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Kamyar Esmaeili, M.D.


In Latin language, vivi (as a prefix) means "life" or "alive".

"Viremedy" is a material, including the special physical information, whose interpretation to

the corresponding vital (biological) information and processes through the organized system
called as "Subtle Body" leads to rise of Vitality in the living being.
The vitality rise, as a dynamic and holistic process, occurs in framework of the living
creature nature, in proportion to its so-called Subtle Body development. This is a particular
process through which, "totality of the living being" is driven to a special dynamic, harmonic
and wide-ranging proceeding generally named as "Health Course".
The "rise of vitality" means increase in fulfillment of the "Vital Potentials". As well, the vital
activities or the degree of the vital potentials fulfillment, such as resistance against the
exogenous and endogenous stresses, could be considered as the vitality indicator in living
Up to now, the mentioned effect has been objectively demonstrated through "several
repeatable, controlled studies". These experimental studies have been conducted on various
kinds of living beings with different grades of the Subtle Body development, as animals,
plants, and fungi, and also on the subsequent generations of some living beings receiving
Viremedy. Besides, there are some clinical experiences in effectively helping to cure disorders
& diseases in human beings with Viremedy (Bio-remedy).
Moreover, along with increasing the remedy potency and finding some practical ways to
augment its concentration, efforts have been made to improve its multiplication &
application manners and the appropriate employment of this remedy together with other
preventive & therapeutic methods and tools (as materials, instruments, techniques, practices,
etc). As well, some regulations in use of Viremedy have been compiled.
By the way, considering the conducted experiments and the related evidences in the field,
some general hypotheses and theories have been presented to explicate the physical essence
of the Homeopathic Remedies, the so-called Energy Healing Remedies and Viremedy and
mechanisms of their effects on the living beings.
The origin of Viremedy is the substances positioned in some particular domains that some
especial virtues as remedial effects have been truly or not truly alleged for them. Indeed,
based on a special view and attitude to the entity, human, life, and the fundamental matters
as health and disease, cure, etc, and considering some particular theories for the physical
essence and action mechanisms of the information-including remedies, getting access to
Viremedy and the appropriate ways to multiply, keep and use it have been possible.
It is worth mentioning that; besides to the remedy important role in motivating and
advancing the health acquirement process, this remedy could be also employed concomitant
with suitable use of other preventive & therapeutic methods and tools, as "the homeopathic
remedies", etc, if needed. Naturally, this parallel employment ought to be done
appropriately, noticing the strategic purpose of healing. In general, the main strategy of
healing is "as much as improving the health and vitality on the whole". Regarding the
pointed dynamic, holistic and systematic attitude, the said concomitant use is performed in
framework of an integrative and harmonious "Remedial System" generally named as
"Vitherapy". (Viremedy, as a particular Information-including Remedy, is a general device
in this integrative curative system.) [As expected; this system, like any other preventive &

therapeutic system, is based on its specific visions and attitudes and has its particular
borders and relationships with other systems and schools.]
This remedy as a basic and general remedy could be used through an "integrative attitude".
It can be useful in: preventing and remedying the disorders & diseases caused by various
types of ever-increasing stresses, improving the life quality, and raising the vitality & health
level of society and next generations. (Viremedy can be also employed in Veterinary
Medicine, Husbandry and production of Organic Products.)
In view of the history and roots of the said remedial system and concerning the simplicity in
multiplying Viremedy with low price, having no adverse effects, and ease in its use,
application of this remedy could spread fast and easily. [Multiplying Viremedy is similar to
that of the homeopathic remedies, but very simpler.]
Due to the essence and nature of the remedy, in general, there will be no monopoly of
Viremedy. (Naturally, this is not the monopolistic production or finding of any person or
It is obvious that; the Viremedy use is not an all-inclusive and unconditional solution for all
disorders, and it is not a complete, absolute alternate for all preventive & therapeutic
methods and tools solely! Viremedy could, in its turn, raise the vitality, especially in the
human being, "depending on numerous factors". Naturally, this effect is important and
could finally lead to some fundamental changes and sustained improvements in various
fields. However, absolutism and unrealistically going to extremes about the abilities of this
remedy could lead to the adverse results.
Naturally, if required, it will be also possible to perform other appropriate controlled
studies in Viremedy according to the possibilities and priorities. Generally, the appropriate
experiences, as the facts, could be considered as the final judge.

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