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A Study on the Job Satisfaction of the Employees.

Need of the Study: Human life has become very complex and completed in now-a-days. In modern society the needs and requirements of the people are ever increasing and ever changing. When the people are ever increasing and ever changing, when the peoples needs are not fulfilled they become dissatisfied. Dissatisfied people are likely to contribute very little for any purpose. Job satisfaction of industrial workers us very important for the industry to function successfully. Apart from managerial and technical aspects, employers can be considered as backbone of any industrial development. To utilize their contribution they should be provided with good working conditions to boost their job satisfaction. Any business cab achieve success and peace only when the problem of satisfaction and dissatisfaction of workers are felt understood and solved, problem of efficiency absenteeism labour turnover require a social skill of understanding human problems and dealing with them scientific investigation serves the purpose to solve the human problems in the industry.

Review of Literature:
The late 1920s one of the first studies of job satisfaction undertaken by Mayo & Hawthorne. This study referred to & focused on employee attitude and its impact on production levels. The study highlighted that employees & workers develop their own perceptions of the work situation and the social environment, which affects their attitudes towards their work. The findings of the study provided consistent results with the observations of Taylor in 1911, that individual workers wants economic incentives/monetary rewards and are willing to work harder for it. He used the global approach to measure job satisfaction. The study found that 88% of the surveyed were classified as being satisfied, and there was a direct linear relationship between occupational level and job satisfaction.

Objective of Study:
Primary Objective: The primary objective of the study is to measure the level of the employee job satisfaction. Secondary Objective: To study the perception of employees towards the organization. To analyze the attitude of the employees towards their work. To identify the factors that motivates the employee. To offer valuable suggestions to improve the satisfaction level of employees.

Limitations of the study: The study has been conducted in IT Company. So the findings may be applicable only to the IT sector and may not be applicable to any other sector. Due to the limitation of the time the research could not be made more detailed. Due to confidentiality of some information accurate responses were not revealed. The survey is subjected to the bias and prejudices of the respondents.

Methodology: Research is common parlance refers to a search for knowledge. Once can also define research as a scientific and systematic search for pertinent information on a specific topic. In fact Research is an art of scientific investigation. Redmon and Mory define research as a systematic effort to gain knowledge. The study has been conducted with 50 employees of Avancer Software Solutions. For the study pilot study has been conducted & based on that open ended and close ended questionnaire has been framed. The analysis part of the study has been done using various statistical tools like percentage analysis, cross tabulation, factor analysis & correlation. The result has been interpreted with graphical diagrams like bar charts, pie charts, line chart, column chart, etc. Expected Results: From the study the satisfaction level of the employee has been studied. The employee perception & their attitude have also been studied from this study.