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The Medicine of the Future
As we've depleted our soils, contaminated our water, polluted our food and our air, degraded our food supply, and mistreated our bodies, we have created much of the disease that now plagues our lives. As evidence continues to grow, we find that traditional medicine is not adequately helping with chronic degenerative diseases and the overall malaise affecting many people today. "The doctor of the future will give no drugs, but will interest patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease." -- Thomas Edison

By utilizing a phase contrast / darkfield microscope hooked up to HDTV monitors, a simple finger prick for a live blood and dry layer perspective, you can position yourself to quickly and effectively counsel your clients for their nutritional needs. This technique is very powerful. When your client "sees" the reality and the state of their health through viewing their blood on the video microscope, they are compelled to act on your suggestions; consequently, client compliance is very high and their well being quickly follows. As a result of helping your clients gain solid nutritional insights, you will see increased referrals coming into your practice. You will experience increased cash flow from your proactive health advocacy and increased cash flow from nutritional supplement sales. Demand is on the rise from clients and patients that want to receive solid and proper information on how to be healthy from their provider. If you do not provide this service, someone else will. Health advocacy is key, nutrition the medicine of the future. Get involved. There can be a very large return for both you and your client/patient. And it comes with a very reasonable investment of time and money.

To begin this work, you will need two things: 1) A high quality HD video microscope system, and 2) The proper training to utilize it correctly for effective health advocacy. Biomedx provides the microscope equipment and training programs to fulfill these needs. This catalog contains a brief overview of our training program. Together, both these tools can help any healthcare practice begin or expand their venues in the burgeoning nutrition and health services field. For an equipment overview and more information, please visit us on the internet at
Note: Biomedx base microscope systems are NOT Chinese, Russian, or 2nd tier Japanese imports. They are high quality clinical systems utilizing the finest Olympus equipment and optics for superior imaging and designed specifically for live blood and dry layer viewing. Isnt high quality imaging what you want for your clients? You might find cheaper microscopes but at our clinic tailored prices with on-going support systems in place you wont likely find anything better or less expensive.

The Biomedx microscope system is the perfect system for the health care clinic that desires to do live blood and dry layer microscopy for their patients. With a high powered light source, high resolution video output, and the easy ability to vary image size on a television monitor, the Biomedx system is a premier client education tool which not only gets the client/patient to comply with your desired protocol, but impresses them enough that theyll send their friends to your office for their own microscopy screening while indirectly helping you expand your practice.

The Biomedx Microscope Systems

Our microscope systems come in various configurations for the clinic and start at prices around $4,600. The basic office set-up for live blood and dry layer viewing contains a 4x objective for observing dry layers and a 40x non-oil phase/darkfield objective for fast and hassle free live blood review. It is a fiber optic enabled scope powered by a 150 watt quartz halogen light source so getting excellent images while flipping between brightfield, phase contrast, darkfield and 3D with a rotating turret condenser is easily accomplished. In addition, there is a medical micro head digital signal processing color video camera which offers beautiful imaging and on-board menu driven flexibility. Add $700 for beautiful HD and big screen power. From our basic set-up we can progressively add options as desired to expand the functionality of the overall system while also adding features to enhance image presentation. I

The Biomedx Microscope Training Program

Without doubt, this is the most comprehensive three day microscopy program available for live blood and dry layer applications. We employ a training technique for our workshops that can be called structured learning. As individuals, research has shown that we all process information with emphasis in one of three key areas - visual, auditory, kinesthetic. For predominantly visually oriented people, pictures, words, charts and graphs, are most important to giving understanding. For auditory folks, hearing about something is important to retain the learning. And for others, the need to feel the process and have a real hands on experience is the key. Aware of how people learn, our training blends a mix of classroom time and multimedia with strong overhead transparency support for folks that need to see it, an instructor aware of what he says and how he says it for folks that need to hear it, and plenty of hands on time for folks that need to experience it. OUR OBJECTIVE: To take you from beginning through advanced levels of live blood and dry layer auditing within the three days, to impart a solid understanding of biological terrain and its quantitative measures, and to give you (and/or staff) the competency to get started with patients/clients first thing next morning after the program. A lot of care and detail has gone into designing the course work and developing our training material. Many individuals have come to our course having taken other courses throughout the country and we have consistently been ranked the best. Attendees are always pleased with our thoroughness and the abundance of material that is covered which other programs dont. When you take our training program you receive our pre-training workbook How You Rot & Rust Secrets of Aging and Disease as Uncovered Through the Life in the Blood. You get a pre-training email with review files and a large 500 page color three ring binder available only to workshop participants which has ten very specific sections, some of which include: Understanding Live Blood Under the Microscope A review of most everything youre likely to encounter in live blood with high resolution pictures going through the hematological, biological, medical and scientific perspectives with suggested diagnostic medical tests for further confirmation of suspected findings. Understanding the Dry Layer Blood Test A color picture tutorial of the 30+ findings you are likely to see on a Dry Layer Oxidative Stress Test plus you get the PDT dry blood text of Wilson. pH testing and Biological Terrain pH, redox and resistivity of blood, urine and saliva are parameters that can be tested to determine where the internal milieu may be askew. Where the microscope gives a qualitative perspective, these numbers quantify the picture. Your knowledge of how to microscopically read blood and perform simple saliva and urine pH tests will deliver valuable insights into the biological terrain.

Resource Section Great professional articles and other seminar notes collected over the years that relate to this work. Legal Guidelines It didnt take too long after the ink dried on the Constitution of the United States for the federal and state governments to begin to ignore healthcare freedoms for both individuals and practitioners. Because of this, it is paramount that you NOT ignore this area. Your 9th amendment rights, properly constructed consent and disclosure forms, working privately as opposed to publicly, protecting your license, CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment), OSHA. Live Blood and Dry Layer Scorecard This was one of the first tools Biomedx created after starting to do this work to help clinicians remember what they were was seeing. It has since been copied and passed around far and wide. Training Program Outline
This is the general format for the program. 8:00am-Noon Rot & Rust Workshop - Core Foundational Principles. The pH Regulatory System of the Body How people can get into trouble being too alkaline and how acidifying can bring about health. What? Sound shocking? Confused? You wont be after this session. We take pH concepts to a new level of understanding beyond the simplistic thinking that permeates much of the alternative and natural health field today regarding acid/alkaline balance. pH can be used as a measure of biochemical speed & resistance, but it must be understood that it is only the tail of a much larger biochemical dog. Old Biological Theories Reviewed with New Understanding The work of Gunther Enderlein, Antoine Bechamp and others brought to light with modern scientific theory. Electrolyte and Mineral Issues Of prime importance in the consideration of any imbalance that any individual might experience is what is going on with minerals/electrolytes in the body. Electrolytes = electricity and ones body can have too much or too little and either situation is a precursor for the manifestation of issues with the tissues that unfold in many directions. Blood as a Holograph of Consciousness- the Quantum Picture Beginning exploration into areas that will be further explored on day 2. Cellular Membrane Lipid Dynamics Understanding fatty acid/sterol membrane dynamics is where the rubber meets the road in terms of understanding pH issues and everything related to our circadian existence and the look of blood under the microscope. Zeta Potential Another Key to the Blood Picture Blood is a colloidal suspension under the control of zeta potential. Heart issues are always renal issues are always blood issues. The ins and outs of rheology. Sound like Greek to you? It wont after this session. Noon-1pm 1:00-3:00 Box lunch w/video presentation; Microscopy of the Living Digestion The physics of assimilation. Blood, Gitte Jensen

Mitochondrial Quanta The cell as gel and shocking news (to some) that the sodium potassium pump theory was just that, a theory - and it has been disproved. Nutrition and Your Mind What every psychologist and psychiatrist should know but have never been taught (including other docs as well) about fats, sugars, energy and more. Reduction and Oxidation The flow of life moves with the flow of electrons. Qualitative measures you can see with the microscope. We also touch upon; blood type & diet, the lymphatic system, the enzyme connection, your body's own medicine - homeopathy/isopathy, subtle energy; new frontiers for medicine, FOCI impact and more. 3:00-4:00 4:00-6:00 Introduction to hematology basics and the living blood perspective. Hands-on the Microscope Microscope basics, set-up, adjustment, operational modes; brightfield, phase contrast, darkfield, 3D, slide preparation basics, practice management issues. Hands-on microscope practice, lab.

Day Two 8:00am-Noon Live blood identification continued. Red cells, White cells, T cells, B cells, parasites, monocytes, etc. The allopathic/nutritional perspective. The biological theories, possible causes of what you see, signs and implications of what you see, asking why? and connecting the dots to physiology. Bringing the picture home with simple stories. Getting to know the work of the late Marcel Bessis one of the few (if not only) mainstream hematology instructors and university level textbook authors whos objective was to put live blood microscopy into hematology curriculums and every day clinical use. More on the work of Emanual Revici and his anabolic/catabolic paradigm as related to blood and more. Noon-1pm Box lunch. Roll video. A clinical perspective from the CDC; Darkfield Microscopy, Morphology & Motility of Treponema Pallidum Getting deeper into the workbook/literature review. Further introduction to the work of early pioneers, their theories and the realities (Guenther Enderlein, Antoine Bechamp, Gaston Naessens, Royal Rife, etc.) How zeta potential affects blood suspensions. DNA correlations, environmental factors, what you see related to holographic imaging, conscious and sub-conscious aspects of the blood picture vis a vis quantum physics. Working with clients, style, form, substance. Using questionnaires. Driving to protocols for conditions from the naturopathic perspective. Delineating boundaries between education and the practice of medicine or clinical process, using the live blood scorecard. Empowering a progressive CAM (complimentary & alternative medicine) practice. Hands-on the Microscope. This is open lab time. Now that you know a bit more, what do you see in your picture? We have one scope for each two attendees so turns can be taken each playing the role of educator/technician/coach and client. Evening with the Microscope. Its been a long day, but youre at the hotel so what else are you going to do? Come down to the hotel meeting room for an informal scope session to hear from a local microscopist that has worked for many CAM MDs in the area. She will share what she does and how she does it and if youre willing, use you as the client to give a glimpse into one persons way of presenting health education within the context of this work. You can participate in the activity, watch, listen, or socialize.




Day Three 8:00-10:30 The Dry Layer / Oxidative Stress Check. Oxidative interference in the unfolding of the coagulation cascade within blood can alter fibrin/fibrinogen linking & cross linking polymerization which leaves tell-tale imprints in dried blood. This is a fascinating study that potentially offers insights to overall free radical stresses in the body along with certain degenerative disease and other imbalanced health markers. Slide preparation, technique, theory, use in practice, using the dry layer scorecard, lab. PDT - Pathology Determination Test Little known derivative of the dried blood coagulation test pioneered in the 1950s at the only major chiropractic hospital in the country. It expands the basic concepts of the dry layer test above with more reflection into the bloods colloidal suspension offering insights to direct pathological identification. This introduction will form the basis for a research project you might participate to help reestablish this very valuable but lost contribution to the healing arts. 10:30-Noon Hands-on the Microscope The bright field microscope application and viewing dry-layers & the PDT. Box lunch w/video presentation. Parasitology We will have a Skype conference with a physician that excels in using the microscope with stool sampling for finding and identifying parasites that feed on us. The information may surprise you when learning the incredibly high percentage of infection that is occurring in the population at large and is going completely unrecognized. The Bloods Hologram We will have a 2nd Skype conference with a physician who will cover the identification of what is called HemoBiographic imprints in the blood which can identify system shocks causing blockages to good health. End Notes on quantifying the numbers behind the picture. While the microscope picture offers a qualitative look at the underlying biological terrain, behind the picture are numbers that can quantify how the picture came to be. Auditing physiology through measurable means and managing directed response is what Flow Systems Auditing is about and its foundation is weaved throughout this workshop. Here we encapsulate the concepts and demonstrate simplified toolsets to begin putting the work into practice. See the picture, get the numbers. Its a one two power punch that every CAM practitioner should have in their arsenal. Regenerative Cell Therapy Throughout the course you will have seen a most logical and powerful health methodology encompassing; 1) quantitative measurements you can make in order to better manage adaptive capacity for optimal wellness and 2) the visual and qualitative perspectives that can lead to issues needing to be cleared that may be interfering with effectively carrying out #1. Once covered, its time to consider regenerative anti-aging therapy. If there is time in the program, we will follow up with the text that is provided for pre-study and introduce you to more of the concept of cell therapy (organotherapy) as well as give you access to incorporate this into your practice, and well delve into algorithmic antiaging via the math of DNA via the edge of quantum physics occurring today. Teaching people how to be healthy in a practice restrictive environment. This session takes a snapshot of where were at and where we can go with empowering ideas we can use to freely practice what we do without running up against certain government agencies that would prefer to crush you. Well briefly explore areas health practitioners working with the public need to know like Medicare, CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment), state practice boards, along with issues of sovereignty and retained rights and private health associations. Well review the Coalition for Health Education web portal interface and its educational toolsets preparing you to move forward.

Noon-1pm 1:00-2:00





The training program is very thorough and moves from the critically important foundational beginnings right on through advanced levels in biological concepts. Due to its structured and layered nature, we pack it all into three days. In reality, when you embark on this work, the learning never ends. However, this particular program has been set up to give you a solid foundation in this work so you will have the basis to take it as far as you want to go. Certification Upon completion of the program you get a nice certificate suitable for framing and hanging on your wall. In our opinion, anyone can make a certificate or start their own board certification process in just about anything. But does that mean the knowledge imparted is valid? Many ideas are still taught in med school that have already been proven incorrect, but due to academic arrogance, scientific ignorance or worse, the ideas are perpetuated. Ultimately the depth of your knowledge, achievement and value to your clients rests solely in you, not what hangs on the wall. But we give you a certificate anyway.

No. 54335692

Numbered Certificates: The Biomedx Certificates of Achievement are numbered certificates that can be a valuable asset to an individual acting in the capacity of a health advocate. There are excellent nutritional product suppliers that only sell to licensed practitioners and those providers generally ask for a number before they will sell you their products. This number can fulfill that purpose so you can have access to those products. Training Program Cost Training is $1250 per person and all training is held at the Biotorium, our hands-on health learning lab in Chicago, 10 minutes north of OHare International Airport. Cost includes the workbooks/ materials fee and lunch for each day of the program. Our local hotel is 5 blocks from our center and our corporate rate for guests varies depending on season from $62-79 plus tax per night. All ground transportation is covered when you stay at our hotel to and from our location and the airport as well. Training is often taken in conjunction with the purchase of a microscope. If a system were leased, a lease could be designed to roll the cost of equipment and training into one package. Many individuals take the Biomedx training who have been previously trained from other sources. These individuals want to expand their knowledge or learn of aspects of this work that may have been missing in their original training. All are welcome. Our lab has microscope stations so purchasing a microscope beforehand or bringing one with you is not required.

Training Comments We consistently hear great things from people that take our training, things like,
This is the best training Ive had since I left medical school, Ive taken three microscope training programs. Two from companies in California and one in the U.K. Yours is by far the most cogent and logical approach to this work. When I took that other program from company x, at the end of it we filled out a critique of the program. I needed three pages. I cant think of anything to say to change your program. It was excellent. I cant believe I spent $7,000 to have me and my wife trained for 5 days by this guy out West and we didnt even learn some of the basic things youve shown us. Im upset. I thought the law part of this program was going to be boring but it was incredibly interesting, really eye-opening. I go to a lot of programs and feel like I just wasted a lot of money, but not this time. This is the best Ive ever done. The light bulbs are going off in my head. Excellent, awesome, Im brain dead.

Well we dont want to kill any brain cells, but we do want to pack an enormous amount of information into our program which you can use on many levels. Our intent is lay a very solid foundation for this work, not a superficial overview filled with half truths designed so you can sell company products.
WARNING: There was one individual we trained a while back that actually copied every bit of our material and started his own trainings (quietly targeted to his multi level marketing company products). We sent him a cease and desist letter asking him to stop using our material which he said he would but he is still out there training (hopefully with his own material). If you want the original and continually updated Biomedx training, come to us direct.

Biomedx Training Bonuses Besides getting a very high value in return for your dollar, we give you some invaluable extras not found in any other microscope training program; 1) Legal concepts you can put to use at the end of the program to help protect your health care practice from over-zealous agents of government, 2) Permission to copy and use elements of our program for your own client/patient trainings so you dont have to reinvent the wheel, 3) A private access code to a special section of our website reserved exclusively for students that contain numerous important items to this work that could cost hundreds of hours of time to assemble on your own, but its yours free for participating in our program. Come to a Biomedx training for first rate knowledge, quality, value, and on-going support.

Background Information / Frequently Asked Questions

What is nutritional microscopy? It is the use of a specially configured video microscope within a health care practice. The microscope is hooked up to a video camera, which goes to a TV monitor for easy viewing. It is used first as a tool for the health care practitioner to gain insight into a clients basic metabolic factors including immune integrity, oxidative stresses, microorganism influences, nutritional status and basic overall health. It lends assistance in determining what types of nutritional protocols would be optimally correct for the client. Secondly, and possibly of even greater importance (and certainly it has been shown to have the greatest impact), the microscope is a dynamic educational tool. Few individuals have ever seen their blood live and up close right on TV. Blood is the river of life flowing through each of us. As human beings, we all inherently understand this. When a person sees their blood for the first time, they realize that there is dynamic activity taking place within. They begin to understand at deeper levels the need to take care of their health. It has consistently been shown that subsequent patient compliance with the doctors recommendations is greatly improved. As a side benefit, using the microscope often increases client referrals. It is unique. It is real. Patients love it and they send their friends. It is also a tool to give exciting, one of a kind group presentations for practice building. What exactly is a 'darkfield' microscope? A darkfield microscope is simply a standard laboratory microscope, to which certain optical techniques are utilized to transform how light comes through the specimen being viewed. For example, let's say we are viewing live blood on a glass specimen slide. The normal mode of a microscope is called 'brightfield'. In this mode of viewing, light shines straight through the specimen. When light shines straight through a specimen, transparent objects are invisible. It's as if you were standing to the side of a sunny window gazing through dust. If there was a white wall between you and the dust, you'd never see the dust because it is transparent when trying to be seen against the white wall. However, if you put a black curtain where the white wall is, all of a sudden the dust pops into view. The darkfield microscope does the same thing. The specimen sits over a dark background (or field), and light is angled onto the specimen from the sides. Things that were once invisible now come into view. What is a 'phase contrast' microscope? This is another way to view live blood for nutritional work. With this lighting technique, the light coming through the specimen is altered so that a portion of the light is shifted slightly out of phase with the original. The light now strikes the specimen and lights up invisible particles while also giving shades of gray. This is an excellent way of viewing blood morphology and for client presentation. Can I diagnose disease with this technique? No. The microscope as we use it is not a diagnostic tool, but a powerful window to view the action of the body's metabolic processes on the most important of body fluids. How can your company help me get started in this area? We can provide both the microscope systems and the training for yourself individually or as done in many cases, we can include the clinic staff so everyone benefits from the knowledge and can talk intelligently with the clients about your biological terrain or clinical microscopy program. What techniques will I learn/use for conducting blood reviews? When we view blood for nutritional health advocacy, we can use four primary techniques. The first three techniques view blood in its live, unchanged state. First we can look at the overall terrain or environment of the blood with knowledge of the pleomorphic theories of disease as related to pH utilizing some European/German researchers ideas. Second we can view blood from the more westernized allopathic/nutritional perspective. Third we can few it in the light of colloid science and zeta potential wherein blood is viewed as a colloidal suspension (which it is). In any case we are looking at what's normal and what's not. Red cells, white cells, T cells, B cells. Are there parasites? How fast is the blood deteriorating? This gives us insights to health. A fourth type of review we can perform is a dry layer review. Here we take a series of blood drops and let them dry on a specimen slide. The reasons for this is that the coagulation cascade of the blood gets thrown off when the body degenerates through oxidative stress, mycotoxicoses, or disease. This form of review can be very revealing and it can give direction into what further actions may need to be performed. What does your nutritional/microscope training program cover? It covers everything you need to rapidly begin an adjunct nutritional/educational microscopic service in your office. Do I need to be a licensed health care practitioner to take the training? No. We often train clinic assistants and we start from square one with a dynamic overview and pre-training of health concepts to prep everyone in class. Why is pH taught in the pre-training workshop? Understanding body and blood pH is absolutely essential to understanding what goes on in the blood. You cannot have a blood class without thoroughly learning pH concepts 7

unless you desire to learn only half the story. pH (concurrent with redox) controls many events that happen in the body; enzyme function, vitamin and mineral assimilation, electricity flow. Metabolic body balancing and blood work cannot be done without a solid understanding of pH. Why do you cover the lymphatic system? The lymphatic system is our 2nd circulatory system. The lymphatics parallel the blood stream. The blood stream and the lymphatics completes a circuit for blood protein circulation in the body. The live blood analysis gives insights as to what is happening in the blood, and the dry layer analysis gives insights as to what is happening in the lymphatics. Looking at live blood under the microscope is just a portion of what you can do with your microscope. Looking at the lymphatics through the dry layer technique furthers your depth of knowledge about your client - and furthers the services you can provide. You talk about further services to my clients, how can I use the microscopic tools beyond nutrition? Let's say you complete a dry layer review and you learn through your investigation that your clients lymphatic system has poor circulation. This is an opportunity to introduce lymphatic drainage massage, associated ozone/infrared steam/saunas, body wraps, etc. into your practice. This area can be a stand alone profit center that brings positive health results to your client by helping them detox, as well as providing new revenue to you either through your own hands or that of a massage therapist. Likewise, the dry layer review could suggest a colon in serious need of a clean up. This could open an avenue for a colonic therapist or a strong reciprocal referral arrangement. These are just two examples. The different blood techniques you will learn will be giving you insights to directions to choose for your client's health that are in addition to nutrition. We cover some of these areas in class. Will you cover the nutritional products I use? Yes if you desire this. You specify the nutritional products you use in your practice, and you will learn how to use those products in relation to your findings. If we are training you for a specific company, that company's products will be covered. Do you promote your own companys products? No, we are impartial in this regard. We dont produce nutritional products nor are we tied into multi level marketing companies. Though we use some products sold by network marketing companies and act as wholesalers for some specific niche products, our training is exclusive of this activity. How large are your classes? Our training classes are small. On average, 10-12 students per class (16 max). This gives you very personal attention and it is one reason we can teach you as much as we can in 3 days. How much does this cost? The cost varies depending on whether you have the instructor come to your clinic, or you and your staff come to Chicago. Training is $1250 per attendee (at our location) and scope prices begin around $4600. Is your training the only training I will need? After the 3 days of training you'll be up and running and can begin generating revenue with your microscope. However, once you embark on using the microscope, the training really never ends. It is on-going every time you look at a new blood sample. Live blood is dynamic and ever changing. Expanded classes on specific topics are an option you can choose for the future,but you'll get so much from our time together it will keep you going for a while. Do I need a special license to use a microscope? No. The microscope is only a tool. You don't need a license to operate this tool. What you say to people when you're using it is a different matter. If you are stating a diagnosis through its use, then you may fall under specific professional licensing of your state. Likewise, you don't need a license to prick fingers in most states. But some states could consider it the drawing of blood which requires licensure, either nurse, doctor or phlebotomist. If you lived in a restrictive state, you could have clients prick their own fingers with simple automatic lancets. Due to oppressive regulatory government intrusion into the private lives of individuals where their health is concerned (acting under the guise of protecting the public), we cover legal and constitutional aspects that you should absolutely be aware of as a healthcare practitioner if you happen to work with the public. How can I use this knowledge if I don't have a health practice? Some individuals who take this training do not have health care practices but are simply interested in the work because it is very exciting. Some of these individuals get microscopes and some don't. They attend for the education alone which is very unique. They use the knowledge with family and friends. Some individuals are distributors for nutritional supplement companies and they use the microscope for group educational programs. Some work for doctors. When you attend the training you get a very dynamic program that can be used as a health seminar/workshop. Used with the video microscope, it becomes a highly visual, high impact program that people remember, and act on. How do I get started? All arrangements can be made and further questions answered by simply contacting us.

Microscopy Program
Example of the Increased Cash Flow to Your Practice Investment Commitment $298 month for 3 years
(Full lease option with training based on total financed price of $8,990.)

This table represents one possible combination of cash flow expectations over the first six months with a full credit/loan/ lease option. Cash flow is generated through conducting client/patient media reviews and through nutritional product sales from your preferred nutritional supplement provider.

Financing Cost Audit Revenue* Product Revenue**

1 $298 1440 816 1958

2 $298 2880 1632 4214

3 $298 2880 2448 5030

4 $298 2880 3264 5846

5 $298 2880 4080 6662

6 $298 2880 4896 7478

Net Revenue

*Based on 6 microscopic media reviews per week @ $60 per screening (low side). In the 2nd month you would schedule a re-test to see how the clients/patients are progressing. This is reflected in the doubling of revenue for the audit after the 1st month. The price charged for reviews can vary greatly. While some nutritionists may be comfortable with $50, some MDs have gone as high as $220 or more on the first work-up with $100-150 on re-visits. Average is $60-120. **Based on $85 in nutritional product sales to each person that has undergone a review. This assumes client purchases product from your in-house supply of nutriceuticals with 40% gross profit and continues to purchase for 6-12 months while on your program. These numbers can vary greatly with respect to products used, margins offered, and what function your facility is fulfilling for clients. For some physicians, sales of nutriceuticals to clients from their inhouse "nutri-pharmacy" generates substantial cash flow. (Since preventive healthcare is a lifelong endeavor, ultimately the patient/client can and should become a lifelong customer of the physicians pharmacy.) Note that some physicians may use network marketing companies for their product and while they will give up a large percentage of margin upfront, they typically won't stock product and may benefit from multi-level sales in their group which may add residual income to their bottom line in the future. All in all this can be a good profit center for your facility, but more importantly, it not only benefits the physician in helping the client, but it greatly helps the client to really understand why they need to treat their body like a living Ecosystem and stick with the designed protocol.

If your microscope system cost $8500 and you charge $85 per media review, after just 100 clients you have paid for your microscope! And it could happen much faster than that.

If you have any questions about this program, please call or e-mail. Visit us on the internet at Phone: 1-206-577-0037 e-mail: