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Wednesday, September 29, 2011 Debbie Resuena PNH 100: Healing Practices for Practical MANAGING STRESS THROUGH


Nursing STRESS THROUGH FAITH about giving care to their physical, mental, and MANAGINGprofession is not justAND PRAYER needs but emotional also providing them with spiritual needs. According to Potter and Perr clients spiritual y, Caring for a needs mean caring for the whole person, accepting his or her be experiences, and helping with the issues concerning meaning and hope (Potter and liefs and p.435). Nurses Perry, 2010, should be willing to accept the cultural differences of each clie know the able the nt and beimportance of providing the spiritual needs to the client. Managing str and prayer faith ess throughis one of the major factor that nurses should know because it helps t with their illness, he client cope up support healing relationship, and promote self-determination ( Managingand Perry, 2010, p.447). Potter stress through faith and prayer is one of the key factors that help the cope up with their illness. According to research, the strength of belief determ clients religion / spirituality will be mobilized and /or effective in response to stres ines whether Kristjansson, Charbonneau , & Florack, 2009). The miracle of faith gives purpose s (Gall, to meaning andan individuals life, allowing for action ( Potter and Perry, 2010, p.437). Furt also helps relieve the clients level of stress, create a positive outlook on the c hermore, faith provide a significant strength and resources to cope with their illness ( Potter lients life, and 437). Eventually, prayer serves as a strong motivation to renew personal faith an and Perry, 2010, p. client ( of the d beliefPotter and Perry, 2010, p.448). Prayer often gives the client an opport and faith to manage unity to build trustthe clients level of stress. The nurse must recognize the nee know the client, ds ofthe cultural background, and what they do believe. Nurses should be knowled geable in

different cultural background to PRAYER MANAGING STRESS THROUGH FAITH ANDmeet the needs of the client. Nurses should tea Managing stress through prayer and faith in managing stress. and how effective ch the importance is thefaith and prayer is helpful because it support the heali process. In the clinical research, Prayers appears to be a coping action that med ng religious faith iates between and well being and can take different forms (Hollywell & Walker, nurse The 2008).must establish that relationship towards the client. They must be able to with positive attitude to mobilize hope for the nurse, as well as for the client ( provide the client 2010, and Perry, Potterp. 447). According to Potter and Perry (2010), hope helps the people to co difficulties ntend with in life. It is very important that nurses be able to meet and suppo from stress, suffering rt the clientand be able to established a helping role and a healing relationship Lastly, need. clientsmanaging stress through faith and prayer promotes self-determination tow towards the client. ards theThe nurse must recognize the needs of the client spiritually in order fo that self-determination. Self-determination is very important in the process of r them to build up stress. the managingTechnically, clients develop hope and trust from within because of faith the clients helps . Faith alsodevelop self-determination. As a nurse, it is a great challenge to a There are hospitals ssist their needs. that have "spiritual care departments that assist in notifyi clergy of their congregants' administration or who can provide trained clergy fo ng community and Perry, 2010, p.449). Certainly, nurse should be very careful in assisting th r support" (Potter spiritually. Knowing the client's spiritual background and their privacy should e client's needs be prioritized.

In conclusion, THROUGH FAITH AND PRAYER MANAGING STRESSnurses should be able to know and satisfy the needs of the client from stress. Managing stress through faith and prayer is very helpful because it suffering cope upthe clients helps with illness, support healing relationship, and promote self-determinati Perry, 2010, p.447). Nurses on ( Potter and

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