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Harlem Renaissance websites

Websites related to the Harlem Renaissance

The Harlem Renaissance ( This website, created and maintained by high school students, contains summaries and highlights of visual arts, performing arts, literature, and events of the 1920s. The Harlem Renaissance ( This website contains a brief summary of the history, art, music, journals, and newspapers of the Harlem Renaissance. The Harlem Renaissance Collection ( This website provides a very brief historical overview of the time period and includes links to noted leaders, writers, and entertainers. Harlem Renaissance Web Connections ( This website provides images and text describing the Harlem Renaissance. Rhapsodies in Black: The Harlem Renaissance ( This website describes the development of the Harlem Renaissance and noted examples of art, poetry, and literature.

Jacob Lawrence websites

Jacob Lawrence: Exploring Stories (presented by the Whitney Museum of American Art) Meet Jacob Lawrence (

Jacob Lawrence's Art (

Jacob Lawrence: Over the Line ( Over the Line: The Art and Life of Jacob Lawrence (presented by the Seattle Art Museum Special Exhibition Gallery) ( &eventID=2923) Remembering Jacob Lawrence (

William H. Johnson websites

The William H. Johnson Foundation for the Arts ( A Journey Through Art with W.H. Johnson (presented by the Smithsonian American Art Museum) ( Rhapsodies in Black: William H. Johnson ( Street Life, Harlem (by William H. Johnson, presented within the Encyclopedia Smithsonian: Harlem Renaissance entry) ( Mom Alice (by William H. Johnson, presented by American Art from the Howard University Collection) ( m)

Duke Ellington websites

Duke Ellington: Celebrating 100 Years of the Man and His Music ( PBS Biographies: Duke Ellington ( Duke Ellington 18991974: Americas Jazz Ambassador ( Photograph of Duke Ellington (from the Library of Congress) (

Bessie Smith websites

PBS Biographies: Bessie Smith ( Bessie Smith 18941937: Jazz Singer ( 8) Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum: Bessie Smith ( Bessie Smith: Empress of the Blues ( ml) World Book: Bessie Smith (

Langston Hughes websites

The Academy of American Poets: Langston Hughes (

Americas Story from Americas Library: Langston Hughes ( I Hear America Singing: Profile of Langston Hughes ( A Centennial Tribute to Langston Hughes ( )

Countee Cullen websites

Brittanica Online: Countee Cullen ( Modern American Poems Countee Cullen: Online Poems ( oems.htm) Countee Cullen: Chronology ( htm)

The Academy of American Poets: Heritage (

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