Unit Of Heredity, The Units That Determine Our Physical And Character Traits, Such As Hair Texture, Skin Color, Tallness, And Personality. Genes Are Made Up Of Long Strands Of Chemicals Called DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid). These DNA Molecules Or Strands Hold The "Code" Or Key To Our Heredity, Meaning What We Are In Physical



mu mrn iron


jMarriage Ceremony_ Form. DNA Molecules Form Strands Which Connect Together In Predetermined Lengths And In Millions Of Variations, To Form The Genes. Genes Are Strung Together, Hundreds Side By Side, Which Make Up Chromosomes. The Word Chromosomes Is A Greek Word, Which Can Be Divided Into Two Roots: "Chromo", Which Means Color Or Pigment, And "Some" Meaning Body. The Chromosome Is A Pigmented Body. Even At This Microscopic Level Chromosomes Have Color.

jMarruye Ceremony Which Determine Hereditary Traits. People With Down Syndrome Have 47 Chromosomes Instead Of The Normal 46.

Also Classified As The Chromosome Disorder
Called "Down Syndrome"

Chromosomes Ques: What Is Mongoloidism?

#ns: Mongoloidism Is A Disorder In The Chromosomes. Chromosomes Are The Parts Of A Cell That Contain Tiny Structures Called Genes,

In Down Syndrome, These Extra Enzymes Are Normal In Themselves But Excessive In Quantity. The Function Of These Enzymes Is To Permit The Developing Cells Of The Fetus To Process, Absorb And Use Nutrients Of All Types From The Mother's Blood Stream. It Is Believed That An Excess Of These Enzymes Somehow Results In The Developing Cells Being Insufficiently Nourished, While The Blood Stream Of The Embryo Becomes Clogged With Unused

Marriage Ceremony_ Nutrients, Hormones And Waste Products. As A Result, The Organs And Tissues Grow More Slowly, Do Not Mature And Develop Properly And Do Not Function Well. The Result Is Retardation In The Genes Or A Slowing Down Of The Genes. The Expression Or Translation Of The Genetic Code From The Genes To The Physical Being Depends On Which Gene For A Particular Trait Is Dominant Or Recessive, Meaning The Stronger Or The Weaker Of The Two. Remember That Genes Come In Pairs For The Same Trait, One Inherited From The Father And One Inherited From The Mother. Qucs: Our Ancient Ancestors Did Not Believe In Marriage, So Why Are We Using Marriage Ceremonies? J^Lns: Marriage Ceremonies Were Only For The Higher Dieties, It Was Only For The Marriage Of Two Higher Dieties. Marriage Ceremonies Came About, Because When A Man Becomes Married He Is Actually Leaving His Family And Coming Into Hers. As In The Case Of HAWWAH And ADAM, Man Was Supposed To Leave His

^Marriage Ceremony_ Mother And Father, And Cleave Unto His Wife, Which Can Be Found In Genesis 2:24, Thus The Beginning Of Marriage Ceremonies. Genesis Originally 2:24, Right Translation 2:21

pan TQX -nxn vsx-nx


AL (THE HIGHEST LAWS SAY) AN EESH (MALE LIVING BEING [NAMED ZAKAR]) AW-ZAB' (LEAVE, TO LOOSEN) HIS AWE (FATHER) WA (AND) HIS AME (MOTHER), WA (AND) IS TO DAW-BAK' (JOIN) UNTO HIS ISH-SHAW' (CONFIDANTE, WIFE): WA (AND) THEY ARE TO YEH-HE (BECOME) EKH-AWD' (ONE) BA W-SA WR ' (SKIN). The Highest Laws State: A Male Living Being Is Supposed To Leave His Tribe, Cuthites The Hindu, And To Join His Wife's Tribe, Cushites The Dogon, And They Will Become The Same Tribe, Adamites. Right Translation In Aramic (Hebrew) By:

Dr. Malachi Z. York



Jhtarriage Ceremony_
Mistranslation For King James 1611 A.D.

jMarriage Ceremony_ Protecting Them, Taking Her To Another Village To Live. Women Had To Be Protected In Case Of Divorce Thus The Dowry Came About. A Dowry Is Gifts Such As Land, Gold Coins, Jewlery, Flocks And Servants That Are Given To Parents For The Marriage Of Their Daughter To Sustain Herself In Another Village.

"THEREFORE SHALL A MAN LEAVE HIS FATHER AND HIS MOTHER, AND SHALL CLEA VE UNTO HIS WIFE: AND THEY SHALL BE ONE FLESH." Ques: What Is Marriage? j^tns: Marriage Is The Joining Together Of Two People. It Is The Foundation Of A Stable Home Environment And Community Life. Ques: Should A Ring Be Given? Jlns: Wedding Rings Were Not Initially "Rings", They Gave Gold, Sheep, Servants And Later Jewelry, Necklaces, And Land Was Given, But In This Day And Time Wedding Rings Designed By The Holy Tabernacle Ministries Are Given. Usually Parents Are Given Valuables, They Receive Them For Their Children. When There Was War, Women Got Pushed Out And That's When Male Dominacy Came In - To Protect The Woman. Male Dominacy Led To Women Being Pushed Into That Which Should Be Protected. Thus, The Father Giving The Daughter Away

iflarnage 8nb Jiiborce 19 tereat fteacljer

|9ou Were Born Together, And Together You Shall Be Forever More. You Shall Be Together When The Wings Of Death Scatter Your Days. You Shall Be Together Even In The Silent Memory Of The Source. But Let There Be Space In Your Togetherness, And Let The Winds Of The Skies Dance Between You.


Marriage Ceremony Hove One Another, But Make Not A Bond Of Love: Let It Rather Be A Moving Sea Between The Shores Of Your Souls. Fill Each Other's Cup, But Drink Not From One Cup. Give One Another Of Your Bread But Eat Not From The Same Loaf. Sing And Dance Together And Be Joyous, But Let Each One Of You Be Alone, Even As The Strings Of A Guitar Are Alone, Though They Quiver With The Same Music. 4&ive Your Hearts, But Not Into Each Other's Keeping. For Only The Hand Of Life Can Contain Your Hearts. And Stand Together Yet Not Too Near Together: For The Pillars Of The Temple Stand Apart, And The Oak Tree And The Pine Grow Not Into Each Other's Shadow. JSlind Love Is For Those Who Are Blind And Do Not Wish To See The Faults Of Their Partner. I Don't Suggest An Abrupt Divorce Unless There Is Threat Of Danger, A Lack Of Provisions For The Family Or Disloyalty. So If You Choose A Mate, It Is Best To Investigate His/Her Family, Their Health

jMarriage Ceremony_ Background, Their Mental Stability And Their Genetic Involvements. Be Extremely Careful In These Days And Times; For Great Deadly Diseases Plague The Human Body. Don't Be A Victim Of Your Lust To Your Death.

Ques: What Were The Before The Ceremonies?


2 Hand Maidens Are Needed To Do The Following: Wash And Iron Clothes Put Henna On Feet And Hands Dilqa (Put On Their Bodies) All Over 4. Remove Hair From Legs Arm And Underarms 5. Serve Them Lite Meals 6. Help Them With Smoke Baths A. Undress Wrap With Sheet Around B. Stand Up Over Charcoal With Incense, Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandlewood For About 1. 2. 3.



Marriage, Ceremony_ 7. 8. 10 Minutes. Polish Their Nails Do Their Hair

Marriage Ceremony_ Ques: What Type Of Fragrance Should Be Worn At The Ceremony? -#ns: Both The Bride And Groom Should Wear "The All" Oil (Only "The All" Scents Should Be Worn). The Congregation Should Also Wear "The AIT Oils, And This Will Give The Temple Or Home (Where Ever The Ceremony Will Be Performed) A Laced Scent. Before The Bride And Groom Arrive To The Temple (Or Home), The Room Should Be Laced With The Sweet Scent Of Incense Burning. "The All" Incense Should Be Burnt On Each Wall, To Ward Off Evil Entities And Spirits. Ques: Who Should Perform The Wedding Ceremony? -#ns: Only Ordained Members Of The Holy Tabernacle Ministries Are To Perform This Ceremony.

Ques: How Should The Bride And Groom Dress For The Wedding? The Bride And Groom Should Be Dressed In Any Traditional Wedding Garb Or One Designed By The Holy Tabernacle Ministries, And The Family Of The Bride And Groom Is Required To Dress In Cultural Garbs Also. However, The Guests May Wear Whatever Is Comfortable And Presentable.

Trocfaiming ^he Bedding feast

Ques: What Role Does Music Play In The Wedding Ceremony? .#ns: Music As A Means Of Proclaiming The Wedding Feast, Is An Important Aspect Of Every

Wedding Garb

Marriage Ceremony Marriage Ceremony. Thought Nubian, "Wedding Song", Should Be Played From The Start Of The Day Up Until The Wedding Ceremony Begins. Once The Wedding Ceremony Begins, The Music Should Stop. After The Wedding Ceremony, Festive Cultural Music Should Be Played. The News Of The Marriage Should Be Well Announced In Advance, So That Tabernacle Members, All Friends, And Family Members Can Be Aware Of The Joyous Event. This Can Be Done By Telephone, Inivitation, Or Any Other Method That Will Be Effective, And Prepare To Give Gifts.

Marriage Ceremony_ Home To Prepare For The Wedding. The Temple Or House Should Be Well Lit And Sweetly Scented With Incense While The Contracts Are Being Signed.

Bedding Ceremony Begins

Ques: Can A Male Or Female Guest Attend The Ceremony While Unclean? ^Lns: Yes. Unclean People Can Enter The Temple As Long As They Are Not Performing The Ceremony And Are Not Getting Married. A Person Who Suffers A Blood Loss, Such As A Major Cut, Within 24 Hours Of The Ceremony Is Considered Unclean And Should Not Attend Unless They Have Been Stiched Up And Have No Blood Remaining. However, In An Emergency Situation Where A Person Is Dying And Wants To Get Married, Exceptions Can Be Made. )ues: Is There Any Specific Way The Seats ihould Be Arranged For The Wedding? J3.ns: Yes. The Seating Arrangements Should Look Like An Upright Crescent. By 2:00 P.M,

Ques: Is There A Marriage Contract? j^tns: Yes. The Wedding Contract Is Signed Before The Actual Ceremony Takes Place. The Signing Of The Contract Will Take Place In The Temple Or Home Where The Leader Of The Ceremony, Bride, Groom, Parents And The Witnesses (3 Witnesses For Each Couple) Are Present. Everyone Should Dress Regularly And After The Signing Of The Contracts, They Will Go

Carriage Ceremony
The Wedding Ceremony (Called Chathunnah In Hebrew And Nikaah In Arabic) Should Begins. Everyone Enters The Temple Or House Except For The Bride, Her Hand Maidens, The Groom And His Right-Hand Man, After The Prayers Are Completed, The Ushers Will Escort The Guests Into The Temple Or House, And Everyone, Including Family, Will Be Properly Seated.

Ceremony_ Shape Of A Crescent What The Wedding Rings And The White Shawl Used To Wrap The Hands Symbolize, And Why We Use The Wedding Canopy. The Guest Will Be Told Why The Groom Steps On The Wine Glass After The Ceremony.

Ques: What Is The Significance Of The Crescent Shaped Seating Arrangement?

j^tns: The Crescent Was Originally The Symbol Of ENQI, The ELOHEEM, ANUNNAQI Of QI

Incense fearers
Ques: How And Why Is Incense Used?
^tns: Once The Wedding Song Has Started, Signaling That The Groom And His Party Are Approaching The Temple Or House, The Two Incense Bearers Will Wait For The Groom Party To Enter And Take Their Place With The Congregation, Then Incense Bearers Will Take Their Places At The Door And Walk Around Making Sure That The Temple Is Completely Scented, Then They Will Take Their Places With The Rest Of The Guests. "The All" Incense Cones Should Be Used And A Decorative Enclosed Incense Container. At This Point, The Lights Of The Temple Will Be Dimmed. The Use Of Incense Symbolizes The Adoration Of ANU; The Purification Of The Mind; The Atonement Of The

Ques: Are The Symbolic Meanings Surrounding The Ceremonial Activities Explained At Some Point?
J3.ns: Yes. Once Everyone Is Seated, A Brief History Of The Bride And Groom Will Be Given To The Guests. They Will Be Told What The Dowry Is, What The Expectations Of Both The Bride And Groom Are, Why We Use Candles, Dates And Incense As A Part Of The Ceremony. They Will Be Told Why They Are Seated In The

_Marriafle Ceremony_ Body To The Universe; And It Wards Away Disagreeable Things For The Protection Of The Soul And Spirit. On Such An Important Occasion, We Want Nothing But Agreeable Things To Surround Our Children. In The Scriptures Of ANU, We See Where Incense Was Used As An Offering To ANU (Exodus 20:7-10)

Marriage Ceremony_

Explained, Are There Any Other Activities Taking Place? Jlns: Yes. The Wedding Song' From The Thought Nubian Tape Entitled "Sitting With The Nubians", Should Be Played At Every Marriage, For All To Know That The Two People Will Be Coming Together As One Flesh In The Name Of EL ELOH. Twelve Brothers Will Go To The Home Of The Groom And Lead Him In A Procession To The Temple Or House. On Their Way, The Wedding Song Will Be Playing, And The Men Will Recite: LAA EL ELOH LOHEN EL ELYOWN ELYOWN EL. Since The Union Of Two People In Matrimony Serves To Help Multiply Ones Seed, Thereby Fulfilling The Command By The ELOHEEM, That You Should Be Fruitful And Multiply. The Wedding Ceremony Is Celebrated With Enthusiasm By The Entire Community In The Form Of A Procession Through The Streets. Ques: Once The Procession Has Reached The Door, How Should They Enter The Temple?

Incense Bearers

Qucs: While The Symbolism Of The Ceremony And Related Subjects Are Being


Marriage Ceremony_ J^Lns: When The Procession Reaches The Entrance Of The Temple, The Brothers Will Enter Before The Groo.n And Take Their Place With The Congregation. Then The Incense Bearers Will Take Their Places At The Door And Walk Slowly Up The Isle Then Taking Their Place At The Four Corners Of The Room.

^Marriage Ceremony_

Light Ceremony
Ques: How Performed? Is The Light Ceremony

Once The Groom Is Positioned And Is Anxiously Awaiting The Arrival Of His Bride, The Bride Will Be Summoned, At Which Time She And 2 Of Her 12 Handmaidens (Which Is Equivalent To What Is Called A Bride's Maids In The Christian And Judiac Marriage Ceremonies) Will Approach The Entrance Of The Temple; One On Each Of Her Sides; 5 Bride Maids Behind Her Selected Two (They Can Be Her Sisters). While The Music Continues Playing, Which Signifies That The Bride Will Soon Be Present, Finally The Bride And Her Husband Will Be As United As One.

J3.ns: The Right And Left Hand Men (Same As What Would Be Called The 'Best Man' At A Christian Wedding) Will Walk Behind The Groom When Entering The Temple Or House The 2 Select Of 12. When They Reach The Front Of The Temple Or House. The Right And Left Hand Men Will Sit Behind The Groom And The Music Will Stop. There Will Be Light Bearers (2 At The Entrance And 2 At The Front Of The Room), Positioned In The Room, Who Will Light The Path Leading To The Place Where The Bride And Groom Will Stand. There Will Be Two Unlit 7 Pointed Candles Positioned On A Table In "Our Symbol" Candle Holders, That Will Be Lit By The Bride And Groom, After The Bride And Groom Have Taken Their Places. The Light Bearers Will Put Out Their Candles Once The Bride And Groom Have Lit Theirs. So That The Only Light In The Room Will Be That Of The Couple(s). After The Candles Have Been Lit They Will Recite The Prayer Of Light, From The Book Of Light Or The Holy



Carriage Ceremony Tablet. There Should Be Two Candles For Each Couple. Ques: What Is The Significance Of The Light Ceremony? J3.ns: The Bride And Groom Will Be Given A Lit Candle At The End Of The Light Ceremony, While They Are Standing In Front Of The Temple Or House (In The Right Hand). Their Candles Are An Indication That They Are Still Separate Individuals Who Have Yet To Become One With Their Mate. The Candles Are Also Symbolic Of The Light Which Illuminates The Path Towards Proper Direction And Guidance.

Marriage Ceremony_

Trayer Recitation
Ques: What Prayers Are Recited? -#ns: Once The Bride Takes Her Place, Ayatu'l Kursi And A Few Prayers From The Book Of Light (Kitaab Al Nuwr) And The Koran Will Be Recited. [Prayers: 22 & 15 From The Book Of Light; Chapters From The Koran: 4:23, 2:22, 60:10-11, And 1:115]. The Koran 4:23 "Prohibited To You (For Marriage) Are: - Your Mothers, Daughters, Sisters; Father's Sisters, Mother's Sisters; Brother's Daughters, Sister's Daughters; Foster-Mothers (Who Gave You Suck [Nursed You]), Foster-Sisters; Your Wives' Mothers; Your Step-Daughters Under Your Guardianship, Born Of Your Wives To Whom Ye Have Gone In, - No Prohibition If Ye Have Not Gone In;- (Those Who Have Been) Wives Of Your Sons Proceeding From Your Loins; And Two Sisters In Wedlock At One And The Same Time, Except For What Is Past; For God Is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful;"

Lighting The Candle


Marriage Ceremony The Koran 2:22 Who Has Made The Earth Your Couch, And The Heavens You Canopy; And Sent Down Rain From The Heavens; And Brought Forth Therewith Fruits For Your Sustenance; Then Set Not Up Rivals Unto God When Ye Know (The Truth). The Koran 60:10-11 And No Friend Will Ask After A Friend, Though They Will Be Put In Sight Of Each Other, - The Sinner's Desire Will Be: Would That He Could Redeem Himself From The Penalty Of That Day By (Sacrificing) His Children. From The Book Of Light Prayer Said At Time Of Joy Or Victory (Prayer # 22)

Marriage Ceremony_ Ha-Leem, Yaa El Azeez, Yaa Noor El Noor, Yaa, Loa Eloh, Lohen El Eloh. Ata-Wakkilalay-He. Huwa Rabb Arsh El Azeem, El Hamd Le El Eloh, El Wah-Habbu, Subhaana El Elohy, El Maagid, Subhaana El Suboor, Subhaana El Eloh, El Baseer. "The Yielder, The Most Merciful The Gratitiude Is Due To EL ELOH Sustainer Of All The Boundless Universes Now We Have True Faith". Prayer Said At Every Feast Or Wedding (# 15) "O Responder, O EL ELOH, O Yeilder, O Most Merciful, O Everliving, O Clement, O Mighty, O Light Of The Light, Oh Who Nothing Would Exist If He (EL ELOH) Didn't Create It, Upon Him I Rely. He Is The Sustainer Of The Supreme Throne, All Gratitude Is Due To EL ELOH, The Bestower,

"El Eloh'
El Eloh, El Rahmaan, El Rahheem. El Hamdu Le El Eloh Rabbu El Alaa-Meen. Inda-Naa Ee-Maan Haqee-Qe Yaa El Mugeeb, Yaa El Eloh, Yaa Rahmaan, Yaa El Raheem, Yaael Hayy, Yaa El




jMarriage Ceremony_

Glory To EL ELOH The Illustrious, Glory To EL ELOH The Patient, Glory To EL ELOH The Seer". Once The Prayers Have Been Recited, The Leader Of Ceremony Will Perform The Wedding.

The Bridegroom Then Repeats After Him: "I Seek Forgiveness Of ELYOWN ELYOWN EL And All Gratitude Is Due To El ELOH."

The Itfedding Is Performed

Qucs: What Vows Arc Taken? _#ns: The Wedding Vows Are Taken As Follows: The Leader Of Ceremony Recites: Astgh-Feru Elyown Elyown El Min Kull Zu-Noobee Atnal- To Qiddaamuhu. Astgh-Fcru Elyown Elyown El Wa El Hamd Le El Eloh "I Seek Forgiveness Of ELYOWN ELYOWN EL From All The Sins I Have Committed Before Him." 66

Taking Wedding Vows

The Congregation Follows In Reciting The Above In A Low Voice Seven Times (7). After This The Qaadiy Has The Bride And Groom


jMarriage Ceremony

_Marriage Ceremony_

Repeat The Four Quls After Him, Beginning With: 1. Chapter Of The Concealers Of The Truth (Suwraat El Kaafiruwn) Say: 'O You Al Kaafiruwn 'Those Who Conceal What You Know To Be Right Knowledge.1 I Am Not A Slave To What You Are A Slave To. And You Are Not A Slave For Him, Who I Am A Slave For, AL ALYUWN ALY, ANU. And I Am Not A Slave Of, What You Are A Slave For: Spook Gods, Shrines, Ka'bahs; And You Are Not Slaving For Him, Who I Am Slaving For, AL ALYUWN ALY, ANU. You Will Have Your Decision, And I Will Have Mine. 2. Chapter Of Pure Faith (Suwraat El Ikhlaas) Say: 'Yahuwa The Source Is Alone'. The Source Needs Nothing, For He Has No Deficiencies. Neither Mother, Nor Father Has He, And He Was Not Conceived By A Sexual Intercourse Of Any Two Mortal Beings; Nor

Did He Conceive An Individual Mortal Son. And No One Is Equal To Him. 3. Chapter Of The Breaking Forth Of Day (Suwraat El Falaq) Say: 'I Seek Protection With The RABB, Who Is Master And Controller Of The Breaking Forth Of Day.' From The Wickedness, Of What He KHALAQ Created. And From The Evil That Emerges When The Darkest Part Of The Shadow Hours Overspreads. And From The Satanic, Reptilian Sorcerer's Wicked Ritual Of Knotiing Threads And Blowing Evil Words On Them. And From The Evils Of Those Envious ENOSITES Black Reptilians, Yellow Reptilians, And Pale Reptilians, And They Envied Us. 4. Chapter Of The Enosites (Suwraat El Naas) Say: 'I Seek Protection In The Master Of All The ENOSITES. The Ruler Of All ENOSITES. The Creative And Intellectual Source Of All ENOSITES. From The Evil Of The Whispering Reptilian Nakhash, AL



Marriage Ceremony KHANNAAS Of The Enclosed Garden Of Delight. He Who Whispers Evil And Doubt Into The Hearts Of The ENOSITES And Hastens To Pervert Them. He, Nakhash, AL KHANNAAS Is From ENOSITES, And From The Seed Of The JINN - Disagreeable, Malevolent Beings, ELOHEEM ANUNNAQI These Four Quls Are Recited As A Protection For The Bride And Groom Against Any Disagreeable Thoughts Or Words That Might Be Directed Toward Them During The Ceremony. The Leader Of Ceremony Then Recites John 1:1 John 1:1

Marriage Ceremony In The Origin Of Things, There Was The Saying And That Saying Was The Eloheem's Saying And That Saying Was A Saying Amongst The Eloheem Right Translation In Greek By: Dr. Malachi Z. York Mistranslation For King James 1611 A.D. "IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD, AND THE WORD WAS WITH GOD, AND THE WORD WAS GOD." 2.The Groom Reconfirms His Faith Reciting The Following Affirmation: By

'Ev Ap%T| Hv O Aoyoc;, Km O Aoyoq Hv Tov 0eov, Kai eoq Hv O Aoyoq.


Inna-Nee Al-Aan Min Haa-Oo-Laa-Ee Atfaal Eloheem Wa Uqab-Bil Haqq Ely own Ely own El Haqee-Qe. Ash-Hadu Be Anna Al Alyuwn Aly Haqee-Qe Wa Al Alyuwn Aly Yan-A-Kesoo Ka-El Eloh Le Yamkenu-Naa Nash-Ooru El Quwaah El Eloheeya El Etheereyah Wa Heya Asaalatunaa.



Marriage Ceremony

"I Now Am Among Those Children Of The ELOHEEM And Accept The Real Truth Of ELYOWN ELYOWN EL. I Bear Witness To The Reality Of ELYOWN ELYOWN EL And How ELYOWN ELYOWN EL Is Reflected As EL ELOH That We May Perceive The Divine Etheral Power That We Are Of. This Recitation Is Performed With The Index Finger Of The Right Hand Extended In The Air Proclaiming The Oneness Of EL ELOH. Ques: How Is The Official Joining Of These Two People To Be Marked In The Ceremony? j^ns: The Bride And Groom Pick Up A Date From The Dish In Front Of Them, He Puts A Date In Her Mouth, And She In His. Dates Sustain Life. It Is Said That When One Passes To Another Life, The Dates That He Has Consumed Will Keep His Or Her Soul Nourished Until That Soul Ascends To Be Judged.

Sharing A Date

Bedding Procession
Ques: How Should The Grooms Procession Proceed To The Wedding Party? After The Candles Have Been Extinguished And The Bride And Groom Has Left The Newly Lit Candle To Burn Until It Burns Out, In Order To Signal The Groom's

Marriage Ceremony_

Marriage Ceremony_

Procession To Move, The Leader Of The Ceremony Says: "The Procession To The Wedding Party Will Now Begin." The Groom's Procession To The Wedding Party Will Be Headed By The Groom's Right And Left Hand Men. Directly Behind Them Will Be The Other 10 Then All The Male Relatives And Friends. Ques: How Should The Groom Be Greeted Upon Arrival To The Wedding Party? s: Once The Groom Enters The Canopy The Leader Of The Ceremony Will Direct The Following Blessing To Him: Yumkin El Eloh, Wa Arshuhu Mu-As-Sis Fee Hazaa El Bait, Yag Lub Surooran Fee Qal-Be-Kum Be-Abnaa Wa Banaat.

"May EL ELOH, Whose Throne Is Set In This House, Rejoice Your Heart With Sons And Daughters." The Groom Will Remain In The Canopy Awaiting His Bride And The Men Will Stand On One Side Of The Canopy, Leaving The Other Side Available To The Female Congregation. Ques: How Should The Bride Be Greeted Upon Arrival To The Wedding Canopy? Once The Groom Is In The Wedding Party, A Relative Will Go Back To The Temple Or House To Inform The Bridal Procession That Their Time Has Come To Meet The Rest Of The Party. The Bride Is To Be Accompanied By Her Mother And Her Female Relatives And Friends. When The Bride Reaches The Wedding Party She Stands On The Right Hand Side Of Her Soon To Be Husband. The Women Will Stand On The Street Opposite The Men. The Wedding Party


Marriage Ceremony_

jMarriage Ceremony_

Can Be Held At Any Presentable Place Outside Of A Place Of Worship.

The Leader Of The Ceremony Now Pours A Small Amount Of Wine Into A Wine Glass. He Raises The Glass And Recites Psalms 100, The Psalms Of Thanksgiving. Psalm 100 "Make A Joyful Noise To YAHUWA, All You Lands. Serve YAHUWA With Gladness; Know That YAHUWA He Is ELOHEEM: It Is He That Has Made Us, And Not We Ourselves; We Are His People, And The Sheep Of His Pasture. Enter Into His Gates With Thanksgiving, And Into His Courts With Praise: Give Thanks To Him, And Bless His Name. For YAHUWA Is Good; His Loving Kindness Endures Forever, And His Faithfulness To All Generations".

Bride And Groom At Wedding Canopy 76


Marriage Ceremony_

Marriage Ceremony

The Leader Of The Ceremony Gives The Wine Glass To The Couple. The Bride And Groom Sip From The Glass, And Then Return The Glass To The Leader Of The Ceremony .

la&sman Of The <Bride

Ques: Does The Wedding Ceremony Contain Any Rituals Or Prayers For Protection Over The Newly United Couple? .#ns: Yes. The Bride Walks Around The Groom Seven Times. This Is An Old Protective Practice Used To Prevent The Malicious Attempts Of Any Disagreeable Spirit Who Is Jealous Of The Happiness Of The Bride And Groom.

Consent To Marriage
Ques: Is There Any Point During The Wedding Ceremony Where They Are Asked To Give Consent? J^ns: Yes, With The Bride Standing On The Right Hand Side Of Her Husband To Be, The Leader Of Ceremony Then Asks The Bride: Sharing A Glass



jMarriage Ceiemony

Marriage. Ceremony_

Hal Tat-Tafu-Qec Le Takun Zaw-Gatuhu, Qed-Daam El Eloh? "Do You Consent To Be His Wife Before The Eyes Of EL ELOH?" She Answers 3 Times: Bis-Mc El Eloh, At-Tatequ. "In The Name Of EL ELOH, I Consent." Next The Leader Of Ceremony Asks The Groom: Hal Tat-Tafu-Qee Le Takun Zaw-Gatuhu, Qed-Daam El Eloh? "Do You Consent To Be Her Husband Before The Eyes Of EL ELOH. He Answers 3 Times: Bis-Mc El Eloh, At-Tafequ. "In The Name Of EL ELOH, I Consent."

The 'Wrapping Of The ttands

The Leader Of The Ceremony Now Brings Together The Right Hand Of The Groom And The Right Hand Of The Bride And Wraps Them With An Elegant White Shawl. The Groom Then Slips His Left Hand Under The Shawl And Places The Wedding Band On His Bride. While Slipping The Ring On Her Finger He Says The Benediction For The Consecration Of Marriage: Lo, Be-Annakee Muta Gad-Desa Ely-Nee Be Hazaa Khaatim, Be Hasab Qawaaneen Alwaab El Mak-Toobah El Sab-Ah. "Behold, Thou Art Consecrated Unto Me By This Ring According To The Laws Of The 7 Tablets." Likewise, The Bride Takes Her Left Hand And Places A Ring On Her Husbands Finger And Says:

^Marriage Ceremony

Marriage Ceremony

"This Ring Symbolizes An Everlasting Bond Between Us." The Ring Symbolizes The Binding Of The Two Souls Before ELYOWN ELYOWN EL. Its Circular Shape Is A Symbol Of Eternity, A Symbol Of Everlasting Life. It Is Representative Of The Sacred Contract Between Man And Woman, A Mutual Agreement With Respect And Love. The Stronghold And Foundation Of Human Society. In Ancient Times, A Ring Was Not Used For The Ceremony, Instead, The Men Gave Their Brides A Gold Coin. The Giving Of Gifts To The Bride Is Supported By The Holy Scriptures. (Genesis 24:51 -53, Koran 4:4) The Hands Are Covered With The White Shawl, So That Disagreeable Beings Will Not See The Precise Moment When The Couples Become One Resh. No One Should Behold The Covenant That EL ELOH Has Placed Between Them.

The Wrapping Of Hands

He Then Recites The Chapter Of The Opening (Suwraat El Faatihah): Begin All Things Using The Name Of The Source, The Rahman, Who Is The Most Merciful. All Gratitude Is For Him, The Master Of The Universes. Yielder, Most Merciful. Ruler Of The Day Of Judgment. It Is You, We Are Slaves For, And You We Ask For Help. Guide Us To The Way Of The Ones, Who Stand Up Straight. The Way Of


Marriage Ceremony_

Those Who You Have Bestowed Your Grace; Not Those Who Have Been Cursed, Nor Of Those Who Have Gone Astray.

The ^Benedictions
The Leader Of The Ceremony Then Raises Two More Glasses Of Wine Over Which He Recites A Quote From The Koran, A Quote From The Torah And Five (5) Benedictions. (Koran 3:33, And Deuteronomy 6:4-9). 1. Tabaaraka Ant Yaa El Eloh, Huwa Alazee Khalaqa Kull El Ash Yaa- A Le Mag-Deka. 1. Blessed Art Thou EL ELOH Who Has Created All Things To Thy Glory. 2. Tabaaraka Ant Yaa El Eloh, Khaa Leq El Insaan 2. Blessed Art Thou EL ELOH Creator Of Man.

3. Tabaaraka Ant, Huwa Alazee Ga-A-La El El Insaan Ala Soora-Te-He. Was Ala Tash-Be-Hehe, Wa A-Ada Lahu Min Naf-Se-He Qumaashaan Khaa Ledaan. Tabaaraka Ant Khaliq, Was Rabbu El Insaan. 3. Blessed Art Thou Who Hast Made Man In Thine Own Image, After Thy Likeness, And Has Prepared Unto Him, Out Of His Very Self, A Perpetual Fabric, Blessed Art Thou Creator, Sustainer Of Man. 4. Tabaaraka Ant Yaa El Eloh, Alazee Yag-A-Luhaa Mas-Roorah Khe-Laalu At-Faaluhaa. 4. Blessed Art Thou EL ELOH Who Makes Her Joyful Through Her Children. 5. Tabaaraka Anta Yaa El Eloh Alazee Khalaqa Surooraan Wa Farhaan El Areees Wa El Aroosa, Marhaan, Was Ibte-Haa-Gaan, Mut-Ah, Wa Ghitah,


jMarriage Ceremony_

Hubbaan, Wa Akhoo Wah, Shalomaan, Wa Zu-Maa-Lah. Yaa El Eloh Yamkin El Aswaat El Masroorah Wa El Farhaanah Sowt, El Muta-Hal-Lel Min Aa-Yaa-Dehem El Ghe-Naa-A Takun Mas-Moo-Ah. Tabaaraka Ant, Yaa Rabb Alazee Yag-Alu El Arees Le Yasura Maa-A El Aroosah. 5. Blessed Art Thou EL ELOH Who Has Created Joy And Gladness, Bridegroom And Bride, Mirth And Exultation, Pleasure And Delight, Love, Brotherhood, Peace And Fellowship. Oh EL ELOH May There Be Heard The Voices Of Joy And Gladness, The Jubilant Voice From Their Feasts Of Song. Blessed Art Thou Oh Sustainer Who Makest The Bridegroom To Rejoice With The Bride. (Koran 49:13; Jeremiah 16:9) Oh Make These Loved Companions Greatly To Rejoice Even As Old, Thou Didst Gladden Thy Creature In The Garden Of Eden, Blessed Art Thou, Oh Sustainer Who Makest Bridegroom And Bride Rejoice." 'Breaking The glass
86 87


Marriage Ceremony

Marriage Ceremony_

Ques: How Is The End Of The Ceremony Marked?
J^Lns: Everyone Throws Rice, Unshelled Sunflower Seeds And Raisins At The Groom And The Bride. A Boom Is Then Sounded To Signal The End Of The Wedding Ceremony. The Qaadiy (Leader Of The Ceremony) And The Congregation Now Congratulate The Couple. The Rice, Raisins And Unshelled Sunflower Seeds Are Used To Distract The Evil Spirits And Keep Them Busy.

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Firstly, We All Make Mistakes And We Could've Made Mistakes In The Mates That We Chose. For The Children's Sake If Any, Don't Stay In A Bad Relationship. It Can Affect Their Lives. If A Man Is Not A Provider, Which Is The Most Important Aspect Of A Man, Move On With Your Life Before It's Too Late. If A Woman Does Not Do Her Part As A Female, Move On. Remember, Women And Men Whom You Meet At Parties Are Just That, Party-People. You Don't Go In A Night Club To Find A Wife/Husband, You'll Find A Night Club Girl/Guy. 1. Che Male's Responsibilty Is To Choose A Healthy And Intelligent Wife, Whom He Can Love And Cherish For The Length Of Their Lives And Further. Remember, Beauty Is Truly Only Skin Deep.

Ending Ceremony
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Carriage Ceremony_

Marriage Ceremony

2. Jfyis Responsibility Is To Provide An Above Poverty-Stricken Environment By Working Hard To See That His Family Has Nothing But The Best. 3. J^is Responsibility Is To Acquire A Good Academic Or Vocational Education. 4. Jfyis Responsibilty Is To Utilize His Talents To Support His Family. 5. J^is Responsibility Is To Know How To Repair And Fix Things Around The House. 6. J^is Responsibility Is To Know How To Drive Everything On Wheels. 7. J^is Responsibility Is To Protect And Guard His Family At All Times. 8. J^is Responsibility Is To Be Well Informed In Order To Keep His Family Abreast Of Current Events That Affect Their Lives.

9. is Responsibility Is To Know Survival Tactics; What To Do In The Case Of Emergencies In Order To Protect His Family. 10. jfyis Responsibility Is To Know How To Take Care Of A House, To Cook And Provide For The Children In The Event That His Wife Becomes 111 Or Dies. 11. is Responsibility Is Setting An Example And Being A Role Model For His Children. 12. is Responsibility Is To Be Loyal To His Wife And Discipline Himself In Order To Keep A Respectful Relationship. 13. f ' \ s Responsibility Is To Maintain Honesty And Integrity. 14. is Responsibility Is To Not Endanger His Family By Violating The Laws Of The Country Or The City And State In Which They Live.



Marriage Ceremony

Marriage Ceremony_

15. is Responsibility Is To Control His Emotions And To Be Strong Under Pressure And Always Keep His Promises. 16. ?9is Responsibility Is To Be A Father Example For His Sons. 17. $is Responsibility Is To Be A Father Example For His Daughters. 18. ?9is Responsibility Is To Be A Husband For His Wife. 19. ?|is Responsibility Is To Set An Overall Good Example For His Family A Well As Be An Upright And Noble Member In The Family, In The Holy Tabernacle.

Handsomeness Fade In Time. Her Responsibility Is To Choose A Husband That She Can Love And Cherish For The Length Of Their Lives And Further. 2. ^er Responsibility Is To Provide A Strong Supporting Environment, An Immaculate House, An Above Poverty-Stricken Environment By Working Hard To See That Her Family Has Nothing But The Best. 3. er Responsibility Is To Acquire A Good Academic And Domestic Education. An Academic Education In Order To Help In The Family Business Or Even Spear Head It In The Event Of Her Husband's Illness, In Order To Have The Ability To Perform His Job As A Man. She Should Also Be Domestic And She Should Be Able To: (A) Know How To Cook Very Well. (B) Know How To Sew In Order To Make Clothes For Her Family. (C) Know How To Clean And Maintain Her House. 93

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1. dhe Female's Responsibility Is To Choose A Healthy And Intelligent Husband. Remember, Beauty, Muscles And 92

jMarriage Ceremony_

jMarriage Ceremony_

(D) Know How To Operate All Household Machinery. (E) Know Herbology And Natural Cures. (F) Know C.P.R. (Cardial Pulmonary Resuscitation) And Heimlich Maneuver, As Well As Have A Little Medical Knowledge. (G) Know How To Type And Utilize A Computer. 4. J^er Responsibility Is To Utilize Her Talents To Support Her Family. 5. Jfyer Responsibility Is To Know How To Do Hair As Well As Nails, Physical Grooming For Herself As Well As Her Family. She Should Also Know How To Cut Hair, And Fix Small Things Around The House.
6. Drive.

8. er Responsibility Is To Be Well Informed In Order To Keep Her Family Abreast Of Current Events That Affect Their Lives. 9. J^er Responsibility Is To Know Survival Tactics; What To Do In The Case Of Emergencies In Order To Protect Her Family. 10. er Responsibility Is To Keep Abreast Of All Coummunity Events, As Well As Their Family's And Relative's Health Conditions To Make Sure That Appropriate Cards Of Respect And Concern Are Up To Date. 1 1 . er Responsibility Is To Set An Example And Be A Role Model For Her Children. 12. Her Responsibility Is To Be Loyal To Her Husband And Discipline Herself In Order To Keep A Respectful Relationship. 13. Jfyer Responsibility Honesty And Integrity. Is To Maintain

Responsibility Is To Know How To

7. Her Responsibility Is To Protect Her Family At All Times. 94


jMarriage Ceremony

Marriage Ceremony_

14. Her Responsibility Is To Not Endanger The Family By Violating The Laws Of The Country Or The City And State In Which They Live. 15. 2ver Responsibility Is To Control Her Emotions And To Be Strong Under Pressure And Always Keep Her Promises. 16. er Responsibility Is To Be A Mother Example For Her Sons. 17. Her Responsibility Is To Be A Mother Example For Her Daughters. 18. Her Responsibility Is To Be A Wife For Her Husband. 19. Her Responsibility Is To Set An Overall Good Example For Her Family, As Well As Be An Upright And Noble Member In The Family In The Holy Tabernacle.

Common Questions On Marriage find Their Answers

Ques: What's The Most Important Thing In The Wedding? -#ns: That Both Families Meet. It's Important To Find Out The Medical Past As Well As The Mental Past Of Anyone You Choose To Join Your Child To; Their Genetic Heritage. Ques: Should Weddings Be Held For Virgins Only? s: There Should Be A Wedding Ceremony For Virgins Which Is Fully Elaborated, Because The Woman Has Preserved Herself Until The Proper Appointed Time, Instead Of Giving Into Lust. It Should Be A Smaller Ceremony For Non Virgins. Non Virgin Weddings Should Be Less.



Marriage, Ceremony

^Marriage Ceremony_

Ques: Should Virgins Have A Special Wedding? Jlns: Yes. Ques: Should The Couple Court Before The Wedding? s: Yes. The Couple, In The Case Of A Virgin - On Both Parts Should Be Instructed On Sex- Sex Relations, Cleanliness, Women (In The Case Of The Man), Men (In The Case Of The Woman) And Escorts Not To The Point Where The Escort Is Listening To Their Every Conversation, But Just For Account Them As They Get To Know Each Other. Ques: Can A Man Have More Than (One) 1 Wife? s: That Depends On What Culture He Is Living Under And What Nation, Country He lives In. Here In America It Is Against The Law To Have More Than One Wife And One 98

Husband. It's Called Bigomy. So If You Are Living Under The Laws Of A Country Where Bigomy Is Against The Law, Respect The Law, Then Of Course Not. Ques: Does A Couple Have To Have A Ceremony? J^ns: Yes. They Should Have A Ceremony, But In The Event They Can Not Afford One Or For Any Other Reasons Or They Chose Themselves Not To Have One, Then They Don't Have To Have One. Ques: Why Do So Many Marriages Fail? Mis Matching Ques: Does A Man Have To Give Gifts To The Family In Order To Marry The Woman? Jlns: There Should Be An Exchange Of Gifts On Both Sides Because In Our

jMarriage Ceremony

Marriage Ceremony

Community The Male And Female Are To Both Take Part. Ques: Arc Allowed? J^ns: No Ques: In The Advent That My Mate Dies, Can I Marry Someone Else In The Community? .#ns: Sure. Ques: Can You Marry A Blood Relative? j^lns: You Can't Marry Your Immediate Family, But You Can Marry Distant Relatives If It's A 4th Cousin. Ques: Can You Get A Divorce? : Yes, However You Should Keep In Mind That I Don't Suggest An Abrupt Divorce

Unless There Is Threat Of Danger, A Lack Of Provisions For The Family, Or Disloyalty. Ques: Is There An Age Limit? J3.ns: It Depends On The Families Involved And The Laws Of The Country You Are Living In. Ques: Are Divorce? There Procedures Made For As



J^ns: Yes Divorces Are Complicated As Possible.

Ques: Once Married, Is It The New Mate's Responsibility To Care For Children From Their New Mate's Previous Marriage? J^Lns: When You Marry Someone And They Have Children From Previous Marriages, If You Don't Intend To Accept Those Children As Yours, Then You Shouldn't Marry.

Marriage Ceremony

Ques: If You Are Coming Into A Polygamy Situation, Can You Still Have A Wedding? j^ns: If Your In A Country Or Culture That Allows Polygamy, Then Sure. Ques: In The Holy Tabernacle Ministries Can A Woman Have More Than One Husband? If Your Culture Allows It In The Country You Live In And You're Not Violating The Law. Ques: Can You Marry Two Of The Same Relatives? j^tns: Yes If Your Culture Allows It, The Law Under Which You Live. In The Holy Tabernacle It's A Matter Of Choice Keeping.
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