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1)Open the Invoice Form Invoices => Enter=>Invoices 2)Enter the Supplier details,invoicetypes,data,amount Save 3)Select Distributions button

enter the Distribution Details. Distamount and account and so on. Save Validate wether InvoiceAmount = Distribution Total Amount or not 4)Select Actions button check the Check box called Approve press OK button for invoice approvals. 5)Select actions button again check the check box called Create Accounting to cr eate the accounting transaction 6)Select the Tools menu select the option called View Accounting option which wi ll displays the Accounting Transactions. Transfer Invoice Data to GL: ============================ 1)Once the Invoice is Validated Approved Accounted we can transfer to GL application

2)Goto SRS Window select the program called "Payables transfer to General Ledger " Enter Invoice From Date To Date Submit Journal Import = Yes Transfer to GL interface = In Detail PressOk 3)System will transfer the data from AP tables into GL Interface tables then Journal Import program will be submitted automatically which will transfer the data from Interface tables into the Base tables. 4)Copy the Request ID of Journal Import goto GL Application open the Journal for m Journal=>Entry enter the %RequestID% in the Batch name field =>Select Find button 5)Select the Review journal button will shows the Details of Transactions select MoreActions =>Post button to post the Journals. Distrobution Set: ================= Distribution set will be used to Distribute the Invoice amount automatically for the different accounts . 1)Create the Distirbution Set Setup=>Invoice=>Distribution Set 2)Goto Invoice form and create Invoice attach the Distribution set at header lev

el Save Invoice amount will be distributed automatically to the diff accounts. 3)Select Distrtibutions button we can find the Transactions 4)Select Action button for Approval and For Create Accounting Transactions.

Payments: ========= once the Invoice Create and Approved,Accounted are generated we can make the Payments to the supplier by using Payments form We have three types of Payments Manuval Quick Refund Manuval: If Organzation is going to pay the amount manuvally (by cheque or cash ) then it will be captured under the manuval payment type. Quick : We will Give the Invoice number System will automatically genrate the Payment transaction as per the Invoice number we have provided. System will automatically generates the Cheque number also. Refund : If any refundable amount we have to pay to the supplier or customer or emp then those payments will be selected as Refund method. 1)Copy the Invoice number 2)Goto the Payments form Payments=>Entry=>Payments 3)Select Payment type,Bank Account number,Supplier details select the button called Enter/Adjust Invoices it will shows the invoices whcih are created for selected supplier Select the Invoice number Save 4)Select actions button check the check box called Create Accounting will create Accounting transactions => Tools menu =View accounting 5)Select Actions button to print the Check as per the selected check Format. 6) We can cancel the payments by using the Check box called "Void". Invoice Holds and Releases: =========================== If Invoice is not approved (Ex : invoiceamt not equal to Distribution amount Supplier Credit Limit is crossed) then invoice will be on the hold

select Holds button which will shows the Invoice holds and release details