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MBA II - RESEARCH ASSIGNMENT ___________________________________________________________________ Subject: MTIC Subject Code: MS 102 Semester: MBA II Batch: 2012 2014 Instructor:

: Ms. Gazal Gandhi Maximum Marks: 10 th Last Date of Submission: 20 February 2013. Note: Attempt any one question. Question 1: Caselet: Philips- Sense and Simplicity The case describes the challenge faced by the CEO and newly hired Chief Marketing Officer to reposition the Philips brand and drive the organizational changes to support the new vision. Central to the version was the Sense and Simplicity marketing campaign, which came to embody a whole new way of doing business at Philips. The primary target of the Sense and Simplicity campaign was customers aged 35-55. Philips was not thought of as a cool and attractive brand by Generation Y consumers. Philips must rewire the Sense and Simplicity campaign for the Generation Y market. Answer the following questionsa). The results revealed that consumers across various countries seek simple technology, i.e., 'technology without hassles'. In this background, how did Philips utilize its technological strength to connect with the customer? b). "New products, new services, new solutions, business creation, strategy, research, brand architecture, contact with customers - everything must be driven by the brand positioning." What internal changes did Philips initiate, to link its processes with the theme of 'Sense and Simplicity'? Question 2: Case-Let: Coca-Cola Coca-Cola is one of the leading manufacturers of carbonated drinks all over the world. Over the past decades, Coca-Cola remained on top of the industry. The company was able to withstand the World War II, and even took it as a business opportunity rather than a liability. It was able to surpass the Asian Financial Crisis and even gained better access in markets that it was not able to fully enter. Coca-Cola exhibited the efficient change management as part of the strategic management process. Change management is the process in which it manages the change in the side of people. There individual change management and organizational change management are the theories of change management. Aside form the theories there are also four strategies of change management which are the Empirical-rational, normative-reductive, power-coercive and environmental-adaptive, which the

company has successfully adopted but it is now facing major jolts in its business operations and its competitors are gaining advantage out of the same. Based on the above case-let, analyse the position of the company with respect to : i) Coca-Cola Corporation Management Strategies with respect to its technological advancement in 21st centaury. ii) Change in Information System due to changes in the world wide market structures.

Question 3: Benchmarking as a standalone management strategy is a relatively new and evolving set of techniques. Its roots go back to performance measurement, technological innovations & change management. Comment on the given below statements: I. Determine which function will benefit most from benchmarking; II. Identify key cost, quality and efficiency measures for those functions;

Instructions: Assignment should be spiral bound on A-4 size sheet in typed form with times new roman style and font for heading should be 16, for subheading 14, and for normal text 12 with 1.5 line spacing. Unformatted or poorly formatted documents will be penalized Students have to submit the soft copy of the assignment on portal along with plagiarism report for the same. If the plagiarism report shows that more than 40% content is copied from internet, the assignment will not to be accepted. Students have to submit hard copy along with plagiarism report at reception along Cover Page and Submission form are given with this document. Last date of submission of the assignments (students) in prescribed format as per the guidelines (Soft and hard copy along with plagiarism report) is : 20th February 2013. Details of Plagiarism Software arewith assignment submission form.

1. Viper the Anti-plagiarism Scanner 1.5 System requirements : Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 95, Windows Vista, Windows XP along with .Net framework support. Download information : File size 900.19K Download link : It works on client server approach. So we need to download the client solution at our system and using internet only we can scan the document. Therefore, internet support is a must. 2. Guidelines for using the software: 1. Download the client solution of viper at your system. 2. Run the executable file to install the software. 3. You will get a User id and password to use the software on the mail id which you will have to provide during downloading the software. 4. Click on icon of viper. 5. Provide your User id and password. 6. Add the document you will like to scan. 7. Select the document property from the drop box list. 8. Click on go to step 3. 9. Click on start. 10. The scanning will start automatically. 11. Once the scanning stops save the report 12. Submit your soft copy of assignment. 13. Submit the softcopy of the report generated by the Viper software on portal along with assignment and attach hard copy of the same in assignment file.

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