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H a i y m Mmicipul (Control and Redation of FIaying and disposal of Dead Animals) Bye-laws, 1988


vide Haryana Governmenf Notifiation No. GSR54/HA 24/73/S. 220 a d

2/4/87 dated the 17.6.1988.


1. Short M e and rppliation. - These bye-laws may be c d l d the H8ryana Municipal (Control a d Regulation of Flaymg and Disposal of Dead Animals) Bye-laws, 1988. (2) Tlrey shall apply to all Municipalities. 2, BtEnitioa. Inthese bye-laws, unless the context othenvise requires :(a) "Act" means the Haryana Municipal Act, 1973; (b) "Coatmet" tWms a contract given in the form m d e d to these bye- laws

(c) "Contract0r"menns a prison to whom conbact has beengranted under these bye-laws.
3. Dispoad or flaying o l d u d minuls. - No pmoo shall dispose of or flay .the dead mimals of anv son wtthin the Innits of municipal comminee except in accordance wtth the following &ditions, namely :. (a) O l such person shall be allowed to undmke the disposal of dead animals to whom ny the munici~al committee may allot the works by contract (hereinafter called the contract) in th; form in ~ ~ ~ e n & x - A . (b) The contract shall be granted in public auction a& given wide publicity in the local newsDawn of Hindi and Urdu and the nohas shall also be displayed consp~cuously 'at pub~<c places. '[(c) Every conhaa shall be executed h r a period not exceeding three years and not less than one year commencing Fmm 1st April and ending on 31st March next followmg.] (ti) The contractor shall open an information centre at the place approved by the Muaicipal Committee. (e) The contractor and hi employees shall have to obtain identification caiificites from the Municipal Commina. .. . (f) Thedead animals shall be eamed over by the cooaafmr on Rehra driven by a horse. , . , ...< . ,. , .:, . .. . . .. I . SubstitiRed by H a m Govcmmmt Notification No. GSR IOIHA 2 3 i 7 6 s . 200 and 214, M 24.1.1992.

,608 H a p a MunkipoI (Conlrol& Regulation o Flaying f

...)Byc-lcrws, 1988,

(g) No person shall erect masomy tomb or smadhi over the deadbody of an animal within the mun~cipal limit. (h) The contractm shall not ktep the bans of the dead animals m open. (i) No dead body of the animal shall be disposed of or flayed by the contractor in any piace other than the place fixed by the Municipal Committee. (i) No unauthonsed person shall remove the dead animals failing which the offender on vrosecution bv a maelstrate shall be ~unishable a fme w w lh shall not be Ins than with h hc iwenty-five n&es &d more than 60 hundred rupees, and when the breach 1s contlnued; with a further fme of ten rupees for every day after the first dunng whlch the breach continues.

APPENDIX A [See bye-law 3(a)J

AGREEMENT This Agreement made this 'thy of beween Municipal Committee (hereinafter called the Municipal Committee which expression shall include his - successors in office) of the one part, and Shri , d o Shri resident of shall include his heirs, ex(hereinaftercalled the contractor which e~pression ecutors, legal representatives of the other part. Whnras the work of flaying and disposal of dead animals during the period from 1st April to 3 I st March within the municipal area of the Municipal Committee , has been alo? l t &%&-contractor. The partis do bereby a g m as under :,, 1. The cnntractor shall pay mpm per dead animal which may be carried by hinn and shall be paid by hlm monthly/quarcerly/biann~~lly/yearly equal ~nslalments. in 2. The contractor shall opm an information centre at the place approved by the Municipal Committee. 3. The contractor and his q l o y e r j shall have to obtain identification certificate from the M u n i c ~Committee. l 4. The dead animal shall be canied ova by the contractor on Rehra driven by a horse. 5. The contractor shall not keep the bones of the dead animal in open. 6. No dead body of the animal shall be disposed of or flayed by the contractor in any place other than the place fwd by the Municrpal Comnuttce. 7. All works relating to flaying and disposal of dead animal to be executed under the contract shall be exeeuced under the dinctlon and mblect to the m o v a l in all resoecu of the Commmee and shall be entwhltled to d~rect what point orpomts G d in what &n;n theseare at t be carrled on. o 8. If any question, difference or objection arises out of this contract, the matters shall be refemd to arbifrator to be appointed by the Director. Local Bodies, Havana Governmentwithin months fromthedateof and ifthe matter is not referred to arbitratorwithin the said period, all the rights and claims under the contract shall be deemed to have been forfeited and an absolutely time-barred. In wltness whereof t e panes hereto have set theu hands the day and year fmt above writh ten. Witnesses: Signaturts for and on be1. Name half of the M u n l c l ~ a Committee. l 2. Witnesses; Signatures 1. Name

Address of Contractor