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Model 5871 Automatic Tire Inflator and Safety Cage

Providing expert solutions ensuring performance, safety and reliability Equipment most widely used in wheel & brake shops across the industry including all OEMs and leading airlines and MROs Performance and Support Guaranteed for Life
Bauer Model 5871 Automatic Tire Inflator and Safety Cage combo includes a Bauer Model 5012 Automatic Tire Inflator and a Bauer Model 8571 Safety Cage. The Bauer Model 5012 Automatic Tire Inflator inflates aircraft and maintenance vehicle tires to desired fill pressures automatically. Indicating lights and audible alarms announce Tire Fill/ Tire Fault conditions. The system provides faster fill times by calculating the fill rate required for each tire. It also provides error codes for when a fault is indicated. These fault codes will allow the operator to locate the cause of the fault and make adjustments or repairs as needed. The Dual Model Tire Inflator will inflate two independent tires at the same time.
Single Tire Inflator with Safety Cage

Bauer Automatic Tire Inflator and Safety Cage Features and Benefits
Easy and Dependable Operation Automatically inflates the tire to the required tire pressure, up to 400 PSI. Does not require the operator to monitor the system. The tire inflator will indicate when tire is full. Time Savings and Safety Improved productivity and reduced operating costs with faster fill times and increased operator safety Ease of Calibration and Maintenance The tire inflator uses pressure transducers to accurately indicate the tire pressure. The detailed instruction manual ensures quick and easy equipment maintenance and calibration verification procedures.

The Bauer Model 8571 Tire Inflation Safety Cage is a steel walled, wood lined structure designed to contain the tire and any debris in the event of a failure during tire inflation. A Controls trolley with rollers within the cage allows the Easy to use pushbutton controls for increasing operator to easily position and index the tire to and decreasing desired pressure. The digital make connecting the supply hose easier. The display will indicate desired pressure and the cages allow mounting of the Bauer Automatic actual pressure during inflation. Indicating Tire Inflator. lights and audible alarms displaying filling conditions

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Model 5871 Automatic Tire Inflator and Safety Cage

Dual Tire Inflator

Dual Tire Inflator with Safety Cage

Tire Inflator Range and Accuracy Electrical Requirements Air/Nitrogen Requirements Dimensions Safety Cage Dimensions - Single Dimensions - Dual Rating 10-400 PSIG; 3 PSIG 115/230 VAC, 50/60 HZ, Single-phase, 15 A 400 PSIG, 40 SCFM 24 W x 13.5 D x 24 H

33 W x 90 D x 66.5 H, 2,275 Lbs 64 W x 90 D x 66.5 H, 3,900 Lbs Manufactured to meet OSHA section 1910.177

Digital instrumentation Manual operation Ergonomically arranged instruments and controls Continuously monitors tire pressure during filling Multiple fault indicators for safety Rated for pressure up to 400 PSI Solid steel cage for operator safety Available under NSN and GSA

Bauer Model 5871S - Single Tire Inflator with Safety Cage with Jet Bead Setter (NSN 4910-01-513-2979RN) Bauer Model 5871D - Dual Tire Inflator with Safety Cage (NSN 4910-01-477-9574RN)

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