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Super Mario Galaxy 2: Hungry Luma Levels Guide (Wii) Fluffy Bluff Galaxy: Every Planet Has Its

Price This level involves Mario using the Cloud Flower to reach the top of a small tower planet, where your Power Star is located; I found it rather fun, personally. Puzzle Plank Galaxy: Bugabooms Back Boss: Bugaboom After feeding the Hungry Luma 70 Coins in the Puzzle Plank Galaxy, Mario lands on a planet where he must ght Bugaboom, a giant Mandibug who was introduced in the rst Super Mario Galaxy. To defeat Bugaboom, Mario must use (instead of the Bee Mushroom, which was used in the rst game) the Cloud Flower and Ground Pound Bugabooms Ground Pound symbol on his back. Do this three times to earn your Power Star. Note that Bugaboom will often drop bombs and get in rage mode towards the ghts end, making him y faster. Hightail Falls Galaxy: Silver Stars in Hightail Falls This next Hungry Luma level involves Mario landing on a small, grass-covered planet where enemies that resemble Poliwhirl from the Pokemon series appear. These creatures, called Kleptoads, hold ve Silver Stars. Using Yoshi to gobble up these enemies, Mario can collect all ve Silver Stars, causing your Power Star to appear. Note that these Poliwhirls will often trade Silver Stars for Coins or other items. This makes your brain hurt and Mario has to nd which Poliwhirl took that Silver Star (confusing, I know). Cosmic Cove Galaxy: Catch that Star Bunny Catching a classic Star Bunny, just like good old times in the rst Super Mario Galaxy! Cloudy Court Galaxy: Silver Stars in the Purple Pond Cosmic Clones chase you in this level while you go through a not-so-cloud-themed planet with gooey purple ponds that instantly kill Mario. Avoiding the Clones, you must collect ve Silver Stars to make your Star appear (as if this were new news). Clockwork Ruins Galaxy: The Ledge Hammer Trap This one was cool but frustrating. Mario has to hit the ! Switches from Space Storm to slow down time and the big ledge hammers that instantly kill Mario when they crush him. Get to the top and collect your Star. Battle Belt Galaxy: Snacktime for Gobblegut Boss: Fiery Gobblegut Its my worst nightmare, Gobblegut rising from the dead in re form! Similar to Fiery Dino Piranha from Melty Molten Galaxy in the rst Super Mario Galaxy game, Mario must Spin to hit Gobbleguts bellyache bulges, but can only do so when they are not burning. Do this several times to earn your nal Hungry Luma planet Star!