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No. 0542 /EG II

Dated: 7/2/2013


Programme for the Three year Degree Course +3 Second University Regular/Back/Improvement Examination in Arts/Science/Commerce (Pass & Honours), 2013 and +3 Second University Special Examination in Arts/ Science/ Commerce (Pass & Honours), 2012 Date of commencement of Examination: 2.4.2013 Date Arts 2.4.2013 Tuesday Pass & Hons. (Reg./Back) Computer Application/Ind. Society &Culture/Population Studies Pass&Hons.(Special) M.I.L.(Oriya/Hindi/Bengali/Urdu/ Telugu/ Alternative English/Shantali) 3.4.2013 Pass & Hons (Reg./Back/Spl) Wednesday English 5.4.2013 Friday Hons . (Reg./Back/Spl) Paper III History/Economics/ Political Sc./English/Oriya/Sanskrit/Hindi/ Philosophy/ Sociology/ Mathematics (without practical component) Paper IV Anthropology/Education/ Geography/Home Science/ Psychology/ Mathematics (with Practical)/Statistics 6.4.2013 Saturday Pass. (Reg./Back/Spl) Paper III (A3) History/Economics/ Political Sc./English/Oriya/Sanskrit/ Hindi/ Philosophy/Sociology/Law/ Mathematics Paper IV (A4) Anthropology/Education/ Geography/Home science/Psychology/ Library Science/ Statistics 8.4.2013 Monday Hons. (Reg./Back/Spl) Paper IV History/Economics/Political Science/ English/Oriya/Sanskrit/Hindi/ Philosophy/ Sociology/Mathematics (without practical component) Time: 8.00 AM to 11.00 AM for 100/75 marks Science Commerce Pass & Hons(Reg./Back) Information Technology/ Indian Society & Culture / Environmental Studies(Special) Pass&Hons. (Reg./Back/Spl) Computer Application/ Indian Society & Culture/ Population Studies

--------Hons . (Reg./Back/Spl) Paper III Mathematics (without practical component) Paper IV Physics/Chemistry/ Zoology/Botany/Geology/ Computer Science/Mathematics (with practical component)/ Statistics Pass. (Reg./Back/Spl) Paper III (B3) Mathematics Paper IV (B4) Physics/ Chemistry/ Zoology/ Computer Sc. & Data Processing/ Electronics/ Botany/ Geology/ Environmental Science/ Statistics/ Textile Sc. Hons. (Reg./Back/Spl) Paper IV Mathematics (without Practical component)

Hons.(Reg/Back/Special) Paper I/II Cost Accounting Pass&Hons.(Reg/Back) Paper IV Principle of Management

Pass(Reg/Back//Special) Paper V / IV Cost Accounting

Pass (Back/Special) Paper VI Auditing

Paper V Physics/ Chemistry/ Hons. (Back/Special.) Zoology/ Botany/ Geology/ Paper III Quantitative Computer Science/ Mathematics Technique & Business Math. Paper V Anthropology/Education/ Geography/ Home Science/Psychology/ (with practical component)/ Mathematics (with Practical component)/ Statistics Statistics 9.4.2013 Tuesday Pass. (Reg./Back/Spl) Paper IV (A4) History/Economics Political Science/English/Oriya/Sanskrit/ Hindi/ Philosophy/Sociology/Law/ Mathematics Paper V (A5) Anthropology/Education/ Geography/Home Science/Psychology/ Library Science/Statistics 10.4.2013 Hons. (Reg./Back/Spl) Wednesday Paper-V: History/Economics/Political Sc./ English/Oriya/Sanskrit/Hindi/Philosophy/ Sociology/Mathematics (without practical) PaperVI/VII(NC/OC): Anthropology/Education/Geography/ Home Science/Psychology/ Mathematics(with practical)/Statistics 11.4.2013 Thursday Pass (Reg./Back/Spl) Elective paper II (A2) Pass. (Reg./Back/Spl) Paper IV (B4) Mathematics Paper V (B5) Physics/ Chemistry/ Zoology/ Botany/ Geology/ Computer Sc. & Data Processing/ Electronics/ Env. Sc./ Textile Sc./ Statistics Pass & Hons (Reg./Back/Spl) Paper III (A3) Mathematics Hons.(Reg/Back/Special) Paper IV / II Management Accounting

Hons. (Reg./Back) Paper V Specialised Accounting/ Paper IV (A4) Physics/ Chemistry/Zoology/Botany/Geol Organisational Behaviour/ International Finance/ ogy/ Computer Science & Data Processing/Electronics/Environm Business Finance ental Science/Statistics/Textile Hons. (Back/Special) Science Paper IV Auditing Hons. (Reg./Back/Spl) Major Elective Paper I Pass((Reg/Back/Special) Paper VII/ V Management Accounting

(2) 12.4.2013 Friday Hons(NC/OC) (Reg./Back/Spl) Paper VII/VIII Home Sc./Geography/ Education/Anthropology/Psychology/ Statistics Mathematics (with Practical) Paper VI History/Economics/ political Science/English/Oriya/Sanskrit/ Hindi/ Philosophy/Sociology/ Mathematics (without Practical components) 13.4.2013 Saturday Pass . (Reg./Back/Spl) Paper IV (Vocational) Computer Application/Functional English/ Archeology and Museology/ Information Technology Pass & Hons. (Reg./Back/Spl) Paper IV(A4) Mathematics Paper- V (A5) Physics/Chemistry/Zoology/ Botany/Geology/Computer Sc. & Data Processing/Electronics/ Environmental Sc./ Statistics/ Textile Sc. Pass & Hons. (Reg./Back/Spl) Paper IV (Vocational) Computer Application/Food Science & Quality Control/ Industrial Chemistry/ Industrial Fish & Fisheries/ Sericulture/ Information Technology Pass & Hons. (Reg./Back/Spl) Paper V (Vocational) Computer Application/Food Sc. & Quality Control/Industrial Chemistry/ Industrial Fish & Fisheries/ Sericulture/ Inf. Tech. Hons.(Reg/Back/Special) Paper III/V Company Accounts

Pass ((Reg/Back/Special) Paper VI/VII Company Accounts

15.4.2013 Monday

Pass (Reg./Back/Spl) Paper V (Vocational) Computer Application/Functional English/ Archeology and Museology/ Information Technology

Pass& Hons (Reg./Back/Spl) (Vocational) Wealth Tax and Indirect Taxes/ Salesmanship & Sales Management

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The Practical Examination for +3 Second University Examination 2013 (Regular/Back/Improvement) shall be conducted before fifteen days of commencement of theory examination. Omissions and clashes, if any, should be brought to the notice of the undersigned immediately. Principals of tagged Colleges are requested to depute one Senior Lecturer for identification of the Examinees at the Centre of examination. The Principal/Center superintendent shall notify date for Practical Examination. Candidates are advised to appear the Examination as per their course. Sd/Controller of Examinations

Memo No.:_____0543______/EG II
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Dated: 7/2/2013

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Director of Printing, Stationary and Publication, Madhupatna, Cuttack for favour of printing in the next issue of Odisha Gazette. The Commissioner-cum-Secretary to the Governor of Odisha, Raj Bhawan, Bhubaneswar for information of Honble Chancellor (two copies) Commissioner cum Secretary to Government, Department of Higher Education, Government of Odisha, Bhubaneswar All members of the Syndicate of Sambalpur University Principals of all Colleges/Institutions under the jurisdiction of Sambalpur University. They are requested to give wide publicity of this programme for information of the candidates. (Two copies each) Director of Higher Education, Odisha, Bhubaneswar/Regional Director, Higher Education, Budharaja, Sambalpur Registrar of all Universities in the State of Odisha. Chairman, P.G. Council, Sambalpur University, Jyoti Vihar A. Secretary, Odisha Public Service Commission, Odisha, 19, P.K.Parija Road, Cuttack/Staff Selection Commission, Odisha Bhubaneswar B. Controller of Examination, C.H.S.E, Odisha, Bhubaneswar-13. C. Secretary, Board of Secondary Education, Odisha, Cuttack D. Assistant Secretary, Board of Secondary Education, Odisha, Sambalpur/Berhampur Branch Office E. Inspector of Schools, Sambalpur/Sundargarh/Bolangir/Kalahandi/Dhenkanal/Phulabani/Baragarh F. Secretary, Odisha Association of Sanskrit Learning and Culture, Puri G. Branch Manager, State Bank of India, Jyoti Vihar, Burla/U.Co. Bank, Katapali, Jyoti Vihar Editor, The Samaj/The Sambad/The Dharitri/The Agnisikha/The Koshal for favour of publication in one issue of their respective daily FREE OF COST for information of the students and guidance. Superintendent of Police, Sambalpur/ Sundargarh Deogarh/ Jharsuguda/ Baragarh/ Sonepur/ Bolangir/ Nuapada/ Kalahandi/ Boudh/ Angul/ Rourkela Station Director, All India Radio, Sambalpur/Bolangir/ Bhawanipatna/ Rourkela for information with a request to broadcast it as a news item for benefit of the students. All Officers of the University All Section Officers/Type Superintendent/Office Superintendents Ten Copies to Section Officer, EC I, EC II Section and EC VI Section. Fifty spare copies to EG I and EG II Section Twenty pare copies to Controller of Examination Unit Notice Board for general information Two spare copies to e-Governance, Sambalpur University. Two spare copies to University Computer Centre, Sambalpur University Sd/Controller of Examinations