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GSR 100

Application for Admission

College of Graduate Studies and Research
1. Type or print legibly in ink.
2. Arrange to have all official or original transcripts and confidential letters forwarded directly to the Head of the Department in which you wish to study.
3. A $75 non-refundable application fee must be submitted with your application. (A money order in Canadian funds only, made payable to the University of
4. Mail completed application directly to: The Head, Department of (department in which you wish to study)
College of (where department is located)
check our website at: for campus addresses

Mark One
Mr. Ms
Mrs. Miss
Family, Surname, Last Name Given First Name
Address for current correspondence
Phone Number
City Country Postal Code
Home or Permanent Address
Phone Number
City Country Postal Code
Email Social Insurance Number
Date of Birth BirthPlace
Month Day Year City Country

CITIZENSHIP STATUS (Indicate one Only)

Canadian Citizen If not Canadian, Country of Citizenship
(province of residence)
Permanent Residence Date of Landing Proof of Landing
Month Day Year (A copy of proof of Landing must be provided)

It is your choice to self-identify if you belong to one or more of the following minority groups that have been designated by the
University’s equity policy
Aboriginal Disabled Visible Minority Women
Are you a full-time employee of the University of Saskatchewan? Yes No
If YES, a confidential statement is required, Contact Grad.College for details

Have you attended the University of Saskatchewan? Yes No If YES, in what year did you last Register?

All Previous and Current University Level of Study UofS Student Number
From To Name of Institution Discipline Degree Year Use Only

Academic awards and distinctions

Degree or Diploma for which you wish to become a candidate Subject or Field of Study

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Revised: Oct 2007
College of Graduate Studies and Research GSR 100
University of Saskatchewan Application for Admission

LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION Give the names and addresses of three persons whom you are asking to submit a confidential
letter of recommendation. Two of them must be persons under whom you have studied.
The third may be a person whom you have worked professionally under or under whom you
have studied.

1) Name Position
2) Name Position
3) Name Position

Do you currently hold a scholarship or assistantship that will finance your first year of graduate study? Yes No
If not, is attendance contingent on the award of a scholarship or assistantship providing full support? Yes No
Have you been required to withdraw from a program at any educational institution? Yes No
If yes, state the date, name and location of the institution
If yes, do you wish to comment?

I agree, if admitted to the University of Saskatchewan, to comply with the regulations of the University. I certify that the particulars
furnished on the application are true and complete in all respects and that no relevant information has been withheld. I understand
that misrepresentation, falsification of documents or withholding of requested information in regard to this application are serious
offenses which may result in dismissal from the university and/or prosecution under the University’s Discipline Regulations and/or
the Criminal Code of Canada.
Date Signature of Applicant

For Office Use Only

Date Director of Graduate Admissions

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Revised: Oct 2007