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New Super Mario Bros.

U (Wii U) Walkthrough World 1: Acorn Plains Acorn Plains-1: Acorn Plains Way Welcome to my playthrough on New Super Mario Bros. U! Ive been excited for this game for so long! This level is a basic grassy level, which introduces the Acorn Mushroom; this gives Mario the Flying Squirrel Power-Up! When you shake the Wii Remote, Mario will y! He can also glide, and can even cling to walls. However, there are these squirrel creatures called Waddlewings that will try to hurt Mario, so avoid them. I should also note that unlike the previous NSMB games, all of the levels in this one have actual names, which is pretty cool. Acorn Plains-2: Tilted Tunnel This is an underground level (Yeah!) which features many Piranha Plants. Mario will often be hopping across these crystals that sometimes move and are used as platforms. Youll actually need these crystals as a boost to the Hidden Exit in this level... Acorn Plains-3: Yoshi Hill This level introduces Yoshi to the game, and he can, as usual, eat up enemies and do the Flutter Jump. Monty Moles are in the level as well, but theyre not a huge problem because Yoshi can eat them up. Acorn Plains-Blooper: Bloopers Secret Lair This underwater level (Sigh) introduces Bloopers to the game. It also features moving Pipes with currents. The water currents from these Pipes will often push you in a certain direction, so you must be careful. Youll also need the current to push you into some of the Star Coins here. Acorn Plains-Tower: Crushing Cogs Tower The rst Tower level, Crushing Cogs Tower is pretty cool! Mario must hop across these moving cogs and also avoid being crushed by them. Boss: Boom Boom Boom Boom from Super Mario Bros 3 is back! His latest appearance was Super Mario 3D Land, but this is his second 2D appearance! For the Boom Boom ght, just avoid Boom Booms spinning and stuff, then jump on him to damage him. Doing this three times defeats him. Acorn Plains-4: Mushroom Heights A sky level with moving mushroom platforms, Mushroom Heights introduces the pink Balloon Baby Yoshi! Shaking the Wii Remote allows the Yoshi to oat higher into the sky like a balloon (hence its name). The Balloon Baby Yoshi is also needed for the second Star Coin here, which I found pretty annoying. Acorn Plains-5: Rise of the Piranha Plants A grass level! With Piranha Plants! Acorn Plains-Castle: Lemmys Swingback Castle A castle level with moving ledges (you should try to avoid the lava here). After progressing through Lemmys Castle and avoiding the lava, Mario goes outside the castle and is shot by a cannon into Lemmys Airship! For the ght with Lemmy, Lemmy will mostly be throwing bombs with stars on them. Avoid his bombs, then jump on Lemmy. Lemmy will throw giant bombs at times, so avoid this.

Keep repeating this process, and its on to World 2! World 2: Layer Cake Desert Layer-Cake Desert-1: Stone-Eye Zone This level is obviously desert-themed. It involves Mario using Moia Heads, stone Tikilike statues, as platforms. Layer-Cake Desert-2: Perilous Pokey Cave This level is pretty cool. It takes place in an underground desert area, and it features Pokeys and those sand geysers from NSMB Wii. Layer-Cake Desert-3: Fire Snake Cavern Yet another underground desert level, Fire Snake Cavern features the Yellow Baby Yoshi. This Yoshi has the ability to light up the area; shaking the Wii Remote allows the Yoshi to spin, lighting up the area even more. Layer-Cake Desert-Tower: Stoneslide Tower This is a cool Tower level. It features these screws. Spinning on the screws causes these platforms to come out; these platforms must be placed in certain areas in order for Mario to progress. Boom Boom is fought again at the end. Hes pretty much the same, only he has one more attack. Boom Boom can now do this spin move, so carefully avoid that, then jump on him. Layer-Cake Desert-4: Spikes Spouting Sands Hooray! This desert level features the return of the Spikes, those green gorilla-like enemies seen in NSMB Wiis desert levels and some levels in Iced Land of Super Mario Bros 3. They behave the same and throw spiked balls at you. Layer-Cake Desert-Ice: Piranha Plants on Ice An icy level in a desert! That makes perfect sense! Anyways, this secret level features Piranha Plants and slippery ice blocks that can crush you. The Star Coins were a pain to get here, lol. Layer-Cake Desert-5: Dry Desert Mushrooms This sky-themed level involves Stone Spikes, the blue gorilla enemies from NSMB Wii, and those moving mushroom platforms appear. The Stone Spikes are a bit different here; they throw bigger, brown spiked balls that are different from the ones they threw in NSMB Wii. A cool and rather easy level, overall. Layer-Cake Desert-6: Blooming Lakitus A desert level with Lakitus! How original! I should note, though, that these Lakitus throw Spinies that turn into Piranha Plants. Layer-Cake Desert-Castle: Mortons Compactor Castle Before he can ght Morton, Mario must progress through some stone platforms that can crush him. Certain spots are safe, while others arent safe. Its kind of similar to Shifty Smashers from Donkey Kong Country Returns. Mortons ght is pretty cool. He summons a large Pokey, and cuts off its parts one by one, throwing them at you. Wall Jump and time your jumps carefully to avoid the parts of the Pokey that y around. Then, avoid Mortons earthquakes and jump on him. Keep repeating this process, and its time for World 3! World 3: Sparkling Waters Sparkling Waters-1: Waterspout Beach

This tropical-themed level introduces Huckit Crabs to this game (those rock-throwing crabs from NSMB Wii), and water geysers will be used by Mario as platforms here. Sparkling Waters-2: Tropical Refresher This underwater level involves many Urchins and Pipes. Not much else to really say here, lol. Sparkling Waters-Tower: Giant Skewer Tower Giant Skewer Tower features those spiked pillars that come out from the walls. There are also some underwater sections here, too. At the end, you, of course, ght Boom Boom. Hes basically the same. Sparkling Waters-Ghost House: Haunted Shipwreck This is a very cool level. It takes place inside a ruined ship of sorts, with many Boos. There are also some water parts to this ship, and even some of those poles from NSMB Wii. Sparkling Waters-Leaf: Skyward Stalk This level takes place on a tall beanstalk that Mario must climb up. Its leaves will grow for Mario to climb on, but will also eventually disappear. Mario will basically be climbing up this beanstalk while avoiding Waddlewings. Some Star Coins require the Flying Squirrel Power-Up, though. Sparkling Waters-3: Above the Cheep Cheep Sea This level is another one with water geysers and Cheep Cheeps. Yoshi can be used in the level, too, though! Sparkling Waters-4: Urchin Shoals More water geysers, but this time with huge Urchins! Sparkling Waters-5: Dragoneels Undersea Grotto This underwater level introduces the Dragoneels, long eel enemies that follow Mario as he swims. If you shoot the Dragoneels with a Fire Flower, they wont really be affected, but will stretch out their long bodies. Sparkling Waters-Castle: Larrys Torpedo Castle This Castle level is almost completely underwater. Mario will be avoiding Torpedo Teds, and also avoiding Rocket Engines while climbing on fences. The ght with Larry is pretty cool, but simple. Larry will be fought inside his Airship, as usual, but will also be using water geysers as platforms. World 4: Frosted Glacier Frosted Glacier-1: Spinning-Star Sky One of my favorite levels so far in the game, Spinning-Star Sky involves giant stars that Mario will be hopping across; these stars spin when Mario jumps on them. Youll also need to avoid Munchers. I should note that this levels concept reminds me a bit of Stellar Way from Kirbys Epic Yarn; in that level, you were hopping across stars too. Frosted Glacier-2: Cooligan Fields Cooligans, the penguins from NSMB Wii, return! Frosted Glacier-Tower: Freezing-Rain Tower This is an icy Tower level of Boom Booms, with many falling icicles and stuff. The ght with Boom Boom is the same; he just spins while you ght him.

Frosted Glacier-3: Prickly Goombas! This level involves Urchins that turn into Goombas when hit with re! Yoshi is also included, too. Frosted Glacier-4: Scaling the Mountainside A snowy mountain level with Bullet Bills! And Waddlewings! (: Frosted Glacier-5: Icicle Caverns This is an icy underground level with falling icicles Mario must avoid. Frosted Glacier-Ghost House: Swaying Ghost House The rst Ghost House, this one is a maze of sorts! Frosted Glacier-Fliprus: Fliprus Lake This is a secret level unlocked from the Secret Exit of Swaying Ghost House. It is another ice level, but it introduces a new enemy: Fliprus. Fliprus is a pink walrus with goggles that throws snowballs at you. Just jump on them, throw reballs at them, etc. to get rid of them. Frosted Glacier-Castle: Wendys Shifting Castle This Castle of Wendy O. Koopas features moving stone platforms that must be jumped across, and Thwimps (small Thwomp enemies). The ght with Wendy is pretty cool; she is skating on ice, so Mario must jump on her to defeat her. Keep repeating this, and its time for World 5: Soda Jungle! World 5: Soda Jungle Soda Jungle-Airship: The Mighty Cannonship Once Mario reaches Soda Jungle, Bowser Jr.s Airship attacks. Mario must progress through an Airship level, avoiding cannonballs. At the end, youll ght Bowser Jr. Boss: Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr. rides around in a submarine-like underwater Koopa Clown Car and attacks by ring Torpedo Teds. Have the Torpedo Teds follow you and hit Bowser Jr.s Koopa Clown Car. After repeating this process, Mario can move on to the regular levels of Soda Jungle. Soda Jungle-1: Jungle of the Giants In this forest level, everything is huge except for Mario. Mario must jump on huge Goombas, giant Koopas (like the ones in Supermassive Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy 2), and giant Piranha Plants for most of the level. Soda Jungle-2: Bridge Over Poisoned Waters Poisonous water must be avoided by Mario here. Couldnt be more obvious than that! Soda Jungle-3: Bramball Woods This level takes place in a forest at night. Mario must avoid Bramballs here (another enemy returning from NSMB Wii!), along with many gaps that will kill him. Soda Jungle-Tower: Snake Block Tower This Tower level involves the Snake Blocks from previous 2D Mario games (and even a few 3D games, too). Most of the Snake Blocks are giant, and Mario must avoid giant Amps. For the ght with Boom Boom, Kamek will y in as usual and cast a spell on Boom Boom, causing him to grow and become gigantic! Boom Boom uses the same attacks, so the only real difference is hes giant. Soda Jungle-Ghost House: Which-Way Labyrinth A Ghost House maze!

Soda Jungle-Para-Beetle: Flight of the Para-Beetles Para-Beetles and King Bills return in this annoying sky level! Soda Jungle-4: Painted Swampland This has to be one of the most detailed levels in the game, lol. Painted Swampland has a painted background, and Mario will be hopping across Pipes and avoiding Boos. The background has many details, such as a painted picture of Bowser, some brown trees, a moon, etc. Its just so epic! Soda Jungle-5: Deepsea Ruins This is another cool haunted forest level. It involves poisonous water, and Moia Heads from World 2 will be jumped across here in order to avoid the poisonous water. Mario also will be swimming underwater and avoiding jellysh, too. Soda Jungle-6: Seesaw Bridge This forest level involves wooden seesaw-like platforms that tilt, along with Wigglers; these must be used to avoid the toxic water below. Soda Jungle-7: Wiggler Stampede Another cool forest level, Wiggler Stampede involves many Mega Wigglers (and, of course, poison water) that Mario must avoid. However, some Wigglers must be used as a boost to some Star Coins. Soda Jungle-Castle: Iggys Volcanic Castle This is the next Castle level; it involves huge waves of lava that Mario must avoid. At the end, you ght Iggy Koopa. The ght with Iggy isnt too complicated. He will throw his green reballs from his wand, and also run on the ceiling. Sometimes, Iggy will throw orange-ish reballs that create Magmaarghs (the lava enemies from Mario Galaxy 2). These can be pretty easily avoided; jump over them or run away from them. Obviously, the Magmaarghs cannot be defeated. World 6: Rock-Candy Mines Rock-Candy Mines-1: Fuzzy Clifftop A Yoshi cliff level...with Fuzzies! Rock-Candy Mines-2: Porcupuffer Falls PORCUPUFFERS! OMG! Rock-Candy Mines-Tower: Grinding-Stone Tower This Tower is pretty hard. Getting all the Star Coins is especially difcult, since getting two of them requires Mini Mario. The Tower features stone enemies that roll around, trying to hit you. The ght with Boom Boom (this is the last one) is interesting. He grows wings and starts ying around the arena; just jump on him as usual, but avoid his swooping attacks. Rock-Candy Mines-3: Waddlewings Nest This is a cool level. It takes place in the mountains, and Mario must hop across tilting red platforms. Chain Chomps and Waddlewings are also common enemies here. Rock-Candy Mines-4: Light Blocks, Dark Tower An underground level, this one involves giant Glow Blocks that light up your path. Rock-Candy Mines-5: Walking Piranha Plants! Stalking Piranha Plants in the mountains! Rock-Candy Mines-6: Thrilling Spine Coaster

The Bonecoasters from NSMB Wii and NSMB 2 return in this level, and must be hopped on by Mario so he doesnt fall into the toxic water below. Rock-Candy Mines-Tower: Screwtop Tower Another Tower level (this is, I should note, the only World in the game to have two Towers), Screwtop Tower involves the spinning screw platforms Mario can spin on to make them move down. There are also many Sumo Bros. here; they cause these yellow reball things to re at Mario, so just avoid that. At the end of this Tower, Mario doesnt ght Boom Boom. Boom Boom is replaced by a rather interesting boss... Boss: Sumo Bro. Sumo Bro., if you couldnt already tell, is a giant Sumo Bro. He shoots the electrical reballs at you. To defeat Sumo Bro, jump and avoid his earthquakes and reballs, then hit the red platform hes standing on with Marios head. Sumo Bro. will now fall on his back, and you can jump on him. Keep repeating this process, and its on to the last part of Rock-Candy Mines! Rock-Candy Mines-7: Shifting-Floor Cave A very frustrating level, Shifting-Floor Cave features moving bar platforms Mario must hop across. It is very easy to die here; not to mention, the Star Coins are a pain to collect. Youll see a similar level later on in the bonus World... Rock-Candy Mines-Castle: Roys Conveyor Castle A castle level with many moving blocks that can crush you. At the end, you ght Roy. He is very simple, like most Koopalings. He has a cannon that shoots out Bullet Bills. Just use the platforms around him, then jump on his head to defeat him. World 7: Meringue Clouds Meringue Clouds-1: Land of the Flying Blocks This cloud level features moving blocks Mario must hop across in the sky! Not very original at all! Meringue Clouds-2: Seesaw Shrooms Another cool level. Seesaw Shrooms features moving mushroom platforms in the sky that Mario will be hopping across. Meringue Clouds-3: Switchback Hill Moving platforms and Bullet Bills... Meringue Clouds-Tower: Slide Lift Tower This Tower features moving blocks Mario must hop across; some can crush you, so beware. Boss: Kamek Kamek replaces Boom Boom here. Like in NSMB Wii, Kamek causes blocks to appear and turns them into enemies; just jump on him about three times to win the ght. Meringue Clouds-Ghost House: Spinning Spirit House This is a very confusing maze Ghost House (Thankfully, its the last Ghost House in the game). It features many Boos, and there is both a Secret Exit and regular exit; to be honest, I found the regular exit to be harder than the Secret Exit. This Ghost House, hence its name, also features many spinning platforms. Meringue Clouds-4: Bouncy Cloud Boomerangs This sky level features Boomerang Bros. and moving clouds. Not very exciting, IMO. Meringue Clouds-5: A Quick Dip in the Sky

This level is another sky-themed one, and it features those bubbles Mario can swim in from NSMB Wii. Basically, its the same as that level. Meringue Clouds-6: Snaking Above Mist Valley This level features those annoying Snake Blocks from other NSMB games! Meringue Clouds-Castle: Ludwigs Clockwork Castle This castle in the sky features moving platforms that can crush or damage Mario. At the end, you obviously will be dealing with Ludwig von Koopa. For Ludwigs ght, he will often make more than one of himself and you must gure out which of his clones is the real Ludwig, then jump on him. The ght, I should note, takes place on a small platform, and near a tornado of some kind, which I nd pretty cool. After Ludwig is defeated, its time for an Airship! Meringue Clouds-Airship: Boarding the Airship This Airship takes place near a tornado (like the ght with Ludwig), and involves the big, metal Bowser claw that was seen in the games introduction cutscene. The claw will often destroy platforms, and Mario must avoid it; Mario will know where the claw will smash down on because of the claws shadow. The other parts of the level also involve those red platforms that are moved by the Wii Remote, and some Rocket Engines. Boss: Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr. is riding in his Koopa Clown Car as usual. But this time, however, he has red boxing gloves that punch at Mario, and sometimes destroy platforms. When Bowser Jr. slams his boxing glove diagonally, a platform will appear that Mario can climb across; then you must jump on Bowser Jr. He sometimes throws Bob-ombs, so be aware. World 8: Peachs Castle Peachs Castle-1: Meteor Moat A lava level near Peachs Castle with many falling meteors and giant reballs, Meteor Moat is actually rather difcult. Theres also a Secret Exit here... Peachs Castle-2: Magma-River Cruise A level with that platform that can move on once enemies are defeated (like in NSMB Wii!), Magma-River Cruise isnt too bad. Peachs Castle-3: Rising Tides of Lava Whaddya know? A volcanic level with rising lava! Mario will often have to hop on Big Buzzy Beetles at times to keep safe from the rising lava tides. Peachs Castle-4: Firefall Cliffs This is a very annoying level. It features giant reballs that swing around and that try to burn Mario. You must be careful while you climb up volcanic cliffs of sorts while avoiding the reballs. Peachs Castle-Peachs Castle-1: Red-Hot Elevator Ride This level involves an elevator platform that is controlled by the Wii Remote. However, Mario must kill any enemies that fall onto the elevator, while avoiding these electric Bowser faces of sorts. Peachs Castle-Peachs Castle-2: The Final Battle Before he can ght Bowser, Mario must progress through Peachs Castle one last time and avoid Bowser Jr. in his Koopa Clown Car, who will frequently attack you. Boss: Bowser Wait for him to jump, then run under Bowser and hit the ! Switch. Then an axe will cut off the platform.

But you know that couldnt be it! Bowser Jr. ies in on his Koopa Clown Car with Kamek, and you now must chase them! Final Boss: Mega Bowser Mega Bowser is Bowser in gigantic form! Mario must avoid the reballs Bowser spits, then jump on Bowser Jr.s head and hop into his Koopa Clown Car. Then, y up to the top of Bowsers head, press 2 on the Wii Remote (if thats what youre using to play, I dont know the controls for this for the GamePad), then shake the Wii Remote and hit him. Bowser will now turn into his gigantic shell form, and jump up and down. Dash and run away to avoid this attack, and be sure not to be under the shell when Bowsers shell slams down. Keep repeating the same process, and Bowsers dead! Mario can now run up to the tower in Peachs Castle where Peach was imprisoned and rescue her! However, theres still World 9 left! World 9: Superstar Road Superstar Road-1: Spine-Tingling Spine Coaster This level takes place in a grassy Acorn Plains setting near the Acorn Tree. Mario will be riding another Bonecoaster through the level, but this time will also need to avoid Mega Fuzzies. Superstar Road-2: Run for It God, this level is annoying (especially if you wanna get all Star Coins). Mario will be running through the desert skies here, hitting P Switches to make platforms appear. Then, he must run as fast as he can and hit the closest Switch to make more platforms appear. Talk about stressful, huh? Superstar Road-3: Swim for Your Life! This level is underwater, if you couldnt already tell, and Mario will be swimming as fast as he can to avoid a giant Cheep-Chomp that wants him as its dinner. Mario will also need to use the Cheep-Chomp to pass through and destroy enemies like Cheep Cheeps and Urchins in order to progress and get certain Star Coins. Very annoying level, I.M.O. Superstar Road-4: Hammerswing Caverns Hammer-like swinging platforms must be used by Mario in this underground icy area. Id highly recommend using the Flying Squirrel ability here; it just makes things a lot easier. Plus, Flying Squirrel Mario is required for a few Star Coins. Superstar Road-5: Spinning Platforms of Doom Spinning Platforms of Doom is cool. It is a ghost-themed level, with the painted background similar to the one you saw in Painted Swampland back in Soda Jungle. Again, some Star Coins require the Flying Squirrel Power-Up. Superstar Road-6: Fire Bar Cliffs Giant rebars appear in this cliff-themed level. It actually plays the lava level theme, even though it takes place on a cliff. I found that kinda weird, but its whatever, lol. Superstar Road-7: Lakitu! Lakitu! Lakitu! Lakitus in a Meringue Clouds setting! Superstar Road-8: Pendulum Castle A very difcult level, Pendulum Castle takes place in a Peachs Castle setting. It features swinging spiked balls. Mario must run across Donut Blocks while avoiding the swinging spiked balls, and must time his running just perfectly so the balls dont hit him.

Superstar Road-8: Follow That Shell! Im actually relieved that this level wasnt extremely difcult, lol. Follow that Shell! features Koopa Shells Mario kicks into Blocks, and its basically a 1-Up farming level. The last Star Coin requires perfect timing and is on a high platform, but I just brought Balloon Baby Yoshi into the level to make things easier. Also, one of the Star Coins is a bit annoying, and a Koopa Shell is needed to break the blocks containing the Star Coin. Well, thats it for New Super Mario Bros. U! Its been much better than NSMB 2! Well, Ill see yall next time. Hopefully thatll be soon!