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Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) Walkthrough The Gate Gateway Galaxy: Grand Star Rescue This is pretty much

an introductory level for the controls. Mario needs to avoid electrical enemies and hit all of the Flip Switches to free a trapped Grand Star. This gains access to the Observatory, where you meet Rosalina. You now can unlock the Terrace, where the challenge begins (sort of)! The Terrace Good Egg Galaxy: Dino Piranha This is another basic level. Mario must go through planets, learning moves like the Spin Jump and Wall Kick. Eventually, hell face off against a boss. Boss: Dino Piranha Dino Piranha is really easy. Just Spin Attack his dino tail and whack his behind with it three times and he dies. (Hell reform later in the game, though.) Good Egg Galaxy: A Snack of Cosmic Proportions After feeding a Hungry Luma 100 Star Bits, hell TRANSFOOORM into a tower-shaped planet Mario must progress through. After that, your Star is located on a ring-like platform. Good Egg Galaxy: King Kalientes Battle Fleet Mario just has to go through the fortress of a big octopus king here before he can face a boss. Boss: King Kaliente King Kaliente isnt too much harder than Dino Piranha. Spin on the green coconuts he res at you (not the ery ones) back at him. Avoid his tentacles, though. They can hurt! When he gets angry, Kaliente will re the coconuts you Spin at him back at you; Spin them back at him again and hit him. For the last hit, you have to Spin it back three times and the kings dead. Honeyhive Galaxy: Bee Mario Takes Flight This is a Bee Mario level. Mario will grab the Bee Mushroom and turn into a bee so he can y higher by holding down A; as usual, though, his ight is limited. Honeyhive Galaxy: Trouble on the Tower Some ugly Mandibugs have taken over a tower. What Mario has to do is reach the top of a tower and Ground Pound them to kill them off, earning your Star. Honeyhive Galaxy: Big Bad Bugaboom A monsterous bug awaits... Boss: Bugaboom Bugaboom is king of the Mandibugs! To beat him, Mario must Ground Pound the symbol on his back at least three times, using the Bee Suit as a boost. With two hits, Bugaboom will get madder (not to mention faster!). Ocassionally in rage mode, Bugaboom will drop bombs Mario must avoid. Loopdeeloop Galaxy: Surng 101 Were ray surng in big waves! To surf with the ray, just tilt the Wii Remote gently and be delicate with the controls. Flipswitch Galaxy: Painting the Planet Yellow You have to hit all the Flipswitches here (hence the galaxys name, Flipswitch) to make your Star appear. Robots that shoot lasers can be difcult in this level, though.

Bowser Jr.s Robot Reactor: Megalegs Moon Boss: Megaleg This robot here has mega legs. Just have Mario climb up to the top of this robot, Megaleg. Lure a Bullet Bill into a glass cage to break the rst gate. Another gate will block the Star, so Spin above the gates and the Bullet Bill will crash the cage, explode Megaleg and reveal a Grand Star! Easy boss ght, by the way. Sweet Sweet Galaxy: Rocky Road (Hungry Luma Stage) The Power Star is at the end on top of a cake with the Toad Brigade in this candythemed galaxy; chocolate bars move and electric barriers can be annoying here. Dodge them, running across moving chocolate bars and such to reach your Star, which is on that giant cake. The Fountain Space Junk Galaxy: Pull Star Path This level involves use of the Pull Stars, stars that you can point the Wii Remote at and hold A on to pull Mario towards them. At the end, you must collect ve Silver Stars on platforms that appear and disappear judging by where you stand. Space Junk Galaxy: Kamellas Airship Attack For much of this level, Mario will be progressing through classic Airships in space. Enemies such as Goombas and Magikoopas can be found here. Boss: Kamella Kamella is a large Magikoopa who throws green Koopa Shells at Mario. To defeat her, do a Spin Jump near a Koopa Shell to grab it, then Spin again to launch it back at Kamella. At times, Kamella will annoyingly move around the arena; just time your throws at her right three times to defeat her and earn another Power Star. Space Junk Galaxy: Tarantoxs Tangled Web This third and nal mission of the Space Junk Galaxy involves Mario launching from one planet to another using cobwebs of sorts called Sling Pods. Simply press A to send Mario ying. Eventually, Mario will reach yet another boss. Boss: Tarantox Tarantox is a gigantic spider boss. To defeat him, Mario must use the scattered Sling Pods and time his launches just perfectly so that he can hit Tarantoxs weak spots, his little holes that spray acid. When he sprays the acid, simply dodge it and when he is done use the Sling Pods to launch out at him and do damage to the spider menace. In the second and nal phase of the ght, Tarantox gets angry and moves faster; just keep dodging and Sling Pod-ing him! Battlerock Galaxy: Battlerock Barrage This rst mission of the Battlerock Galaxy starts out easy enough. What Mario has to do is collect ve Star Chips to create a Launch Star to the next area. At the end, you have to lure a Bullet Bill into a cage to release a Power Star. Battlerock Galaxy: Breaking into the Battlerock This level features several space platforms and Bob-ombs (which Mario will use to break cages which hold Lumas and Launch Stars). At the end, to get your Power Star, Mario must hop into a cannon and aim carefully to collect it. Battlerock Galaxy: Topmaniac and the Topman Tribe

This level introduces the Topmen, robotic enemies that have spikes around them (along with Rocky Wrenches, moles who throw wrenches at Mario). Many electrical voids are hazards here. Mario will have to confront them to reach yet another boss. Boss: Topmaniac Topmaniac isnt alone. He is joined by his Topmen Tribe, a group of Topmen. To defeat him, Mario has to Spin him and his gang into the electrical elds around the area. Doing this three times earns you your Power Star. Battlerock Galaxy: Luigi Under the Saucer Mario must save Luigi by luring a Bullet Bill into a cage where he is trapped. After his rescue, Luigi will join Mario on the Observatory again and give you the last Green Star! Rolling Green Galaxy: Rolling in the Clouds This is a very unique level. Mario gets to use the Star Ball, a spherical ball that holds inside it the Power Star. Progressing through the golf course-themed level can be tricky, Ill admit it. You have to tilt the Wii Remote very carefully and point the Star Ball in the direction you want it to go. Once you reach the last Launch Pad in front of a agpole, your Star will break free, allowing you to add it to your collection. Hurry-Scurry Galaxy: Shrinking Satellite This galaxy only has one mission: Shrinking Satellite. I found this one a bit tedious. You have to collect all Musical Notes on one round platform. The platforms will sink, though, and you will fall into a Black Hole. Once you collect all Notes, the Power Star will appear. Drop Mario into the abyss to collect the Power Star and get a Gold Crown on this galaxy. Bowsers Star Reactor: The Fiery Stronghold The games rst Bowser galaxy. Thwomps and Fire Shooters are common obstacles here. After going up crumbling staircases, Mario can ght Bowser. Boss: Bowser Bowser is very simple, in my opinion. Dodge his attacks, then when he is open Spin on his tail. Keep wacking him and be sure to cause him to land on one of the blue circles, where re will burn and damage him. Eventually, your big foe will take Peach off to another galaxy. Sling Pod Galaxy: A Very Sticky Situation (Hungry Luma) This extra level involves Mario making use of the Sling Pods and launching from one area to another; eventually youll reach the Star (as usual). The Kitchen Beach Bowl Galaxy: Sunken Treasure The level starts out with penguin students, distracted by ve Star Chips. Mario needs to collect the Star Chips if he wants to progress. At the end, Mario can hit switches to make walls appear. He can Ground-Pound a Switch to make platforms appear, which lead to the Power Star; these are timed and disappear after a while. Beach Bowl Galaxy: Passing the Swim Test Mario is challenged by the Coach Penguin of the Beach Bowl area to race his student underwater. The student holds a Golden Shell. You must follow that penguin and Spin near him to steal the Golden Shell, then deliver it to Coach Penguin, who will become pleased and grant you a Star. Beach Bowl Galaxy: The Secret Undersea Cavern

Swimming underwater and hitting a wall with a Shell leads Mario to an undersea cavern with bats. Use the Launch Star to land on a planet with Tox Boxes, enemies from Mario 64; your Power Star is encased in a crystal, so Spin twice to break it free. Ghostly Galaxy: Luigi and the Haunted Mansion Luigi is trapped inside a haunted mansion. Mario has to go through this mansion and turn into Boo Mario to free his brother. To use Boo Mario, press A to oat and shake the Wii Remote to become transparent; this allows Mario, in Boo form, to go through walls. Boos will not hurt you if you are in Boo form, and going under lights cause you to lose Boo power. After his rescue, Luigi will give Mario a Star he discovered. Ghostly Galaxy: A Very Spooky Sprint Mario has to race against the Spooky Speedster, a Boo that is an expert at Boo racing. If you can beat him to the end, the Spooky Speedster shall give you a Power Star. You will be utilizing Pull Stars during the race. Theres actually a Sling Star that should help you get further ahead of him, too. Bouncy meat might also bounce you in the wrong direction, so carefully avoid that. Ghostly Galaxy: Beware of Bouldergeist Beware of Bouldergeist is right! For most of this level, Mario will be going through a haunted house-themed area and avoiding Boos and stuff. New enemies called Bomb Boos appear here. Mario must shake the Wii Remote to grab the Bomb Boos by the tongue and swing them into statues or enemies. However, if Mario keeps a Bomb Boo in his hands for too long, the Boo will explode and cause you to lose health. After going to a Hungry Luma Shop, its time to face the big guy himself! Boss: Bouldergeist Bouldergeist isnt too hard to defeat. However, the Daredevil Comet for this mission is pure Hell. Bouldergeist is just a big rock monster who summons and res rocks at Mario. What Mario needs to do is grab the Bomb Boos by shaking the Wii Remote and spin them near Bouldergeist; this will cause the monster damage. Eventually, Bouldergeist will summon hands and become more powerful. Carefully repeat the same process to beat Bouldergeist and earn yet another Power Star. Bubble Breeze Galaxy: Through the Poison Swamp This level is rather boring, I.M.O. Mario has to hop inside bubbles that re from Water Cannons to reach certain areas. It can be annoying, too, because if Marios bubble touches rocks, enemies, or electric elds, itll pop and Mario will die. Oh, and I should mention that the swamp below is like Dark Matter and it kills Mario instantly. Buoy Base Galaxy: The Floating Fortress I thought this one was kind of cool (except for the swimming part). For the rst mission, Mario must make the tower in Buoy Base rise up by luring Torpedo Teds into a cage under the water. After climbing the fortress and collecting Blue Star Chips, Mario will reach a Poke Ball-like planet and collect the Power Star in a watery fortress of sorts. Buoy Base Galaxy: The Secret of Buoy Base More water and luring Bullet Bills and Torpedo Teds into this cage that holds a Green Star. Torpedo Teds, annoying underwater Bullet Bills, can be found here... Bowser Jr.s Airship Armada: Sinking the Airships This level is another big Airship. Wigglers and poles that Mario must climb on appear here.

Boss: Bowser Jr. The Koopas shells are important in this ght. Have Mario do a Spin to grab the Shell and aim it at Bowser Jr.s ship. As Bowser Jr.s ght goes on, he will shoot Bullet Bills and start spinning very fast. Try and aim for the statue of Bowsers face on the front of the Airship. Performing this three times will earn you your Grand Star! Drip Drop Galaxy: Giant Eel Outbreak (Hungry Luma) This Hungry Luma Star involves Gringill eels that are stopping the galactic penguins from being able to get food. Mario has to dive underwater, grab a Koopa Shell, and kill all the Gringills under the sea to earn a Star and save the penguins land. The Bedroom Gusty Garden Galaxy: Bunnies in the Wind This next area, the Gusty Garden Galaxy, mainly involves Mario going through the sky with a special dandelion called Floaty Fluff. As the Star Bunnies on the rst planet instruct, shake the Wii Remote to make Floaty Fluff y higher and higher. Just note that Floaty Fluff only takes a few spins, and if you cant land in time, Mario dies. At the end of this mission, you will land on a cube-shaped garden planet, where a Star Bunny challenges Mario. Mario must chase this Bunny, catch him, and earn a Star. To grab the Star Bunny, shake the Wii Remote while near him. Gusty Garden Galaxy: The Dirty Tricks of Major Burrows A cute Star Bunny is being chased by a huge Undergrunt, Major Burrows. Mario must use Floaty Fluff and go across obstacles before he can face this mean mole. At one point in this level, Mario must make a caterpillar (or worm) come out from the apples around the galaxy to use as a platform to the Launch Star; after grabbing your Health Mushroom, you can go face off against Major Burrows. Boss: Major Burrows Major Burrows is a gigantic Undergrunt who chases an innocent Star Bunny around his planet. To defeat this mole, Mario must Ground Pound when he is under the dirt, causing Burrows to ip over on his spiked hat. Nows your chance! Ground Pound near this big mole again to make him dizzy, Spin him and damage him worse. As the ght progresses, Major Burrows will gain speed and get a bit nasty. Just keep carefully repeating your attack pattern (Spinning on his backside) until the Star appears and the Major is defeated. Gusty Garden Galaxy: Gusty Gardens Gravity Scramble The last mission of the Gusty Garden features lots of toying around with the gravity, as its name suggests. Spinning on arrows will cause the gravity to switch and such. (NOTE: If you kill the Golden Chomp on the circular planet with the moles with a Rainbow Star, the Chomp will explode and give you a secret Star.) Freezeame Galaxy: The Frozen Peak of Baron Brrr This is a neat galaxy involving a mix of both re and ice. Mario will get to use the Ice Flower here, allowing him to walk across cold water like Jesus that would normally kill Mario (or at least cause him to lose health if he didnt have the Ice Flower handy). At the top of the icy peak, a giant Brrr awaits Mario. Boss: Baron Brrr Baron Brrr is a huge Brrr who throws ice and small Brrrs (called Brrr Bits) at Mario. Mario must grab the Ice Flower, climb up to the Barons cliff, and Spin near him to

damage him (dont ask me how this hurts him, I honestly dont get it either). Do this a couple times to earn yet another Power Star. Freezeame Galaxy: Freezeames Blistering Core More re and ice...what else did you expect? The Fire Flower can be used here to light up torches so you can reach the Star. Freezeame Galaxy: Hot and Cold Collide You get the Fire Flower AND the Ice Flower here! Cool! (: Dusty Dune Galaxy: Soaring on the Desert Winds You knew there had to be a sand level in this Mario game somewhere, lol! Mario will encounter deadly quicksand (which causes instant death, if it wasnt obvious) and Galactic Tornados. These can be used as a mode of transportation for Mario if he Spins while near one. Dusty Dune Galaxy: Blasting Through the Sand Blasting through the sand In a one horse open sleigh Mario must use Tweesters, tornados with eyes, as a mode of transportation throughout this level. However, sometimes if you go into the Tweesters while they have rocks or other hazardous objects inside them, it may hurt Mario. Dusty Dune Galaxy: Sunbaked Sand Castle Mario has to hit this button that brings a tower out of the sand. If he collects all the hidden Star Chips before the sand castle goes too high, he can hop in the Launch Star to the next planet. In the end, deadly sand rises and you have to run to the top of a sand castle before the sand crushes you. Intense... Honeyclimb Galaxy: Scaling the Sticky Wall Mario grabs the Bee Mushroom here and must stick to the honeycombs on a wall full of honey and climb up. Not much else to say, other than the honeycombs you stick to move at some points. Some enemies like Mandibugs will attack, though, so be careful... Bowsers Dark Matter Plant: Darkness on the Horizon I hate this level, lol. Being the second Bowser level of the game, this one involves dark matter that instantly kills Mario (like quicksand). Gravity will pull Mario up to the ceiling at times, so you have to think before you make your moves. As usual, Bowser is battled here at the end; use the same attack pattern as last time (note Bowser can do a Spin move now, too). Bigmouth Galaxy: Bigmouths Gold Bait (Hungry Luma) A strange underwater galaxy with several jellysh and Gringills. You have to go underwater and swim, nd a Golden Shell, and use it to open the treasure chest on the island; only the Golden Shell can open the chest and get your Star. The Engine Room Gold Leaf Galaxy: Star Bunnies on the Hunt Several Star Bunnies of the galaxy are searching for Blue Star pieces. Once Mario successfully collects them all, he can grab a few Pull Stars and chase another Star Bunny; catching it gives him yet another Power Star for Rosalina. Gold Leaf Galaxy: Cataquack To the Skies Bad memories of Super Mario Sunshine, everyone. Bad memories. Anyways, Spinning near a Cataquack launches you up to certain heights, which will assist Mario.

Gold Leaf Galaxy: When it Rains, it Pours This level features storm clouds that drop raindrops from the sky. If Mario goes under a cloud with the Bee Mushroom, he will lose Bee power from the water of the clouds. Once you make your way up to the towers top, you can face a boss. Boss: Undergrunt Gunner This Undergrunt Gunner is easy to defeat. Avoiding the bubbles he res at you from his cannon, use the Bee ability to y up to the glass on top of the Gunners cannon. Ground Pound it and damage the bully mole; doing this three times will earn you your Star. Sea Slide Galaxy: Going After Guppy Mario travels to another beach to race against Guppy, a huge sea creature. If you beat Guppy and go through all eight rings, hell give Mario a Star. Sea Slide Galaxy: Faster Than a Speeding Penguin Racing again, but this time against a bunch of penguins. Ugh... Sea Slide Galaxy: The Silver Stars of Sea Slide You knew wed see more Silver Stars eventually, didnt you? Toy Time Galaxy: Heavy-Metal Mecha Bowser This is one of my favorite galaxies in the game, just because of the cheerful music and detailed background. The rst mission in the Toy Time Galaxy involves Mario going across several toy-themed planets. At times, Mario has to unscrew screws in the ground on certain platforms. Unscrewing the screws will create yet another platform, leading you through a crazy gravity area. This galaxy also introduces a rather fun but sometimes annoying to control Power Up, the Spring Mushroom. Pressing the A button on your Wii Remote and holding it down for a few seconds allows Mario to spring into the air to reach platforms. At the end of the level Mario lands on the robotic Heavy-Metal Mecha Bowser. Mario has to climb to the top of the Mecha Bowser using the Spring Mushroom and unscrew its pieces to save Gearmos who are trapped at the robots head. Toy Time Galaxy: Mario Meets Mario This level is very unique. At the end, Mario has to collect ve Silver Stars to collect his Power Star; but before he can reach the planet he has to nd ve Star Chips to gain access to a Launch Star. This star launches Mario to the 8-bit Mario planet! Note that parts of Marios body on the planet are made up of disappearing panel platforms. The red part of Marios clothes is made of lava, so watch out! Toy Time Galaxy: Bouncing Down Cake Lane The cake isnt a lie, lol! Mario has to walk across chocolate bars, sweets and, of course, cake! (: Gearmos are present here again (unlike the Mario Meets Mario mission), giving useless hints. After going through a slippery ice cream-themed planet, Mario will launch from a cannon. Next, youre going to want to Spin near the ve birthday candles on the big cake. After blowing them out (well, not blowing, but ya know what I mean), you get a Launch Star that leads to your mole friend... Boss: Undergrunt Gunner Easy as hell. Just have Mario use the Spring Mushroom and spring to the top of the Undergrunt Gunners gumball machine; Ground Pound the glass on top to damage him. Repeat this process three times to earn a Power Star; just note yourself that the Gunner

will electrify the glass, damaging Mario. You want to wait til hes done electrocuting himself, lol. Bonen Galaxy: Kingns Fearsome Waters Boss: Kingn Kingn is one fearsome sh! This big monster chases Mario underwater with his skeletal sh friends, called Fishbones. To defeat Kingn, Mario has to Spin near a Koopa Shell to grab it; shake the Wii Remote while pointing it towards Kingns direction to hit him. Perform this process of hitting Kingn ve times to collect your next Star! Bowser Jr.s Lava Reactor: King Kalientes Spicy Return Before you can reach King Kaliente (again), you have to go through an easy planet with minor obstacles Mario must pass, such as luring a Bullet Bill into a Launch Star cage. Boss: King Kaliente Really, Bowser Jr.? Out of all the bosses you couldve had us ght, you chose King Kaliente? (Sigh.) Same tactics apply as last time, only Kaliente starts by ring the coconuts back at Mario instead of starting by taking the hit without defending himself. Meteors will rain down in this ght, too, so be careful. Sand Spiral Galaxy: Choosing a Favorite Snack (Hungry Luma) Mario gets to choose any two Power Ups of his choice: Boo Mario or Bee Mario. I recommend Boo Mario cause he moves a bit faster and his ight isnt limited like Bee Marios is (there are spotlights you have to avoid in this area also in Boo form; they will make you lose the Power Up). Note that the quicksand kills you no problem. In other words, its instant kill! At the end of the level, Mario can use a Rainbow Star and collect the Power Star on the moon. The Gate Gateway Galaxy: Gateways Purple Coins Mario must use the Red Star ability and collect 100 Purple Coins scattered throughout the Gateway Galaxy. After this task is complete, Mario can use the Red Star ability and y around whenever he wants in the Comet Observatory thanks to the Red Luma, who gives you a Red Power Star (this is the only one in the game). Boos Boneyard Galaxy: Racing the Spooky Speedster (Hungry Luma) This level is annoying as Hell. Capital H-E-L-L, everyone! You have to race the stupid Spooky Speedster (again) as Boo Mario in an underground area; and I should also mention if you bump into walls and stuff, youre screwed. XD (There is a nice little shortcut you can take here, though). The Garden Deep Dark Galaxy: The Underground Ghost Ship Mario has to swim underwater to reach an underground ghost ship, where a familiar foe waits for her revenge. Youll start out on an island with Crabbers; kill them off to earn Star Bits. You can also use the Fire Flower to kill several Octoguys. Before nding the Underground Ghost Ship, use the Fire Flower from the planet with the Octoguys to light two torches; this opens the gate to the underwater area, which is full of Bloopers. Now its time for another boss ght! Boss: Kamella

Pretty much the same as last time. Kamella res re and Koopa Shells; grab the Koopa Shells and Spin to throw em at her! She might summon Magikoopas, too, so kill these off carefully. Deep Dark Galaxy: Bubble Blastoff Boss: Undergrunt Gunner You must Spin coconuts at this Undergrunt Gunners glass dome to kill him. He has Water Cannons, though! ): After the Gunners defeat you have to go through cannons and stuff. It was rather difcult, in my opinion. At the end, Ground Pounding gold balls into a watermelon to make it bigger causes a Power Star to pop out. Deep Dark Galaxy: Guppy and the Underground Lake What? We gotta race Guppy...again? Yeah, this one I thought was harder than Guppys previous race. Dreadnought Galaxy: Inltrating the Dreadnought Cannons! Evil, evil, deadly cannons! Boo hoo! ): Dreadnought Galaxy: Dreadnoughts Colossal Cannons OMG! More cannons FTW? Dreadnought Galaxy: Revenge of the Topman Tribe And so the Topman Tribe returns for revenge! Before we reach em, though, we must save a captured Luma and make our way to Topmaniacs deadly UFO! Boss: Topmaniac Really, game designers? In the Garden, you pick THIS as your revenge boss? Nice going, lol... Matter Splatter Galaxy: Watch Your Step Disappearing and appearing platforms? No likey... Melty Molten Galaxy: The Sinking Lava Spire This volcanic epic level involves platforms and rocks at the end which sink into lava; Mario must make his way up to the Star at the top of the spire-like mountain and break it free from its crystal. Lots of Star Bits here, though! Melty Molten Galaxy: Through the Meteor Storm At the end of this level, after avoiding meteors and lava, Mario epically rides the Star Ball (ugh) across lava and rocks. I found it rather tricky... Melty Molten Galaxy: Fiery Dino Piranha A ery foe returns! Boss: Fiery Dino Piranha Basically Dino Piranha on crack; he moves a lot faster and his tail burns. You want to wait until the bosss tail stops burning on re, then Spin near it to wack it to him! Three times and you get your Star! He can leave trails of re behind him, though, so avoid that. And near the last hit he gets a lot faster (like most bosses). Snow Cap Galaxy: Star Bunnies in the Snow (Hungry Luma) This level is full of snow (odd, since we just came out of a hot, ery volcano). You have to use the Fire Flower to nd all three bunnies in a time of 2:30. One is in a snowman. One is in a chest; and another is in a hole. Youll also need to hit Flip Switches at times to do stuff, too. I found it also cool (no pun intended) that the cursor can clear the snow and make paths for Mario. A pretty tricky Bunny hide-and-seek game, though! The Center of the Universe

Bowsers Galaxy Reactor: The Fate of the Universe This nal castle galaxy is very interesting. It involves almost every type of themed planet so far (quicksand, ice, re, and disappearing blocks). Eventually its time to face the Koopa King for the nal time! Final Boss: Bowser For the rst part, Bowser is in rock/boulder form and will roll around trying to hit Mario; you must hit Spin him in the face when he is near you doing this attack. The next planet has Spiky Plants and green bouncy things; Spin these into Bowser to whack him! On the last planet, youll have to use the same strategy: having Bowser jump onto the blue circles so the core of the planet burns him. After doing this, the Power Stars have been returned to the Observatory! But wait...theres more? Bonus levels time, everybody! Planet of Trials Trial Galaxies Trial Galaxy 1 Rolling Gizmo Galaxy: Gizmos, Gears and Gadgets This is the nal (thank God) Star Ball mission/galaxy in the game. You have to roll your way through toy-themed objects and such to reach the Goal Flag and collect your rst Trial Galaxy Power Star. Trial Galaxy 2 Bubble Blast Galaxy: The Electric Labyrinth Ugh...bubbles AND electricity? If you bump into anything, your bubble will pop (heh). And I should also mention that in this level you can move wherever you want in whatever order you wish. Every area has one Star Chip that must be collected, launching you to the next planet where you must get past Bullet Bills and reach the Power Star. Trial Galaxy 3 Loopdeeswoop Galaxy: The Galaxys Greatest Wave Ray surng FTW! Lol, that sounds like a song... Planet of Trials Grand Finale Galaxy: The Star Festival The last Star of the game, the Star Festival involves Mario collecting 100 Purple Coins (youre not timed, thankfully). Many characters are in this galaxy as well, such as Coach Penguin, Penguru, the penguins, bees, Toad Brigade, Star Bunnies, etc. A Toad at the end of the level will send a message to the Wii Message Board if you speak to him after collecting all Purple Coins. The message is just a congratulations letter from Nintendo. If you complete the level with Mario, you get a picture of Maro and Peach; if you do it as Luigi, you get a nicer (in my opinion) picture of Luigi, Rosalina and the Toad Brigade. I hope everyone enjoyed my SMG walkthrough! See yall next time!