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Donkey Kong Country Returns (Wii) World 1: Jungle 1-1: Jungle Hijinxs Like all rst levels of games,

this one just teaches you how to use basic controls, etc. A pig with glasses, called Tutorial Pig, will have a speech bubble, indicating how to use certain basic controls. This pig will also be the boss of checkpoints for the Kongs. 1-2: King of Cling The Kongs learn how to climb and cling on grassy areas in this jungle. Its also full of large and small Piranha Plant-like enemies that bite at the Kongs. 1-3: Tree Top Bop A level taking place high in the treetops of Kong Jungle. Frogoons often must be killed by the Kongs here, too. 1-4: Sunset Shore A peaceful part of Kong Jungle, set on a beachy shore during sunset. It is the rst sillhouette level in the game. 1-5: Canopy Cannons A Barrel Cannon-lled level. The Kongs must hop into Barrel Cannons and carefully aim and time their res. Towards the end of the level, theres a tricky part with Screeching Pillars. Just re and carefully avoid them (Timing is required). 1-6: Crazy Cart The games rst Mine Cart level (its somewhat similar to Mine Cart Madness from the rst DKC game). Youll be going through the jungle in Mine Carts the entire time, avoiding Mole Miners, bramballs, etc. Some of your paths will be crooked, so be forewarned. 1-K: Platform Panic If you get all the K-O-N-G Letters, the rst K Level will unlock: Platform Panic. Appropriately named, Platform Panic involves toppling over platforms that the Kongs must jump across. 1-B: Muglys Mound Boss: Mugly Mugly is a gigantic, dino-like beast who the Kalimba Tiki hypnotizes to ght the Kongs. To defeat Mugly, the Kongs must jump on his back when the spikes are not there. Keep repeating this process. However, later in the level, Mugly will turn red in rage and charge at the Kongs. If/when Mugly crashes into a wall, he is open for the Kongs. He can also try to eat the Kongs, too, so avoid this when possible. World 2: Beach 2-1: Poppin Planks Welcome to the Beach, a peaceful, tropical-themed area near the jungle. This rst level involves Snaggles, sharks that try to bite the Kongs, and tipping platforms. Spikes will often come out from under the boards on platforms, so avoid this. There are also golden sharks, too, which can jump way higher than the blue Snaggles. 2-2: Sloppy Sands Boring. The Kongs get to climb to the top of a lighthouse/tower thingy. Squid Shots, similar to Bullet Bills from Mario, must be avoided by the Kongs to reach the top of the tower. The electric ones are invincible as far as Im aware, though. 2-3: Peaceful Pier

I.M.O, this pier isnt so peaceful! Yeah, DK and Diddy have to use the Rocket Barrel to avoid crab pirates that shoot deadly cannons at you. 2-4: Cannon Cluster Exactly what the title says: A cluster of cannons shot from a pirate ship the Kongs must avoid. 2-5: Stormy Shore In this level, the Kongs have to avoid the tentacles of a Kraken-like sea monster, Squiddicus, in this stormy part of the Beach. Climbing across vines and such will help the Kongs do this. Be sure to avoid the creatures tentacles, though. If the Kongs touch his tentacles, they will get damage. 2-6: Blowhole Bound One of my favorite levels. The Kongs get to ride a whale across the ocean. In checkpoint areas on land, there are these bowling pins called Duckpins that the Kongs may Barrell Roll into to earn Banana Coins, Banana Bunches and such. Also, while riding the whale, the Kongs can Ground Pound its blowhole to get shot up high to reach Bananas, Puzzle Pieces, Letters, etc. Some of these items cannot be reached (As far as I am aware) by using Diddys jet pack. 2-7: Tidal Terror Another stormy, tsunami-themed Beach level. The Kongs need to take shelter behind rocks on this shore to avoid perilous, crashing waves. I died a lot here, lol. Sometimes the Kongs can hit red switches to make a rock appear in front of them; duck near the rock to keep safe from any incoming waves. 2-K: Tumblin Temple The second K Level, this one involves (Obviously) a tumbling temple the Kongs must rush through. Its also full of lava, so beware. Bats (called Squeeklies, Im pretty sure) can be very annoying also. 2-B: Pinchin Pirates Boss: Scurvy Crew The Maraca Tikis have hypnotized the Scurvy Crew to destroy the Kongs! In this ght, the Kongs need to wait for when one of the three Scurvy Crew crabs claws are down. Then, jump on their head, Ground Pound the oor, and ip them over to jump on them. Now things get complicated! The Scurvy Crews leader, Capn Greenbeard, stacks them all on top of each other. When their claws are up, Barrel Roll into the Crew, and jump on all three before time runs out. Keep repeating the same process again, and its on to World 3: Ruins! World 3: Ruins 3-1: Wonky Waterway A temple-themed level. Bout it. This annoying new turkey enemy (called Stilts) are introduced here. When the Kongs jump on them once they lose their stilts and speed up; jumping on them a second time will kill them. 3-2: Button Bash The Kongs must shoot from Barrel Cannons to hit buttons and unlock paths. At the end of this stage, you must shoot into the mouth of a giant monkey statue (Again, timing is necessary). When you go in the monkeys mouth rst, he shoots you back out and will spin around faster this time. Aiming when his ear is close to his mouth helps a lot. 3-3: Mast Blast

A fun level. Basically youre progressing through a pirate ship of sorts and blasting from Barrel Cannons. You start in a jungle-themed area then move to a beach. I noticed a pattern here. World 1 was a jungle, and 2 was a beach. Just saying... 3-4: Damp Dungeon This dungeon...Ive heard its damp... 3-5: Itty Bitty Biters This level introduces the Toothberry enemies, odd berry creatures that come in red, blue and yellow. Youll just have to avoid them and go through a temple of sorts. A jump from the Kongs can kill them, too. I should also note that some of these Toothberries have different ways of attacking. The yellow ones stack up on top of each other and try to hit you, so Barrel Roll away from them and theyll fall, allowing you to jump on and crush them; these ones are the most annoying of the Toothberries. Other Toothberries are trapped in cages, and Ground Pounding them allows you to jump on the top of their cage after theyve been ipped over; this may boost you up to Puzzle Pieces and other stuff. Oh, and the red ones are just faster and more aggressive. These also take two hits to kill. 3-6: Temple Topple Yeah for Rambi! (: The Kongs have to hop on Rambi and go through a temple and stuff, knocking out enemies. Some parts involve toppling temples (hence the name), so you and Rambi must go fast if you dont wanna die. 3-K: Shifty Smashers A rather challenging K Level, Shifty Smashers involves platforms that crush the Kongs if they dont go through the area fast enough. Certain spots are safe, and some are not. You can duck to avoid spikes that come from the ceiling. The end was tricky, though. 3-B: Ruined Roost Boss: Stu Gong Tiki hypnotizes Stu, a giant rooster thingy, to ght the Kongs. Stu will be throwing bombs at the Kongs for most of this boss ght. You need to throw them back at Stu. Stu may drop several bombs in one go, and may drop Tikis that explode (I forget the exact name). He also may drop gold bombs, which are a bit more dangerous. Now, its on to World 4: Cave! (: World 4: Cave 4-1: Rickety Rails Like almost every level in World 4, Rickety Rails involves Mine Cart Madness, lol! (: 4-2: Grip & Trip A very unique and intense stage. The Kongs, at times, must jump from their Mine Cart and grab hold of the grassy moss on the Cart above to keep safe from the messed up rails. 4-3: Bombs Away A crazy Mine Cart level (No surprise there, heh) that involves Mole Miners that throw bombs at the rails, screwing the track up. Oh boy... 4-4: Mole Patrol Instead of a Mine Cart, its worse: Rocket Barrel! You have to avoid parachuting Mole Miners and go through a cave. At the end, the Kongs must avoid a Mole Miners drill. 4-5: Crowded Cavern

This stage is very annoying. The Kongs must dodge Squeeklies, bat-like enemies, through a Rocket Barrel-themed cave. I died SOOOOOOO much my rst time I got this game. Oh, and the end involves a huge Squeekly who res blue waves at the Kongs... 4-K: Jagged Jewels At last, were on foot! The Kongs will be avoiding jewels with spikes around them that oat in every direction and stuff. Bah... 4-B: The Mole Train Boss: Mole Train Banjo Tiki hypnotizes Mole Miner Max and his Mole Miners to attack the Kongs and drive off with their bananas. To defeat Max and friends, the Kongs must hop on their own single Mine Cart and jump to avoid the Moles thrown pickaxes. Once the Cart reaches the Mole Train, the Kongs must watch the bananas carefully to see where the Moles will pop out from (Similar to Hard Hat from Donkey Kong Land for the Gameboy). At the last Cart, the Kongs can jump onto Maxs Cart and jump on him. Max is the fattest, so watch out. Get ready for World 5: Forest! (: World 5: Forest 5-1: Vine Valley The Kongs will, like the forest levels of the rst Donkey Kong Country for the NES, be climbing on vines for most of the level (Hence the levels title). Chomps, plant enemies, appear here also. These Chomps eat the vines the Kongs are swinging on, and if they can, theyll eat you too. 5-2: Clingy Swingy Clingy Swingy involves the Kongs grabbing onto grassy circle-like platforms in the high treetops of the forest. Cling Cobras, cobra-like enemies, may be a hazard. Just jump on them. 5-3: Flutter Flyaway Caged Tikis will make an appearance here. The Kongs will be using them as platforms for most of the level. (Note: Some of the Caged Tikis may spin around in circles, so be cautious.) 5-4: Tippin Totems Totem poles with Tiki Tribe faces on them will be used as moving platforms for the Kongs throughout the level. Oftentimes, the Kongs need to jump onto a hippo sitting on a pole to use them as platforms. They can hurt the Kongs if you go too close to them, though. Just be careful, and theyll leave you alone. 5-5: Longshot Launch The Kongs have to hop into Barrel Cannons and do longshot launches through most of the level, lol. The last bit requires perfect timing with your barrel shots. 5-6: Springy Spores Bouncy mushrooms! Jump on the spore-like plants to reach high areas where collectibles (Such as K-O-N-G Letters or Puzzle Pieces) may be found. The hippos will appear briey here. Thats the last time well see them, though. ): 5-7: Wigglevine Wonders Peaceful vine creatures called Wigglevines will need to be used for transportation by the Kongs here. I had a bit of trouble on this one. 5-8: Muncher Marathon

Talk about chaos! Bug-like enemies called Munchers will chase after the Kongs through a forest stump of sorts. They seem to get faster as the level goes on. ): 5-K: Blast & Bounce A difcult K Level. The Kongs have to shoot from Barrel Cannons often and bounce on tires to get higher. 5-B: Mangoruby Run At last, weve reached the boss of World 5: Mangoruby. Boss: Mangoruby After Panute hypnotizes Mangoruby, a caterpillar-like insect thing, the Kongs must ght him. In order to do that, the Kongs need to climb onto these spinning grass platforms (Like the ones in 5-2), and Ground-Pound the blue ashing switches on top of the platform. Keep doing this with every platform, avoiding Mangoruby, who will chase you fastly around the circles. I nd it easier to just outsmart him instead of running away, like, for example, go on top of a circle where Mangoruby will go. Then he wont be chasing you on the other platform. Once you hit all the switches, the electrical sparks on Mangorubys back will disappear, making him open for attack. Now, the Kongs can jump on his ball-like things (Lol). As the ght progresses, of course, Mangoruby gets angrier and starts going faster. This time hell spit electrical things at the Kongs. Just carefully repeat the process as seen before and its on to World 6: Cliff. World 6: Cliff 6-1: Sticky Situation The Cliff is a very unique world. Its probably one of my favorites, the other one being the Factory (Which well head to later). The rst level of the Cliff introduces prehistoric-themed tar that slows the Kongs if they fall into it. The Kongs cannot be hurt by the tar, but if they dont do anything, they may sink and die. Skellyrexes, prehistoric-themed skeletal dino creatures that were introduced in 2-K, may be killed by the Kongs here. 6-2: Prehistoric Path Yeah for Mine Carts! In this level, the Kongs hop into a crazy Mine Cart that will head down a prehistoric track of sorts. Avoid open gaps and Mine Cart-riding Skellyrexes. At the end of the level, the Kongs have to use the Mine Cart in an insane eggshell that you must jump in at certain times when rocks appear. You just need to dodge em. 6-3: Weighty Way This level introduces tipping platforms that the Kongs jump on (Like Super Mario Bros.) in order to make the platforms move and continue on. The Northern Hemisphere theme from the rst DKC game plays here. I like it. 6-4: Boulder Roller I had a bit of trouble with this one when I rst got this game. ): Anyways, the Kongs need to go through another caveman-like level and avoid rolling, spiky boulders at the same time. At the end, the Kongs must avoid a huge boulder that was released by Ground-Pounding a switch in the levels rst part. Chaotic... 6-5: Precarious Plateau Rambi can be used here, and the level, like Temple Topple, involves several fallingdown platforms and walls Rambi must crush. 6-6: Crumble Canyon

Basically another platform-crumbling level. However, there is an...interesting part to this level. At the end, the Kongs have to run from a giant rolling boulder Tiki creature. One hit from this guy will kill the Kongs, so carefully avoid him. The crumbling rocks actually help you here, and I found the Barrel Rolling method helped me a lot here. Try your best not to get cornered by that...thing, and youre all set. Note that there is tar near the boulder Tiki, which slows the Kongs down. Try to avoid this as much as possible. 6-7: Tippy Shippy How did this ship get in the middle of a cliff? Anyways, the Kongs will get to progress through pirate ships and avoid our old friends, the crabs from the Beach. The end of the levels pretty crazy. You have to dodge cannonballs red from a Tiki ship. 6-8: Clifftop Climb This world has eight levels? How unusual. As the level name suggests, the Kongs have to climb a clifftop with crumbling platforms. (Sigh) 6-K: Perilous Passage Perilous is right! The Kongs must climb to the top of a broken temple and avoid rising lava and electric buzz enemies. 6-B: Thuglys Highrise Boss: Thugly A relative of Mugly, Thugly has a few more attacks and is a bit more aggressive. To defeat him, the Kongs must avoid the earthquakes and shock waves that Thugly makes when he pounds the ground. When Thugly either bangs into a wall or opens up his shell, he is open for attack. As the ght goes on, the Kongs will be going lower and lower into a cliff. For the last phase, Thugly will breathe re and do belly ops. Just avoid this by ducking the ames and rolling or running away from the ops, then jump on Thugly and you win! World 7: Factory 7-1: Foggy Fumes Another sillhouette level. Jazzy music. 7-2: Slammin Steel The Kongs have to avoid slamming down pillars that crush them if they get too close. Buckbots and Buckbombs should be avoided here... 7-3: Handy Hazards A very cool level. The Kongs will be hopping across mechanical hands that can be handy and unhandy. They can crush you and can also help lift you to Barrel Cannons or platforms. 7-4: Gear Getaway A Rocket Barrel level. You have to avoid getting hit by moving gears while riding on the Rocket Barrel. 7-5: Cog Jog The Kongs basically will be jogging around moving cogs! 7-6: Switcheroo A rip-off of Flip-Out Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy 2, lol. (: The Kongs have to hit switches to turn the platforms/buttons red or blue, which allows you to move on. Very creative... 7-7: Music Madness

One of my favorite levels in the game! Music Madness features very cool music, and the Kongs will have to move to the sound of the beat so they dont get crushed by the cylinder-like objects. 7-R: Lift-Off Launch After hitting all the switches in the Switch Rooms in 7-5, 7-6, and 7-7, the Kongs must travel to the only R Level in the game if they want to unlock 7-B. Good news: There are no Puzzle Pieces or Letters to collect here! (: You just have to Rocket Barrel up and avoid platforms and ying Tiki ships. 7-K: Treacherous Track The Kongs get to ride on a platform here. To keep it on the track, though, the Kongs must hit switches and build safe tracks to keep moving. 7-B: Feather Fiend Boss: Colonel Pluck/Stompybot 3000 The Accordion Tiki hypnotizes this feathery end! To defeat Colonel Pluck, a chicken who rides the Stompybot 3000 robot, the Kongs must watch him carefully. If Pluck spins, a grassy chain will appear on his stomach. When you see him spin, go under his belly quickly and shake the Wii Remote to punch the chains. After repeating this process, Colonel Plucks Stompybot gets destroyed. Now you must avoid the Buckbots he throws from his cockpit that resembles Dr. Eggmans from Sonic. Avoid the Buckbots, and when Pluck slams on the ground, jump on his head. Keep repeating this, and were on to World 8: Volcano, the home to the lair of Tiki Tong... World 8: Volcano 8-1: Furious Fire Lava and reballs make frequent appearances here. The Kongs will be avoiding pits of lava (Which are instant death for the Kongs) and stuff like that. 8-2: Hot Rocket This is the nal (Thank God) Rocket Barrel level. Youll be dodging falling rocks and lava while on the Barrel. At the end, youll be chased intensely by a wave of lava. Not quite as bad as Crowded Cavern, I thought. 8-3: Roasting Rails The nal Mine Cart level! The Kongs have to avoid lava and roasting Mine Cart tracks that sink and rise while you ride on them with your Cart. Pretty intense. 8-4: Smokey Peak The nal sillhouette level, Smokey Peak features Rambi. Rambi must break walls as usual. But this time, you need to also avoid crumbling lava platforms (some platforms actually appear when the Kongs hit gears with Rambis head on them, which will be needed to go through the level). 8-5: Bobbing Basalt Another annoying lava level. The Kongs must hop on platforms that move both up and down in the lava, avoiding reballs and other hazards. 8-6: Moving Melters Fireballs and lava, moving platforms. Bah... 8-7: Red Red Rising Another lava level. At the end, you have to climb up a cliff while lava rises. The lava also rises real fast, by the way. 8-K: Five Monkey Trial

The nal K Level. The Kongs must go through ve chambers in a temple, where different obstacles appear. Trial 1: This chamber features Tiki Zings. You must collect all the Banana Coins without dying and Puzzle Pieces, interestingly, must be collected. They are each conveniently given to you after each Trials defeat. Trial 2: The second chamber features Screaming Pillars. Dodge them, grab Banana Coins, and go into Trial 3. Trial 3: The Kongs must use Squidlies (I think thats what theyre called) to reach the top, where a Barrel Cannon is available after collecting Banana Coins. Trial 4: Here, the Kongs are placed on a turning wheel-like object. While balancing on the wheel, Buzzbites will angrily attack the Kongs. Carefully avoid their electricity and get all Banana Coins. Trial 5: In the nal Trial, the Kongs must move around platforms and avoid boulders with spiky points. Collect the Banana Coins as usual. Once the Kongs exit the fth and nal Trial, they can nd a Red Orb. Collecting this unlocks the Golden Temple (Were heading to that later). 8-B: Tiki Tong Terror Before we can ght Tiki Tong, the Kongs must use the Rocket Barrel (I was wrong when I thought there were no more, lol) to get to the top of Tiki Tong Tower. Tiki ships must be avoided here. Final Boss: Tiki Tong Tiki Tong is the king of the Tiki Tak Tribe, the one who started it all! To defeat him, the Kongs need to watch his hands. When Tiki Tong slams his hands on the ground, jump on them to smash the rubies on his hands. This makes Tong angry, so he now spins and res lava balls. Tong will often slam his head down, so just avoid this. He also moves his hands back and forth to try to outsmart you. In the nal phase, Tong repeatedly res re balls and will now stomp his head on the ground. To defeat him once and for all, have the Kongs jump on his head, destroying his body and bringing the Banana Hoard peacefully back to Donkey Kong Island. But theres a little reward level for the Kongs if they get all Letters and all Orbs... World 9: Golden Temple 9-1: Golden Temple This level takes place high in the clouds, and involves bananas and other fruit platforms. Kowalees, cute-looking koala bears, throw bombs at the Kongs. Just avoid them or throw them back at the Kowalees to kill them. At the end of the level a monkey statue awaits. Shooting into the statue gives you a special treat. You have, by completing the Golden Temple, unlocked Mirror Mode! Well, I hope you enjoyed my Donkey Kong Country Returns LP! Stay tuned for my next walkthrough...