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New Super Mario Bros.

Wii (Wii) World 1: Mushroom Plains 1-1: Mushroom Plains Being the rst level of the game, this one introduces the basic controls. New PowerUps such as the Propeller Mushroom and Ice Flower can be used here. 1-2: Mushroom Plains This one takes place underground, like World 1-2 in the DS version of the game. Piranhas and stuff should be avoided here. 1-3: Mushroom Plains Wahoo! The rst Yoshi level! (: Yeah, in this level of Mushroom Plains, Mario has to use Yoshis Flutter Ability to reach some areas or Star Coins. 1-Tower: Mushroom Plains This is Larry Koopas fortress. Before Mario can reach Larry, however, he must climb to the top of the tower by using moving ledges that swing. Dry Bones should be killed, I think. Boss: Larry Koopa Larry isnt too difcult. Mario must jump on his head when he is not rolling in shell form. While Larry rolls across the platform in shell form, have Mario jump and avoid this when possible. After three hits, Larry will ee to the Mushroom Plains castle level. But were not going there just yet... 1-4: Mushroom Plains Much of this level involves Mario swimming underwater and avoiding clams and Cheep-Cheeps. 1-5: Mushroom Plains Mario mostly has to jump across moving block platforms in the high sky for this level. Be careful where you jump so Mario doesnt fall to his death! 1-6: Mushroom Plains Some Star Coins involve Yoshi here. Otherwise, Mario just has to walk across spinning circles of grass. 1-Castle: Mushroom Plains The last level of Mushroom Plains. This castle involves moving gears and lava that Mario must use as platforms. These gears spin, so be aware. Larry is also fought, being the castle level, one last time. This time, with the help of Kamek, Larrys oors move up and down, making it more challenging to defeat Larry. (Like any Koopaling boss in this game, shooting with Fire Power a total of about six times will defeat Larry, also.) World 2: Sea of Sand 2-1: Sea of Sand World 2 is hot! (: In this sandy desert area, Mario basically uses sand things that shoot up from time to time, allowing you to reach Star Coins or whatever else is available. 2-2: Sea of Sand Another desert level, basically. The Spikes here can be a hazard, so just jump on them or avoid their spike balls. 2-3: Sea of Sand This cave is dark... 2-Tower: Sea of Sand

This is the fortress of Roy Koopa, a tough and fat Koopaling of Bowsers. Mario has to reach Roy by climbing up gates and avoiding Dry Bones. Once you reach Roy, just use just about the same attack pattern you did for Larry back in World 1. 2-4: Sea of Sand This desert-themed area mostly involves periodic winds that push Mario back. The wind can be dangerous if it pulls Mario towards an enemy, so be aware. (Note: I had a rough time with this levels Star Coins due to the annoying winds.) 2-5: Sea of Sand Lakitus make their rst appearance in the game here, along with Pokeys. However, Yoshi can help Mario by gobbling the Spinies, Pokeys, and Lakitus up! (: 2-6: Sea of Sand A rip-off of World 1-6, basically... 2-Castle: Sea of Sand God, I hated this castle! Pretty much, Mario has to go through the right sections of the castles platforms. Example: If Mario goes through the right one, hell hear a ding and can progress. However, if you hear a bad MEEP sound, you have to start that area over. Oh, and to defeat Roy, just avoid him when he pops in and out of pipes and Shell Rolls, etc. Jump on him three times to get the Key to World 3: Penguin Playground! World 3: Penguin Playground 3-1: Penguin Playground This world is slippery and full of penguin-themed Christmas enemies! For the rst stage of World 3: Penguin Playground, Mario is introduced to the Penguin Suit. The Penguin Suit will allow Mario to (Like the Ice Flower) re snowballs and freeze enemies. It can also let him slide on his penguin belly. But be warned, because the other penguin enemies (Cooligans) can slide into and damage Mario, making him lose the Penguin Suit. 3-2: Penguin Playground Bullet Bills and Yoshi? Oh my! The Toad Rescue here was rather annoying, though, just because of all the crap ying around and stuff. 3-3: Penguin Playground An icy cave level. Mario has to avoid falling icicles and moving ones in the cold water that can crush and kill him... 3-Ghost House: Penguin Playground Have you ever felt like you were being followed? Followed by...Boos? 3-Tower: Penguin Playground Spike balls and moving platforms. And a duel with Lemmy Koopa on ice. Such fun... 3-4: Penguin Playground Another icy level with moving icicles... 3-5: Penguin Playground Moving platforms in the gray, snowy sky. Icy what you did there, Nintendo! 3-Castle: Penguin Playground Snake Blocks are a common obstacle Mario must pass here, while avoiding spike chains and Donut Blocks. Bah. For the Lemmy battle, Mario has to avoid the giant circus balls he res at you and jump on his head three times. Not too bad... World 4: Sparkle Ocean (A.K.A. Shimmering Ocean) 4-1: Sparkle Ocean

Ah...beach levels... 4-2: Sparkle Ocean Flying Cheep-Cheeps are an obstacle Mario must overcome in this tropical, sunny paradise. 4-3: Sparkle Ocean This level of Sparkle Ocean introduces Huckit Crabs, crabs that throw rocks, and Mega Urchins. Hooray... 4-Tower: Sparkle Ocean Steel blocks come out from the pipes here in this tower level. Mario must avoid them and, eventually, nd Wendy O. Koopa. Wendy res rings from her wand, like in Super Mario Bros. 3. Jump on her and avoid the rings, and you win the ght! 4-4: Sparkle Ocean Underwater madness! 4-Ghost House: Sparkle Ocean Mostly another haunted-themed level (Sigh). The Mousers, mouse enemies from Super Mario World, are introduced here, also. 4-5: Sparkle Ocean Mario uses Yoshi on this sandy beach to eat up Lakitus (some of which are friendly and throw Coins) and reach Star Coins! Yoshis Flutter Ability may be a huge help, as most of your Star Coins are up high. Too high for Mario himself to reach. 4-Castle: Sparkle Ocean Spike pillars are common enemies here, and Mario will have to use gates to climb at times. Being a beach castle, this one has some underwater sections to it, too. Of course, you must defeat Wendy. But youre not done with Sparkle Ocean just yet... 4-Airship: Sparkle Ocean Instead of taking Peach to the next world, Bowser Jr. takes her aboard his Airship. Once Mario gets on board the ship, he will nd Mecha-Koopas and moving ames. Boss: Bowser Jr. For this ght, Bowser Jr. will ride around in his mini Koopa Clown Car and shoot curving reballs down at Mario. To beat him, Mario must use a Propeller Block or, if he has it, a Propeller Mushroom to reach Bowser Jr. and jump on his head three times. Jr. will now take off with Peach, and Mario can move on to World 5. World 5: Toxic Forest 5-1: Toxic Forest The name of this world, Toxic Forest, is very appropriate due to all the poison and swamps that are here. For the rst level, have Mario avoid Piranha Plants and stuff. 5-2: Toxic Forest Mario will go through an underground cave of sorts. He will often have to avoid Mega Wigglers and Swoopers, too. 5-3: Toxic Forest This level introduces the Bramballs, rare plant-like vine enemies whose spiky arms can damage Mario. You can jump on their heads, use the Fire Flower at their heads, etc. to avoid them. They can be useful, like for reaching the rst Star Coin. Toxic water is a hazard for Mario, too. 5-Tower: Toxic Forest

This tower area of World 5 involves moving walls that can crush Mario if he is not careful. Spikes and Dry Bones should be avoided, too. The battle with Iggy isnt too different from previous Koopaling boss ghts. You know the drill, so I wont explain Iggys defeat. However, Iggy can shoot green reballs at Mario. Jump and avoid these carefully. 5-4: Toxic Forest This level was a bit annoying, I.M.O. Mario must hop on a moving platform to get across a river of purple gooey toxic stuff that instantly kills Mario if he falls into it. However, enemies will often drop onto the platform to try to hurt Mario. Just kill them if possible. Sometimes, lots of enemies will ll up the platform, stopping it from moving. To x this, Mario can eliminate the enemies, causing the platform to continue. I found that the Ice Flower was a huge help here for me. 5-Ghost House: Toxic Forest This Ghost House can be tricky. Mario needs Ghost Blocks to light his way through the area, while avoiding Boos. 5-5: Toxic Forest A sky level. This time, Mario must ride Jumbo Rays, dinosaur-like creatures, across the clouds while avoiding minor obstacles, such as Bullet Bills. Just have Mario do a Spin to make clouds go away if theyre blocking your view. The Jumbos leave you after a while, so just nd another one. (Note: This level is side-scrolling. Crap...) 5-Castle: Toxic Forest For this castle level, Mario has to climb across spinning fences and avoid reballs that Iggy (Unseen) shoots. For the ght, Iggy is accompanied by a HUGE Chain Chomp. World 6: Stonehead Mountains 6-1: Stonehead Mountains This level involves Stone Spikes and Bullet Bills. Mario gets to climb across mountainous areas. Wahoo... 6-2: Stonehead Mountains *Shivers* I hate the dark! (Lol) 6-3: Stonehead Mountains Gigantic Piranhas are an obstacle in this pipe-themed level. 6-4: Stonehead Mountains Monty Moles are an obstacle here. Yeah! (: Yoshi can easily swallow the Monty Moles up, so... 6-Tower: Stonehead Mountains This tower of Morton Koopa Jr. involves moving spiked pillars that go up and down. Perfect timing is necessary for Mario here. Oh, and for the Morton ght, just avoid the pillars on the sides. Morton will be faster than most Koopalings, so be aware! 6-5: Stonehead Mountains Porcu Puffers return! 6-6: Stonehead Mountains Spooky underground cavern... 6-Castle: Stonehead Mountains Lava pools and giant spike balls. 6-Airship: Stonehead Mountains

Rocky Wrenches (annoying wrench-throwing moles) are introduced to this Airship. Bowser Jr. will be fought, but this time he has electric fences on the sides of the arenas walls. World 7: Cloud Castle Courtyard 7-1: Cloud Castle Courtyard Spinning blocks in the sky. Oh my... 7-2: Cloud Castle Courtyard This level features giant sky bubbles (lol) that Mario can swim through to progress. 7-3: Cloud Castle Courtyard Fuzzies in the sky... 7-Tower: Cloud Castle Courtyard A tower in the sky with cannons that shoot Bob-ombs. Ludwig von Koopa is fought here. And yes, the Star Coins were a pain to collect here. 7-Ghost House: Cloud Castle Courtyard Peek-a-boo Boos! 7-4: Cloud Castle Courtyard Weeeeeeeh! 7-5: Cloud Castle Courtyard Annoying clouds with faces called Foos will try to fog out Marios view and path. Thankfully, this is the only level to feature them. 7-6: Cloud Castle Courtyard You ready to ride some Para-Beetles in the sky with Yoshi, Mario? 7-Castle: Cloud Castle Courtyard An outdoor castle level. Sledge Bros. try to stun Mario. Spiked pillars try to kill you, too. Some go very fast, so be careful. Boss: Ludwig von Koopa Ludwig isnt too bad, but hes arguably the hardest Koopa to ght in the game. He res stuff from his wand, and to make matters worse, the platforms go up while you ght him. World 8: Bowsers Volcano 8-1: Bowsers Volcano Mario has to hop across falling rock platforms above lava here. 8-2: Bowsers Volcano Moving rocks will be used as platforms by Mario in this underground volcano. 8-3: Bowsers Volcano The platforms here are on chains, and lava must be avoided by Mario (as if that wasnt already obvious, lol). 8-Tower: Bowsers Volcano Fire bars are common here and must be avoided. Boss: Kamek Since all seven Koopalings are down, Kamek takes their place as the boss here. Kamek will often teleport during the ght and turn platforms Mario is on into enemies. When he is open, have Mario jump on him three times. He will now y out of the tower on his broom. 8-4: Bowsers Volcano Underwater in a volcano. Huh? 8-5: Bowsers Volcano

I really HATED this one. Mario has to ride this moving platform through lava and avoid parachuting Bob-ombs. 8-6: Bowsers Volcano Classic rising lava... 8-7: Bowsers Volcano I thought this one was a lot of fun for a World 8 level. Mario gets to ride Bonecoasters, skeletal roller coasters, through lava and stuff. Really epic and cool. 8-Airship: Bowsers Volcano Mecha-Koopas and stuff. You have to shake your Wii Remote to make the drill things on platforms move so you can reach the next platform know, stuff. Boss: Bowser Jr. Pretty much Ground Pounding the wooden oor below and hitting him with spiked cannonballs, which will reach him after the Ground Pounds. After Jr.s last defeat, Kamek will ee to Bowsers Castle with Peach. World 8-Bowsers Castle: Bowsers Volcano Pretty much platforms that fall into lava and stuff. After going through a big door, Mario will face his archnemesis. Boss: Bowser Oh, this is easy. Just avoid Bowser and hit the ? Switch to free Peach from her cage...but wait. That isnt Peach. Its Kamek in disguise! Now, Kamek will put magic into Bowser to make him huge! Final Boss: Mega Bowser Mega Bowser will re reballs at the walls, breaking Marios safe platforms. Mario must race ahead to avoid Bowsers re and such. Then, youll nd a gigantic ? Switch. Hit the ? Switch to end it all. Bowser will sink into the lava. Hes done...until the next time.