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Career Checklist - Steps to Success

1. Assess Yourself

Identify and clarify your personality, interests, values, & skills.

Personality PreferencesMBTI* ($10) InterestsStrong Interest Inventory* ($10) Job Categories: Values: Motivated Skills:

2. Explore Major and Career Options

Based on your assessment results, identify occupations of interest.

Research occupations and industries using these online resources: Occupational Outlook Handbook: O*Net Online: My Next Move: Career One Stop: What Can I Do with This Major? - in the Featured Links section of the UCS website UH Librarys Research Guide: - Search keywords: Career Resources LinkedIn: Review online job postings to find out what the requirements are. (e.g. Check career sections of professional associations and organizations websites. Examine the list of UH majors and minors: Talk with advisors, currently enrolled students, and faculty members Conduct informational interviews to learn from those currently working in the field. Research graduate school/professional programs: Take the appropriate admissions exams (GRE, MCAT, PCAT, LSAT, GMAT, etc.) Have your personal statement reviewed by a UCS career counselor Apply to graduate/professional schools and apply for scholarships, fellowships, and research/ teaching assistantships

Narrow the list of choices by identifying those that are the best fit for you. Examine

the costs and benefits of each option. 3. Build Relationships and a Positive Reputation

Networking is critical to an effective job search!

Faculty and staff members make excellent referral sources and can write letters of

recommendation! Continue to build a respectable GPAemployers do care, as do graduate schools! Supervisors and managers at work can serve as references for you! Create a LinkedIn profile and build your professional network: | 713.743.5100 |

4. Gain Professional Experience Attend a UCS Internship Workshop Read the Guide to Finding Internships handout Intern or work in co-ops (Cooperative Education Programs) Volunteer with organizations Obtain part-time, temporary, or summer employment Actively participate in student organizations and professional associationstake on a leadership role! 5. Create an Effective, Polished Resume Attend a UCS Resume Workshop Read the Developing a Resume handout Have your resume critiqued by a UCS career counselor 6. Prepare for the Interview Process Attend a UCS Interview Workshop Read the Preparing for the Employment Interview handout Schedule a mock interview with a UCS career counselor Build a professional wardrobe 7. Conduct your Job Search Attend a UCS Job Search Workshop Read The Successful Job Search handout Access JOBank and JobScan on Network and conduct information interviews Attend career fairs and expos Participate in Campus Recruitment (On-Campus Interviews)
Attend a Campus Recruitment Workshop at least one year prior to graduation Register with ResumeBank Attend company information sessions and receptions Interview with employers recruiting on campus Follow-up and send thank you notes

Consult a UCS career counselor for help with these steps. | 713.743.5100 |