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A fire-breathing mutant called BUGS razed the MNHS science laboratory. The school was in chaos. The Parents and teachers demanded to know who the culprit is. According to the schools calamity disaster and fire control group (CDFCG), the school officials are in a tight spot. They have to find BUGS, and they have to do it fast. Below are the names of three suspects and their profile: Mission: Use the profile of the suspects below and identify the culprit. THE PROFILE OF THE SUSPECTS Bigote U. Gly Flunked human anatomy and physiology class three times with long nose hair, Radford W. Hitey His investigative project is about the potential applications of nuclear fusion in generating energy. short nose hair Dirt Y. Hare-Ry Suspended for a week by the Disciplinary Committee for repeated tardiness. short nose hair 1. Additional Information: Nose hair Short : phe-lys Long : leu-lys 2. Shape of Eyes oval : val-ala-ala chinky : val-ala-val 3. Lips Full lips : phe- glu-ala Harelip : phe-lys-ala 4. Ear attachment Free earlobe : thre- tyr-ser Attached : leu-arg-gly 5. Type of hair Straight : lys-glu Wavy : phe-ala Curly : glu-phe oval eyes full lips attached ear lobe straight hair chinky eyes full lips free earlobe curly hair oval eyes harelip attached earlobe wavy hair



A fresh DNA sample was obtained from the crime scene; believe to have been left by the mutant arsonist. Using the DNA sequencer the following nucleotide sequence was obtained. We will call this: WHO: TAC-AAA-TTT-ATC-TAC-AAA-CTT-CGT-ATC-TAC-CAT-CGT-CAT-ATT-TAC-TGGATA-TCG-ATC-TAC-CTT-AAA-ATC Complementary base pairs: DNA is represented by nitrogen bases that are read in groups of threes. To decode, use the DNA as a blueprint to produce mRNA. Then use the mRNA as blueprint to produce the linear sequence of tRNA. A specific nitrogen base in the DNA pairs up with a specific nitrogen base in the mRNA, and a specific nitrogen base in the mRNA pairs up with a specific nitrogen base in the tRNA. Breaking the Code: Complete the data table below. DNA triplet mRNA tRNA code TAC AAA TTT ATC TAC AAA CTT CGT ATC TAC CAT CGT CAT ATT TAC TGG ATA TCG ATC TAC CTT AAA ATC Characteristics of 1. Nose hair: 2. Eyes: 3. Lips: 4. Ear attachment: 5. Type of hair the suspect based on the DNA code. ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ : ___________ Amino acid



___________________________________________ Name and cartographic sketch of the suspect