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Super Mario Galaxy 2: Green Stars (Wii) The Green Star Challenge is On!

World 1: The Great Space Journey Begins Sky Station Galaxy: Green Stars Well, what can I say? The Green Star Challenge is On. Finally! Anyways, I should probably explain the whole deal with these Green Stars. Remember the Green Stars from the rst Super Mario Galaxy? Well, these ones are different; every galaxy (excluding the Grandmaster) has at least two or three Green Stars hidden in them. The Green Stars basically send Mario on an Easter Egg hunt, but Id call it a Green Star hunt, lol. The Green Stars for Sky Station arent too tricky, being the rst of the game. Of course, these Stars will get harder to nd the further you go on. Yoshi Star Galaxy: Green Stars Like Sky Station, the Green Stars for Yoshi Star are fairly simple and fun to collect (mainly, theyre fun because you get Yoshi); overall, this galaxys Green Stars were cool. Spin Dig Galaxy: Green Stars Were drilling to nd some Green Stars! Im digging it! Flip-Swap Galaxy: Green Stars There are two Green Stars here, and both of them require precise timing. You have to Spin Jump up high into the Stars (Id recommend Luigi for this, he jumps higher than Mario) to reach them. You have to be careful so the Flip Swap panels below dont ip the wrong way; if you miss either Green Star, youre screwed and will fall into the abyss. Fun Green Stars, for the most part. Fluffy Bluff Galaxy: Green Stars Using the Cloud Flower to search for Green Stars is fun, so I actually enjoyed this for the most part. Rightside Down Galaxy: Green Stars These Stars are pretty well hidden, and fairly hard to nd. Bowser Jr.s Fiery Flotilla: Green Stars One of the Green Stars here is very well hidden and fun to collect. You have to go on top of the Thwomps head in the rst area of the galaxy, then Spin Jump and land on top of the castle-like tower. The objective here is to climb carefully to a planet with a circle of Star Bits that is on the tower, where the Green Star is located. The last Star is a bit hard to get, in my opinion; it takes good timing and far jumping skills. Luigi is highly recommended. World 2: Shooting Through the Stars Puzzle Plank Galaxy: Green Stars These Green Stars arent too PUZZLING (see what I did there?). Most are actually fun to collect. Hightail Falls Galaxy: Green Stars Ill admit these Green Stars were a bit tricky to collect, since you need the Dash Pepper for most of them. I avoided ditching Yoshi as best I could, so I didnt have TOO much trouble. Boulder Bowl Galaxy: Green Stars Rock Mario rocks!

Cosmic Cove Galaxy: Green Stars I wasnt the biggest fan of this galaxy, but the Green Stars, thankfully, were fun to collect. Wild Glide Galaxy: Green Stars For the Fluzzard missions, the Green Stars are very annoying to get because you have to be precise with your timing with Fluzzard while you y. If you miss Green Star 1, you can get Green Star 2; miss Green Star 2, though, and youll get to restart the mission... Honeybloom Galaxy: Green Stars Lets see where those Green Stars bee! Bowsers Lava Lair: Green Stars These ones are very fun to get, and not too difcult. If you miss one of these you might die because of their weird locations, so be cautious. The rst Green Stars behind a rock oating out of level bounds in the lava, so you have to be very careful to get it. World 3: The Far Reaches of the Universe Tall Trunk Galaxy: Green Stars I just knew one of these Stars had to be on the slide... Cloudy Court Galaxy: Green Stars Cloudy With A Chance of Green Stars! Haunty Halls Galaxy: Green Stars Its rumored these Green Stars are haunted... Freezy Flake Galaxy: Green Stars Hooray for leaps of faith into lava! Yeah, these ones are pretty tricky, especially the third one. Green Star 3 is in the whiteout area before you ght Sorbetti, in the hidden spot with 3 1-Ups. Clever, Nintendo... Beat Block Galaxy: Green Stars Step to that beat and get the Green Stars! Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy: Green Stars These were very clever and I had a lot of fun collecting these Green Stars; timing is necessary here, and so is having good Star Ball skills. One is on the Silver Chomps planet and another is on the elevator planet after the Flip Switches; you have to roll carefully off the rising platform and be sure to land in the Green Star; if you miss, however, you lose an extra life. Bowser Jr.s Fearsome Fleet: Green Stars This eet is...fearsome! World 4: The Many Mysteries of the Cosmos Supermassive Galaxy: Green Stars These Green Stars really ask you for your skill, so youre really going to have to be good at Long Jumping; again I recommend Luigi highly. Flipsville Galaxy: Green Stars The rst two Green Stars (the second one being on the roof of the second planet) are simple. However, Green Star 3 is horrible. I died so many times and listened to Lubba and took a break (yes, I listened to Barney/Patrick). You have to stand at the right spot and drop into the abyss to grab it. If you miss it, you die and fall up. Sweet Mystery Galaxy: Green Stars Sweet Green Stars! I think that Nintendo was rewarding you with two easy Green Stars since you just completed Flipsville. In other words, youre given a break.

Honeyhop Galaxy: Green Stars Queen Bee has a Green Star in her face, yet she does nothing about it. Nintendo Logic... Starshine Beach Galaxy: Green Stars To be honest, Starshine Beach wasnt my favorite galaxy in the game (even though it was somewhat based off Super Mario Sunshine with the Piantas and beach theme, which was cool). And the Green Stars here suck to collect. Well, the third one, anyways... Chompworks Galaxy: Green Stars I knew they had to make me use the damn Spring Mushroom for one of these Green Stars! Bowsers Gravity Gauntlet: Green Stars The Green Stars here are also, in my opinion, oddly placed out. I recommend Luigi once more; his extra jump and Spinning helps you to get the second Green Star. Climbing on top of a ? Block and Spinning up into the Green Star wraps up World 4 (thankfully). World 5: Trial of the Galaxies Space Storm Galaxy: Green Stars Utilizing the Pull Stars for Green Star 1 will really help you get it. This was one of my favorite galaxies in the game because of its epic Buoy Base Galaxy remake in the second Star (To the Top of Topmans Tower). Upside Dizzy Galaxy: Green Stars Im getting upside dizzy... Boo Moon Galaxy: Green Stars I wasnt too keen on this galaxy (probably because of the maze and Boo Mushroom section in Star 2). Thankfully, the Green Stars are okay overall. Slipsand Galaxy: Green Stars Wow, Nintendo! Two Green Stars on the sandy slide? Ugh... Shiverburn Galaxy: Green Stars Green Star 3 is annoying because you have to bring the Cloud Flower very far without Spinning three times and not getting hit. Other than that, these Green Stars were fun! Fleet Glide Galaxy: Green Stars Yeah for Fluzzard... Bowser Jr.s Boom Bunker: Green Stars This bunker booms! World 6: Bowser In Your Sights Melty Monster Galaxy: Green Stars Green Star 3... Clockwork Ruins Galaxy: Green Stars Its time for more Green Star adventure! Most of these Green Stars require Wall Jumping skills and sometimes Spin Jumps. The third one was the one that bugged me, though. Throwback Galaxy: Green Stars Super Mario 64! Wahoo! Green Star 3, in all seriousness, requires the Cloud Flower. It was kinda tricky for me because of the camera angle. Battle Belt Galaxy: Green Stars

All these Green Stars are on top of those glass domes/cages. Boring... Flash Black Galaxy: Green Stars Were back in Flash Black! Slimy Spring Galaxy: Green Stars Snoodles... Bowsers Galaxy Generator: Green Stars Hooray for Floaty Fluff and lava and the Cloud Flower and Yoshi! (: World S: Here We Go! Mario Squared Galaxy: Green Stars Round up, cowboys! Its time to do the Mario Squared dance! Rolling Coaster Galaxy: Green Stars Rolling Coasters Green Stars are annoying. I just couldnt keep the Star Ball under...contROLL! Twisty Trials Galaxy: Green Stars Twistin and turnin for more of them there Green Stars! Stone Cyclone Galaxy: Green Stars Its not breaking news that I hated this mission and its Green Stars... Boss Blitz Galaxy: Green Stars Im going to get these Green Stars in a blitz! Whatever that means... Flip-Out Galaxy: Green Stars The second Green Star HAD to involve the Cosmic Clones. Why, Miyamoto, why?