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Super Mario Galaxy 2: Prankster Comets Walkthrough (Wii) Sky Station Galaxy: Pewee Piranhas Speed Run Super

Mario Galaxy 1, anybody? (: Bowser Jr.s Fiery Flotilla: Fiery Flotilla Speed Run Honestly, now? Fighting Gobblegut with a time limit? Come on, Nintendo! (: Hightail Falls Galaxy: Hightail Falls Speed Run Hightail Fails Speed Run shouldve been the title of this mission... Bowsers Lava Lair: Lava Lair Speed Run Is it just me, or does every Bowser galaxy have a Speed Run as its Comet? Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy: Masterpiece Speed Run Youre so ugly you could be a modern art masterpiece. Supermassive Galaxy: Big Wigglers Speed Run Does this mission title involving Big Wigglers sound wrong to you somewhat? Bowsers Gravity Gauntlet: Gravity Star Speed Run Another Speed Run. Whaddya know? Throwback Galaxy: Whomp Silver Star Speed Run If you remember where all the Silver Stars are in the Whomps Fortress, this level should be a piece of cake! Bowsers Galaxy Generator: Bowsers Big Bad Speed Run Hes big...hes bad...hes Bowser! Stone Cyclone Galaxy: Tox Box Speed Run Compared to the regular mission of Stone Cyclone, this one wasnt too bad! Boss Blitz Galaxy: Throwback Throwdown Speed Run More like Bosses from Mario Galaxy gone mad! Yes, you just have to ght Dino Piranha, King Kaliente, Major Burrows, Bouldergeist and Fiery Dino Piranha in a time of ve minutes. Spin Dig Galaxy: Digga-Legs Daredevil Run My message to Digga-Leg: U mad, bro? Bowser Jr.s Fearsome Fleet: Megahammers Daredevil Bash Yoshi in a Daredevil Comet? Epic! (: Slipsand Galaxy: Squizzards Daredevil Run Squizzards in a bad mood this morning, kids. Bowser Jr.s Boom Bunker: Boomsday Machine Daredevil Run Jr.s at it again with his Boomsday Machine, this time in a Daredevil Run! Battle Belt Galaxy: Mini-Planet Daredevil Run All the enemies getting killed...but Maro has one bit of health... Flip-Swap Galaxy: Purple Coin Flip n Sprint Purple Coin ippin sprint! Except theres a time limit...and Chomps. ): Puzzle Plank Galaxy: Purple Coin Shadow Vault Cosmic Clones? NOOOOOOO! Tall Trunk Galaxy: Tall Trunks Purple Coin Slide Seriously? They had to put Purple Coins on the evil slide of Tall Trunk? Okay, if you say so... Flipsville Galaxy: Purple Coin Spin Speed Run

Using the Spin Drill in a dollhouse in Flipsville to get 100 Purple Coins in an exact time of 2:30. Not cool... Starshine Beach Galaxy: Purple Coin Beach Dash You have to have Yoshi eat the Dash Pepper and collect 100 out of 140 Purple Coins in 0:35. It helps to tilt the Nunchucks Control Stick and keep it kind of tilted; this really helped me get all the Purple Coins after a few rage quits, lol. Sweet Mystery Galaxy: Bulb Berrys Purple Coin Glow Sweet! Theres no time limit! Clockwork Ruins Galaxy: The Adventure of the Purple Coins More like the Fail of the Purple Coins. One question: Why are Whittles (those little sandwich-looking wood people) in an ancient ruins? Mario Squared Galaxy: Luigis Purple Coin Chaos Toy Time throwback, is it not? This time, theres Cosmic Clones chasing you! Rolling Coaster Galaxy: Purple Coins on the Rainbow Road Fails everywhere! I found a good strategy from the Prima Game Guide, though; you want to collect as many as possible on the narrow rainbow at the beginning. Its timed, so itll take a few tries, but you can get it eventually. There is a Purple Coin replacing the Star inside the Star Ball. Reaching the goal at the end will release the last Coin; grabbing it and talking to the Gearmo (if you have at least 100 Coins or more) will give you a Star (there are 110 in all, so you can miss some). Towers mess with you at the beginning, so dont let them push you off course, literally. Cloudy Court Galaxy: The Shadow Lining Cosmic Clones in Cloudy Court! Boo hoo! (At least this one has those cool Space Junk platforms!) Haunty Halls Galaxy: Spooky Cosmic Clone Chase Stupid Cosmic Clones! Chompworks Galaxy: Cosmic Clones in the Chompworks You have to lead Golden Chomps into the holes with Cosmic Clones behind you, stalking your every step! Flip-Out Galaxy: Cosmic Clone Wall Jumpers Wall-jumping Clones? THIS IS MADNESS! (: Yoshi Star Galaxy: Spiny Rainbow Romp You have to kill all the Spinies on the Yoshi Stars starting planet before time runs out! Boulder Bowl Galaxy: Rolling Crabber Romp At rst I thought this said Rolling Crapper Romp, lol. Anyway, as usual with these Romp Comets, Mario must kill all the enemies on a planet; this time, however, you can use Rock Mario to kill all the Crabbers on Rollodillos planet. Flash Black Galaxy: Dark Octo-Army Romp Yoshis here to help ya this time with those ashing lights and Octoombas and OctoGuys! (: Shiverburn Galaxy: Octo-Army Icy Rainbow Romp Killing Octoombas and Octo Guys on Prince Pikantes planet with the Rainbow Star. What else is new? Beat Block Galaxy: Silver Stars in Double Time These Double Time Comets mainly involve the blocks in the Beat Block Galaxy to move faster than normally, making it harder to get the Silver Stars and other items and such.

Twisty Trials Galaxy: Turning Turning Double Time Twisty Trials Galaxys blocks move faster, and Yoshi is present in the galaxy to help you with his Flutter Jump this time around. Bowsers Galaxy Generator: Bowsers Fortied Fortress II Fighting Bowser again after 120 Stars have been collected, just like in SMG 1! Also just like SMG1, nothing has changed about this level. After beating Bowser again, the Green Stars (AKA Cosmic Jewels) have been unlocked!