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Super Mario Galaxy: Prankster Comets Walkthrough (Wii) Prankster Comets Good Egg Galaxy: Dino Piranha Speed

Run Fighting Dino Piranha in a time of 4:00. Pretty frustrating... Space Junk Galaxy: Pull Star Path Speed Run Pull Star Path going fast! Dusty Dune Galaxy: Sandblast Speed Run Blasting through the desert sands in an intense speed run Comet. Dreadnought Galaxy: Topman Tribe Speed Run The Topman Tribe on crack, basically. Battlerock Galaxy: Topmaniacs Daredevil Run Fighting Topmaniac and his Topman Tribe with one bit of health. Easy! (: Ghostly Galaxy: Bouldergeists Daredevil Run Now, with Bouldergeist, THIS one is tricky, Ill admit. ): Gusty Garden Galaxy: Major Burrowss Daredevil Run (Sigh) A big mole on drugs? No way! Deep Dark Galaxy: Ghost Ship Daredevil Run Fighting Kamella in the Underground Ghost Ship mission with one bit of health. What else is new, huh? Melty Molten Galaxy: Lava Spire Daredevil Run God no! I actually found the part with the volcano and Star Bits helpful because it gave me 1-Ups to make up for my fails. Honeyhive Galaxy: Honeyhive Cosmic Mario Race Cosmic Mario racing FTW! Yeah, you have to just beat him to the Star, pretty much. He will get stuck in honey, so then is your chance to get past him. Freezeame Galaxy: Frosty Cosmic Mario Race Cosmic Mario on ice! Id pay money to see that! (: Gold Leaf Galaxy: Cosmic Mario Forest Race (Sigh) I knew this had to come in Gold Leaf eventually... Sea Slide Galaxy: Underwater Cosmic Mario Race Swimming with Cosmic Mario? I didnt know he knew how to swim. Beach Bowl Galaxy: Fast Foes on the Cyclone Stone Heck no... Toy Time Galaxy: Fast Foes of Toy Time How did I predict this was coming? Oh yeah, I saw it on YouTube! ): Good Egg Galaxy: Purple Coin Omelet You have to collect 100 Purple Coins scattered throughout the Good Egg Galaxy. Honeyhive Galaxy: The Honeyhives Purple Coins Ugh. Space Junk Galaxy: Purple Coin Spacewalk Not those disappearing platforms! Awww! ): Battlerock Galaxy: Purple Coins on the Battlerock Moving platforms and cannons?! No way! Beach Bowl Galaxy: Beachcombing for Purple Coins (Snores loudly) Ghostly Galaxy: Purple Coins in the Bone Pen

You know, I liked this galaxy at rst, but now its pure Hell, lol! I found this one difcult, yes. You have to utilize the Pull Stars in the area where we previously raced the Spooky Speedster. Hams can bounce you (why theyre bouncy, Ive yet to nd out) and I highly recommend going as straight as possible to collect as many Purple Coins as you can. There are more than 100, so youre allowed to miss some. I highly recommend collecting as many of the Coins near where the Star appears (between the oating pieces of meat), since even after you get Coin 100 the timer is still ticking. That method helped me a lot. Gusty Garden Galaxy: Purple Coins on the Puzzle Cube Anything but the Puzzle Cube! Why not Major Burrowss planet? Freezeame Galaxy: Purple Coins on the Summit Thank God, theres no cursed time limit! You just have to collect 100 Purple Coins and at the end make a suicidal leap of faith into the ice below. I really thought this Mount Everest kind of thing was pretty epic! At last theres a Purple Coin mission I enjoy! Dusty Dune Galaxy: Purple Coins in the Desert! Gold Leaf Galaxy: Purple Coins in the Woods Over the hill Through the woods Off to Grandmas house we go! Weee! Sea Slide Galaxy: Purple Coins by the Seaside She sells Purple Coins by the sea shore! (: Toy Time Galaxy: Luigis Purple Coins Everybody hates this one, right? Right. (Wink wink) Deep Dark Galaxy: Plunder the Purple Coins Most of these Purple Coins are scattered in the area near the Underground Ghost Ship. Some are underwater, too... Dreadnought Galaxy: Battlestations Purple Coins I hated this one, mainly because of all the chaos and cannons and crap. ): Melty Molten Galaxy: Red-Hot Purple Coins Red-hot Purple Coins, fresh out of the oven! The Center of the Universe Bowsers Galaxy Reactor: The Fate of the Universe II After getting all 120 Stars, Mario must ght Bowser again. After Bowsers defeat, Mario can now play as Luigi! Yes, for this level, nothing has been changed, which is good and kind of disappointing, lol.