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Johnsons Basic Reading Vocabulary Page 1 the he I the y the an of to d wit for it h thi ha hot s d whi on yo ch e u we hi be a tha tha

in is was t n by

as his on be at

fro ha are but or an m ve we the wou her all she re re ld has wh wh will mo no

ir if out the can m ma firs y t ev me en

m en sai so d onl oth y er an do y mo ma st de

en wh at ne w no w aft er

ab up its out so cou tim me ld e my like ma did ny

bac ye wh mu yo wa wel k ars ere ch ur y l

ma our n bef thro ore ugh bec do sho aus wn uld e

re int o the se ov er mu st

the n two

Johnsons Basic Reading Vocabulary Page 2

bea ch mak e bet wee n mig ht use d sma thos peo just Mr how too e ple goin me wor still own see g n k little good very long get here

bot und nev sam anot day know while last h er er e her gre com cam us old year off go right at e e tak thre hou agai plac Austr arou hom use e e se n e alian nd e fou Mrs tho wen say part high scho ever



ugh t


don doe got t s

num unti left ber l

thin alm han eno put far k ost d ugh not nigh set told end why hing t goin poin nex look ask new g t t

som alw wate away ethin ays r g bett took head yet er call didnt eyes find ed grou city give days p

Johnsons Basic Reading Vocabulary Page 3

let saw kind han ds see n real boy

roo pres face m ent chur best ever ch diffe deer dear rent com sho pan five w y reall alre can y ady behi miss air nd chan boar wes ge d t

thin earl nee childr big four gs y d en thin wan don ope light God g t e n who abo nam help its four le ve e toda acro havin gay feet past y ss g toge mon kee Im tell sure ther ey p mak offic brou who hear stree ing e ght se d t clos thre turn love am ate e e

blac brin twe bro carr clea best blue cold drink k g nty wn y n eigh gree gro jum peopl eat ten nine fast fly t n w p e laug dow mys onc non plea prett live play one h n elf e e se y

Johnsons Basic Reading Vocabulary Page 4

rea seve eleve sma was put red ride six walk d n n ll h whi wis wor writ yell oran roun purple pink grey te h k e ow ge d wor Ear Mon Frid Tue Wedn Thur Sun Satu





sda esday sday day rday y

Word Demons- Commonly Misspelt words 1-2

aske allo ther unti front off their d wed e l wer whe trie they then than with e re d bec nois mea peop fath gett aus little e n le er ing e begi comi writi wen kno first too nnin ng ng t w g ever som cam whe the from for y e e n m

alw scho frien ays ol d didn agai once t n man mon very y ey belie two said ve befo thre this re w

bea Febr libra recei fright cous bou brou toget thou utifu uary ry ved ened in ght ght her ght l

sepa weig some they surpr thro thre alou niec mon rate h thing re ise ugh w d e ey inter nece ladie mor babi arou woul awf onio estin ssar ache s ning es nd d ul n g y doct child differ cloth all coar ofte hopi junio senio or ren ent es right se n ng r r dau judg ani anoth mor esca toni ach want gues ghte e mals er ning pe ght e ed s r

Word Demons- Commonly Misspelt words 3-4

excit simila definit busi edge eighth decided ed r e ness pyja mas mech ghos anic t

tong scienc excite argui knot safety ue e d ng disap engi medic corri succe doctor peare ne ine dor ssful d dise foreig dev bicycl parall taught ase n elop e el indep poss pictu sincer stat cemet enden essio re ely ue ery t n com accu actual benefi difficu brief mitte rate ly t lt e

probabl y doesnt


burgl guar ar d

answ occa forty er sion

govern travel perm ange ment led anent ls countrie boun princi princ s dary ple ipal exhib finall guilt disguise it y y neph ninet ew y gradu bana ally na consc orch ious estra

accom hygi interr inventi leag leisur maga admit modatio ene upt on ue e zine tance n occu oppos tempe villa alumi unusu thermo variet rred ite rature ge nium al meter y ann aviato enorm colo suffic enthu guarant mortg ually r ous nel ient siastic ee age

exag majo descri familia athl bullet disappoi appar mate celery gerat rity ption r etic in nted atus rial e